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 Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]

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Umeko Ametsuchi

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Element(s) : Lightning, Wind
Clan : Ametsuchi
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PostSubject: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:51 pm

Training the Kenseigan And maybe some other stuff

For someone so young Umeko knew what she wanted to be in life and knew exactly what it took to be that person. Everyday since she was able to walk, talk, and understand basic life choices she trained her mind and body when she could. It wasn't a matter if she could, she knew she had too and even if it looked like she was doing too much she knew she wasn't doing enough. Now here she was a ten year old genin of Kumogakure, mulling over the many scrolls that would explain the activation of one of the KKG's of Ametsuchi; the Kenseigan. It was honestly simple enough, learning the history and the unique traits and such of the KKG itself. For Umeko in order to gain strength one must first have the knowledge to wield it. Doe like golden orbs carefully covered each word of the current scroll she was reading now. Finding it hard to read silently she muttered the words to herself, hearing and seeing the words to drill it into her brain.

"The Vision of the Kenseigan allows it to see chakra of all living things, but a special feature of the Kenseigan Chakra vision,those who share the elements of the Kenseigan user will emit in a glow when the Ametsuchi focus with their eyes. This mean that they will be surrounded in a aura that signify what element of the users that the target knows, allowing for the Ametsuchi to think ahead the colors of aura that is given off depends of element: Lightning-Yellow, Water-Blue, Earth-Brown, Wind-White, Fire-Red...
I will be seeing lots of Yellow in the village then. I wonder how many others outside of the village have the Raiton element."

For a moment she pondered just what the outside of Kumogakure was like before hopping up from her chair and going for a drink of milk. The young child couldn't wait until she was old enough or strong enough to be able to leave the village in order to get a feel of the real world. Taking a moment to let her mind wander Umeko smiled to herself. It didn't take long before she buried back into the scrolls but she couldn't think of a proper way to execute the activation of her Kenseigan alone. Closing her eyes she thought of the basics of the Kenseigan and all it really was in short was a doujutsu. Just a matter of pushing chakra into her eyes and seeing the results, but she knew it was much more than just that.

Taking in a deep breath the young girl rolled up the scrolls and replaced them back into their proper places. She was mostly done with the learning aspect of her training and now it was time to put what she had learned into some sort of action. Quickly putting on proper attire Umeko left out of the house and towards the training fields. It didn't take long for her to start molding ration chakra into her hands, watching the lighting crackle with it's signature blue color as it enveloped her hand.
"In order for me to truly activate the Kenseigan...I need to get a better handle of the element that I control..I suppose I'm going to be here for awhile..."


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Umeko Ametsuchi

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Element(s) : Lightning, Wind
Clan : Ametsuchi
Bloodline : Kenseigan, Takami Re-equip
Ryo : 10200

PostSubject: Re: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:18 pm

To control charka was essential for a ninja, it allowed one to do various things like ninjutsu, genjutsus and many other wondrous feats. Umeko herself was blessed into a clan of strong, proud ninja with a unique brand of chakra allowing her to things that those not sharing the same blood would find impossible. In today's case she would have to train in more ways than one and with that in mind she quickly ran home grabbing a few essential scrolls only to run back towards the training grounds. The trip was a matter of seconds and once she got back to the clear grounds she began to read one of the scrolls to herself. " I should start easy and work up the difficulty, that way I'll get a better understanding of the element." Unrolling the scroll her eyes began to dance over each word as she whispered them while she read. Raiton: Jibashi,This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock. It is ideal to use in conjunction with a water technique....Seems simple enough, but it's always so much more than simple."

Reading a bit more into the scroll Umeko spotted the handseals for the technique at the very end of it. She found a small smile playing on her lips as she memorized the seals. She would have to learn to be quick if she wanted to pull jutsus like this one off, ones that required seals. Rolling up the scroll she placed it amongst the rest and began to mold Raiton chakra into both of her hands. To start it was a little only, the surface of her palms covered in a light coat of chakra while the small sparks crackled and danced on her hands. She remembered what her uncle told as she did this small task, " If you don't start slow and honor the basics then you'll never truly understand anything you do. Remember you crawled before you walked, and walk before you ran. " She could hear his deep, gruff voice echo in her mind clearly as she poured more chakra into her hands, the crackling of the Raiton getting louder as it grew in her palms becoming more pronounced. Now that she had what she felt was the right amount of chakra she kept it in her hand for a few minutes, pooling the chakra steadily as a form of control training. As she did this she could only think back to her days at the academy where she found that she was a bit of a cut above the rest. It was only through the humble and strict teachings of her uncle that she could easily move through the academy as if it were nothing but a pebble in her short life's journey. The thought itself saddened her only a bit, she was quite young and there were not that many her age in this village that were genin, she was for a lack of a better word, alone. The thought disturbed her own concentration which led to her pouring more chakra into her hand than needed, far too much. The Raiton in her hands went completely berserk and startled her as the flash and  crackle of lightning blinded her, making her stumble back and fall into the pile of scrolls that she had set down. Umeko for a moment was too shocked to do anything [ no pun intended ] but then she felt her eyes water over and her breathing become erratic. Umeko was still a child and even the tiniest of failures would disrupt her confidence, but what had gotten Umeko into this crying mess was the realization that such a little thought had broke her concentration. Even more to add onto this pile was that she was really alone today and the task she had set for herself were now seeming much bigger.

