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 Bedrock Coffin Training

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Rikaro Shinkou
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PostSubject: Bedrock Coffin Training   Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:55 pm

That morning when he woke up Oturan decided that learning the Earth release bedrock coffin jutsu would be useful.Otu decided that book learning was right for him since he trained a little earlier with a book. Otu found a book called "Common Earth Jutsu's" that did not have anything to do with the bedrock coffin jutsu so Otu decided to experiment. Otu first tried touching the ground and putting as much chakra into the ground as he could and attempted to do this jutsu. Much to Otu's disappointment, he got nothing out of this. Otu foolishly attempted doing this jutsu again and with similar results. Oturan decided that he was probably doing somthing wrong and he asked a chunnin who was walking by if he knew how to do this earth release bedrock coffin jutsu. The chunnin said he specialized in taijutsu so Otu got the hint and turned away. Otu then realized the jutsu encyclopedia. Otu decided to try finding the earth section and found the jutsu. The jutsu definition was, "An advanced earth jutsu". Otu was kind of steamed about how useless the definition was. Otu the read the how to part of the chapter on the book about how to do the bedrock coffin jutsu. Otu then read this, "The first thing you do in the jutsu is make the hand symbols, then touch the ground and rocks will attempt to crush the opponent". "Yes, that was very helpful." Otu said in a very sarcastic and annoyed tone. The librarian then pointed Mitsui to a book on detailed learning of earth jutsus. Otu looked and the slot the book would have been in was empty. Otu was very unhappy about not being able to find any help on doing this very complex jutsu. Otu figured that the jutsu would make sense to put chakra through the hands. Otu guessed that the jutsu would have 6 hand signs. Otu tried doing the ram and then the rat and then the... Otu realized that he would never figure out the combination. Otu decided that he should go and ask a chunnin who was teaching how to do earth jutsus and ask him if he knew what Otu needed to do. Otu was told that the chunnin did not know how to do the jutsu. Otu was very unhappy as he could not get help on this jutsu. Otu decided to try experimenting with the jutsu. Otu decided that he should try doing a bunch of hand seals and see what will work. Otu went through almost all the combinations and wasted so much time doing it that he saw the daylight turn into night, kids go home, lights turning off etc. Otu decided that he really needed to hurry up and learn this jutsu. Otu was trying to find help when he thought I think I can try doing the one hand sign combinations for this jutsu. Otu started with the monkey. Otu hit the ground and could not recognize what happened. Otu was disappointed and tried the snake. The snake hand sign ended up doing yet more crazy things and Otu was thrown off balance and ended up flying into the wall.

Otu decided that he should get some rest for the night. Otu went back home and went to sleep. Otu came back nice and fresh and felt a new hope for learning this jutsu that Otu could not figure out. Otu decided to go to the library and see if anyone returned the book on the earth Jutsus. Otu was very delighted to know that a well known shinobi actually wrote a book on how to do various A rank Jutsus. Otu looked and found a section on the Bedrock Coffin Jutsu and it had something that Otu could not find. This thing that Otu could not find was something called detail. Mitsui was very delighted to finally have a useful book that could help him in his quest to learn his first A rank Jutsu. Otu decided to start reading this book. The text reads on, "The great shinobi of (this book is old and some letters got faded off) Iwagakure invented this jutsu. This jutsu is strong because it has a lot of strength, needs a bit of chakra and it can suffocate people. Many people tremble at the terror of this jutsu. It takes a lot of technique to learn this jutsu. The hand sign Rat is the only jutsu that is necessary for this jutsu but it has to use a lot of chakra to work." Otu skipped a few pages. "The jutsu will strangle people who cannot escape from the coffin in time" Otu looked and he found that all the useful pages have been torn out. Otu was overflowing with rage.Otu then looked in the library and saw a man tell his son. "That is the boy who can learn A rank jutsu you should ask him for help sometime", Otu got very happy but avoided doing anything . Otu then turned away and his anger dissipated. Otu then proceeded to ransack the library shelves and was completely unable to find a book that was useful. Otu then spend the next 3 hours cleaning the library up while listening to this librarian chew his ear off almost literally. Otu then was also assigned to clean the toilets and then he was sent off to with a kick from the library manager out the door. Otu was extremely unhappy about his obnoxious behavior. Otu then remembered the hint, the rat sign is used in the jutsu. Otu decided that he must try the jutsu doing the rat sign. Otu attempted doing the jutsu doing only the rat sign and hitting the ground with his palm and some rocks rose up. Otu thought he failed and decided that the rat sign was not right. Otu then tried putting more chakra into this jutsu. Otu was happy to see some success. He saw some rocks pop out of the ground. Otu then tried to put as much chakra into the jutsu as he could. Otu then saw larger rocks come out of the ground and then close together. Otu then rested. Otu was told this would need a lot of chakra but he thought he had enough. Otu then thought that he was probably not doing the correct movement of the chakra and that he wasted a lot of it. Otu then decided to practice his earth chakra handling skills. Otu then decided to try sharpening a rock with earth chakra to try to cut this log that was lying on the ground. Otu started sharpening a rock with his hands.

