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 Beserker Blood (solo)

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Aya Hiyashi
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Beserker Blood (solo)   Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:39 am

It was a quiet morning in the Hiyashi household, which is why everyone in the immediate vicinity of their home was on high alert. Nothing good could come from their silence, because an apartment-complex-sized-home like theirs should not be that quiet. Ever. They are a family of ninja and civilians, and many of said civilians are blacksmiths and businessmen, so the first thing thought that comes to mind when thinking of the Hiyashi household would be the sound of metal striking metal, of laughter and the constant buzz of chatter. Noise was part of the nature of the Hiyashi family, even if many of the members were not exactly chatterbox's.

Aya, however, knew that it was because it was because one of her aunties had recently gotten out of a relationship. The thing was, that relationship had been an abusive one, and the entire family was simmering with unbridled righteous familial rage. This scumbag had harmed one of their own, their flesh and blood, someone precious, and this unmitigated bastard had thought he could get away with it. The younger ones had been moved to one of the different complexes the family owned, while the rest of the family waited for the filths fate to be decreed.

Typically, prison would be what would happen to the deserving braggart. However, since this was a clan matter, even though they were a minor clan, the family had the right to punish the little shit themselves. They were waiting for the word on whether they would be allowed to have their vengeance, and if they could then... well, Aya doubted the fool would survive the whole thing. They're a relatively peaceful clan, but there's a reason why this branch of the family is residing in Kumogakure.

Aya walked into the main room, the adults and ninja of the family -come of whom were as young as she was- were pensively sitting, standing and pacing about. Waiting for the messenger that would be here any minute. Heading straight for her mother, whom was the sister-in-law of her auntie, she placed a hand on her shoulder and silently conveyed she would be heading out. Her auntie was still at the hospital recovering from the cravens actions towards her, the same actions that have condemned him.

Her blonde mother gave a single curt nod, and Aya vanished in a whirl of air with only a small pebble in her place. She put chakra into her feet and shot towards her alcove, at some points she lost control of her chakra and the result was the unlucky roof she had landed on had a foot-sized hole in it. The redheaded teenager couldn't bring herself to care as red began to creep at the edges of vision. Her fists clenched to the point her fingernails had pierced the skin, pain sending the signals to her brain that she was wounded, but she didn't care even as blood began to seep through her fingers.

She reached her personal training ground, jumping up the cliff and going through the small opening and entering the clearing. It was then she released her repressed emotions.

And with a blood curdling battle scream, she lunged at the nearest object -a tree- and laid into it with all the fury of a raging summer gale and half the mercy. Forgoing forms and kata's and techniques, she threw a punch and the trunk exploded into thousands of tiny splinters. Decimating the tree trunk, completely separating the top half from its the lower part attached to the earth, and it toppled over. It only gave her a small spark of satisfaction before the inferno of her raging emotions swallowed it and she moved on to her next target.

Kicking off the ground, she went for the boulders on the other side of the field. It shook under her strike, but did not crack and break and shatter. Her searing fire burning her veins increased as frustration joined the blazing rage scorching her insides. Twisting, she slammed her heel into the stone, and felt her bone break as the rock cracked under the force of her attack. Grinning in a way that was a tad too manic, she continued to punch and kick and strike and destroy everything she could reach. Going into a berserker mode that left her with only the intent to completely crush everything around her, to grind it into nothing and break whatever was in her way until she felt satisfied.

When her mind returned, and conscious thought was possible, it was nearly noon. She was panting and bruised and bloody and broken. Her hands were numb, and when she looked at them she winced at the damage. She had worn down her knuckles to the bone and many of her fingers weren't lining up properly and one of her wrists wouldn't bend in any direction at all. Her feet weren't in any better condition, and she knew she had probably broken every bone in her feet. Knees and elbows were scraped and bloody and bruised black like she had dipped them in ink. Her legs were shaking so bad she was struggling to stay up, and she quickly relented to gravity and collapsed onto her back.

Pumping chakra into her hands, Aya used her Mystical Palm Technique to heal the damage she had dealt to herself, listening as her joints popped back into place and cracks snapped together as they mended, skin sewing itself back together as nerves and tendons were repaired. They would be sore for a long while, in fact she was sure everything would be sore for a long while.

When her hands and wrist was healed, she moved to her feet. Nails were split, or missing, and all her toes were broken and completely out of alignment, and only two of her bones in her foot were not broken. Though they were horribly strained and had several tiny hairline fractures littering them, she was surprised they hadn't shattered during her... episode.

A series of rapid pop - pop - pop - pop - pop signified her toes returning to their sockets as they were repaired by the medical chakra she was sending into her feet. As the bones mended themselves and settled, she healed the muscle damage and stitched together the split skin. The nails grew back and merged back together, and the bruising subsided.