The morning sun had long past and in it's wake the afternoon settled in, the sun warming her face and caressing her pinked cheeks. Umeko sat on the hard ground her knees bunched up to her chin. She had to clear her mind before starting at her task again, picking up her head only when a she heard the sound of footsteps closing in on her. Quickly looking behind her, the brownish golden orbs lit up with happiness as she was greeted with a familiar face. " Uncle! " Running up to him she giggled as he lifted her off her feet as if she were nothing but a feather. His large warm hands gripped her tightly but comfortably as he spun her around high in the air and quickly brought her down to his chest. " Hello Ume-Chan, why the tears? Do I have to humble someone? " His voice was stern as he wiped her puffy cheeks dry his eyes darkening at the thought of someone hurting his niece. " No uncle, I'm fine, besides I can handle myself! " Her voice wavered slightly as she recovered from her moment of weakness. The large man looked down at his Niece and then at the pile of scrolls that were scattered about. " Ah what's this? Picking up one of the scrolls he opened it up and began to look over it. " I see you are training quite hard, these things are a bit difficult for someone of your age, do you think you will be able to manage alone? Don't underestimate the power of teamwork Ume-Chan, you don't have to do things alone you know. " Umeko looked down because she could hear worry in his voice and she didn't want him to feel that way. Tapping her left hand twice on his shoulder she felt herself being let down, it was a simple gesture something she just did when she didn't want to be picked up anymore and it kinda just stuck with her. " I'm ok Uncle... I don't need any help, I just need to concentrate. I actually need to get back to work! " Pushing his legs in the direction away from the training area Umeko wanted to do this on her own no matter what. It seemed that he had taken the hint because he chuckled lightly before moving his feet slowly. " If you ever need any help let me know Ume-Chan, also don't forget to come home for lunch, no growing kunoichi should train on a empty stomach. " With a hearty laugh the man strolled off the training field but not before looking back to see his precious little niece pouring chakra into her hands once more.

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Umeko Ametsuchi

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Element(s) : Lightning, Wind
Clan : Ametsuchi
Bloodline : Kenseigan, Takami Re-equip
Ryo : 10200

PostSubject: Re: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:44 pm

She was actually getting the hang of it. Her Uncle's little visit was the pick me up she needed. Her mind was clear and focused as she pushed the  Raiton chakra forth and watch it travel down to the ground. The spark in her eyes was almost as intense as the lightning from her hands, but that soon vanished as the lighting dispersed upon making contact with the ground. She didn't understand what had happened and a small frown began to form on her face. She understood that things took time to learn and that she might not get what she was trying to learn on the first go. Closing her eyes for a moment she took deep breaths to steady herself. Umeko was not one to take failure very well but she knew she couldn't just keep falling apart. Her breathing became steady and as she was about to start up her training again she heard a few unfamiliar voices. Turning around Umeko was met with a small group of what seemed to be genin to her seeing as how young they looked to be. Umeko smiled as the group got closer seeing them to be a group of female, in her eyes they were just some genin trying to train. She didn't realize just how wrong she would be..

" Hey Kid! Move off the field, now. Us genin gotta train. " The female who seemed to be leading the group spoke as she got close to Umeko. Her jade colored eyes narrowed at the small child in contempt to get her to move. Umeko frowned because she didn't understand, she was a genin too. " But...I'm a genin too and even If I was not, I don't think it's nice for you to- " Before she could say anything else Umeko felt a sharp pain in her stomach, forcing her to crumble to the ground. Her tiny frame almost balled up into the fetal position but instead she dropped to her knees, shivering from the sudden attack.
" Eh? Don't talk back to the boss ya little runt! You honestly think you can defend yourself from all of us? " The girls snickered and Umeko stayed on the ground. She only thought of the next few steps she should take. " You get it now? Get the hell going, or I'll take care of you myself." Umeko knew she was too close to the girls and decided this was a good chance to close the distance between them. They didn't know just how bad of a mistake they made when they let her walk. Slowly getting up she held her stomch with both hands, feigning injury. When she turned from them she began to weave her fingers into the handseals that she learned for the jutsu she was training for, Raiton: Jibashi.

