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 Turn up~

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Princess Tutu

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PostSubject: Turn up~   Wed Jun 11, 2014 7:24 am

Neikan was chilling at the top of the mountains he was at a place he could call home? sipping from his water, he would sigh. turning upwards to the sky, he noticed how the clouds was moving forward, it appears the borders was about to get some type of weather.  standing, he would make his way down from the mountain. the boy was bath footed his shirt could barely fit him, but he was currently wearing the clothes of some punk he ate and killed earlier. he was wearing a black top with black shots and no shoes. awkwardly, he ruined them, it was a waste. heading over to the side, he quickly noticed a man right there that had shoes on his feet. Break threw!?!? Neikan would pick up a rock and throw at the man head, it wouldn't kill him, it'll only knock him out. dragging him over to the corner behind the tree, he would take his shoes off from his feet. the boy looked to be around Neikan's age so this was a easy steal for the boy. trying the shoes on, he would jump up in them just to make sure they was a perfect fit. it was a success, now he had a full on outfit. today neikan didn't know what he was going to do, but he was weak, so training would be the first thing that would hit mind. the crazy sick boy would stand in the middle of the area with his head facing the ground, he couldn't have control over himself at some point of times. but this was something else highly different. though, he wondered on how his parents would have been if they was still here? sadly they got a stick to the head that killed both of them, neikan was heartless with that cold he wasn't thinking, but he didn't give a flying damn!  walking around pacing he would place both hands on the back of his head. he would begin to think. Once he was done with pacing, he would start up with his training. the uzumaki was ready to try and get up with his training hopefully the weather wouldn't act up no time soon. but the boy was ready! removing his hands from the back of his head, he would make a fist. walking back over to the boy he knocked out, he would use him for a training dummy. wrapping his arms around the tree and his legs with a old rope he found. he would begin to punch on him. all face shots. punching kicking and headbutting!  moving from side to side, he would knee the man. with a back hand spring, he would roundhouse wind kick the male, laughing as the blood splashed all over him, he would look up to the sky and laugh out loudly, this bout back flashbacks with him and his parents when he was smashing their heads in with the log! hitting them so hard they head cracked open and their brains popped out, think about on how much blood went all over the place and all over neikan. this was just the beginning, taking a break from punching and kicking on the guy, the boy would sigh. taking a seat on the ground he would catch his breath and stand right back up just to put in more work. punching the guy in the face left right left right pow pow pow pow pow! each shot was clean. He would tighten his fist and nail him clean at the top of his head, another kick and another kick, neikan was really picking up a workout. hopping back the boy would would rest again. his water that was in his front left pocket he would take it out and sip from it. placing it on the ground, he would begin to start back up his training. with the man he used for a training dummy, this training was going to be epic and fun! especially if neikan had a human for a training dummy, think about the blood!?!?! moving at a fast pace. Neikan would sigh, he would stay in spot all day, removing the man from the tree he would drag him by the rope, grabbing his water, he would head off  for a new spot. Though, Neikan already had kill on his mind so he would have to do something about that. once he got himself to the ending of the area, he would drop the body and stomp on it!  rubbing his eyes with his bloody hands, he would yawn. it was getting dark but he would continue to spar at night due to the lights that was above and the moon which was an advantage. Pulling out a cigarette, he would place it on his lips. stomping on the man again only this shot would remove his face. his once would fly up in the air and his teeth would fall out his eye was already removed. he was done. fly's was already getting to his unknown guy. neikan could only laugh grab a hold of his head. gripping it tightly, he would remove it from his shoulders. " perhaps a little kick ball?" kicking it highly into the air, he would charge up and catch it. placing it on a stick, he would grab his lighter and set it to fire. " AHHH!!"  this would mean power to neikan. tossing it to the side, he would remove his shirt and put out the fire. grabbing the rest of the limbs, he would build 'em up and sigh! what was next? he would begin to for some chakra training but it was more to this, but it just wouldn't hit his mind quickly. Guessing situations? cleaning the sweat from his face and chest, he would walk over to his backpack and open it. he only had a single fruit. eating it down, the boy would start back up with his training. his chakra training wasn't that important, instead he wanted to do more with his taijutsu fighting skills. punching the air and still stomping on the body this will go on for how long? with a slide back neikan would stand up and rest up. taking a seat on the ground he would try to catch up. 