Heaving a sigh, the teen then moved on to her knees and elbows. They, surprisingly, were only fractures and badly bruised with some minor bleeding into the muscle. Getting rid of the blood flooding her muscle system, she fixed the problem and quelled the nasty swelling around the joints. Once that was done, she checked her body and healed any notable injuries she had acquired during her rage-fest.

Stretching a little from where she now rested, lying down on her back, she pushed herself into a sitting position and crossed her legs. While she was here, she might as well put some genjutsu into her arsenal as she did spend an entire day training for it. Focusing her chakra, she flared it and pulled it into a tight ball around her chakra coils. Slowly, so very slowly, she allowed her chakra to spread out to her chakra deprived limbs. Making sure the flow was smooth and gentle, before letting it speed up to it's normal rate.

Remembering the hand signs for the genjutsu she wanted to try, she went through them slowly so she didn't do anything to her newly healed and still sore hands and fingers. Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, a simple technique that is, in its essence, one big bluffing technique. Throw in some dramatics and flare some chakra, and you can make your enemy believe a giant fireball is descending upon the earth and is going to land right on top of them. Honestly, it is just a jutsu that will only work once, but you never know if you might really need an escape or a sorely needed distraction.

As the illusion settled over her, Aya began to feel the heat of something above her, and heard the rumbling and when she looked up she saw the clouds disintegrate as a giant ball of fire began to descend from the heavens and head straight to her. The teen tilted her head and checked the details of her illusion. The flames didn't look real enough to anyone who would actually look, and the sky wasn't changing colour as it would if something like this did happen. Cancelling the technique, she weaved her hands through the seals again and focused on the details of the flames and the sky, and how the heat would increase the closer she got.

As the illusion settled over her again, Aya idly though she would be needing people to test this kind of stuff on. It was entirely likely she could learn how to create an Earth Clone or maybe a Shadow Clone, if she could. When she looked up again to the roaring inferno that was falling from the sky, intent on landing right on top of her, Aya was pleased to not it looked as it actually should, and the heat increased as it came closer and closer to crashing into the earth. Even the noise increased in volume as it got closer to the earth.

The teen closed her eyes and let the whole illusion play out as it was meant to. The sound was deafening and the heat unbearable, but when it struck it all vanish like a flash of lightning. Leaving her feeling cold in the sudden silence that echoed loudly in the clearing. Opening her eyes slowly, she finally looked around to survey the damage she inflicted on the poor training ground. The small forest was notably smaller, splintered stumps were all that were left of ancient trees that had stood the test of time well. Great boulders had literally been reduced to gravel, and trees were sticking out of the high walls surrounding the alcove. How did she even get those there? Some were a good twenty metres up!

Standing slowly, gritting her teeth against the pain pulsing through her body. Hands and feet especially, she moved to the exit of the alcove. Looking back, she sighed and dropped down back to the village of Kumogakure. Making her way home at a much more sedated pace than her fury fuelled dash to her nook, and when she landed in front of the door of her home, Aya noticed something very different.

The silence was still there, but it was no longer a simmering, stilted silence that came from pensive waiting. This one was... anticipating. She could practically see the sparks in the air as a prickling sensation ghosted over her skin like a warm breeze. Taking a deep breath, Aya opened the door and entered the house, heading straight to the main room.

Everyone was still there, but instead of barely contained rage, everyone had a sense of satisfaction rolling off of them in waves. Her eyes immediately sought out her mothers, and when they connected she saw the flash of triumph, and the glint of something dark and vindictive, she knew what had happened.

Their request had been approved.

Aya's vulpine smile was downright predatory, and her eyes mirrored everyone else's as her mind came up with all the ways she could make him pay. The whole room seemed to darken, their eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting. Variations of blues and greens, with the odd brown, grey and hazel thrown into the mix. This could have been a genjutsu, or simply an affect from the aura everyone in the room was exuding.

Yes, typically they were a peaceful clan, shinobi and kunoichi aside, that preferred not to get on anyone's bad side, and tried to be polite and respectful to everyone they met. But there was a reason, a silent understanding, of why you never crossed the Hiyashi clan.

They forgave when you paid for your crimes, and they forgot because you weren't alive to be remembered.

(TWC: 2025. Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique learned. 10 stat points)

Maybe I'm crazy, yeah, a little naive, but the light at the end is brighter than it used to be. Got a long way to go but I know, I believe that the light at end is brighter than it used to be.

Aya's stats

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Takehaya Yamato
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Genin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Beserker Blood (solo)   Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:06 pm


Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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Beserker Blood (solo)
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