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 Training for a tail(NK, P)

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Rikaro Shinkou
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Wind
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PostSubject: Training for a tail(NK, P)   Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:52 am

Kyojin was calmly walking around the training grounds this time he was battling Fen again and Gobi said if he did good Kyojin would get the last tail with out battling him in his world. Kyojin was ready he had everything he needed he had on his Steam Armor with his hands on his side. The the two cloths on side of his face was silver making it hard for people to hit his face. He had on a traiangular hat that was some kind of red metal and was hard as well. Kyojin had on silver gloves which were very light and some brown boots that were also some kind of metal. Everything on his body was protected except above his top lip to the top of his eye brow. That spot was the only place that didn't have armor on it. Even his mouth was covered but it was covered in small chains of steel big enough to breath in. Kyojin was ready to now face Fenn this time because he had cane back stronger and faster." You will do good this time Kyojin do your best and do not rush into the battle analyze him first I will be watching " said Gobi to Kyojin. Kyojin nodded then said " Fenn come out I know you are around here somewhere let us dance one more time " said Kyojin to Fenn knowing he was somewhere around the training grounds. Kyojin then changed his mind in that split second." Fenn I can not wait for you I must unlock this power " said Kyojin out loud." Gobi let us go ahead and battle " said Kyojin." Ok but first come to my place of sealing Kyojin " said Gobi. Kyojin felt his self go into a meditative state and arrive some where that was not the training grounds. It was a sewer of some sort with water on the floor. In front of Kyojin was a cage with giant bars going down it. On the middle of the cage was a fuinjutsu seal. And behind the bars was the biggest thing he had seen in his life. In front of him was the true form of Gobi. He was as tall as the tallest building in Tenga with hkrn patrugions coming from his head and 5 giant tails behind him dancing around in Unison." You are now standing in front of my true form I am Gobi the Bijuu the five tails the creation of the Sage of the Six Paths I am the middle bijuu " said Gobi." Kyojin smiled and said " Gobi how long have you been planning that speech "." Dude why did you ruin the fun I was trting to imtimidate you " replied Gobi." Ok now tell me what I have to do " said Kyojin." First let me tell you of the versiom one cloak of a Jin chuuriki. Version one forms a dense chakra around the user. The shroud is a translucent red with bubbly chakra as you know from being in this form. The bubbly chakra can harm the user ifbthe Bijuu doesn't alloe the user to use its chakra. But you do not have to worry about that because you can use my chakra anytime. While in version one the user experience appearance changes. I do not think you have noticed but you have streaks of red in your hair and around your pupil is red amwith the silver blue color around the red. The chakra cloak that is on the jin chuuriki resembles the tailed beast of the user. Like how when you transform you get horns on the top of your head like my self. The user can extend the chakra of the cloak to form hands. Niw zi have told you of the version one cloak and tails noe you must go master the last tail the five tail " said Gobi in a ver serois voice." Kyojin nodded and felt that he was leaving the home or cage of Gobi and arrived back in the real world and saw that it was night." This will be the last time I talk to you until after our battle that is if you win. Now good luck and I hope you prevail " said Gobi." Ok Gobi see yeah until then " said Kyojin out loud." Wait before you fight let me tell you one thing. The Gobi jin churiki is able to use a special element only they can use and that element is called Steam Release. Me and my Jin chuurki and use steam release to make our chakra to the boiling point. While doikg this the steam can be used as a propulsion increasong the strength and speed of Taijutsu. Or can be spreaded threw the users surrounding to instantly melt things from the element high temperature. The only way you can get this element is if you master version one and all five tails of the first Jin chuuriki cloak " said Gobi." Cool Kyojin anything else I need to know " said Kyojin." Well yes there are four ninjutsu techniques you need to learn for steam release I will only tell you of one the name of the first jutsu is " Boil Realese: Skill Mist Technique this jutsu creates a cloud of mist in which you release a thick mist by using the kne hand seal the horse hand seal. The mist contains a powerful acidic property that melts bodies and chakra defenses such as the all known Susanoo of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. The jutsu has a disadvantage is that the mist also hurts allies. If the mist gets out of control the user can cut off the mist by adjusting the pH levels of it. That why it is best to use this skill in enclosed areas when fighting enemies " said Gobi in a really serious voice to Kyojin." Ok I understand Gobi when I learn the jutsu I will make sure to use it as best as I can and I will it usefully when I do " said Kyojin to Gobi." Ok now I will stop talking good luck again Kyojin " said Gobi. Kyojin nodded and sat down to meditate. Kyojin arrived in the land of the clone beast that he had to fight to get the last tail the five tail and master version one of the bijuu tails. Kyojin looked around and found the clone. It already had it five tails behind it damcing in unison quickyly and rapidly like a tornado speeding as fast as possibly. Kyojin analyzed the bijuu like Gobi told him. Kyojin saw hoe it had its left leg out with its right leg back looking like it was ready to punce on him at any time. After seeing this Kyojin knew what the jin churikis move was going to be. Like he had inticipated the Bijuu pounced on him. Kyojin rolled to the left with a Rasemgan in hand and jumoed in the ajr and did a dive towards the bijuu and tried to hit it with his Rasengan. The Bijuu roled to the right making Kyojin hit the ground with his Rasemgan creating a world shakimg explosion. Kyojin then tugged at Gobi's chakra in his body instantly turning into the 4 tail form. Witb new enhanced speed stregth and chakra Kyojin met upbwith the clone in no time and they exchanhed blows back to back. Kyojin threw a right hook and the clone caught it the kneed Kyojin in the gut making him gasp. In that split second Kyojin got a Rasengan to the stomach. Kyojin flew backwards in the air and switched his position while in the air. While in the air Kyojin fell on his feet. Kyojin broke out into a full streak of a red blur toward the jin chuuriki clone. Kyojin arrived with a Rasengan. The Rasengan connected making the bijuu clone this time explode to dust. Kyojin heard Gobi say" you have mastered version one of my powerful chakra you should be happy only a few have been allowed to do this. But this is only the beggining now you must master version to of my chakra and become even more powerful. Now leace the land of the jin chuuriki clones and go train to become even more powerful yound Kyojin may zi give you my bleessing " said Gobi withba impposibly long as speech." Thank you Gobi and I know you did nit make the speech of that time and I acceot your blessing to become even more powerful " said Kyojin to Gobi. Kyojin exited the land of the powerful bijuu clones in V1 mode and was back in reality from meditation. Kyojin got up and began stretching hearing his bones crack Kyojin laughed and said " Gobi that was a good battle we shall do that again sometime " said Kyojin." We should now go do whayever you humans do when you do something good what id it call partying " asked Gobi. Kyojim laughed and said yes it is " I will go part as you say then after that it is back to start training " said Kyojin to Gobi as he walked off in the sunrise waiting for the day he would fully master Gobi and become known threw ojt the world as the Jinchurki of the five tails.

WC: 1545

Claiming fifth V1 Bijuu tail

Claiming 7 stat points


              Health: 20
              Speed: 20
              Stanima: 23
              Strength: 20
              Chakra: 30
              Action Points: 237
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Amber Nara

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PostSubject: Re: Training for a tail(NK, P)   Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:34 am


Demon of Chance

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Training for a tail(NK, P)
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