Neikan would be out sleeping right by the decapitated boy, the smell was horrible and the fly's was sticking to it. Neikan would roll over and stand up. With a quick yawn, he would stomp him again just before he kicked him off the mountain for the animals to eat him. grabbing his water bottle, he would take a sip and head off. he didn't know where he was going on this very nice day, but he knew exactly where to be! " the trails" he heard there was people walking threw there and all lonely, upper hand for this uzumaki. the thirst for blood was getting more horrible, he had to get the blood splashed all of himself to give him that good old comfy feeling. so he sailed off into the trails of hope.  he already knew what he was going for just to end some life's and perhaps laugh about it?  though he had to train today and knock off that lazy rust from his body, so this was something more of a challenge for him? nothing like killing a innocent person was a challenge but some of them tries to put up fights, and that just make their death longer and painful, just like that other dude, but why was his so painful? even though he didn't put up a fight? awkward, the boy would only sigh and make his way into the woods, he noticed birds flying just above him, perhaps something dead was around?  stepping into the sunny area, the sound of his boots crushing the branches that was on the hard dirt ground, the dead grass that turned a different color, at least five trees ahead and five behind him. it was spaced out good enough, but what the hell was that smell? it smelled like someone was just cut up in pieces and left for dead! well who was neikan kidding? with a smell like that he knew something had to be up. pulling out a cigarette, he would place it on his lips, walking straight down the path he would turn forward and notice a street sign that was all rusty, perhaps this was a old road?!?!? Neikan continue to his destination. walking at a fast pace, he would hear a branch being crushed from perhaps a step? turning towards the location, he would pick up another nice size rock. walking over to the area, he would see someone running straight forward, this person was obese? the man was running slow, and every time he took off he tripped over. Neikan would charge up and push him down, gripping the rock, he would smack against the fat guy head, though, he wanted to catch every detail of why he was out here on such a short notice for neikan? " hey man! how is your day? mine is fine! but yours is about to get pretty bloody. But I must ask, why would you come out here on such a short notice? what the hell is your reasons? where are they?" neikan stated as he puffed form his cigarette, he would then smack the man once again. it was finally that the guy would respond. " Okay man, I was out here walking around, and I saw your face, I've heard stories about what you do in this area! so I tried to run! just please man please let me go!" Neikan would laugh, " Please is not in my vocabulary, now clean your face your bleeding!" Neikan would hand the boy a towel, " I'm not going to kill ya,in fact you will help me enjoy myself! can you do that mr...?" Neikan asked, he would then see the fat guy smirk? he thought it was a game huh? smacking the game on his head with the rock at least hundred times putting in that workout, neikan would leap back and stomp him! picking up a broken beer bottle he wouls stab it into the man stomach cutting it open, he would start removing shit, making him a size smaller? the evil took over Neikan's brain once again. OH I MUST STOP THIS! WHERE IS THE CHANGE!?!?!? the boy would fall to the ground, his rampage continued, he was almost unstoppable! not to mention the guy said he heard stories about him, is this was the hell neikan wanted? IS THIS WAS IT!?!?? standing from the ground, he would continue to smoke his cigarette, grabbing ahold of the guy leg, he would drag him to the side," awww man you a big one aren't ya?" Neikan said to the man cracked skull, placing him on a old bench, he would turn to the guy eyes, removing them, he placed 'em in a jar that he kept on him, though he had kept some blood in jars just in case he ran into some fang suckers! it's been awhile, but Neikan heard stories about them, what they do how they do it, how they work, Neikan was prepared.  smoking his cigarette, he would put it out . Placing it in the fat guy mouth would stomp him again, though this was a good punching bag? but Neikan was in it for basic training, perhaps some push ups set ups a bit of running around playing? punching the guy and laughing, he would continue to work those arms and legs, once he was done, the boy would stand and yawn, this was something awkward, another one of those kill days for the man, but he wondered, who was next? he got his training in at least, but he wanted to do more, explore?  walking around in the area, he would stand around, he wondered, who was next he could kill? or even grab that thirst, but that wasn't really problem, as up to now Neikan felt that he was the only uzumaki, well until at least he meets another one, which will be a long time, but the boy felt as if he was here for a reason, he already had his plan mapped out, but he didn't know what was up next, chumps, they was all punks to neikan, if they was going to kill someone they better do it, but all they did was blow from the mouth, this Uzumaki right here was ready, but trouble he was going to get himself into, going from homeless to something? Neikan was disappointed in his parents, the way they raised him, how they did it, Neikan was ready to kill again! he was pissed! thinking about those old dusty dead bodies was pretty crazy, but perhaps he could back to the scene? this would be heavily interesting to train over their bodies? perhaps a new punching bag?


