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 Another showdown (P)

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Kenshin Uchiha
Missing-Nin A
Missing-Nin A

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PostSubject: Another showdown (P)   Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:25 am

Kenshin would slowly trot through the dense forest of konoha, a blank expression painted across his face he would quickly leap a dozen or so meters into the air and grip the branch of a massive tree and begin swinging his way upwards. Taking him a surprisingly short amount of time it was obvious that he had grown quite a bit in strength since last time he had ventured out of the village to visit nature itself. Reaching one of the highest branches he would swing around it to land directly on his ass as the wind blew powerfully to shove his hair and cloak to the side. Looking out over the vast wilderness that the tree seemed to tower over he would shiver slightly due to the cold breeze bashing itself against his skin. Goosebumps doting his arms he would pull his cloak tighter to his body to try and keep himself warm. It was at this moment that a small humming bird that seemed extremely out of place flew directly in front of his face and hovered within his view. Surprised by the sudden appearance of the creature he would jerk back, nearly causing the bird to fly off in fear. Calming himself he simply stared at the creature as it stared back at him and after several seconds he would extend his hand with his index finger pointed out. Allowing the bird to hover over his finger for a moment it would come to an abrupt rest on it as if it was a small branch. A small smile formed on his face as he enjoyed the fact that animals didn't seem unresponsive and rude to his actions like many villagers would be if he made even the slightest mistake. "So whats your name little guy?" he said with a light chuckle causing the bird to make small chirping noises as if it was answering him. Nodding confidently he would respond "A rather beautiful name is it not?" an obvious gleeful expression on his face, something that had not occurred for quite some time as he has had nothing to be even remotely happy about. It was at this time that a loud crack echoed from down below causing the tree to begin leaning to his right and begin to fall. The humming bird quickly taking off from his finger Kenshin would leap to his feet, focusing chakra into the soles of his feet to assure he kept his footing he would then leap from the tree a rather wide distance to grip a much lower branch on a separate tree and begin quickly swinging and leaping from tree to tree towards the walls of the village. Kenshin had no clue what had taken down the tree but it obviously was not safe for himself nor the village if he tried to investigate alone.

Several loud cracks could be heard behind Kenshin, obviously something pursuing him and likely large, could it be the beast he had faced quite a long time ago in these very woods? Planting a foot on the next branch he landed on he would grip the hilt of his katana but keep it sheathed for now and turn at a fast pace to face whatever was coming after him. Immediately making out the visage of a large beast in the air leaping towards him with dark black fur and glowing red eyes, nearly the size of a small house he knew exactly what he was facing. A large grin across the canine like beasts maw made it clear to him that it was the sadistic monster that had attacked him before. An ominous crimson red aura of pure chakra was clear to see and just as intimidating as it was before, had it returned to finish the job, or possibly just toy with its favorite mouse? Unsheathing his katana he would quickly slide across the top of the tree branch until he was standing upside down on its under side, forcing the huge beast to leap right over top of them, both making perfect eye contact with each other as it passed over. An obvious look of fear in Kenshin's expression, something he disliked very much, a weakness he had always tied down firmly since childhood, something only this thing seemed to be capable of bringing out. Quickly releasing himself from the branch he would he would plummet to the forest floor and dart off through the woods as the beast followed behind in quick pursuit, literally knocking over trees as it went, seeming as though it was gaining speed rather than losing it. It was at this moment that Kenshin knew exactly what must be done, he had to battle the beast but continue moving towards the village so that he could escape. Turning on his heels the crimson iris and black tomoe of the mastered sharingan would flutter into sight within his eyes, obviously taking this fight very seriously he would quickly toss his katana at the eye of the best and form a hand seal to energize his entire body and jolt forward towards the monster. It was at the moment that the canine leaped to the side that Kenshin would come into sight of it directly in front. His visible skin obviously turning a very dark shade of brown he would thrust his hand forward with his finger outstretched and plunge the tips of his fingers into the beasts eye before it could recoil in pain. Several meters now between them Kenshin would form a single hand seal once again and rush the beast as it did the same, his hair now sprouting out into five very long serpent like creatures would wrap around each of its limbs and pull them apart to force it onto its stomach and give the fourth tendril the chance to reach out and grab the katana that had lodged into a nearby tree. Leaping into the air Kenshin would release his hair jutsu as the tendril launched his katana towards him and he formed yet another hand sign and spewed out a huge amount of flames that would spread and form into the head of a dragon to smash into the back of the huge canine. Now having a chance while it was injured Kenshin would grab his katana as it flew by him and sheathe it before clapping his palms together. Landing on the ground a dozen meters from the beast he would slam his palms on the ground forcing the ground around the beast to suddenly sink and force it exactly twenty meters under ground. Reaching into his pouch he grabbed a kunai with a small explosive tag wrapped around the hilt and tossed it at the rim of the pit to cause a large explosion and the resulting collapse would trap the beast for some time, hopefully enough for him to escape.

