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 Being Proactive (Solo)

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Aya Hiyashi
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Being Proactive (Solo)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:12 am

"Aya, get down from there" a blonde woman said with a sigh, turning the page of the book she was reading. Several seconds passed before the figure spoke.

"...no" Aya stated, flipping the page of her own book, though it was a medical text on the dangers of bone marrow getting into the bloodstream. The two were silent for a long while, and minus the clothes, hair colour and chose of literature, they were a perfect mirror. Aya's mother was sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor at the base on the couch, it currently being taken up by sleepy children, with Aya in the exact same position on the ceiling. Hanging upside down, using her chakra to stick to the wood to avoid the effects of gravity.

"Their children" her mother spoke eventually, a little exasperation in her voice but otherwise uncaring, it wasn't as though this was an uncommon occurrence.

"Their dangerous" was her daughters reply, this one was absolute in her belief that her cousins were, in fact, dangerous. Yes, they were children, but they just used it too their advantage, and were in truth hellions that only revealed their true nature when the adults were absent. Needless to say, whenever Aya had to babysit she all but ran from the house.

"Their still children"

"Their still dangerous, more so actually, if you think about it. Considering that no one expects children to be evil little spawns of Satan" she replied evenly, almost uncaring on the danger lurking just a few metres below her.

"Except you?" her mother asked sceptically.

"I'm a ninja, paranoia in part of the job description" was her casual reply, flipping another page of her book.

"So you're just being paranoid?"

"And rightly so, they are evil and have proven it many times, wisely and ingeniously when no adult is their to witness it" Aya heard her mother sigh, for now giving up on the argument. Though, considering how often they've had this discussion she's probably just put it off to a day when she actually cares.

"What do you have planned for the day then?" she moved on smoothly from the subject.

"Well, Angel can't hang out with me today, busy with some serious stuff. Classified. I was thinking checking out the town" Aya replied with a shrug. One of her uncles walked into the lounge room where they were located, looked at her mother, then at Aya and the kids. He shook his head and left the room a moment later, familiar with the younger teens belief of the kids being little servants of evil.

"So you'll be running away from your cousins again?" her mother asked, amused with her daughters predictable actions.

"Yup" she replied without preamble, completely unashamed of her actions and fear of her younger relatives. The promptly stood on the ceiling and walked to the door. Exiting the house, she walked up the walls and onto the roofing. She put chakra to her feet and pushed off the surface she was on, shooting at high speeds to the far end of the village. Better safe than sorry, they may follow her and the last thing she needs is stalker-cousins.

Finding an alcove that, while not very large compared to the more open training grounds, offered plenty of room for her idea for training today. Focusing her chakra to her hands, she formed the tiger hand seal and moulded her chakra accordingly. Putting a single hand to the ground, Aya pushed her chakra into the ground and merged it with the earth underneath her palm. She imagined her chakra forming a tight cylinder around the earth below, and slowly lifted her hand once she registered her chakra had done as she commanded.

A length of hardened earth followed her palm, five centimetres in diameter and two metres in length. It was a little tall for her, she was only thirteen and therefor not at her full height, and so took a few centimetres off it. Condensing the earth into hard rock, and shortened so it was just a few centimetres higher than her head. She experimentally leaned on the staff she made, and grinned when it didn't bend or creak or crack at all. Lifting it, she twirled it in her hands for a few moments slowly before she picked up her speed. Twirling it around her body, letting the staff spin around her abdomen before catching it with her opposite hand and throwing it into the air. She barely noticed the miniscule chakra drain, and once she caught it spun fast to slam the staff into a small boulder. The boulder exploded in a small cloud of cloud and debris, bits of rock flying out from the force of her blow.

The teen pulled the staff away from the boulder, a large section of it missing, she noticed when the cloud dispersed. She inspected the staff, and frowned a little when she noticed the cracks and chips missing from the hardened earth, a small chunk of the end was missing. Well, she couldn't expect it to be indestructible, but this was far more useful than she thought it would be. It could be used to prop things up, as a weapon and a projectile, and other tiny jobs where could be useful as a substitute if the proper tools were absent in their time of need.

Feeling like she was on a roll, Aya tried to recall other jutsu she had learned during her last expedition to the library. Sitting down in a crossed-legged position, her arms folded over her chest, she thought about what she had read a few days ago.

Thrown rocks? No, no, it was something different. Flying... Flying Thrown Stones! That was it! Now, how did the hand sign sequence go again?

Aya spent the next ten minutes trying to remember how the sequence went, she knew it had two Snake seals in it. From what she remembered, she had only skimmed over the scroll and thus couldn't remember it in detail, was Dog - Tiger - Snake... Rat? No, something went before that.

"Dog, Tiger, Snake... Dog! Dog, Tiger, Snake, Dog, Rat, Snake! Then you slam your hands on the ground! Hell yeah!" the redheaded medic cheered to herself, finally her memory truly came into play here. She shifted herself so she was kneeling, that way the teen wouldn't have to unnecessarily drop to the ground.

