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 Sparring {P,IO,NK}

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Rintarou Hozuki

Fame : 0
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Hōzuki
Clan Element : Hydrification
Ryo : 1100

PostSubject: Re: Sparring {P,IO,NK}   Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:27 am

With a grin, Rintarou was incredibly overjoyed that Pip was interested in continuing the fight. As he prepared to unsheathe his sword, however, he realized that he was completely dehydrated, and was about to black out. Quickly reaching for his water bottle, he drank the last bit of water left in it, and sighed. He was exhausted. Although he really wanted to continue the fight, he knew he couldn't overexert himself too much. Impressed by Pip's sheer willpower and energetic nature, Rintarou grinned at Pip, replying:

"Well, Pip, you got me here. I didn't expect you to have the drive to fight me after I revealed my secret technique. I'd love to fight with you again, but I'm all out of energy. I suppose you do win this sparring after all." Slinging his sword around his back, he proceeded to wave to Pip, saying: "But hey, Let's fight again sometime!" He then started walking back to the village from the training area in order to get some rest in his home.

(Thanks a bunch for reminding me, I had no idea we were supposed to list AP usage; I'll be sure to remember do this in the future.)

(Total WC: 1300, 6 stats, Hiding in Mist Technique 1k/1k, the other 300 can go to Cloud Style: Crescent Moon Beheading)

Current Stat Points:
Stat Page
Health: 14

Chakra: 15

Stamina: 10

Speed: 14

Strength: 15

Mission Log

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  • Sand

Element(s) : Wind
Clan : Bird is the word
Clan Element : Birds
Bloodline : BIRDS!!!!
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Sparring {P,IO,NK}   Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:01 am

Anticlimactic. Yea that was the word that rushed through Pip's mind as he slid back into a relaxed stance. He had intended to go the long haul. All 15 rounds in fact until the bell went ding. He wouldn't have surrendered, even if it had meant making him reform some 13 odd times. Pip never gave up, and a challenge only made him work harder. Indeed it was fair lame that this was how the battle ended. O well, he thought can't be helped. His hands slowly moved to their pockets. "If you say so, I'm not gonna lie, I am fair dissapointed. I wanted a challenge. If you think it is best however, I guess that's how it has to be." He gave a brief bow. His eyes however never left Rin's face. The smile still hitched to his mouth was more crooked however, as if a frown was almost formed as well. As Rin turned and moved to the village, Pip was still in his bow. He wanted to continue the fight, he felt like a child who had their favorite toy taken from them. Once Rin was no longer looking, a sneer crossed his face. Spitting onto the ground he finally stood, walking over to his brother with a disgruntled look on his face. "Well what do you think?"

Longstocking was merely relaxing still. Watching the ending, he felt a little cheated, not much had really happened. In the end, he would have to give the fight to his brother for contact made. While it was true no physical damage had probably been done to this Rin fellow, he had apparently exhausted him. Wether that was true for sure, he had no way of knowing. Hereing his brothers question, he looked up. "Well, I suppose you won in a flashy way, but not really much to be gained. You didn't use any outside the box techniques, and instead went with fair basic moves. Overall I would give you a C, I coulda done it in 3 moves and got an A." Longstocking said finally standing. The twins stood identical looking at each other. Almost like a fun house mirror to cause obvious mistakes. "Yea right, you couldn't beat an egg." Longstocking stared, before saying "Hard to argue with that logic dumbass".

Pip thought for a second, yea it was a fair lame comeback. Thinking, he couldn't come up with anything better. "Fine you win, lets go home." Pip would sigh and begin to walk forward. His brother glancing around as well, and made sure no one was watching. As Pip made it to his brother it appeared he phased through him, and soon dissapeared inside his body. Just a slight bulge on the back of Longstocking could be seen. However a quick adjustment of his jacket hid anything from view. Leaving a lone figure standing where once two had been.

"Sushi ok for dinner?" Longstocking would say out loud. While no one could hear it a voice would speak inside of his own head. "Yea sure sounds fine." With that the figure would walk hands in pocket form the training grounds. Leaving the area. To bad, it could have been a good fight. A long fight, a hard fight, but there would have been so much to gain for both individuals. The whistling continued, as he left the area, two people, and yet one. They would apparently have to find other people to train with as well. Surely there were other people around that would be interested in longer and more intense training sessions. That would of course be the only way for them to get stronger. Perhaps the leaders would take intrest in them, and they could find a fair master to teach them the ways of being a ninja. Or perhaps they would just do it themselves as they had done everything else. it was hard to say, however one thing they did know, is sushi came first.

(TWC= 3428. 17stats. learning, leaf gale, leaf whirlwind, shunshin taijutsu style all 1k each. The other 400 can go towards leaf rising wind)
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Denkiteki Hayato
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Village Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Sparring {P,IO,NK}   Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:03 am

sorta legit i guess

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PostSubject: Re: Sparring {P,IO,NK}   

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Sparring {P,IO,NK}
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