She was a about four meters away from the group which at this point was laughing about what they had done to the child. Her chakra poured into her hands as her anger rose at the way she had been treated. She knew she was small and pretty young for a genin the usual age varied but most didn't think of her fitting for the rank, mostly those of the same rank and older than she. Her hands crackled with lighting and quickly she turned around and the lightning traveled at a speed of 25. The girls had not had time to react seeing as how they were to involved in reveling in their own badness to pay attention. The jutsus had finally come to fruition as it shocked all five girls simultaneously. Their laughter of joy turned into screams of pain and that was just about the start of it. Quickly and without a moment to spare she pulled out a explosive tag and strapped it to a kunai she didn't realize it but she was aiming to kill. Before they could recover Umeko drew her arm back to throw the weapon and blow the group sky high.. That was until she felt a rather large hand wrap around her wrist. Looking up and behind her she met with darkened eyes of disappointment. "U-Uncle! I-I, they were bulling me! I had to defend myself. I-" Before she could get another word out a finger was pressed to her lips and the man shook his head. " You were going to seriously harm those girls... The jutsu you preformed was enough. Going any further would have possibly killed them and that could have landed you into so much trouble. Umeko you need to understand when enough is enough. There is no reason to kill a disabled opponent it's just not honorable unless they pose a serious threat to you...I know I've raised you better than this. Umeko looked down and nodded she felt as her hand was let go and she quickly placed the Kunia back into her weapon's pouch. The tall man walked over to the girls and gave them a stern talking to before shooing them away from the field and towards the medical center. It was probably by luck that her Uncle came around, he was probably coming to get her for lunch. Sighing to herself she did feel a bit weak and decided that for the moment she would rest and replenish her chakra. Collecting the scrolls she had, Umeko walked back home.

On her walk back home Umeko practiced the handseals that it took to preform the Jutsu, Jibashi. Her tiny fingers weaved the seals Boar → Ram → Snake → Horse → Dragon. As she did this her walk became a jog as she concentrated her fingers on perfecting the pattern of the jutsus. Her Jog became a run and she was once again in training mode. Her tiny legs kept moving, dodging incoming traffic as she weaved her fingers into the handseals no longer following the pattern of the jutus but now into a string of them all just so her fingers would be used to doing them. She didn't know where she was running but Umeko would look around her to find obstacles to jump on, crawl under, or hop over. Her running took her to the farthest parts of the village and in the moment of it all she forgot just how tired she was. After that little spat she had depleted most of her chakra training the jutsus so needed to learn so much and on top of that she was putting her body and mind through it's own training. It was all taking it's toll on her and she felt her legs buckle under her, her little legs giving away and dropping her to the ground. Her breathing was ragged as she lay in the dirt, exhausted from the day. She hadn't noticed but she was not that far from the medical building where her uncle had escorted those bullies. Umeko's eyes flickered and she found herself giving into sleep. Her body being picked up and saved once again by who else but her Uncle.

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Umeko Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:45 pm

It had to been hours before her eyes flickered open and she found herself on her own bed. She could remember what happened clearly and cursed herself for not taking the appropriate measures to make sure things like that didn't happen. She was angry though, more angry than she should have been and it was because of those stupid girls bothering her. Sighing she slowly rose from her bed and hopped in the bath for a moment to think realizing that she couldn't. Her mind was a jumbled messed and as her stomach growled loudly she knew why. It was quick, a hurried affair as she slipped out of the bath and pinned her long locks up into it's signature buns. Throwing on a pair of loose black pants and a sleeveless shirt that hugged her undefined frame Umeko ran down stairs as quietly as she could, slipping into the kitchen only to run right into her uncle. " Well, Well look who's finally awake. Your dinner is on the table young lady... And you are grounded, that means you aren't to leave from this property...I should take training from you as well, but I cannot... So Until I lift your suspension from this property I will be training with you. Now go eat and meet me in the backyard...I'll show you how to properly go about training." Umeko couldn't even get a word in and watched as the tall man brushed past her. Sighing she quickly got to eating the warm meal that was waiting for her at the table. Washing it all down with some water she cleaned her dishes and ran outside.

