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 Training for a tail(NK, P)

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Rikaro Shinkou
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Training for a tail(NK, P)   Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:20 am

Kyojin was currently walking around the training grounds with nothing to do." So Gobi tell me how the first Bijuu came to be " said Kyojin to Gobi." I'm only telling you this because neither me or you have something to do so listen I am only saying this one time " said Gobi." Ok Hagaromo Otsutsuki was born in the days of his mother with his twin brother Hamura Otsutsuki. There mother loved them very much be she soon grew evil over time by eating a mystical fruit. The mystical fruit was Chakra Fruit that gave Chakra. When she had them her chakra passed on to them. Angered by this she manifested Shinju together to make the Ten Tails or Juubi. The Juubi rampaged threw this world until Hagaromo and Hamjra defeated it. They both sealed thee mother due to her power and couldn't allow her to roam free. Soon Hagaromo was able to frer the world from his mother Genjutsu Iinfinite Tsukoyomi. After that he travelled around the world giving everyone his chakra and spreaded the knowledge of it. Doing that he became known as the Savior of this world. Hagaromo ultimate goal was to spread peace within the world and he knew he couldn't do that in his life time. He then had two sons Indra and and Asura. Indra inherited a lower level of his father eyes called the Sharingan. Asura however only got his fathers chakra. Inspired by Asura Hagaromo seperated the Juubi into Nine Beings the Bijuu giving each of them a name. After that Hagaromo was weakened to a bad extint. Hagaromo told the Bijuu that they would become one again someday. He gave his youngest son his legacy but the older one got mad and they had a big battle. Indra had decwndents called the Uchiha who possed Sharingan. And Asura had decedents called Senju who possed the sage chakra. It was told if they became one again they will unlock the rinnegan. That is the tell of the Bijuu and there creator Hagaromo Otsutsuki so are you happy now " said Gobi. Kyojim was still taking in the story from so much infomatiom." Yeah it was a good stry thank you I guess I will battle for the three tails now " said Kyojin to Gobi." Well hurry up I have been waiting for another battle with you "." But one more thing tell me about the Bijuu " said Khojim." Ok the last thing. I will go in order there was Shubaku the one tail who used Sand Release, there was Matatabi the two tails, Isobu the three tails, Son Goku the four tails, Gobi the five tails, Saiken the six tail, Chomei the seven tails, Gyuuki the eight tails and Kuruma the nine tails " said Gobi slowly." Now before we battle what else do you need " said Gobi." Tell me about Han the other jinchuuriki of the five taild " said Kyojin." I don't know much bout him but this is what I know he was really tall wore armor that could produce mist and he was a jinchuuriki now lets battle " said Gobi." Ok Gobi let me get in my meditation " said Kyojin to Gobi. Kyojin crossed his legs and begun to meditate. Kyojin arrived in the room and didn't see the jin chuuriki clone." Where the hell are you Gobi I am ready " said Kyojin." I told you it was getting harder on this trial you must face to jinchuuriki clones of the 3 tails good luck " said Gobi in a creepy voice." Shit I forgot you said that it is a shame that I know only Rasengan and Shadow Clone " said Kyojin. Kyojin was pretty sure the clone would be killed so he had to go all out on this one. Kyojin decided not to transform yet because he was sure he could kill at least one of them. Kyojin couldn't use up all his energy at once." Here we go " he said aloud. The two clones appeared with killer intent leaking lff them like Ice Crean melting. They looked ready to kill anything in there path. They looked like demons. They charged at Kyojin not even waiting on him to get ready. Kyojin put his hand out making the Rasengan. Kyojin jumped in the air and did a dicmve towards the ground hitting the Jinchuuriki on the right with a full blown air dive Rasengan. It died in one attack it didn't even change it form it just blowed up." Gobi what tricks are you playing the Bijuu is supposed to change form " said Kyojin out loud." Yes it does suppose to change form but this is my world I can make anything happen plus the last Bijuu is way more powerful " said Gobi to Kyojin. Kyojin waited on the Bijuu to attack but it didn't move at all it just sat there like a wolf analyzing a deer. Kyojin wondered what it was going to do then he felt it. Raw enerfy cmfrom nowhere started to form. The beast asorbed more chakra 4 tails forming behind it. Kyojin shivvered the energy was menacing enough to scare him. Kyojin begun to back up he needed to just go ahead and transform to second jinchuuriki cloak with two tails and just skip the first one. Kyojin begun to tug at Gobi's chakra in his body. Kyojin felt his body and chakra change once again signling that he was sin his 2 tails cloak. Kyojin got ready to attack. The beast ran towards Kyojin bearing its horn potrusions. Kyojin was ready but what shocked him was that the clone Jin chuuriki didnt hit him with the horns. It formed two hands out the red bubbly chakra picked him up summoned a Rasengan in its real hand and hit him with it making him fly." What the hell " he whispered to his self." Jinchuuriki can make hands out of the chakra you dumb bafoom " sakd Gobi loudly. Kyojin sighed Gobi forgot some important information again. Kyojin begun to get up ready to face the jinchuuriki. Here we go he thought. Kyojin begun walking towards the Jinchuuriki and broke