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 All alone

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Kenshin Uchiha
Missing-Nin A
Missing-Nin A

Fame : 5
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 38700

PostSubject: All alone   Sat Jun 14, 2014 7:21 am

Kenshin would slowly make his way through the forest, the whistling of the wind in the tree tops and the playful melody of the forest creatures dancing within his ears as he weaved his way through the maze of bark and wood. His only objective was that of finding peace within the tranquil setting that was before him. The sunlight shining dimly through the canopy to ever so slightly splash upon his face as he continued forward and the silent movements of the creatures around him made the place a perfect location for the boy to finally relax. His senses tingling as he placed his palm against the trunk of a nearby tree he would shut his eyes for a moment before planting his right foot upon the bark as he focused his chakra within the soles of his feet to help him ascend the ancient pillar of the forest to find a place to rest. Reaching a peak of thirty meters he would step out upon a thick branch and lay upon it in a relaxed posture. Taking note of the tiny creatures that scurried the bark carrying small sections of various plants within their pincers he would set his finger gently down to avert their path. The majority of the marching band of insects would simply move on around his finger though one seemed to be stubborn and quickly began climbing his finger. The gentle tickle of the bugs feet along his skin would alert him to its presence and with a slow gesture he would raise it into the air, stretching his arm to its full length upwards. The ant seemed to sit upon his finger nail as if it were the mighty king of the tree, the triumphant leader of his entire colony who watched over them all with vigilance and care. A bland expression painted across his face Kenshin would simply lower his hand back down after a few moments to allow the insect to scurry off and follow its comrades. To his surprise it seemed stubborn to say the least, an immovable object with no fear of the obviously larger and more powerful beast that held it upon a single finger. Bringing the insect closer to his face he would simply stare at it for a moment and smirk as it reminded him greatly of himself when he was younger, standing firm in his beliefs no matter the odds that faced his small and fragile body.

It was with a loud boom and a crash that Kenshin would be tossed from his branch, the insect upon his finger just barely being saved with a selfless act of Kenshin to quickly drop it upon the branch. His body plummeting towards the earth he would quickly reach behind his back to grip the hilt of his blade to quickly unsheathe it in a reverse grip and slash it deep into the bark of the tree to stop his descent and with a quick motion in his right arm he would swing around the blade to launch himself several feet upwards to land upon the hilt with a single foot, simply balancing himself upon it he would stare out towards where the eruption of vibrations had occurred and with a shocked expression on his face he would lay eyes upon the culprit. Exactly fifty meters in the distance in a large clearing of trees which had seemed to be uprooted from the ground and tossed about the area he could see it, a large beast standing nearly ten meters tall. Its ominous and feral form seeming to release a foul presence amongst the ancient forest which surrounded konoha and with a defining roar its true power would be known. The dark canine form would open its maw to unleash a blast of compressed air which ripped through the forest with ease, tree after tree toppling over in wake of the tremendous exertion of force sending large amounts of wooden debris in several directions. Seeing this occurring only a dozen meters to his right Kenshin would quickly slam his foot into the trunk of the tree using his chakra to keep himself attached and using his right hand he would quickly grip his katana once again and push off of the tree to leap exactly ten meters away to another tree as the beast unleashed another wave of compressed air on his previous location showing it was obviously aware of Kenshin's presence and wished to suffocate it under its unending sea of chakra.

Kenshin's uneasy feeling about the beasts chakra was only heightened as his onyx black eyes quickly shifted to a crimson red as the sharingan was activated and allowed him to see that the black canine was in possession of what Kenshin could only interpret as an incomprehensible amount of raw chakra. The canine letting out a low growl its maw seemed to release a near solid form of its black chakra which fluttered upwards as a type of gas to quickly form a small cloud above its head. enshin understanding fully that this situation would need to be averted by him to keep the village safe found his only viable option to be an attempt a the offensive. Forming the ram hand seal he would energize his entire body with his own chakra allowing for a burst of speed far exceeding his natural limits. The beast seeming much too large to actual react to the boys much smaller and agile body he would quickly pass under neath its frame to take four fast and precise swipes at its legs to try and hinder its movement for some time. Passing directly under it he would stop fifteen meters passed the black form with his katana held loosely at his side, blood slowly rolling down the blade and dripping from its end causing a slight sound that resembled that of rain drops splashing against the blades of grass which coated the forest floor. The beast howling in pain he would quickly jab his katana into the earth as he clapped his palms together and slammed them upon the ground with great force causing the earth beneath the canine to quiver before quickly separating from the surrounding area in a five by five meter square around the wolf and with a quick jerk it would descend into the earth at a great speed forcing the wolf down with it while it clasped the earthen walls around it to try and slow its drop to no avail.

