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 Water Trumpet jutsu training(complete)

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Jason Senju <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Water Trumpet jutsu training(complete)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:52 pm

Jason had learned a good amount of jutsu already but he was worried because they were mostly only support jutsu. The only real attack jutsu he had learned so far was the rasengan and maybe his shadow clones. That was the reason he decided to take a look at the water style jutsu scroll he had bought from the scroll shop. A few of the jutsu in the scroll caught his eye, the Water Trumpet jutsu, the Water Whip jutsu and of course the Water Wall jutsu. He planned on learning all three as they could really come in handy but for now he was going to focus on learning the Water Trumpet jutsu. These had really stuck out in particular because he could perform them by creating water from his mouth or just channeling his water element chakra. He thought he would be able to master the water trumpet the quickest out of the three jutsu which is why he had chosen to practice this one first. The scroll he had said this: Water gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and sweeps away the enemy. One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases. The water will create a cone starting at the users mouth and extending up to five meters at it's widest with a range of twenty five meters in length. The seals for this jutsu were Dragon-Tiger-Hare. It sounded simple enough. Jason had chosen his usual training area in the forest to practice. It was convenient because he had already set up training dummies in the large forty meter diameter clearing that he could use for target practice. His fox Nami was already relaxing in a branch at the edge of the clearing, content with watching him practice as she normally did. Jason was now standing in the center of the clearing facing a training dummy twenty meters in front of him. Inhaling, he began to gather his water element chakra in his chest, feeling the coolness of the water taking hold of him. Once he had the chakra gathered, he performed the correct hand seals needed to finish the water trumpet jutsu. Dragon-Tiger-Hare. As he exhaled, a stream of water began to take shape, flowing from his mouth in the form of a cone. The water only made it ten meters in front of him with the cone being two meters wide. Jason released the jutsu, disappointed that he hadn't even reached the target he was aiming for. He decided to try gathering more chakra in his chest before inhaling and performing the hand seals to give the jutsu more power. This time he did exactly that. He began gathering his water element chakra in his chest and when he had a good amount stored he began inhaling while continuing to gather his chakra. When he had inhaled as much as he could he quickly performed the seals, Dragon-Tiger-Hare, and then exhaled. Water spewed from his mouth in the form of a cone reaching all the way to the training dummy this time. He had expected the dummy to go flying from the force or at least break off the stand but all that happened was it got drenched in water and so Jason ended the jutsu. It was obvious that he was right to gather his chakra before inhaling as well as continuing to do so while inhaling but he was still missing something. He pulled out the scroll and read what it had to say about the water trumpet jutsu again.
Water gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and sweeps away the enemy. One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases. The water will create a cone starting at the users mouth and extending up to five meters at it's widest with a range of twenty five meters in length.
'One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount of chakra one releases.' That was what he was missing. It wasn't enough to simply gather his chakra before performing the jutsu. In order to make it truly powerful and hit its intended target with force Jason would have to use a continuous stream of water element chakra while performing the jutsu. He put away the scroll and started to try the jutsu again. He would begin to gather his water element chakra in his chest, feeling the coolness it brought upon him. When he had a decent amount of the chakra gathered, he started to inhale while continuing to gather his chakra in his chest. Once he had fully inhaled Jason performed the hand seals to complete the jutsu, Dragon-Tiger-Hare, and exhaled. Water rushed forward out of his mouth this time in the cone shape explained in the scroll. The cone was a full five meters in diameter and hit the training dummy twenty meters away with such force that the wooden stand it was on shattered and the dummy went flying straight backward another ten meters and slammed straight in to a large tree. Jason released the jutsu, pleased he had gotten his desired outcome and decided to turn to the next dummy and continue with his target practice. This poor defenseless training dummy was also positioned twenty meters away from him and had absolutely no idea it as about to be brutally murdered by a water style jutsu that would put Blastoise's Hydro pump to shame. Oh wait, Pokémon don't exist in this world? What a shame. The dummy was still going to get blasted anyway. Jason began to gather his water element chakra in his chest once again. He reached a considerable amount and began to inhale while still gathering his chakra. He would perform the Dragon-Tiger-Hare seals to complete the jutsu and then exhale. The water trumpet jutsu gushed from his mouth just as it had moments before, gaining size until it reached its full five meter wide diameter and blasted the poor dummy twenty meters in front of him. This dummy, who Jason had just now decided to name Wet Blanket, snapped from its base and