Otu sharpened the rock by moving earth chakra through the rock and made a whole bunch of . He realized he did not have a good enough control of the chakra. Otu ended up destroying the rock as he kept making mistakes and the rock became so small that Otu could not see the rock anymore. Otu then grabbed another rock on the ground. Otu was slightly more successful as he cut himself on the rock. Otu then tried cutting the log and well the log almost literally laughed the rock away. Otu decided to try sharpening the rock more so that he could cut the log. Otu then proceeded to sharpen the rock more and eventually he made the rock so sharp that when he tried to grab the rock, he cut himself. Otu then tried to cut the log and a dent appeared. Otu then tried cutting the rock harder and ended up breaking the rock. Otu decided to find another rock. Oturan tried sharpening another rock. Oturan was doing it very slowly and ended up taking about 5 minutes to make a rock that could not cut the log. Oturan then found a larger rock and tried cutting the rock down and after half an hour, he managed to make a rock that could cut this log in half. Oturan felt happy since he made a rock that could cut the log even though he took a really long time to make the first successful rock, Oturan then grabbed another rock and managed to cut the rock into a sharp log cutting rock in about 25 minutes. Otu then managed to get ever so slowly faster until he got to about 10 minutes. Otu then asked a friendly jonnin if he could do that exercise. Otu looked at the jonnin cut the rock using chakra in about 5 seconds. Otu thought that he must be more aggressive about cutting the rock. Otu used the subconscious to make a rock that can cut the tree. He used the sub conscious and managed to make a rock that would break into 3 pieces as he attempted to cut the log with the rock. Otu then proceeded to practice this until he could eventually make a rock that can cut logs using the subconscious in 5 minutes. Otu got better and better until he could cut the rock in less than a minute. Otu then got the time down to 5 seconds and then realized he needed another log. Otu then found a nearby tree and cut it down. Otu then saw some gennin practicing doing some technique in the tree but it was too late, Otu already cut the tree down. Otu then saw the gennin scream and then hit the ground. Otu looked at the gennin and asked are you ok? The gennin punched Otu in the face and cursed at him as Otu did not bother looking he tried to cut the tree down.