out into a full run. The bijuu also broke out into a run with a Rasengan in hand. Kyojin like all the other times he side stepped and hit the clone in the side blowing him away not. He did not evaporate because he akready transformed. Kyojin smiled another tail compleate. The tails gave him more motivation each time he got another." Gobi I have done it again " said Kyojin while smiling." It seems you have but you still have to fight another clone MWAHAHSSHA " Gobi said while laughing." Gobi what the hell Kyojin said as a clone appeared already in four tailed form. It rushed atv Kyojimn with Taijutsu. It punched with his left hand aiming at Kyojins face. It hit the it kneed Kyojin in the stomach. The beast the elbowed Kyojin in the temple making Kyojin fall. Kyojim attemted to get up but the jin chuuriki kicked him back down. A thousand thoughts rushed threw his head. What if this happened if he was protecting Aiko continue fighting but getting knocked back down after every punch he had to win he had to prevail he would be come master." I WILL DEFEAT YOU " he screamed loudly making the Jin jump back. Rage was in Kyojin eyes he hit the jin chuuriki with rasengan and repeatadly did it over and over again blowing it up. Kyojin from the mass amount of power fell out on the ground. Kyojim awoke in the spot where he meditated at." What the hell happened " Kyojin said to no one in particular." You happened you got 5 tails and went mad to bad so sad that you lost all the tails " said Gobi." What I lost all the tails how did that happed " sajd Kyojin." You didn't loose all the tails you just dont have four and five tails any more but be happy you now have three tails two more to go Kyojin " said Gobi." Wait so I had four and five tails how Gobi? " said Kyojin." Simple you got overcomed with rage for wamtimg to protect your girlfriend Aiko. With that rage you unlocked all the tails but lost them immediatly because you couldn't gold the power withing them. This means you have to train more before you go for the last two which will be extrmely hard to go for " said Gobi." So I was over comed with pure rage that sounds bad " said Kyojin eith a reply." It is bad if a Jinchuuriki become overcome with rage they can blow up a whole time. So you need to learn how to control that rage Kyojin " said Gobi." How do I control the rage it is getying harder and harder every day now " said Kyojin." Simple get all tails and you power down the rage waste time and the rage overcomes you and you most likely will die " said Gobi." I need to control the rage I will master all five tails I will become the master of Gobi " said Kyojin. Gobi laughed and said " master of me no one becomes master of me even my master wasn't a master of me so think again " said Hobi." Trust me Gobi we will see we will see " said Kyojin with a bery low chuckle and a big smirk on his sun kissed face that looked like it was reflecting light. Kyojin smiled alit has happened in his life lately he has a Amekage girlfriend a Bijuu in his body and he had a shinigami but she is gone to who knows where." By the way you told me your chakra over came her but what exactly happens when a Bijuu's chakra overcomes something " said Kyojin to Gobi." What happens if you use Rasengan on an imfant " said Gobi. Kyojin thought about it it would be imstant death so that means " Oh my Sage of Six Paths you killed her " said Kyojin to the five tails Gobi." Was not my faughlt how was I suppose d to know you had an entity in your body as I said before I was sleep " said Gobi to Kyojin. Kyojim was sad Yuki was gone forever the almighty queen of the shanigami. Kyojin wondered if he could still use that power. Kyojin begun to concwntrate and looked for another chakra signature im his body he foumd a dark black chakra and begun to tug at it he felt the same thing happen when Yuki used to takeover. Now Kyojin could control that power his self." Naww dont use that you are a Jin Chuuriki use the tails " said Gobi. Kyojin thought about it then said " or I can use it and when I'm on a secret mission or something I can use that power to not let poeple find out my truw power " said Kyojin." I geuss that is true I suppose " said Gobi." Ok you can use that power but do not use it a lot I want to see my Jinchuuriki in actiom " said Gobi with a hint if laughter in his voice." Ok I got ya now I am going to go find some one who will spar wirmth me " said Kyojin to Gobi." I suppose maybe they are powerful enough to go up agaisnt the takls " said Gobi." Maybe they are we will not know un less we se " said Kyojin." The person we are going to find is Monkey Boy but his real name is Fenn he helped me train to be come a Genin " said Kyojin to Gobi." Well ok if you do good enough I might let you get a tail instead of battling me " he replied to Kyojin. Kyojin walked towards the forest oart of the training grounds ready to start the man hunt for a monkey named Fenn who lived in the trees. Kyojin would find him Kyojin will master all jin churikii taild.

WC: 2000

Claiming V1 3rd tail

10 stats

10 stats


              Health: 20
              Speed: 20
              Stanima: 23
              Strength: 20
              Chakra: 30
              Action Points: 237
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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
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Clan Element : Light
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PostSubject: Re: Training for a tail(NK, P)   Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:28 am

Just 10 stats, you wrote that twice. Otherwise approved.

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Training for a tail(NK, P)
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