Now forced exactly twenty meters below ground Kenshin would rush to the edge of the quarry he had formed to quickly form the tiger seal and with a large inhalation of oxygen he would quickly jerk his head downwards to expel a large volume of flames from his mouth. The flames proceeding down towards the wolf would quickly change shape to form the head of a large dragon nearly perfectly the size of the hole making an attempt to dodge the flames impossible. In only a matter of moments did the flames clash with the beast and with loud roars the almost solid flames forced the beast upon its stomach before the dragons head collapsed in upon itself to explode into a fiery blaze which erupted from the mouth of the quarry like a volcano. Leaning backwards to assure he was not touched by the flames that exited he would wait a moment before leaning forward once again to bring the majority of his upper body over the edge. The smoke from the flames seemed to guise the creatures form and in an instant one of its paws lurched out from the smoke. A single claw pressing against and tearing through Kenshin's shoulder the boy would growl in pain as blood seeped from the wound and dribbled down the claw. A spurt of blood seeming to erupt out of his mouth he had a glossed over appearance in his eyes as he had been injured so badly in one simple move by the creature. Unable to even move he was lifted into the air by the beast his limp body dangling over the pit he had formed earlier. A beastly chuckle erupting from the smoke covered pit would bring Kenshin's eyes back to life as he quickly gripped the claw that pierced him. Pushing against it he would begin slowly sliding himself off of it but before he was able to escape he was quickly thrown from the claw by a quick whipping motion from the paw sending him into the nearby brush. His body slamming into the trunk of a tree with a loud thud he would simply stare at the pit as the beast began to pull itself from its depths and to his surprise with little damage actually done to its surface leaving Kenshin to wonder how it was capable of even surviving by far the most powerful jutsu in his arsenal.

His crimson sharingan eyes slowly fading back to their usual onyx black he would stare blankly at the tremendously powerful monster that had so easily caused him so much damage. Slowly it stepped forward, the ground quivering with every step it took it would lower its head to look upon Kenshin and its lips slowly rolling back as if smiling at the boy it would thrust its hand forward to penetrate his chest with three of its claws. A look of suprise taking over its earlier gleeful appearance as Kenahin would burst into a cloud of smoke revealing nothing more than a large tree branch that had taken his place. It was at this moment of surprise that Kenshin would leap from a nearby treetop to land upon the snout of the wolf and with a tiger seal already before he would exhale a much smaller amount of flames from his lips into its eyes causing tremendous damage to its vision and completely ruining its ability to counter attack due to its loss of sight and the tremendous pain it was put through. Jumping from its snout Kenshin would soar through the air above it as he formed the horse and tiger seals and quickly unleashed a ball of intense flames upon the back of the wolf cause its skin to char and smoke slightly from the heat. The beast howling in anger and pain it would quickly begin whipping its tail back and forth rapidly to strike Kenshin. The blow having such a tremendous amount of force behind it Kenshin would be thrown across the canopy smashing through several branches before coming to an abrupt stop when he slammed into yet another tree. Dropping from the canopy he would strike several more branches before slamming down upon the dirt and with a weak moan he would grip the shoulder that hand been pierced earlier with his left hand and his ribs with his right. Knowing full well if he stayed here any longer he would surely perish he simply stood from the ground and began slowly shambling his way back to the village. Leaning against several trees on his way to regain energy he would leave marks of blood against their bark and only feet into the village gates he would collapse from blood lose.

Awaking a full day after the battle Kenshin would lay within his hospital room bandaged and bruised. A nurse lingering above him he would silently ask "Where is the beast? Has it come for the village?" he said quietly only for the nurse to give him a reassuring smile that he had stopped whatever was out there and continue on with her work. A small grin coming across his face he would simply lay there accounting for all of the actions he had taken and the damage he had done to the tremendous monster. Kenshin knew his efforts were not nearly enough for the wolf to have been stopped for long and it would likely return soon in some area near the village but Kenshin understood this was fine as he knew full well if he could do that much damage to the creature that it was no real threat to the village as a whole. This was not a knock at his own ability but instead an understanding that his power alone paled in comparison to the combined strength of his home village. His eyes now drifting shut Kenshin would simply rest to help accelerating the healing process of his injuries and assure he would be back on his feet as soon as physically possible.

TWC: 2,095
2,095 word towards claiming Art of the Raging Lions Mane 2,366/3,000
+10 stats

The NRPG rude gentleman

Health: 75
Chakra: 70+20
Stamina: 25+5
Speed: 80+10
Strength: 75
Titans Bane
Dem stats

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Takehaya Yamato
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

Fame : 54
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Pendragon
Clan Element : N/a
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: All alone   Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:55 am


Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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All alone
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