Once the man arrived to the road, he would keep straight for his destination point, he was ready to see those bodies, He already knew they was stinking by now and other stuff probably got a hold of them. Though the boy was ready to see these things the damager he had done, he wanted to meet it, he could never forget that day, this was going to be awesome? stepping into more woods, he would continue to walk, with a sigh, he would step in front of his closed off area, but behind this blocked off spot?  though, it shouldn't be to hard, he has been working on his tree climbing technique, he got the hang of it for a bit, but with these circumstances, he knew exactly how to do this. placing himself in front of a tree, he would use the tree climbing technique to walk up to the top. once he was there, he would walk down to the bottom, this is so he would now be climbing over the block and it will not cost any type of random problems. Landing on both feet, the boy would turn around, the area was pretty dark, and the population was very low, but he knew exactly where the spot was.  walking over to it, he would step quietly, puffing from his cigarette, he would step by a tree and take a break. the spot was just only a few more blocks down! Just another step. well, not really another step, this was going to take awhile trying to figure out where they was left at, the boy had a for sure location, right in the center of the woods, decked out piss black!  walking to himself, he would come to the area, he knew about this spot pretty well, and out of nowhere it hit the boy, he knew where they was. further end? Neikan would continue as he walked down the path, turning he would smell something awkward,  but he realized he stepped out of his destination point, these were roads,  street signs, he had to turn around, just before he did that, he saw both bodies right by the tree, fly's was on them the blood wasn't fresh it was sticking, they was stinking. but Neikan would look at them then look at the area, it was out in the open? no wonder they heard stories about the boy, but this place was dead, ghost town, in fact, the boy really didn't know why  he came back here, this town was highly poor and not safe! but neikan wanted to see their dead bodies just one more time, he would kick and continue to stomp on them, just twenty more times! with a spit, he would laugh. putting out his cigarette he would kneel down to the bodies of his parents. " we could have had something good guys, hell even a mansion by now if we worked together, but sadly evil took over me, yup I said it, you shall bow down to be you chumps! you did me WRONG! I hope you both fall! damn fails!" Neikan stated just that, walking off he would head back. that wad interesting. it wouldn't not fear the boy or anything, actually he laughed, now that he know where they bodies were, he would probably come daily if not every month to mess with them, at least until the time he light them to fire and call it quits! but Neikan had better things to do with his life. instead of walking around and being crazy. he had more training to do. once Neikan arrived back to his area, he would continue down his path. he didn't see anybody around, perhaps something was stealing his prey? minding his own business, the boy would continue. once he arrived back to the spot where the fat man was dead at. Neikan knew it was going to get cold very soon, and since this guy inside was cleaned out, Neikan would throw him to the ground and fix himself inside of him. this would keep the boy nice and warm. though, he knew something wasn't right about this, so he would hold himself back from doing it, in fact, there was branches logs and tree around, perhaps he could start up a camp fire so he could warm up.  building up the branches, the boy would search the fat guy for  some rum, he only had a small bottle on him which just was enough to start a fire, dashing it on the branches, Neikan would take his final puff from the cigarette, and he flicked it on the branches, with a backflip, he watched as the flames would build, his camp fire was up. though he already had a pretty nice breakfast and lunch, the boy would just go to sleep right there.  with his eye closed, he would begin to think about his family, damn, they could have been something so so so so good! but sadly it had to end like that, oh well, you live and you learn, and they learned a very strong fact, do not mess over your child, growing up Neikan been knew he was going to end them one day, but he didn't know it was going to be that exact day, then and there. but the man didn't care about them, instead he only slept it off.  Only until the next day would come when he trains. hopefully he would train good enough so he could become stronger and stronger.  his chains was pretty weak, and without his Fuinjutsu, he wouldn't be able to grab that upper hand. though, he was able to learn a few techniques here and there. But soon some other stuff would become interesting. But he wondered what will day three bring him out here? perhaps a girl would come along and want to hang with him, but that was a slight fail with that indeed. but this was somewhat of fun? perhaps, he didn't know just yet! but tomorrow, the boy was going to turn up super hard for those who turned up for him, he shall be known soon! everyone shall know this uzumaki, hard working uzumaki that is, but it was only day three, so this would take only awhile! bit he shall be come the one.

