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 solo mission: lumber

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Kotonaru Uchiha
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
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Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Uchiha
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Ryo : 500

PostSubject: solo mission: lumber   Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:59 pm

mission specs:

Kotonaru walked through the village. He had been learning about jutsu and found one that looked very interesting…. It was called the 5 feeding Sharks. Kotonaru intended to fully utilize this jutsu as much as possible. He walked into the mission office before his thoughts could finish. Standing in line, he surveyed the scene. The village looked peaceful, in fact, there had been no noteworthy missions for a while. He thought this was weird though as Konoha had many enemies, and dozens of powerful ninjas stalked the lands outside the village, in the wastelands. He honestly wondered why the Kage had not done anything, unless of course, the Kage had been killed or the missing ninja were all under his pay. Kotonaru sincerely hoped that the Kage had good intentions, however few they seemed to be in reality, or no matter how mysterious. Well, the mighty Hokage line had kept the village fairly safe for some time now and nobody had been foolish enough to attack which was mostly enough for Kotonaru. He wondered about that weird priest though, he seemed a little weird for Kotonaru’s liking. Well, later perhaps he would be able to get someone else more knowledgeable to investigate though it was likely they would find nothing.

The line slowly progressed and eventually Kotonaru was at the front. Examining the list of missions he looked for one that was likely to allow him time to train at the same time. Fighting was all good but you did not really have room for mistakes if you wanted to try out a new jutsu you had been learning. No, if you were gonna fight you needed to be pretty practiced. Any new jutsus would have to be worked into your tactics before hand, as the opponents, likely missing ninja, would have to had to themselves to survive as long as they managed to sometimes. There was a mission to escort an old man to another village. There was another that might let Kotonaru improve his speed, which involved tracking down an old woman’s 5 cats. The pay was decent for how long it should take but he would have no time to think things through would he? Another mission was to check the village walls for trouble, inside and out. This one might be worthwhile except that there might be a fight. Nope, there would be no time for Kotonaru to train on that one, he would have to be very alert due to his exposure to the elemtns, and any would be attackers. True, there might be no attackers if he took the mission but… never hurt to be safe, yes. A sharp cough from the nearest officer shook Kotonaru back to the present.

He hurriedly grabbed a mission without bothering to read the scroll and apologized as he left the line to read the details. Well, he seemed to be in luck. The next mission he would be doing was to collect lumber for the village, and take it to the sawmill. Now, the easy bit here was that there was a nice patch of forest up the hill from the sawmill. The downside was that there were many wild animals, which was probably why nobody went there often and the trees grew nice and tall and wide. Well, if the jutsu Kotonaru wished to learn proved helpful, then he might be able to do the mission safely.

Kotonaru smiled as he left the building, rolling the scroll back up and stuffing it into his pocket. He stopped by the library where he read up on the jutsu he had in mind. The Hiding with Camoflauge jutsu. It was a rather redundant name but useful nonetheless. It seemed he would have to learn the basic version first. Fine by him. Invisibility would help a great deal already.

He walked down the street through. He intentionally walked through crowded streets so that people would be less likely to notice his efforts. He made a special effort to walk through the streets so crowded by civilians that nobody would notice his attempts to learn a new jutsu. Having learned the basics of the main version of the Hiding with Camoflauge jutsu, Kotonaru used it to turn parts of his body not visible through the crowd, invisible. It worked quite well actually as several times he accidentally bumped into people but due to his hand being invisible they did not realize it was him and thought he was an amputee.

Kotonaru eventually walked out the village gates, and into the forest. He was not quite able to use the jutsu yet but surely he was strong enough to handle trouble right? At least some of it? He walked over to the copse of trees directly up the hill from the gates of the sawmill. Pulling out a kunai he set to work. Hacking away at the base of the tree he soon freed it from the confines of the ground. Stripping it of the bark he soon had it rolling downhill, coming to a stop just before the gates of the sawmill, leaving enough room for the workers to walk in and out comfortably. He repeated this a number of times, growing faster as his skill with the kunai improved. Eventually however, he came face to face with a vicious raccoon. The raccoon was strong and pursued Kotonaru which was fortunate as he had already gotten enough of the wood to complete his mission. Now he could flee without having to worry about the wood though it certainly would not hurt if he got a little extra just in case. Kotonaru ducked and attempted to turn invisible. He was not sure if his jutsu worked but the raccoon was strong and cut down a large tree with one swing of its paw. Kotonaru’s eyes bugged out and he hurriedly rolled the tree down to join the others that he had actually cut.

His mission accomplished, he walked back to report that he was successful. Fortunately the raccoon was gone by then.

ttl wc: 1021
claiming 500 ryo
1021 words towards learning the hiding with camoflauge jutsu
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Fame : 106
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Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Earth
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Clan Element : None
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PostSubject: Re: solo mission: lumber   Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:00 am

Approved, and you also get 1 ap as well.
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solo mission: lumber
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