Going through the hand signs slowly, she forged her chakra adequately. Taking a deep breath when she finished the sequence, Aya slammed her hands on the ground and shoved it into the ground. Now, Aya didn't know what would happen, and frankly she was disbelieving that anything much would really happen by just shoving chakra into the ground, and thusly due to her cynicism was reasonably confident nothing would actively happen. And... she was right.

Nothing happened.

She sensed the jutsu was still active, just... stalled, would be a way to explain it. Like an unfinished song, it would continue from where it had been as soon as one pressed the play button. Sighing to herself, the redheaded teenage medic focused her chakra mostly around the surface of the ground in front of her, and then curled it around different sections of rock. Now, Aya was going to pull the earth into the air, per se, but would put in an unnecessary amount of force into pushing the earth up in a very small segment of time.

In other words, she was essentially going to blow up the ground via chakra.

Imagining the ground in front of her simply blowing up wouldn't work. Instead, she focused some of her chakra near the surface, and suddenly forced it upwards. The ground in front of her exploded, and her chakra immediately latched onto ten rocks of varying size at her command, most of them no bigger than her fist but three or so were at least the size of her head. She held them firmly in the clasp of her invisible chakra. It felt odd to hold earth that wasn't actually touching her or wasn't readily acquired because it was in the ground. Holding rocks in the air actually felt strange to her senses, but it was easy enough to ignore.

Focusing back on what she was doing, Aya took a deep breath and sent the rocks, with as much force as she could muster, away from her and straight into the great rock wall in front of her. They didn't move as fast as she thought they would, but still fast enough that Aya, at her current state, would actually have to put effort into dodging them if this jutsu was used against her. Or she could just hide underground, or substitute, if she didn't want to dodge that is.

She went through the jutsu again. Dog, Tiger, Snake, Dog, Rat, Snake, slam hands on the ground and shove her chakra into the ground. Not a mini second later she forced it up with tremendous force, the ground in front of her exploded once again, and her chakra latched onto ten rocks, before throwing them at semi-high speeds towards the earth wall that towered above the alcove she was hiding -training- in. It crashed with crushing force, the rocks shattered and the cliff cracked and small craters revealed themselves when the dust cleared, though this was only from the larger rocks, the smaller ones only cracked the wall.

Leaning back on the balls of her feet, Aya observed her work, and smiled to herself. Not a bad day, even if she thought so herself, but the teen still felt energised and had young cousins at home that wouldn't hesitate in making her life hell. Well, best not give her mother an excuse to call her back. Not that her mother could find her, but one of her uncles could, easily. Sighing, the redhead stood up and began doing some crunches.

Holding her hands behind her head, she bent her knees as her body descended downwards, before pushing herself back up. She felt her abdomen clench and unclench at the action, and knew it would start hurting after a while. Now, Aya was fit, you had to be if you wanted to be a ninja, but she had been more focused on strengthening her arms and legs.

Sure enough, half an hour and two hundred and thirty-two later she was feeling the burn. Her legs didn't hurt nearly so much, but her abdomen was actually quivering from the exertion, breathing through her nose, Aya forced herself to do eight more crunches before she stopped. Rubbing her stomach gingerly, the teen didn't add any medical chakra to sooth the pain. She would have to get used to this, and while it hurt she can't say it was that horrible. Yes, she would rather not feel it, but it came from hard work and perseverance.

'You'll regret your perseverance in the morning' a voice in the back of her mind said with no shortage of snark in its tone. Shaking her head with a firm reply of 'Shove off' to the voice, she probably shouldn't be replying to voices in her head, but she doubted all ninja were wholly sane, Aya performed a handstand.

Putting one hand behind her back, the young medic bent her arm until her face was almost touching the ground, before forcing it straight. Keeping her balance as best she could, the teen had to pause a few times to correct her balance when she lost focus and tilted one way too far, but overall kept up a steady rhythm. About half an hour later, she didn't even need to focus on her balance, her body remaining rigidly straight and correcting itself on instinct instead of conscious effort. She hadn't even known her non-foot-based balance had been that bad, but she supposed she had never really tried working on it. Hell, it hadn't even occurred to her before, but this was as good a time as any to practice it, and now it had improved leaps and bounds.

It took a full hour before her arms finally gave out under her. Aya was breathing heavily now, trying so hard so even out her breathing, but soon gave up and just lied where she was, taking huge gulps of air and spat out her saliva because it would take too long to swallow it in her oxygen deprived state. Forcing her body to move, she stood and began to run.

At first, she started as a light jog, doing twenty laps and getting her legs accustomed to the movement and loosening them up, before the teen began to pick up her pace gradually. The young medic refused to use chakra, she had to increase her base speed right now, because if she gets into a situation where she had no chakra and had to retreat... well, if she couldn't run fast, and for a long time, she was screwed. That is, if she didn't improve her speed and stamina now, while she was safely enclosed in the borders of her village.