Neikan stated behind a tree, he had two adults roped to a tree, one teen he was play kill and go seek with. " alright little jimmy! where could you be hiding at?" Neikan would pick up his rock and grip it. charging in the middle, he spotted the boy standing there looking all lonely and scared. " aww jimmy! I'm not going to hurt you trust me. I just want your blood, all over me, so it might only hurt after two hits to the skull, but I promise, I shall make this enjoyable!" Neikan would say no more, throwing the rock at the boy head, he noticed him hit the ground, charging over to him, he smashed his skull in, right in front of his parents. as the blood splashed and Neikan just kept on laughing. " Now, let's play a little game called who is the smartest! you get a answer wrong, i will break both of your legs .. matter of fact, I'm going to remove them! watch the blood spill out." Neikan would grip his rock once again as he stomped the teen, dragging him behind the other tree, he sent the kill shot. turning back to his family, Neikan would point to his dad, " your turn! what's your name?" after a few minutes of waiting for a reply, the family must have knew they wasn't going to alive. how smart was they? dropping both of them to the ground, neikan would grab the wife by the back of her head, while at the same time dragging the husband to the tree. Neikan would kiss the wife on the lips and smack her behind. pushing her to the ground he would laugh. placing his right hand on top of the husband head, he would begin to smash it against the tree at least twenty times. turning to the wife, Neikan would pull her on top of him, the girl was still living but he wanted to go to sleep with someone by him. tonight he wasn't lonely.  The next day, Neikan woke up, the girl was still crying, placing both thumbs in her eyes, he would remove them! going deeper he would bust open her skull like butter. standing, the boy would head off as if nothing happened. today neikan didn't know what he was getting himself into, he just slaughtered a family for the hell of it. though some training would be nice? perhaps. heading straight ahead to his next destination point, Neikan would have a clean and clear mind nothing was happening, it was blank. walking lonely and a sigh. he would find his open spot and begin his daily training. the first thing he would do is release the rock from his hands. placing up his training dummy he would begin to punch it and kick it. Stepping back to the left then right, the man would sigh, what was next? he did some training, but perhaps he could work out? he have been lacking in that a bit. rolling over on the ground, the boy would begin to do push-ups. at two hundred, the teen stopped, he stood up and dusted his brand new clothing off. reaching inside his backpack, he placed his rock that and pulled out a bottle of water. sipping from it, Neikan owned this area, if anyone else came here without permission or any type of rule, Neikan would end them burn their bodies and laugh while doing it. Once he was done with his workout, the man would pull out his cigarette and start to smoke it. the teen loved that pure taste about these things. Walking in the lonely area, he would stumble up on some food. a Chicken running a alone out here? Neikan would rush up and throw his rock at the chicken head. this would crush it's skull and leave the chicken dead. approaching it, Neikan would pick it up, now all he needed was a fire, though, his very first camp site with the fat guy, that was pretty still useful, what only two days ago? hopefully non one came along and wrecked it. walking over to the spot, the man would smirk. the branches was still in use. sparking up the fire, he would place the chicken in it. waiting for it to roast up. he would lay on the ground looking up to the sky. why did he turn out like this? he was suppose to be a ninja of a village or something, instead he turned out to be like this. oh well, it was life, you live you learn everyday. once his chicken was ready, he would remove it would a branch. taking a huge bite from it, he would chew it down. sipping from his water, he would continue to eat his chicken. once the boy was done, he stood up and walked off. Heading to his next destination point. he didn't know where but somewhere far hopefully. as night would fall, Neikan would become very tired, crashing behind a tree, he would rest up. with a five hours, the teen woke up and yawned. Standing up he would walk off. heading straight for the further end of the woods. After a ten minute walk, he would remove his backpack and relax on the bench. turning towards the fat guy, Neikan would laugh, he was still here!?!?!? Neikan killed this man three days ago, no wonder no animal came around to finish this off. with a sigh, he would relax on the bench. perhaps sit around and wait until tomorrow, he wanted to indeed chill back from doing all of the crazy stuff today. he just wanted to collect himself and enjoy the fresh nasty air. though this place was pretty awkward, he wondered how villages air smelled like? did it smell like stinky death and that odd feeling? closing his eyes he would rest up. at least he enjoyed the wind out here, so comfy. 