The sun was setting and a cooler temperature dropped around Kumogakure. This didn't bother nor phase Umeko as she stepped outside barefoot to meet her Uncle. His eyes held a stern look and Umeko instinctively put her guard up but it was no use as he quickly closed the gap between the two of them and push her down to the ground. You are slow, and physically weak. You may have durability but you need a lot more than that if you want to make it as a ninja." Umeko frowned because she knew he was right. The large man extended a hand to Umeko to help her to her feet and smiled at her. Umeko pouted and looked away from her uncle he didn't have to be so harsh. " Ok...I'll help you learn a nice A rank jutsu that will get you out of a pinch if you ever find yourself in one. But it'll be a long process for you to learn since I won't be teaching..Just helping. " Pulling a scroll from his pocket he unrolled it and handed it to Umeko. Taking it into her tiny hands she read the jutsu to herself. "A lightning clone! This can really help, with more than one thing." Her voice was excited with anticipation and she awaited instructions on how to go about creating a lighting clone. It was a A rank feat so it would really take a good long while before she could actually complete it. " First concentrate on creating a clone and then try pooling your lightning element into it... Go for stability first, don't worry about anything else now, just worry about keep It out for as long as possible. It was simple to create a clone but that wasn't enough for her Uncle he felt that in order to sustain a clone one had to use it in battle. Umeko was a bit more on her guard and she saw her uncle closing the distance once more, and allowed the clone to block the palm that seemed to be coming down at her. Smirking Umeko took this small window to use her clone as a platform jumping on it's back in order to get close enough to kick her uncle in his face. She could feel her tiny feet do absolutely no damage as he grabbed her ankle and tipped her upside down. It was so embarrassing how tiny she was compared to him, heck compared to everyone around her. Umeko could hear his voice speaking and she began to weave her fingers swiftly her hands crackling with lightning chakra as a wave a lighting expelled from her hands right at her Uncle. This forced him to drop her but Umeko landed as a cat would land as if it were nothing. Creating another clone she slapped a paper bomb on it's back and sent the two that she had created to charge at her uncle who seem to be trying to recover from the shock.

The two clones as tiny as they were distracting Umeko's uncle though the time was short as he attempted to swat them away. He was only able to destroy one as the other dived under the strong hand and grabbed onto his ankle, detonating as soon as it latched on causing the giant to fall to the ground. Umeko smiled as she took the chance to hide in some bushes in order to plan her next attack. She was feeling awfully good about herself but she also felt different, like a welling power growing inside of her. Blinking her eyes she began to notice the word taking on a aura of sorts.  " I see someone's become a little fierce eh? " A hearty chuckle escaped from his lips as he stood up stretching his back out. Umeko could see him standing and quickly pulled another clone jutsus. Handing the clone the kunai she quickly slapped another bomb onto it's back and crawled through the bushes making sure not to disturb the leaves. Umeko had to have gotten at least five meters away before she gave the cue for the clone to throw the kunai. Needless to say the distraction was enough to draw his attention. It seemed he had gotten to the clone quicker then she could have thought as she watched him snatch her up only to be bombed again. This display of " fool me once " made Umeko giggle as she watched her uncle become distracted and clearly frustrated with the antics of his niece. He must have heard her because he quickly was upon her pinning her to the ground in the bushes and tickling her tiny frame. She couldn't fight him off and uncontrolled giggles erupted from her in a high shrill. " Who knew you could be so crafty? No feel the judgment of the infamous jutus Tickle Parade! " He had to tickled the poor child for a good five minutes before she couldn't take anymore. Using the substitution jutus she traded placed with a nearby log that they kept around for practice. Her face was red from all the laughing but one could see that she was now angry. Pulling off the necessary handseals she preformed the jutsus , Raiton: Jibashi. The lighting ripped through the ground and towards her uncle who couldn't dodge it fast enough and ended up getting shocked. Umeko smirked as her eyes began to adjust to the surroundings watching as her uncle took on a yellow aura.   Well...We didn't get the clone done...But it seems like your Kenseigan has been activated.." His voice was gruff since he had been worked over by his little niece. She couldn't see it but she knew her eyes were glowing with the power of a Ametsuchi, she was on her first step to greatness and with that fell to the ground in a tired heap.

~ 1259 [4099]

Trained - C rank - Raiton:Jibashi
Trained - KKG - V6 Kenseigan
Stat points gained - 20
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Koumatsu the Chain Warden

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PostSubject: Re: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:35 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]   Today at 11:52 am

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Empire Ants~ [Solo, Training,]
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