Otu then apologized as he did not see the gennin when he was in the tree. Otu then asked if the gennin can forgive Otu. Otu was happy to hear that the gennin forgave Otu who then decided that he could try the jutsu again. Otu then thought that he should make a throw able rock that can cut the log. Otu found a rock and turned it into a knife and threw it. Otu saw the knife bounce off. He knew he had a lot to work on. Otu thought long and hard about what he would need to do. He went to find another rock and now he had to cut it again. Otu thought about what he would need to do. He realized that he needed to make sure the edge is almost molecularly thin to cut the log. Otu tried cutting the rock. This took hours and hours to do because he had to be extremely careful about how he cut it in case he made a mistake. Otu tried cutting the rock and ever so slowly he got to perfection. After a whole bunch of hours, he made a rock that when thrown at the tree, it could cut through. He was happy until he got a tapping from one of the staff who told him that the training grounds he was in were closed. Otu left in a slight huff as he did not get to finish working on it. Otu went to sleep and decided to work some more on the jutsu. Otu woke up and this time he was slightly more vitalized and he went for ramen again for breakfast. This ramen he ate suddenly had a different taste and was a good but unique taste. The texture was so soft and the only thing he objected to the ramen was the fact that it was really hot and that he got a mouth burn. This mouth burn made him in so much pain and eventually he could get over it after a while. This ramen he would then do his eating ritual of pulling a chopstick full of ramen and then blowing on it ten times and then he would take his bite. Otu then saw some salt and he decided to try that. Otu was pouring the salt when the chef walked around and asked if the food was good. Otu was distracted and as he was pouring the salt and talking. Otu emptied the salt shaker into the ramen. Otu finished his friendly conversation and mixed the ramen in. When Otu looked he was looking forward to eating it. First bite was an utter shock. The flavor was so salty that he had to drink all of the water he had and then asked for another cup. Otu had to get about 2 cups of water for every bite. Eventually, Otu thought that he could quickly eat and let the salt build up and then get a good drink. Otu then ate his ramen down as fast as he could and then he would drink about 6 cups of water to wash the salt taste away. Otu was so full of water that he spent the next half hour in the bathroom doing answering nature's call. Otu came out and now he decided to get some more ramen and this time not add any salt. Otu then got what he wanted. The ramen was so good but again he had to do his ritual of blowing on the ramen before he eats it. Otu thought why don't I try to get some pepper to spice up the flavor. Otu was pouring making sure he had control of the pepper. Otu did not want to lose control and let the pepper also empty. Otu shook the pepper shaker and suddenly the lid fell off. The next moment, all the pepper had fallen into the ramen and now Otu mixed it in without looking. However, when he mixed in the pepper, he kicked so much up that he sneezed. He would then spend the next hour sneezing and drinking a cup of water every bite. Otu's tongue was on fire as the pepper was so strong. Otu ate and ate and attempted to act like nothing was wrong. Otu eventually finished and ran to the bathroom to wash his tongue off. After about twenty minutes in the bathroom, Otu paid his bill which included a shaker of salt and a shaker of pepper. Otu then left to finish his training for this jutsu. Otu would then tried attempting to make a rock that could be thrown and would cut through the log. Otu was looking for a rock and it was getting awfully hard to find rocks as they were being used up by some other ninjas who were also training various earth jutsus. Otu then tried making a rock out of the ground and practicing. Otu tried making a rock out of the ground and then making the sharp blade. Otu grabbed the rock and slowly but surely he would reduce the rock until he could cut the tree by throwing it at the tree. Otu decided to be more aggressive and ended up cutting a rock at immense speed and was about to get the correct sharpness and suddenly he made a mistake. Otu kept practicing and was getting ever so slowly better at it and eventually he was able to get good enough that instead of taking many hours, he would only take one hour to finish doing all the cutting. This was still pathetically slow and he decided he needed to take a break. Otu took his break to eat more ramen and then got back to practicing. Otu then made a rock that could cut a log being thrown at it in about half an hour. Otu practice more and more and got it down to 15 minutes. Otubsaw a chunnin grab a rock and in five seconds he could make it cut the log after being thrown. Otu tried this again and this time. He managed to cut the log in half and the knife kept going. Eventually, Otu was able to take about 5 seconds to cut the rock to sufficient sharpness. Otu then proceeded to do the rat hand seal and when his palm hit the ground, slightly larger rocks popped out of the ground and then closed together. Otu then saw a bit of success but he realized he has to do another exercise.

Otu then ran to the library and found a book called "Basic Earth Chakra Movement Exercises" Otu then ran outside and tried doing this exercise in the book. The book said that the next step is to make a dodecahedron out of a rock that is about 6 inches wide. Otubwas unhappy as all the rocks were too small and the only thing that could supply a rock that size was the boulder that was nearby. Otu grumbled as he touched the rock and the rock slowly started shrinking, Otu then grabbed the book and started reading. Otu looked at the rock after a while and saw that the rock did not exist anymore. Otu then looked around and could not find another rock large enough to make that dodecahedron that he was supposed to make. Otu then looked and saw that the training ground was made out of a large stone. Otu thought about it and realized that he should get another rock and not damage the training grounds. Otu then proceeded to continue his search for another good rock. Otu then found another boulder. Otu put his hand on it and attempted to try to shrink the rock. Otu then ended up destroying another rock as this one was so big he fell asleep doing it and when he woke up, Otu then tried cutting the rock again. Otu focused on it and when he tried to cut the rock, Otu put so much chakra he had cut the rock into a pebble. Otu then threw the rock and it hit a bee hive and the bee hive then exploded with bees and the bees chased everyone out until a chunnin used a big fire jutsu and incinerated the bees so that the training grounds could be used again. Otu then ran around the village looking for large rocks. These large rocks, were very hard to find as a lot of gennins use the rocks to train their earth jutsus. Otu then found another large rock. Otu then was about to start trying to cut the rock again when he saw that it was a statue. Otu then decided to not cut this as he would get in big trouble. Otu then continued his quest to find a decent rock. Otu realized that he could use the nearby mountain and that this would supply all the rocks he could possibly need. Otu ran to the mountains. Otu then cut a rock out and started cutting a dodecahedron and was getting reasonable success when he made a mistake and cut the rock in half making it too small to cut anymore. Otu then grabbed another rock that was on the ground. Otu then cut the rock into a dodecahedron but this process took hours to do and when he finished the sun came down and he decided that he must finish this jutsu. Otub then realized that he would need to sleep and so he went back to his apartment and went to sleep. Otu then went back and attempted to practice making these dodecahedrons out of rock. Otu got very fast at doing this and eventually got so good at it that he was able to make 5 or so a minute. Otu was very happy that he could easily make a lot of those complex shapes and that he was getting good at that.