The teen would rest upon a old bench, with the fat guy body that was gaining old. The blood was dried. the area was smelly. Neikan had no choice but to move. Grabbing his things, the boy would walk away. Heading straight forward. He already knew what he was going to do today, in fact, he would enjoy some training, just before the killing spree would start, though, the teen was fairly tired today, so killing wasn't on his list. In fact, resting was on his list, it was one of the top things.  But the boy needed his training, and he knew for sure it wasn't going to come straight him to him that easy. Making his way to this deserted area as usual. he would place his things on the ground. Looking around. he noticed only a single tall tree. Turning to the other side, he would turn forward. Noticing at least five men just before him. " The hell is this?" The men wouldn't speak, in fact, all five of them was wearing mask and they all had sticks. " HUh? I guess this is a robbery? BUT YOU ALL MUST NOT KNOW, I'M UNSTOPPABLE!" neikan would grip his rock and charge at them, aiming the rock for the guy in the middle face, this hit would knock the teeth out of his mouth, once that was successful, the boy would grab ahold of the guy stick and begin to do work with it. smacking the second guy brains out, only the third man would hit Neikan's leg, just before a back hand spring, Neikan would start to beat every single one of them to death, none stop swinging the stick on all five of them. brains flew up everywhere, and the blood splashed, wanna be gangsters around this area trying to rob, just got killed by someone who is fairly not mature. Once Neikan noticed they wasn't moving, he would smack each on of them on the head would the rock, just to make sure. Stepping back the boy would grab his things and take off running dropping the stick to the ground. " WHAT DID I JUST DO? WHY? WHY ME!!?!!?" The teen yelled out as he ran faster and faster, he promised he wouldn't hit anyone else he just broke a promise. SMACK! Neikan would hit his head on a log, he fell to the ground out cold. Feeling his body being dragged to the side. he would wait up a few minutes later blinking. turning to the left he noticed a camp fire, then the right his things and backpack. Looking forward, he saw this old man looking over what seemed to be a map? " Hey old timer, thanks for caring for me, I feel a lot better now so I can assume I'll be getting out of your hair." Neikan said, just before he felt the old hands of the man stopping him. " No need to go! hungry?" Neikan looked around and noticed all of the food he had. But turning to the corner, he noticed he had a mask and a stick as a weapon just like the five other guys, what the hell? leader? Neikan would make his way over to his things and place them on his back, " No I'm good" he stated as  he walked away. " Hey kid you're suck a selfish one huh?" Neikan would drop his bag to the ground and rush over to the man, though he would control himself. Walking away picking up his things he knew exactly what to do stalk him, when he fell asleep the boy would wake him up and begin to slaughter him when he least expects it. As night would fall, he noticed the man resting. walking over to the camp sight, he would pick up a old razor sharp ending of a blade. kicking the man awake, he would kneel down. " Fuck you say homieee?" Slicing his face open, Neikan would not stop, in fact he removed his head with that blade, tossing it up and down in his hands he kick it away. opening up his bag, he would steal the man food and water. zipping it back up. Neikan exited, dropping the blade, he would reach down to the fire, grabbing ahold of a ending of a stick that was on fire he threw it on the man body.  Running off the boy would continue his journey as if nothing just happened. But tonight he would sleep good and indeed eat good. Perhaps some training for tomorrow, today was pretty awkward and dumb. The next day, the boy stood and got started with some training, placing his old training dummy in the ground, he would begin to punch on it and kick it. dodging left and right he ran in place and begin to work on his taijutsu. Trying to rush some chakra up to his body, but he was fairly weak. continuing to punch the dummy, the man would sigh. that was enough for a workout. Grabbing his things he would begin to move out once again. perhaps finding his way back to where he started? but out here was so damn interesting and somewhat of crazy? and Neikan had to admit, he enjoyed himself. This was pretty easy for him. Perhaps some time again? but the boy wasn't done just yet, he had so many more days out here until it wasn't funny. He would just have to stick it out and finish enjoying himself. Not to mention this was his land, they all knew about him and how crazy he was! he could perhaps take some type of advantage over this and perhaps continue to make himself be known in this small area. but he'll have to indeed watch himself with the robbers, he knew it was pretty bad on them as much as it was for neikan, but now since the boy hated them. He figured they all shall die with every single human and punk! But that wasn't the point.

