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 memories of the past...

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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: memories of the past...    Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:05 am

Ehlandreh sat in his house looking at some old marks from his Academy student days. He remembered the two jutsu that bothered him the most the transformation and the clone technique. Ehlandreh began that all familiar journey back in time, the coffee reminding him of a brew that he had once enjoyed while learning techniques 

 Ehlandreh sat, drinking a coffee, watching the fire in his parent’s hearth play havoc with his shadows, bending and altering them. In front of him was a still drying rug that had recently weathered a spill of coffee. On the rug lay a few scrolls, the contained information about a certain Jutsu, that Ehlandreh had to master. The clone Jutsu. It was a fairly useless technique, the “clone” was nothing more than an intangible image that could move around. It was mostly used to train concentration in young students, something that Ehlandreh felt that he had in abundance. He would master this technique, like everything else the academy threw at him. It was a particular ability that they had covered before in class, but always with the supervision and guidance of their Sensei. Now was the time to master the Technique, as it was almost certainly going to be covered in the Genin exam.

Ehlandreh sat, back straight, a hot mug of coffee steaming on his lap, as he took his last look at the scroll. Ehlandreh closed the scroll for what he was determined to be the last time. If his failed bunshin lasted more than a few seconds, his floor would have been littered with corpses. Ehlandreh reached out, taking a hold of that enigmatic energy that was firmly placed in the subconscious; chakra. Ehlandreh stood up, releasing the coffee from his vice grip, and stood as straight as he could. He could almost hear the epic music in the background. Ehlandreh lifted his arms from his sides, and stopped for a moment. Hesitation, if he didn’t get it now he didn’t think he ever would. This was to be last shot. A dedication he had made for himself to surpass, if he didn’t. Well that would be very embracing. And awkward. Especially awkward. Ehlandreh screwed up the last of his courage. With tears in his eyes Ehlandreh whispered, so quietly that he himself could barely hear it “If I don’t get this right. I’m not going to drink that coffee, and I’ll throw those beans out.” Almost exploding into tears from the high stakes, Ehlandreh brought his hands together. Ram, Snake and Tiger hand seals were made, and then the words “Bunshin no Jutsu!” Ehlandreh forced the energy out of his body, completing the Jutsu. “Poof” a twosome of sounds came from Ehlandreh’s sides. There standing and smiling were three exact copies of him. Each was a perfect clone. Were he to replicate these results in the Genin exam, it would have been a pass. But still one final test remained for the clones. What was there mobility like? He had seen clones slump over and die once they were expected to do something, transforming into nothing more than a cloud of smoke. Ehlandreh knew that he could either remotely control them, moving them around on their own accord, or make them mirror his movement. The latter was much easier, and by the way they reached toward his coffee as he did, which made Ehlandreh’s heart speed up, he had mastered this pretty easily. Go wave to the neighbors. The two clones walked away from him, and all on their own, waved to the neighbor, who dropped a potted plant and squealed briefly. Ehlandreh chuckled, sipping his coffee, his would need to work on the abilities of the clones, to be able to control a lot more easily. But he would do this as soon as he finished his wonderful drink. Mm. Beautiful.

 Ehlandreh recalled the sweet feeling of victory and over sweetened coffee, but was feeling himself being  drawn into another memory by his coffee's taste. This one was going to be about the transformation jutsu, and the feeling of pollen began to enter his nose, Ehlandreh tried to hold back the ephemeral sneeze but.

 “hatchoo-oh-noHATCHOO” White smoke rose of Ehlandreh’s body, as the transformation Jutsu was broken yet again. The annoyance was beginning to get annoying. Ehlandreh would have liked to think that it was only due to his allergy that he was not succeeding in the Jutsu, but deep down he knew that
The transformation was incomplete, and that it would not have lasted long anyway. The transformation jutsu was one of the more challenging techniques that the academy had created. Although Ehlandreh had once been able to perform the technique perfectly, now it was a great challenge. Ehlandreh took a sip of his 17th coffee of the day, his mind almost drawn into enjoying the taste ofj it. But he knew that he had no time. Ehlandreh opened up the homework scroll again, to the instruction of the technique of transformation. There were figures and paragraphs about the feeling and challenges of the technique, but after Ehlandreh’s 12th complete read-through of the scroll, which had been some hours ago, he practically knew all the concepts by heart, and could have read the scroll to a person without looking at them. Around him were several rephrased copies that he had made himself, trying to find a perspective that worked for the struggling academy student. In his last attempt he had visualized the man who grew coffee beans, the neighbor on his left. He was a slightly overweight man, like a sportsman who had gone to seed. He was convinced that women still found him attractive, and took every opportunity to show off to the young attractive mother that was in the house next to him. Ehlandreh took a sip of his wonderful coffee. He had very little in common with that man, he didn't even like coffee, but he did sell the stuff. Maybe he should try turning into something he was more familiar with before he tried to turn into something that was very different. Ehlandreh visualized an old woman, the neighbor who had screamed when he had presented his clones, and then, finding the chakra to power the technique “Transformation no Jutsu!” as fast as he could Ehlandreh threw his cup of coffee into the air, the contents spilling everywhere, “high stakes” he thought as he completed his hand seals Dog, Boar, Ram. And “POOF” Ehlandreh reached forward with a wrinkly, dark skinned had that had endured enumerable hours in the sun. He caught the cup of coffee, and caught each drop as it fell. His coffee was left exactly the way it was when he threw it (Ehlandreh’s house has high ceilings, and he has done this before). Ehlandreh brought the cup to his old lips and took a sip, while walking to his mother’s bedroom to see the mirror. The transformation was perfect, he was an exact likeness of the old woman. The old woman in question had just looked through the window that was directly above his parent’s bed, the mirror directly in front of his parents’ bed. She made a squeal at the copy of her. Ehlandreh chuckled, and sipped his coffee again. Mm... Beautiful.
 Ehlandreh somehow felt invigorated by the memories, and sat up, for some reason feeling stronger than before.
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memories of the past...
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