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 Half-assed Training [solo, nk]

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PostSubject: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:56 pm

Hanten decided that maybe his infusion with chakra wasn't enough. Wait... was this the beginning of ambition? No, Hanten had no such thing. He had noticed that the chakra infusion looked cool, but it wasn't flashy enough. Also, he was working on increasing his killing potential. After all, what use was a dull blade to anyone? Not that Bakuzan was at all dull... but what fun was it when the higher-ups had swords that could probably cut through anything? Well, Hanten wasn't jealous of them, but it would be REALLY fun to have a blade just like that, wouldn't it?
Hanten would have no problems in doing this. It would be delightful to just be able to wave his sword and all the annoying things in life would die. Sure, it was pretty much wishful thinking, but that couldn't be helped. He was a little boy, was he not? He was entitled to dream and to drift. After doing so, though, he was primarily a ninja, and his power was to make those dreams a reality. So, while he thought about how to get a new sword, he would practice with Bakuzan. It was a pretty good blade, and most genin probably didn't have such a thing.
Hanten headed out once again to the old training grounds. This time, though, there was no one there. Usually, there were genin  there training their hearts out, trying to be the very best. Hanten had no such amibitions, but he did know one thing: he had to user bakuzan more. It was too pretty to not be used.
Walking into the training grounds, Hanten set up a training dummy. He had to know where to cut people and how (or rather, he already knew, but needed practice). Well, first of all, a person could be stopped by chopping off their legs. Then the couldn't walk, or move in general, unless they could fly. Hanten hadn't seen any flying ninja around, but you never knew with people nowadays. 
You could also sever their arms (Hanten thought, as he dashed forward, cutting off the arms of the training dummy). 
That would make it so that they can't hold any weapons, which in the end, is a good thing. Also, they can't form handseals without hands. That would incapacitate most ninjutsu users, and probably genjutsu users as well. What fun! Hanten had thought a lot today, and headed home.

[TWC 403,
- 2 stats
- 400 towards fuuton chakra blade]

[02:19:39] Megami Kuoga : #kozaiiseverygirlsdreamman
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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Thu May 01, 2014 8:14 pm

Hanten woke up with a start. He had been dreaming about something very unpleasant (how unusual), but he couldn't quite remember what it was. Surely, it was something without teeth and fur. What could it be.... an oyster? Unlikely, as oysters weren't unpleasant. An enormous, amorphous blob? No, definitely not. Hanten's dreams seemed to keep within the bounds of real animals an such. Well, regardless, to Hanten, dreams were not things to meditate upon. They were just crazy night thingies that came and passed, and went away. Transient, like fog or circus shows (yes, they're transient, don't argue with me about that).
He went out to breathe in some fresh air and train. It was late night, but he didn't mind. Now, it was time to get some work done. Going out to the same old training ground, he decided to work on speed. He decided to do some wall-runs (he needed to practice those badly), so he started running sideways on the fence. Of course, being unpracticed, he fell off pretty quickly. Ooof! Standing up and dusting himself off, he thought to himself for a little bit. Well, he could afford to... cheat a little bit (it wasn't actually cheating, just an everyday use of chakra).
He leapt sideways, and used the surface walking technique to stand sideways on the fence. It was a good thing his uniform fit well onto his skinny form, otherwise his clothes would be flip-flopping all over the place. That was, needless to say, not a desirable result. He didn't want to display that kind of thing out here in the public, now did he? Hanten was certainly no exhibitionist (but then again... neither was he an inhibitionist.... if that meant anything...).
He started running around and (other than the influence of gravity and the various wacky readjustments) it felt like just a normal jog. Huh, he could do this every day; why not? It was good for his body (not his mind, but regardless, it was fine). After he finished the third lap or so, he would descend, and stretch slightly. It had been a good workout, and he decided that he deserved yet another break (was he getting lazy? No, impossible. He didn't have any motivation in the first place). He hadn't even used bakuzan today, but that was OK, he would just use it tomorrow. He had trained up his chakra, and that was enough for him.

[WC 409,
- 2 stats]

[02:19:39] Megami Kuoga : #kozaiiseverygirlsdreamman
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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Thu May 01, 2014 8:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Sat May 03, 2014 12:03 am

With that, Hanten would be finished with his training. But wait! What had happened in the first place? Well, just a few minutes ago, Hanten had been out in the grassy field area near the outskirts of town. He was walking away from what looked like the body of a dead beast. He had just wiped Bakuzan on some grass to clean it, then re-sheating it. Heading home, he grinned happily (but not stupidly). Well, after that, he had finished his training after all. It had been a good day, he thought, as the sun set over the mountaintops, making them glow.
Wait wait... there was a beast? How did that get there? Alright, back up a little. Hanten was standing in front of a cave, admiring the sheen of chakra on his sword (he hadn't quite gotten the technique down yet though), when all of a sudden, a large beast came rumbling out of the cave. It charged right at him; Hanten saw immediately that the monster was in pain and weakened by starvation, so it wasn't very fast. However, if he was impaled on those horns, he would surely die (he was only a small, harmless child with a sword, right). So, he dodged to the side, and thrust the blunt tip of his sheathed bakuzan into the beast's side. Immediately afterwards, he jumped back as the beast roared in pain, and drew bakuzan, holding it in both hands. He channeled chakra into it, trying to pour the essence of fuuton sharpness into the blade. The glow changed color, but from what he had already seen, it hadn't made it any sharper. What was he doing wrong? Well, he could hone his technique on this odd monster here. It looked like some crazy kumo scientist had taken a man-eating fish and a half-crazed rabbit (or bunny) and mixed them together to make an enormous monster. 
He dedcided to test a theory. Why not use chakra infusion in two different ways at once? He remembered that in his training, he had tried spilling his chakra into the blade without using chakra infusion, but it hadn't worked very well. Even trying it now, he noticed that it didn't have as much of an effect as before. He would have to develop some kind of technique to make his blade more dangerous with fuuton chakra. He knew that it could be done, as he had once heard that fuuton chakra was the sharpest out of all five. Thus, it would be up to him to master it.
The monster rushed at him, jaws agape, teeth glistening with dripping saliva. "Oh, how disgusting! Don't drool all over the place when you're about to eat something, you stupid mutt." Hanten stepped to the side, and swung his sword upwards, slicing a large gash into the monster's side. Blood poured forth, covering the blade. "Now, now, you're being dirty!" Hanten chided as the beast screamed in pain. It suddenly turned and headed for him, going for his throat. "Whoa so aggresive!" Hanten shifted his weight slightly lower, and thrust upwards, moving bakuzan up through the beast's throat. The monster would stop, shudder, and fall to the ground. Well, that had been a little easier than expected. Hanten pulled the sword out of the animal's neck, and dried it on some grass.
So, that's where he was heading home. It had been an exciting moment in Hanten's life, one of the few. His smile STILL wasn't genuine, as he was pretty tired physically, but his heart had been pounding. When he had plunged his blade into the monster's throat, he felt that it had become... slightly sharper. Was he getting there? 

[WC 616,
- 3 stats
- total of 1000 words toward fuuton chakra blade]

[02:19:39] Megami Kuoga : #kozaiiseverygirlsdreamman
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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   Sat May 03, 2014 12:14 am


Maku Jemuzu

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PostSubject: Re: Half-assed Training [solo, nk]   

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Half-assed Training [solo, nk]
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