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 Montague In Town! (Solo/Training)

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Leonardo Montague II
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Montague In Town! (Solo/Training)   Tue May 27, 2014 10:27 pm

The winds were strong blowing from the western mountains that surrounded Kumogakure no Sato, the clouds were few in the sky revealing the massive full moon as it sat high in the clear black sky. Thousands of stars dotting the sky and no light in the training field except that which was projected from the full moon of the night sky, the field was empty with few trees dotting the area around Leonardo. Leonardo is has a fair height and vivid red hair, his suit clean and almost untouched by the outside world a perfect show of how neat the man was. He had arrived in Kumogakure months ago and decided he would begin his life as a strong young man so that he may fulfill his desires, Of course Leonardo was interested in the effects the moon had on his body but it was to be expected from a purebred Kyuketsuki clan member. He was happy to be alive and he thought with enough training the acknowledgement of the fellow ninja would be nice, one day men and women could call him sir as he calls them according to their position in the ninja world. He was smiling of course as he always did as long as he didn't find the need to be angry, even when talking of very serious matters he would smile to indicate the strength of character he had.

Leonardo walked out on to the field looking in every direction trying to find a place to begin his training and not look like a complete fool while performing his best in order to train out his weaknesses, he knew in the ninja world weaknesses would be exploited and used to create one's utter demise or destruction. With this thought in his head he began to raise his left hand forming a tiger seal and then drawing up chakra from with in his body, the moon had unleashed the hidden strengths within his immortal body causing the chakra reservoir with in his body to swell and release in a vast quantity. His body feeling so released as the chakra began to flow outward in his body to show just how terrifying the power of the Montague was, his mind set on complete strength and growth as he summoned more and more of his chakra. He walked over to a tree that seemed to be very tall and thick and placed his left foot against the tree and placed his chakra in to his feet binding him to the tree through the chakra he was emitting, lifting his body with his left foot allowing him to come off the ground and begin to place his right foot on the tree and repeat the previous steps. He then jumped off the tree doing a back flip and upon landing he pushed off propelling himself forward at a heightened speed extending his hand in a flat palming style into the direct trunk of the tree sending a full shock wave across the tree the acorns and other seeds fell from above, He then swung his left leg out kicking the tree causing the bark to explode outward from the tree at the point of impact as he removed his hand from the tree. removing the left foot from the tree and returning it to the ground he did a simple round house kick knocking the branch down from above, lifting the branch he began striking it at high speeds until he was left with a basic staff made from the branch he spun it 5 to 6 times before it broke under the pressure he had applied to it. He looked down at his claws they seemed as sharp as ever and his strength at max he smiles at the thought of the possible kills he could make with them, but he knew his blood lust would be satisfied with the killing of his enemies and foreigners that no one would care about. Closing his hand while stiffening the bones in his hand he allowed them to create the intimidating sound as he began to look of into the distance pondering the possible things he could do, a smile on his face revealing the fangs he possessed as he was looking out for a creature to kill and his luck was in favor as he heard the sound of a thumping heart beat, he began to speak to himself calmly and happily "What is this I hear the sound of a creature is very near, he runs on all fours and smells of dew. A deer how it will be a fitting meal, a fitting meal indeed" with the statement made he began to walk into the dense forest around him listening to the turns the deer made upon hearing the third leap he dashed into the forest and became visible on the other side holding the creature by the throat alive but crippled by the aggressive snatch Leonardo had made. The smile on his face as he opened his mouth and sank the sharp fangs into the deer's neck drawing the blood from the living creature, it's neck crushing under the pressure of both his mouth and hand the deer was now dead. Leonardo tossed aside the vermin and reached into his pocket removing a white clean handkerchief in which he wiped his mouth with, he then spoke in his elegant tone once more "Ahhh.... That was tasty for such a simple creature, I hope to find a new one soon." A smile as he slid the handkerchief back into his pocket after folding it to not get blood on his self.

Leonardo turned abruptly and began to walk from the training field his hunger satisfied and his body feeling ever so slightly rejuvenated by the simple tasks he performed, he began to wonder when he would meet the stronger ninja of the village and begin to have fun with the world. He then began walking off the training field his hand laying casually in his pockets as he slowly disappeared into the bulk of the village.

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PostSubject: Re: Montague In Town! (Solo/Training)   Tue May 27, 2014 11:12 pm


In the end, both sides shall be the same
In death, perhaps you will understand
Are you watching, Lord of Decay?!

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Montague In Town! (Solo/Training)
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