was blasted backwards in to a tree just like his brother, who Jason was now calling Soaked. He wasn't sure what had possessed him to start naming the defenseless training dummies he was brutally murdering with his new water style jutsu but now he was on a roll so of course when he turned to the next dummy in line to be 'taken out' he named it Drippy. One after another he turned to the remaining training dummies, named them some kind of water related thing and then blasted them with his new jutsu without mercy or hesitation. He might have let himself get a tad bit carried away but he didn't care, he had finally learned an attack jutsu and above that he was actually having fun doing it. He had loosened up a bit and began enjoying things more ever since meeting his friends Risako and Tatsuya. They always kept things interesting and lively when they were together. Now at least he had something new to show off the next time he saw them. After he had completely overdid it and destroyed the last training dummy in his murdering spree, he brought his thoughts back to the clearing and the training at hand. He had let his body go on autopilot for a few minutes while finishing off the remaining targets. Now that he had used up a majority of his chakra shooting water trumpet after water trumpet at his 'victims', he decided to walk around the clearing and reattach the dummies to their proper stands so that they could endure more random torture from him at another time. Some dummies took longer than others to fix because of the irregularity in power he used with each water trumpet jutsu. It took Jason a full two hours before he was completely satisfied that he could do no more to get the dummies back to perfect health. The last dummy he had blasted with the water trumpet jutsu was in so many pieces he deemed it hopeless to even try and reconstruct it, deciding instead that he would just steal one from the training grounds under the cover of darkness and hoped no one would see him. Of course as soon as all this was said and done Jason was starving and chose to sit under a tall tree and pull out some sandwiches to eat, enjoying Nami's company. Since Jason was always constantly eating, he had packed three sandwiches for himself this time and boy did he need them after expending so much chakra. He managed to devour all three sandwiches in a matter of minutes. It was a miracle he didn't look like a big Jason sized balloon with all the food he ate on a daily basis. Now that he had replenished some of his chakra by eating, he decided he wanted to train the water trumpet jutsu a little longer before calling it quits. Sure he might be able to use the jutsu now but he felt like he was expending too much chakra on it without enough control. That fact was extremely obvious to him from the difference in damage he had caused on all the dummies. He needed to be able to freely control the power of the jutsu and not just perform it at maximum every time. Jason stood up and wiped sandwich crumbs off his face then walked back to the center of the clearing, determined to learn to control this jutsu before leaving the forest today. Facing the first dummy he began his practice with Jason began to gather his water element chakra in his chest. Once there was a sufficient amount gathered, he began inhaling, still gathering his chakra. He then performed the hand seals, Dragon-Tiger-Hare, and exhaled. He controlled the flow of his chakra with the water trumpet jutsu and kept a steady amount just so he would dampen the dummy but not blast it away like he had before. Once sufficiently soaked, Jason would release the jutsu. He could have kept it going long enough to soak each dummy in turn but he wanted to release it and re-perform the jutsu each time so that he could be sure he had control over the power. He would take a deep breath and then turn to the next dummy, no longer looking to destroy the poor defenseless things, and began the jutsu anew. He would gather his water chakra in his chest, just as he had done over twenty times today alone. At least it was easier for him to do now. The chakra gathered very quickly and then he began to inhale as usual while still continuing to gather chakra. Once he had fully inhaled, he performed the hand seals, Dragon-Tiger-Hare, and exhaled. Again Jason controlled the flow of chakra he released in to the jutsu to keep a continuous stream flowing from his mouth in a cone shape at the dummy he had previously dubbed 'Wet Blanket'. Again he allowed the water trumpet jutsu just enough power to soak the dummy but not blast it from its place like he had originally. Once this dummy was sufficiently soaked like the first one, he would release the jutsu and turn to the next one in line. Again Jason would gather his water element chakra in his chest and then began to inhale while still gathering his chakra. Once he had fully inhaled, Jason would perform the hand seals Dragon-Tiger-Hare and exhale, beginning the jutsu. Controlling the flow of chakra, he was again able to control the power of the water trumpet technique so as to only soak the dummy and not blast it away. Jason would continue to turn to each of the remaining dummies and soak them in turn, except for the one he couldn't repair. Once he had finished with that Jason accepted that he had sufficient control over the water trumpet jutsu and feeling drained once again from performing the technique over and over again he turned and called out to Nami to leave with him. With that he headed home to get some much needed rest.
WC: 2051
Required WC: 2000
claiming water trumpet jutsu and +10 stats

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Water Trumpet jutsu training(complete)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:32 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Water Trumpet jutsu training(complete)
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