Otu looked and realized he had the wrong number of sides. Otu then proceeded to make the correct shape after a few hours of work. Otu then made them fast again and then he realized that he must work on the jutsu. Otu then proceeded to go and attempt this jutsu. The rocks were large like what he had hoped but they did not move together. Otu realized he did not have breakfast. Otu then went to the ramen place and got a bunch and then returned to train at the mountain. Otu could not figure out what was wrong with the chakra flow as he saw that the rocks were moving together before. Otu then wondered what he did differently. Otu then tried many times to wonder how he did that jutsu and made the rocks come together. Otu tried making a rock slide be summoning more rock behind the rock that was on the ground to move it. Otu did a lot of practice doing thus but still could not figure out what was wrong. Otubwas able to essentially throw the rock very quickly but still, Otu could not understand the problem Otuthen thought about why he could do it before. Otu realized he put no chakra behind the rocks to move them towards each other. Otu then did the rat symbil and made the rocks slowly move together. Otu proceeded to practice this for hours as either the rocks did not move together fast enough or the rocks were not large enough. Otu eventually decided to just take a break. Otu then spent some time reflecting what was wrong about what he was doing and kept working to figure out what was wrong. Otu then thought that he was not supposed to put chakra at the front of the rock. Otu had a bit more success and eventually was able to get the rocks to get larger and eventually also make the rocks move together faster. Otubrealized he was getting very tired trying this jutsu again and again. Otuvtook a break and decided to go and have another bunch of ramen. Otu ate so much ramen that his stomach hurt. Otu then tried the jutsu again. This time, Otu made the wrong hand sign and some jutsu that Otu could not recognize happened and Oti realized his mistake. Oti then proceeded to do this jutsu many times until eventually he could do it. Otu asked a local jonnin to look at Otu doing the jutsu and the jonnin said that Oto did not make the stones large enough and that they needed to try to crush weaker shinobi. Otu then saw the jonnin grab a training dummy. Otu was told to crush the dummy. Otu then proceeded to attempt to crush the dummy and the dummy though was holding off the stones. Otu tried putting as much chakra into moving the stones together as he could but the stones broke. Otu was told that he was close as the stones if stronger could have easily crushed the dummy. Otu practiced this until the dummy would get crushed. As Otu then practiced this jutsu, Otu then got good enough that the dummy did not stand a chance. Otu then grabbed another snack so that he could have some energy again. Otuthen tried as hard as he could but this time the stones were extremely strong but the dummy was not pushed hard enough. Otu then managed to get the stones to slowly crush the dummy but realized that the stones were not moving fast enough. Otu tried again many times and the jonnin commented on what he was doing and eventually the dummy showed signs of damage. Otu then felt happy until the jonnin told Oru that he needed to easily crush the dummy. Otu then put half the chakra into making the stones strong enough and half of his chakra into making the movement of the stones strong enough to try to crush the dummy. Otu then collapsed as he was panting because he was too tired to make the dummy crush. Otu then looked at the dummy and realized that the dummy was crushed and that his jutsu worked, after a bunch of rest, Otu grabbed a dummy from the training grounds and eventually managed to crush dummies with the jutsu. Otu practiced and eventually decided to rest after all this hard work he did. Otu then returned to the village.

Wordcount: 4027
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PostSubject: Re: Bedrock Coffin Training   Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:57 pm

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Bedrock Coffin
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Bedrock Coffin Training
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