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 A new Specialty Space Time Jutsu

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Rikaro Shinkou
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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: A new Specialty Space Time Jutsu   Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:04 pm

Space-Time Jutsu, Oturan had never heard of it until now. Threw out his life he only knowed Ninjutsu,Taijutsu,Genjutsu,Fuinjutsu,and Kenjutsu. But never Space-Time he remembered his sensei talkong about it in class today and he wqs very interested. Maybe ill take it as my second specialty he thought. Oturan thought about it for some time and finally made the conclusion to do it. He remembered what his sensei said in class " Space Time Ninjutsu or Teleporotation Ninjutsu are techniques that allow the user to maipulate the space time continium. By manipulating a specific point of space the user can warp anything targeted into an dimisional void and teleport it to another location instantly ". It sounded cool and he really wanted to learn it but where would he start. He growled in fustration if he wanted to be Raikage he had to get more powerful. Oturan went to the bathroom took a shower and brushed his teeth. He put on a standard Genin outfit and left walking to the plains. He arrvived and used his Sea of Trees jutsu to bring up an forest. He sat down and started mediting on how to do this style. He thought about it learning a new style was hard. To learn Ninjutsu you had to learn how to controll your chakra which was very tiring. But how do you learn space time jutsu. How do I make a portal. All these thoughts came into his head . Think, Think, Think he inspired hisself. What can I do ok you can controll space and time. Thats it space he thought. He stayed in his meditative position he imagined in front of him an portal spinning opened. He put his chakra where the portal should be and imagined i again. He felt a breeze go by he looked up and saw a small hole about the size of his hand right in front of him. Otu cried out in happiness. He said that was all for today and left the plains and headed back home. Otu woke up the next morning ful l of energy . Should I go train he thought yes i should. He put on his cloths and left his home he went to a shop and asked for a scroll that helps you learn chakra better. The man gave him a scroll and he paid for it while walking to the plains he read it.

For more chakra control

first get a leaf and hold it between the palm of your hands for 5 mins

Second pick up a small rock and pull it in half

Third chop a tree in half using nothing but pure chakra.

The steps sounded easy but he knew better than to think that. Otu picked a leaf from a tree and put it on the palm of his hand. He started forcing chakra out of his hand and put the other hand over the leaf and forced chakra out of that one. But as soon as he did it the leaf broke in a million pieces. I stood in fustration how am I suppose to do Space Time Jutsu if I cant even do an academy level chakra training. I growled in fustration. I thought about what I did I forced the chakra out pretty fast. Maybe if I just let it come out in small amounts the leaf would stay between his hands. Otu got a leaf and put it in his right palm the leaked out small amounts of chakra the leaf rose . The he put the other hand over the leaf and the leaf stayed ij place. He counted the leaf stayed in place for 3 mins then it shredded into peices. I smiled after I did it. So I did the technique again this time it lasted for 5 mins and I was happy. I said that was all for today and left the plains and went home. When I went into the house I cleaned up. But I heard a knock at my dooor which was odd because I had no friends or family. I oprned the door and was shocked. In front of me was my mom and dad. My mom threw herself at me crying and gmhugging me. She said " Oturan I thought I was never gonna see u again ". I didnt know what to say first they throw me out of the house and tell me im a disgrace now they come back and wanna claim me again. I wanted to be happy but I couldnt. I couldnt let these emotions get to me. " Get out " I said in a whisper. "Huh" my mom said. " Get out and do not ever come back you kicked me out when I was 13 who does that now you wanna come back and tie bonds no I will not let these emotions get to me "I screamed . I felt killer extenct leaking from my body that was the first time I felt it. My mom and dad felt it also and left scared of the killer enxent. I smiled and went back to claiming. After I was done I went to sleep ready for the next dat. The next morning I awoke full of Titanic energy ready to teain. I went and ahowered and brushed my teeth then left thw house heading straight for the plains. I arrived at the plains then picked up a rock. That was the size of my palm. I remembered what the scroll said I had to break it in half or pull it in half. I decided to pull it in half because that would be alot faster. I put alot of chakra into the tips of all my fingers and started pulling the rock in half. But it didnt work the rock soon crumbled from how much chakra I put into it. I thought about it I cant use small amounts or large amounts to break it in half. But maybe? Otu sat another rock down and did the mist jutsu maybe he thought. He forced the air powered chakra outt of his mouth heading straight for the rock it hit the rock and brokw it in half. He was happy he figured that out. I then did the forest jutsu and was ready to cut a tree in half using just chakra. I pulled chakra up to my arm and sharpened it . I i pulled my arm back and swung it full force towards the tree. The arm went straight threw the tree slicing it in half. Then the tree started to fall and I ran. But I tripped over a root. When I looked up I saw the tree falling right above me. I prayed for my life to be spared and it was. A man pulled me up and moved me out of the way while the tree hit the ground. Are you ok he said I said yes. He said I should be mire careful. "I see you are doind cbakra training any reason for that "." Yes Im training to learn space time jutsu "." Hmmm I know a few tips for ya when your doing space time jutsu the world is in your hands just imagine your chakra swirling out of your body forming aportal. ". Ok I said and the man disapeered via Shu shin. I thanked god for the man. I got up and left heading for home. When I entered the gates I headed to an ramen stand to eat me some ramen. I was at the ramen stand for 10 mins. I went home and went inside and passed by a mirror. I dont look at my reflection very oftwn but to say the least I was now 6'4 ft tall with jet black hair and hazel eyes and tan skin. I knew I was gonna be a heart throb for girls. I went to my bed and went straigjlht to sleep. The next morning I woke up and decided to go to the training grounds to train. I arrived and saw lots of people training. I was mad because not that many people can train me. I went ovee to a pond and sat upon a rock and started meditating. I got off the rock after 10 mins and started to do what do man said a portal about the size of my body appeared I walk ed in it and saw nothing but blackness I turned around to go back out but the portal closed. I was scared now what was I gonna do I was frightened. I imagined another portal appeaeing and it did and I walked threw it. But I looked down and saw I was landing in the pond I screamed. I finallly landed in the pond an ld I was in happiness. Atleast it didnt put me over the ground. I was happy for what I did I learned Space and time jutsu with a few casualties. I smiled and headed home my goal to become Raikage was becoming closer and closer. Hopefully it will be here fast.