Darting off through the woods again he would continue towards the walls with a new confidence that he would survive this encounter. It was during this time of confidence that Kenshin was suddenly struck from the side by a much smaller attack than that large monster could have possibly done. Being thrown towards a nearby tree he would quickly use his earth spear technique once again to harden his skin. Being knocked through the trunk of the tree it was obviously a good idea for him to use the technique and likely save himself from heavy injury. Clambering to his feet he would look towards what seemed like a male figure, hooded and cloaked to conseal its true identity. Knowing well that he would have to fight through yet another obstacle that was likely a shinobi he would prepare himself for an offensive. Just before he rushed towards his opponent two more figures would land next to the first and reveal kunai in all of their hands. Quickly forming a hand seal Kenshin would create two perfect and solid clones of himself  side by side with him and quickly charge forward. The starting assault consisting of many well choreographed attacks and slahes that seemed to be rather effective, causing small cuts against their enemies and obviously injuring and slowing them. It was with one final move that consisted of all three running in a straight line at the group of attacking ninja where each Kenshin would manuver around the group of three and take quick slashes that victory was achieved. Obvious that the three couldn't keep up with the enhanced speed and reflexes of a mastered sharingan in close combat, likely putting them around a mid level genin at minum considering the amount of time they were able to waste. Sadly it was just after the final blow was struck that a huge explosion erupted from the burial spot of the beast, easily powerful enough to push Kenshin back despite the great distance he had put between them. Pure shock would take over his expression as he looked into the sky seeing the fires of the explosion reaching even over the tree tops, a truly immense show of power, possibly something that would alert the village to the presence. "I WILL FIND YOU BOY!!!" echoed out through the forest in a deep growling voice from a great distance, likely the speech of the monster he had annoyed greatly at this point. Continuing towards the village he would reach the walls after nearly a minute of moving at his maximum pace, obviously frightened by the words of the creature.

Running directly up the walls he could see the image of several shinobi leaping from the top of the wall, most of them wearing the vests of chunin and jounin. It was obvious that the village took the huge explosion very seriously and they were sending out a sizable force to deal with it. A breath of relief escaped Kenshin's lips as he reached the top of the wall and begin slowly walking towards the hospital to have himself checked out for any serious injuries. It was several minutes after he had arrived that a jounin level shinobi entered the room that he was being checked out in and ordered the doctor to leave for a moment. Respecting the shinobi's wishes the doctor would exit and the jounin would begin asking several questions. Most of them revlolving around the attack on Kenshin's life and the possible threat to the village. Simply sitting there for a moment he would think over how exactly he would answer the questions and with a quick nod he looked towards the other shinobi. "I was simply practicing a new technique in the forest when it got out of control and erupted into a massive explosion of flames. I did not mean to worry the others so I rushed back to the village as fast as possible to assure nobody would be sent on a wild goose chase, but it seems I was late". The reasoning behind his answer was simple, this beast represented his fear now and it would need to be killed by his hand if he wanted to toss his weaknesses aside. This was now a battle that only Kenshin could resolve and he intended to do just that when he had finally gained appropriate power to battle the massively strong canine. Asking to leave Kenshin would quickly exit the hospital and proceed home where he would simply sit at his dining table for a moment thinking back on the beast and its previous displays of power and how it seemed to be either holding back or growing more powerful, truly it must have been a beast meant to die by his own hands to prove his raw strength. Simply going to his room he would sit on his bed as the afternoon light shined through his open windows, it was not even past noon but Kenshin felt as if he had just been part of a war for the past few days at the least.

(WC: 2003)
+10 stats
1955 words towards the learning of water chakra nature (4000/4000)

The NRPG rude gentleman

Health: 75
Chakra: 70+20
Stamina: 25+5
Speed: 80+10
Strength: 75
Titans Bane
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Tomoko Satsuma
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Another showdown (P)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:34 pm


Tomoko's stats

R.I.P. Denkiteki Hayato
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PostSubject: Re: Another showdown (P)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:35 pm

Denied Den's approval

Approving the training

Maku Jemuzu

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PostSubject: Re: Another showdown (P)   

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Another showdown (P)
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