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 Lia'Ane's Basic Training

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PostSubject: Lia'Ane's Basic Training   Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:51 am

Lia’Ane grunted, she raised her hand from under her covers and waved lightly in an attempt to make the damn sun stop filtering through her closed blinds. The teen pulled her hand back and tucked it between her body and the bed, before trying to snuggle deeper in her covers. Lia honestly didn’t want to get up today, there was nothing for her to do and nothing she wanted to do on this fine morning. All she wanted to do was sleep and rest her body, but it seems as if forces unknown was trying to stomp on that decision.

The door to her single person room slammed open as one of the larger caretakers, a large lady named Monica, stormed in the room, opened the windows, letting the full force of the suns light shine on the sleepy girl. “Wake up Lia’Ane, wake up this instant, you are still young and have no right being lazy, You’ve sleep well past the time for wakening and now you need to wake up and do something, whatever it is I don’t care, as long as you are out of this orphanage.” With that said, The caretaker marched out, leaving the disgruntled girl to her own devices.

Lia pulled the covers off her face and glared up at the ceiling, thoughts on all she could do to that rude lady coming and going from her mind. Groaning loudly, the girl tossed away the covers and dragged herself out of bed, letting her feet land on the cold floor. “Ugh, can’t believe I have to get up, I don’t even need to go to the academy today.” she mumbled to herself as she walked towards her one wardrobe, her large shirt flapping slowly as she walked.

Opening the wardrobe, she grabbed her surprisingly neatly folded clothes and some bathroom essentials she will need for this morning. Walking slowly out her room, the sleepy girl headed down the hallway to one of the few bathrooms with a shower, she ignored the kids who ran around her and the toys that sometimes went flying by her head, even the annoyed caretakers trying to keep order, some job they're doing, Lia’Ane snorted in disdain.

After finally reaching the bathroom, waiting for someone to come out, then going in herself to bathe, she walk back to her room after tossing her sleeping clothes into the washbasket, and picked up her normal tools. Making sure the pouches were filled and attached correctly, no little kids stealing her equipment, the teen grabbed her sandals and went to the cafeteria to grab some snacks, and maybe some breakfast if there was any left. Walking into the cafeteria, Lia’Ane felt her eyebrow twitch as she observed the destruction her, food flying, Kids crying, adults having meltdowns, and much more.  

Shaking her head, the teen walked into the chaos, ducking under thrown food and weaving through running bodies, she walked to the only calm person in the room. “Hello Ms.Lina” The woman just nodded politely and ushered her to the quiet section of the cafe, where few kids were sitting and reading, mostly the older orphans. They nodded to each other in greeting and Lia got her food. She had no energy in the mornings, she needs lots of food before she can become her hyper self.

Lia left the orphanage with more hop in her step, A smile stretched wide across the girl's face, “Well if I’m gonna do something, might as well train.” So the girl started running towards the forest, cutting through alleys and waving at people as she passed them. As she entered her villages forest, she slowly thought on what to do for training, her glaring lack of jutsu plain to her. “Guess I’ll do Taijutsu exercises.” She skidded to a stop in a rather large clearing, scars in the ground, trees, and many other things that lead her to think this was a commonly used training area, or a battleground, she added as a last minute thought, eyeing the blood a few feet away.

Lia set her bag onto the the ground and walked to the center of the clearing. She set a small timer and set it to ring in 4 hours.

Lia walked to the center and sat on the ground, legs crossed. The girl slowly breathed in and out, allowing her body to slowly release  all it’s built up tension. Her sensei told her that she needs to stretch her body before doing physical training, so thats what shes gonna do. First she did ground stretches, She kept one leg tucked in and extended the other, she reached both hand out and grabbed her toes the best she can. She leaned in as far as she can go and stayed like that for 10 counts. Once that was reached she did the same with her other leg, then did them both at the same time.

