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 Training for the Leaf wind, flashback

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Futon
Clan : Nara
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PostSubject: Training for the Leaf wind, flashback   Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:35 am

Memories of a distant past. Flashback training.
Ehlandreh was taken back. Far, far back. To a time that he could barely remember, as the last remnants of the drink left his mouth, and begun its journey to the stomach. Ehladnreh was only a boy. One of his mentors, whose name was lost in these bloody and sad memories, was making Ehlandreh kick frogs. Each on was tied on a string, suspended onto the verandah. Every time Ehlandreh kicked one, his sensei would pour water on it. Ehladnreh had been told that this was the only way his sensei was going to save the frogs. When the first frog died, its torso spitting in half and all of its bruised and damaged internal organs spilling out, Ehlandreh was told that he hadn’t been kicking fast enough. Once all the frogs were dead his sensei would go out, catch more, and tell him to do a better job if he wanted to save them. Kick harder faster, harder faster. The vision that Ehlandreh was having was framed by yellowy mist, and there was a peculiar, earthy scent around, not at all, or even slightly unpleasant. Ehlandreh suddenly felt like he was being sucked in, and everything in the vision started becoming clearer, and soon Ehlandreh’s point of view was suddenly in the same place as his past self, his emotions starting to match his own, what? And Ehlandreh was suddenly in the place of himself, living his past. “Was that a good kick Sensei? Do I need to do more of those to save them?” Ehlandreh was eager, smiling up at the face of his old sensei, who was smiling with practiced feigned genuinely at Ehlandreh. If Ehlandreh, or any intelligent person, were too look at that man’s face, they could easily guess that he did not have pleasant intentions. Quite the opposite in fact. The old sensei was starting an old tradition that was adapted from some of the old cultural practices of the Rain village. In short, Ehlandreh’s “well meaning” sensei was turning him into a killing machine. If one could look into his head they would know that this was a long process, and desensitized him to violence and bloodshed, even in this unknowing state, was essential. However, Ehlandreh had begun to suspect something close to the truth. Ehlandreh had begun to realize, that all the frogs he had kicked, had died. No matter how hard he tried, Ehlandreh also knew that hitting people was not always a clever thing to do, or even slightly pleasantly. But frogs weren’t people or so Ehlandreh was told, and that the rules for hitting frogs were very different. “One two, one two one two one two one two!” Ehlandrhe kicked harder and faster, the more the tempo increased, occasionally switching to a different leg. Sensei had told Ehlandreh that he was learning a taijutsu, and the best way to learn this particular taijutsu, was to hit frogs, because they powerful legs made it better. Or something. Ehlandreh had bought an explanation that only a five year old could believe. “Keep it up son, good kicks, nice and high.” Ehlandreh vision faded again, and suddenly he was in a classroom, only him and his teacher. There was a diagram on the board, in the depths of time the contents had been forgotten, but in his reliving of his past Ehlandreh looked at it with as much enthusiasm as he had the first time he had ever seen it. “Remember Ehlandreh, the most important thing in Taijutsu is to remember that it is categorically inferior to ninjutsu. When you are up against opponents with ninjutsu, and your only weapon is taijutsu, you are sure to lose. You must remember that with ninjutsu, you draw upon more than you bodily strength, Ehlandreh, what do we call this separate resource?” “Chakra” Ehlandreh said quickly “That’s right, it’s called chakra. Now, when we use taijutsu, we can draw upon all kinds of attacks, some of them are not even attacks, some are made to heal wounds. This variety is not available with Taijutsu, which cannot use this Chakra energy. However, this does not mean that it isn’t important. What happens when you run out of chakra, or you are put in a situation which makes Jutsu unfeasible? You have to rely on your body. That is when taijutsu comes in, don’t ever use it as you main sort of fighting prowess however, and make no mistake of this, it not as useful, especially for our clan. Ehlandreh nodded eagerly. And his vision faded once more to black
Ehlandreh was standing alone, on his concrete verandah. “He lied...” Ehlandreh was standing next to a dead frog, it’s inside smashed on the pavements, the drying skin flattened to the warm concrete. The young Ehlandreh felt like he was burning. His embarrassment and being believing such a lie was flooding in to him, and Ehlandreh felt like he wanted to die. This was not the first time a Sensei had done something mean to an animal and not tell Ehlandreh about it. They had once had him use “healing Jutsu” on a bird, which actually had turned out to kill it, they claimed it was a mistake, but Ehlandreh knew otherwise what really infuriated Ehlandreh was that while they made him train like an adult, they didn’t let him actually be one. They used what Ehlandreh called “kiddy language” with him, the act of purposefully making sentences simple for a person who was younger than you. Ehlandreh hated that. Ehlandreh noticed that he was beginning to refer to experiences he had not yet experienced at this stage, and his emotions were becoming further and further from the situation. Ehlandreh begun to float away from the vision, what he would do next would only exist as a blur of emotions and images. But one thing Ehlandreh did recall that he would go to attack his sense, whom was the first teacher that would no longer be involved with Ehlandreh, he had been his favorite teacher too. Ehlandreh’s mind withdrew and he found himself in the real world once again.

Ehlandreh shivered at the intense experience. Ehlandreh had often forgot some of the things that he had learnt as a kid. Ehlandreh often considered this pseudo amnesia that he had developed as a survival instinct. It was something that was a side effect of his traumatic childhood, some people became drinkers, which Ehlandreh ha, in a sense and some just chose to forget. And sometimes they remembered. And Ehlandreh had just remembered. Ehlandreh had oft considered taijutsu his very worst kind of ninja specialty. But now Ehlandreh could clearly remember doing it. The technique he had learnt was called “Leaf wind” it was a fairly common taijutsu in the leaf village, which Ehlandrhe had mastered all those years ago. Ehlandreh got up, with surprisingly little pain in his leg muscles, as one might be accustomed to when they had sat down for a long time. “Maybe it has something to do with my vision?” Ehlandreh thought to himself walking outside. Ehlandreh decided to see if his training for the Leaf wind had lasted all this time, and if the technique was still notched in muscle memory. Ehlandreh walked from inside out onto his garden, and faced a large fern tree. Focusing on what he remembered, Ehlandreh attempted to perform it. “thwak thwak thwak!!” Three perfect kicks.The result of his actions appeared as three blemishes in the bark of the tree. If this tree had been a person, they would have been both bruised and jarred. He had retained the ability to kill with his body. Somewhat disgusted at the memory, but also rather pleased with himself, Ehlandreh made his way back inside, his mind already on his next blend of coffee. Maybe some less matured beans.
+ Leaf wind 
+6 stats.  

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Training for the Leaf wind, flashback   Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:34 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Futon
Clan : Nara
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PostSubject: Re: Training for the Leaf wind, flashback   Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:41 pm

Umm, no. 11 stats? please re-approve after edits.
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PostSubject: Re: Training for the Leaf wind, flashback   

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Training for the Leaf wind, flashback
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