It was another sunny day in the borders, today, the man wasn't in the deep woods, instead, he found himself chilling in the borders. He didn't what today was going it bring him, but he knew for sure something would pop up and happen. His hands was shoved in his pockets, his backpack was on top of the rock, turning towards the sky, the boy would quickly look back down, must have lost track of time? Standing up, he would grab his backpack and head off. This was the place he called home? the stinky smell of blood and the cry outs for help, the horror noises. The hell? but, he wanted to try something out different before heading back into the woods, in fact, he wanted to get some training done, perhaps a few more of those push ups and some taijutsu here and there. But it was either that, or he could go harass a family and kidnap the wife and remove her head and send back in the mail box pick them off one by one in the most awkward why as possible, placing fear in their hearts making sure they understood who was they messing with. Neikan deeply didn't know what to do, but training sounded perfectly clear in his mind for now. Making his way to the center of the borders, he would begin to work with his taijutsu. with the training dummy that was stabbed into the soft spot of the ground, he would begin to knock on it to make sure the thing was tightly in the ground. With a firmly kick to the left side of it, he would duck left right aiming another punch for it. the life as a missing ninja was pretty horrible, you had to survive smartly and play your cards correct. If ya didn't you'll be the next one to get slaughtered and who will care? your parents, the ones that left you and got murdered over something stupid? the teen would continue to punch the dummy left right left right. Placing his hand on his face, he would sigh. " I wonder what the real world would be like, would it be like this crappy old place? no one around, everyone is just acting awkward staying to their self? the lonely life sucked. Once the man was done with that, he took off running around the borders, perhaps five laps around, he would stop. Making his way back over to the checkpoint he would grab his backpack, pulling out a bottle of water he would open it and begin to drink. Once he was done with it, he threw it to the ground. Tossing his backpack on his shoulders, he would begin to head off in the woods. today he looked pretty sharp, he wasn't in the mood with killing anybody, in fact, it was something like yesterday? expect the part when he killed like six people and laughed then robbed them. How crazy Neikan was? Once he was placed in the middle, the thirst came upon him, he would attempt to control it, but it was pretty hard for him to stop such thing. Gripping his rock which was his only weapon in this strange life. He would stand and rush over to the road. Noticing some families walking down the path for they brunch, Neikan would sigh and shoot straight for this mom and her son. once he had both of them out of the way, he would smash both of their skulls and laugh while doing it. Bu t it was time for a change? neikan with all this killing was getting pretty old and tiring, what else he could do instead of slaughtering people and laughing out of it? with the fact of that being stated the kid would pull out a cigarette, and begin it smoke it. the hot shot indeed he was a hot shot was chilling and smoking his cigarette, he had no attentions on fighting or killing anymore, at least for today. Tomorrow would have to speak for itself. On the next day, the boy would sigh. making a fist with his hands, he would stand up and rub his eyes. Continuing his good morning, with a nice woody breakfast, the boy would sigh. " hmm what is next? besides be slaughtering today, I feel like I should do something more smart?" what was that? Neikan didn't know in fact he was busy still trying to think about what he was going to do today. the thought of knocking some heads off was funny, though the boy and the lady he killed, he wanted to go check out their bodies, it was pretty funny with the hard rock smacking against their face, the blood! my goodness it was sweet, it made the uzumaki drop spit killing himself laughing. but other than that, the boy was pretty amazed on how the other things went with his life. at least he was finally getting somewhere instead of not making a big scene and gaining much respect as he should have. Once in the center of the woods, he spotted something pretty interesting, in fact, the smell of this play was pretty good. stepping from out the woods, he would turn forward to this home that had smoke from from the roof? a cook off? mhmmm Neikan could use some lunch. Making his way to the window, the teen would take a peek, nobody was home? or was they all in the street due to the sounds of it. punching the glass out the window, the boy would sneak in and grab as much as he could. rushing up to the stairs, he would hide and wait. due to the family just coming back in to enjoy their dinner. just before they realize it was all gone. neikan would chuckle opening the door he would escape out the window and leave from the unit. that was fun while it lasted, now he had more food for tomorrow and the day after that. depending on if he didn't meet friends who was hungry as well.

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Princess Tutu

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approved for the stats but I dont see anywhee in this block text where you actually use any of the jutsu ur requesting so denying those ^^

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aw come on I did do Surface Walking tree climbing..

Zen Nara

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Turn up~
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