Now she pulled one leg up and hugged it close to her body, she stayed stretched for 10 counts then extended her leg straight up, 10 counts again, allowing her leg to fall to it’s opposite side, she did the same counts before repeating the exercise with her other leg. Now ready to move up. she did stretches with her arms next.

She reached her right arm as far as it goes to the left side of her body, then used her left hand to push it in even farther, 10 counts then she did the same with the opposite arm. Now reaching her right arm up, she reached over her head to the left and went as far as she could go without twisting her body, then did the same the opposite way. She finished up with two more arm stretched and reached both her hands into the air, she let her body bend backwards until her hands touched the ground behind her feet. Staying like this for some time, she flipped over and shook herself off.

With her stretches done, the teen settled into a basic stance, before punching forward with her right fist, she slowly brought it back to it’s place. She then repeated the motion, counting now, “1 2 3 4 5 6…” she continued this pattern until she reached a hundred, then did the same with her left hand. Now she bent her knees slightly and kicked forward, once again counting to a hundred and repeating with the opposite leg. Finished with this, the teen drawn out one of her kunai, then choose a tree to carve a target into.

Choosing a nice, thick tree, she carved a slightly imperfect circle into the bark, she drew more circles inside of the first until she had a nicely sized target to aim at. After admiring her work the teen took 15 steps from the target and held her kunai out. Pulling her arm over to her opposite side, she threw her kunai at the target, watching as it only hit the outer layer of the target. Groaning, the girl pulled out her second and repeated the action, this time hitting closer to the center.

She went to retrieve her weapons and repeated the process of trying to hit the center circle. After a few minutes she still haven’t hit the center, deciding to move on, Lia out one of her kunai away and walked back to the center of the clearing.

The teen closed her eyes and opened them again, and raised her kunai in front of her. ‘Okay, Shadow boxing time.’ The teen stared off in front of her, not moving much other than the slow breathing motion of her chest. ‘There!’ The teen twisted her kunai into a reverse grip and stabbed into the imaginary foe to her right, quickly jerking her weapon out,  she followed up by twisting her body around counterclockwise to deliver a good back kick. However, her balance was off and she managed to swing herself around and fall down with an,’oof!’.

Slowly pushing herself of the ground the student snickered to herself,”Well that didn’t work out.” The teen retook her stance and tried again, right hand back, counterclockwise spin kick. This time the girl manage to stay standing and follow up through her fight. “1.” the girl glanced to her right and ducked under the swing from the third opponent, then landed another spin kick into its gut before rolling under the flying kick from the second, when she got back to her feet and threw her kunai into the one that attacked her. “3.” Lia, charged towards her kunai, then glared as an enemy appeared before her. She ducked under it’s punch to crouch, the jumped up with a back flip, foot extend in a kick, once she landed she continued her run, and required her kunai. “4.”

The girl rushed her enemy, taking a swipe with her kunai, however, the foe ducked under her and landed a punch to her gut. Lia grunted as she jumped back, then charged again, this time succeeding in hitting the opponent. “5” she continued this battle against never ending imaginary foes for an hour, until she reached around 100 kills.

Huffing, the teen fell back onto the ground and looked up into the sky visible from the trees. “Man...this is more tiring than I thought. Rest sounds pretty good right now…” The girl sighed and stretched out on the ground, enjoy the rest from her earlier training. She looked over to her timer, seeing that almost 3 hours had passed since she started. “Boy what am I gonna do for one hour?....Yeah i’ll do that.” The teen pulled herself into the lotus position and began meditating A.K.A sleeping.

By the time she woke up her timer was blaring loudly, falling out of her sitting position, Lia stared at the sky before sighing and going to turn the timer off before it attracts any attention. Packing it into her bag and putting said bag on the girl left the clearing, tree hopping back to the village.

(Exiting Now~ 1688 wc)
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PostSubject: Re: Lia'Ane's Basic Training   Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:08 pm

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Lia'Ane's Basic Training
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