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 Fen's Solo Training(P,IO,NK)

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PostSubject: Fen's Solo Training(P,IO,NK)   Sat May 24, 2014 7:24 pm

The sun began to rose for the day, the wind gently blowing against the window, a slight leak made it so the wind whistled through into the room, and between that and the sun touching his skin, Fen woke up, with a yawn and a stretch, his right arm up and his left arm bend back behind his head, he straights his back out aswell by arching it, then he reverses it, streatching his left arm out bending his right arm behind his head as he arched his back, he then swung his legs out of bed and let them touch the warm floor where the sun had touched, and he walked in the sun for about five steps then turned to his left and reached out for a door handle, this was his morning ritual he knew where everything was in this room at this point.

He turned the handle and stepped into the bathroom, taking a step in, and turned to the left and reached out for the sink that always sat there, he would turn on the water and splash his face with the luke warm water, he then turned it off stepped two steps and turned on his shower, at the same temperature of the sink water a moment ago, he would take off his cloths and would take his shower, letting the water run down his skin and hair, as he then lathered up with his soap and washed his hair with shampoo, he would step out of the shower and then dry everything wet off.

He would take the five steps it took across from his bathroom to his closet, he would then turn to the right and there was his dresser, he reached for and opened up his top drawer, he pulled out a pair of grey sweats and a grey tank top to match, he would pull them on, and he would then close the dresser, and reach on top of it for his comb, and he would then comb out his hair making it straight today, and he would then slip on a pair of shoes he used for training, normal running shoes, and he would guide himself down the familiur hallway towards his kitchen.

Once he reached his kitchen he would take the three steps he needed to reach his fridge and he would open it and pull out the breakfast he prepaired the other day just for his training today, everything in it would give him energy and strength to use for the day, Sasuage and potatoes with scrambled eggs, even though they were cold, it as better then nothing, he would eat it at a decent pace, and then would head out his house, and into the nice day for training, the sun had moved into a postion to tell him he took an hour today to get ready and head out.

He would feel his way out to the training grounds he was shown when he was in the academy, not like he could see where the kids were training and what they were doing that day, but he still liked to imagine it anyways, he felt his way around the training area, getting familiur with it, then he made his way to a open patch of grass .

Once he reached the patch of grass he dropped down onto his hands and stayed on the tips of his toes and he would lower his chest down while bending his elbows till they were in the ninty degree angle and then push himself back up, and then he would drop himself back down, and again back up, he would do this till his arms was ready to drop his body onto the ground, so he would roll over onto his back and he would begin to do sit ups, curling his abs till his chest touched his knees, and he would continue these till his abs would seize up on him.

Then Fen was ready to try a jutsu he had descriped to him, he would use the hand seals he had been trained to use, and the he would touch the ground, he had already marked a kunai just to try this jutsu, and he would use thew summoning jutsu, bringing forth to him the kunai he had marked, and then he would use the hand seals again and use the summoning again, this time focusing on his weapons pouch he had marked, just for another test, he would then check inside it and sure enough all his stuff he left in there was their, he nodded and pleased with himself he decided to take a small break

After his break, fen would go hide his kunai and weapons pouch, and would once more form the hand signs and slaped a hand on the ground, the seal forming on the ground and his kunai appearing again under his hand, he moved it to the side and would do the seals once more and slapped the ground, the seal once more streaching across the ground and under his hand would appear his weapons pouch once more, and then he moved the pouch to the side and would form the hand signs and summon the last weapon pouch of his, and he smiled as he set it to the side aswell, knowing already that all his gear was in there.

Fen would take this time to do more training now, finding a bar he could use to start doing pull ups, using both arms as he wasnt strong enough to use one yet, and he would pul himself up and pull himself up, untill his arms gave out and he dropped to the ground, so he would begin to do squats untill his legs gave out on him from going up and down and up and down, from all the bending of his knees over and over, he would then find a dummy to practice on, he would punch at it till his fists bled and then he would kick at it till his shins cut open, he would stand there for a moment, panting and sweating.

He would then begin to cut at the dummy with his kunai and throw his shuriken at the dummy and he would pull the shuriken out of it and do it again, then with the kunai in hand he would begin to swing at the dummy, making shallow cuts all over, but still enough to let him know he was hitting it dead on.

After he stopped he could feel that the sun had lowered and it was time for him to head home, so he would feel his way home and straight into bed, he had exausted himself and he fell right to sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Fen's Solo Training(P,IO,NK)   Sat May 24, 2014 7:39 pm


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Fen's Solo Training(P,IO,NK)
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