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 Flash Step Jason hard at work

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Jason Senju <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Flash Step Jason hard at work   Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:08 am

Jason had been going through his jutsu encyclopedia one morning and came across a fairly simple jutsu called body flicker. What this jutsu did was allow a user to move at heightened speeds by vitalizing their body through chakra. The user would activate the jutsu by performing the Ram hand seal and then to others, he would appear to vanish, reappearing in another location. What really happens is the user moves at such a speed everything else looks to be standing still or moving in extreme slow motion. The jutsu has its drawbacks however, rendering the user only able to move from point A to point B. This means it can be used as a method of travel, escape etc. but due to the strain on the body it is too much for the user to attack while using the body flicker technique. Jason definitely believed that even with the downsides this jutsu could really come in handy. After discovering this diamond in the rough so to speak, Jason closed the book and headed straight to the forest to train. He had recently taken up training in the forest as it was less crowded and he could keep his training secret if he wanted. It wasn't that Jason was overtly secretive, but he believed it was a good idea for a shinobi to keep his skills a secret, or at least just between friends, so as to be able to catch enemies off guard. Now Jason was in a clearing surrounded by trees. It was his normal training area. He had brought out training dummies and set them up for various training opportunities. Jason would be sitting down underneath a tree, reading up more on the body flicker technique he had come out here to master. According to the jutsu encyclopedia, he had to manipulate  his chakra around his entire body to enhance his muscles and thus be able to move at high speeds. Jason had gotten pretty good at manipulating his chakra from all his training, especially from learning the Rasengan. Deciding it was time to try out the body flicker, Jason would close the jutsu encyclopedia and stand up. He would close his eyes and take a deep breathe, centering himself as he always did before training. He gathered his chakra and started to focus it on all of his muscles, intending to do as the encyclopedia said and enhance his movement. Once  he had finished manipulating his chakra, Jason would perform the Ram seal to activate the body flicker technique. Immediately it looked to Jason like the world slowed around him. Branches and leaves that were previously saying in the wind slowed to a standstill. Birds flying overhead were stopped in their tracks. He took two steps forward and then in the middle of running everything returned to normal. It was obvious to him that he hadn't performed the jutsu quite right. Frowning, Jason would stop where he stood and try to perform the jutsu again. He started to gather his chakra to every muscle in his body. He could feel his muscles surging, reacting to the chakra being used to enhance them. He performed the Ram hand seal to activate the body flicker technique and once more observed the world slowing around him. He took a lap around the clearing, making sure that the jutsu would last and then released it. Even tough he could tell how quickly he was moving while the body flicker technique was activated, he really wanted to test his speed. He pulled out his bow and aimed three arrows at a training dummy twenty meters away. Immediately after releasing the arrows, Jason performed the body flicker technique. Everything slowed to a stop, including the arrows he had just fired. He ran straight towards the arrows, flipping forward over them and then turned around to face the arrows head on. Now that he was looking in the direction he came from, he could see a sort of after image of himself running and flipping over the arrows just as he did. Jason pulled out a kunai and stepped the side of the arrows. Jason released the technique and sliced the arrows in half with the kunai before they hit the dummy. He would let a proud grin spread across his face, happy that it didn't take him long before being able to use the body flicker technique. He moved back to his original position at the other side of the clearing. Still holding his bow, Jason decided to test the body flicker a bit more. In rapid succession he shot ten arrows at ten different training dummies spread out around the clearing. As soon as he released the tenth arrow he would perform the Ram hand seal and activated the body flicker technique. He would run straight to the first arrow he shot, twenty meters to his right. He grabbed the arrow, being only three inches away from the first dummy. Once the arrow was in his hand, he made his way to the second arrow and grabbed it as well. This one was almost as close to hitting the dummy as the first arrow, but being shot slightly after the first it was a full six inches from hitting it's respective dummy. Now that he had the first two arrows safely in his hand, Jason would look around at the remaining eight. Each of the arrows was a bit further away from their dummy than the last with the final arrow being two and a half feet away from the training dummy it was shot at. Jason would move to each arrow in turn and grabbed them one after another putting them all back in to the quiver slung over his shoulder. Once all the arrows were replaced in the quiver, he moved back to his original position once again and released the body flicker technique. Jason would take a quick look around the clearing and then, deciding that he had done enough training for the day, turned and made his way back to the leaf village to eat some ramen from his favorite ramen shop.
WC: 1025
Required WC: 1000
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PostSubject: Re: Flash Step Jason hard at work   Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:15 am

Recognize Your Own Sins,Don't Hide Them Away:To Make Up For Them. Devote Yourself To Other People

Poison a Demon? You must be joking
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Flash Step Jason hard at work
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