Increasing her speed to the point of sprinting, Aya jumped over various obstacles, and weaved around others, or ducked and skidded and forced herself to make insanely sharp turns. Changing directions on a pin, or suddenly stop wit minimal drag, and jumping around with no use of chakra whatsoever. It was hard, and her lungs were burning worse than she's ever felt. 

Taking out her kunai and shuriken as she ran, the teen threw them sporadically at tree limbs or knots in the trunks in the trees she passed, and as she went by them plucked them from their imbedded position without slowing down. The first time she had nearly wrenched her arm out of her socket, and had to bite back a yelp as her sore shoulder throbbed in memory of the kick Angel had delivered to it a few days ago. Using her left and right hands to throw and pick up, she noted that her aim had suffered slightly in her medical training, but her muscles recalled the actions quickly enough and she felt and saw her aim improve as her training session continued.

Finally skidding to a stop in the middle of the alcove she was hiding from her cousins in, the teen spent a good few minutes trying to catch her breath. Her legs were shaking from the exertion, and from keeping her up when they were so close to just caving in on themselves.

It was late afternoon now, a few hours and it would be dark, but Aya didn't move. Couldn't move would be more accurate, but those were just unnecessary details. Sending soothing chakra to her hands, she put her palms on her knees and sent waves of chakra to the quivering limbs. It helped so much even if her legs and arms were still fatigued and in pain, but at least she would be able to get home now. Why had she gone so far? Oh, right, tiny little balls of malicious intent wait for her back home. Gods, she almost didn't want to go home now, but her bed was calling to her. A distant echo over the general background noise of hustle and bustle of the village, a memory of a soft cocoon eclipsed in warmth, and a hot shower quickly accompanied that thought. Right, no scary younger relatives were going to keep her from those blessings.

Finally putting chakra into her jumps, the teen leaped from any and every purchase she could reach in her leaps and flew back to home. Holding onto walls with her feet and chakra, and even swinging from the underside of bridges using her hands and chakra, and kept going until she landed in front of her home. The sounds coming from it were nothing short of warlike, with crashes and yells and screams of both terror and delight. So the little devils had been left in the care of some of her old cousins, probably sixteen of so judging by their voices. Moulding her chakra, she transformed into one of her older uncles, and lazily walked into the house.

"Hey kids!" the children were suddenly silent, and as she entered the room she saw the carnage. The four little cousins were sitting on the sofa, reading or writing and drawing, while the five teens -all around the age of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen- all looked frazzled and had a mix of relief and trepid looks on their faces. The house was a mess, and Aya felt a pang of sympathy for the teens but it was quickly squashed by her own relief and glee at avoiding the little ones like this for so long.

"What the..." she stared in faux surprise at the mess, her voice a familiar baritone that felt foreign coming from her. Sighing, she shook her head and walked over to the kids "Time for bed kids, your cousins can clean up their mess while you get ready for bed" the kids were a little unhappy about going to bed, but rose and quickly went to get ready for bed. Smiling and waving and acting all innocent. Well, now she knows why the adults never suspect the little ones of their evil deeds, but she knew better. Poofing back to her original form when the kids were well and truly out of the room, she looked over to the surprised older teens and grinned conspiratorially at them. They returned it with grins of their own, though those were tempered with gratitude and relief, since the adults weren't actually meant to be back for a few hours yet. Waving absently to them, she left the room and ascended the stairs, quickly sneaking into her room before the tiny kids noticed her, the teen checked her room from top to bottom for any traps.

Nothing. Except the fake spiders under the pillow, the fake snake under the covers -actually no, that was a real snake they had shoved under there- the honey-flour door trap, neon green hair dye in her shampoo bottle, and the slippery something around the floor of her toilet, there truly was nothing to suggest the kids had done anything.

"I'm going to become a genjutsu specialist or something when I get the chance" she muttered as she fell into bed, having already had a shower after removing the various traps the kids had set up, the snake -not poisonous and actually really friendly- weaved its way under her shirt and wrapped around her torso for the warmth of her body. She wouldn't mind a pet, now that she thought about it. Plus it would really irritate the crazy kids that they didn't manage to get her, and that one of their tricks actually backfired. These were the kind of thoughts she had as she sunk into sleep.

(Earth Release: Rock Section Cane, Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones. TWC: 3163. SP: 15. JP: 31)

Maybe I'm crazy, yeah, a little naive, but the light at the end is brighter than it used to be. Got a long way to go but I know, I believe that the light at end is brighter than it used to be.

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Tomoko Satsuma
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PostSubject: Re: Being Proactive (Solo)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 3:46 am


also there's no JP anymore

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Aya Hiyashi
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Being Proactive (Solo)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:27 am

Cool. Thank you!

Maybe I'm crazy, yeah, a little naive, but the light at the end is brighter than it used to be. Got a long way to go but I know, I believe that the light at end is brighter than it used to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Being Proactive (Solo)   

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Being Proactive (Solo)
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