Oturan woke up and hopped out of the bed. He thought about doing a mission today to get some extra ryo. He got in the shower and brushed his teeth. He put on some black tights and a black t shirt and his shinobi sandels. He walked out of his apartment and went to the mission booth he looked over the missions. Patrol?No, HostpitalDuty?No, Herb Gathering? Yes. He picked it up and looked at the Ryo it was giving. 600 for herb gathering he thought. What was the catch he went to the adress on the paper and knocked on the door. A lady came to the door. Hello she said. Hi im here for the mission. Oh yes here is the list. She gave me a list which had 5 things on it. She said thank you then closed the door I looked over the list.

5 Cocktails

2 Mandrake Roots

1 Dandelion

10 strings of wheat

3 Sunflowers

He looked over the list again then headed over to the mountains he arrived at the mountains. Ok first thing coktails they will be in a swamp. He ran arounfmd the forest looking for a swamp and found one with cocktails growing. He grabbed 5. Mandrake roots he remembered what they looked like they were real black tree roots. He walked around the forest looking for the mandrake and found some but it was hard to oull oyt of the ground. He used the earth element and put his hand threw the mud and pulling the mandrake iut of the ground. 2 down 3 to go he thought. He was just about to go get dandelions when he saw that they were right onside of the mandrake. Today was his lucky day he was findinfmg rare herbs easily. He went and got the dandelions. Then went on to the next thing. Ten strings of wheat. He knew he wouldnt be able to find wheat in the forest so he ran to the plains and said. Nativty sea of trees then different kids of plants and tres started growing out of the ground. When it was finished he went over and got the sunflower and wheat. He then heade md back to the village with everything. He went to the lady's the door and knocked on it he handed her the suplies she said thank you and gave him the Ryo. He thought another day another dollar then walked home. Thinking of his dream to become Raikage.

While he was asleep he had a dream of him battling a mad man with purple eyes with black ripples. Then he heard a voice say" you musnt follow the path of darkness you must over come it and defeat the new Akatsuki you must become Masanori Senju the name meaning the man with a thousand skills. After he said that I awoke thinking of my futere.

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A new Specialty Space Time Jutsu
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