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 Playing with my Sword [solo, nk]

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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Playing with my Sword [solo, nk]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:38 am

Hanten wanted to get stronger, not just to prove himself, but to make people higher up the food chain notice him. Of course, he had done sufficient research on where to go to train, and had decided that he may as well head out to the training grounds to practice with Bakuzan. He realized that his slashes were frightfully weak, so he may as well build a little bit of muscle on his scrawny body. Lord knows that he needed it, and he was most certainly glad that Bakuzan was a well balanced lightweight blade, otherwise he would be in quite the situation right now.
Taking Bakuzan with him, Hanten stepped outside into the chill air of Kumogakure. Curfew was not in effect, but people were mostly still asleep at this time. The village was mostly drowned in pleasant silence. Chuckling to himself, Hanten walked down the street toward the nearby training ground. This was a small one, and not very extensive or decked out with resources. Nice and perfect for what he was trying to do. 
Today, he would attempt to infuse Bakuzan with chakra. He had heard from eavesdropping (hehe) on more advanced ninja that he could push chakra into his sword to make it stronger and less susceptible to breakage. 
This infusion of chakra (wasn't that more or less what it was called) would be a valuable addition to Hanten's skill set. After all, he had some small amount of chakra, and he had a sword, no? So he might as well try to learn this; on his own, of course. He would probably piss off whoever was teaching him, that was for sure. Hanten had a nasty habit of doing that. He remembered when that boy had broken his back (yes, he kept bringing that up. It was painful, what would you expect?).
He would unsheathe Bakuzan, and try to push chakra through it. When he thought about it, he knew it wouldn't be that easy. Channeling pure chakra (especially the sharp, fuuton chakra) outside of one's body should not be easy. And in addition, Hanten was one of the weakest people, not just in Kumo, but in the world. Well, if he couldn't do it the first time, may as well keep trying. It wasn't worth just giving up right in the middle of training and losing valuable experience that could last you a lifetime. 
He stood in the middle of the arena, with Bakuzan unsheathed. He tried pushing chakra out of his body, but failed. Eh.... how did people do that? And hadn't Hanten done it before.... no? That was odd, he had the feeling that he had infused something with chakra before, but just couldn't remember what. Not to worry about that now, he thought, as he tried pushing chakra against he sword again. He saw a faint blue glow near the hilt, but it wasn't the result he wanted. Still smiling, he tried holding the sword in weird and wacky positions; upside down and what not. Obviously, it didn't work, but it was still worth the effort.
Hmm.... well, perhaps he should go about this systematically. First off, he might want to hold it with both hands, for double the effort. Now, he tried pushing chakra into Bakuzan through both of his hands. That seemed to work better, but the sword didn't change at all. He could see the visible outline of the chakra, but the sword didn't grow more durable (as far as he could tell). Agh, what should he do? It looked like the brute force method of pushing chakra directly into the sword was merely out of the question.
Now, he had tried a systemic approach, so perhaps he needed to refine it more. Cranial over visceral and all that, right? It paid to think, because to think was merely human. As inhuman as people made Hanten seem, deep inside there was still an innocent child, yet to be tainted by the world at all. He could be influenced either way, and completely change his current personality, if he could only find someone who would break through his thick shell of false happiness and cheer. At the current rate, that was highly unlikely, but still extremely possible. 
Now, he had to channel the chakra a certain way, but how? Perhaps it was like a floodgate opening, where he just had to let the chakra pool in his hands, then BOOM! The chakra would flow into the blade, right? It made sense when speaking in terms of a fluid (which chakra was, more or less). Right...? Chakra flowed through chakra pathways in the body, so it only made sense that it should be a fluid, like air or water. Hanten should probably try that method, and think of any backups he might have. 
He started pooling the chakra into his hands, and felt it as the energy moved from other parts of his body to become more concentrated there. He felt it building up in his chakra network, and smiled wider. At least if this didn't work, he knew what to do next. His backup would surely work, right? If not, then he could have another one. He would try all day and all night until he got this, dammit! Why? Because otherwise he would be awfully bored, not being able to make Bakuzan do fancy tricks and the like.
Well, that most certainly didn't work. It was like the chakra was all stocked up in his hands, but he was unable to release it. Or, if he did, it didn't go into the weapon like he wanted it to. It just went all over the place, like a fountain jet, or blood from a carotid artery (he had never cut one before... perhaps he should try it. It was a sure way of killing someone, as the pressure of the blood from the wound was too great for most conventional "put pressure on it" techiques. Such a thing would probably need medical ninjutsu).
Now, time to resort to his backup. He channeled chakra slowly and in a controlled pattern out of his hands, The chakra he would cause to cover the blade, hopefully to form a skin around it. This might make it more durable, he hoped. It didn't make much sense, but then again, since when did chakra make sense? Some small amount of energy from a body could produce a wave of fire or water? Nah, didn't seem viable to Hanten. But then again, what did he know of chakra? Not much, he supposed, compared to some of his senior classmates. He hadn't had to study very hard, and so wasn't exactly prepared for the amount of knowledge required to gain jutsu and the like. Well, he had heard that work surpassed knowledge, so he would just barrel through by working really hard, all with the smile on his face to blast through depression and adversity. A good approach, was it not? 
Well, this approach was an absolute failure. Of course, the skin around the sword had nothing to do with the molecules on the inside. What an idiot he was (or so at least he led people to believe). He decided to take a quick break to replenish his strength (even though he hadn't really done much). This involved going to get a drink, laughing at people who he thought were ridiculously ugly (or easy to tease), and taking a short walk around the training ground to keep his muscles warmed up. He couldn't afford to have to get warmed back up again, so this was the perfect way to achieve that small short term goal. Now, his break was done and he was ready to get back on track. His task MUST be completed: to learn to infuse his weapon with chakra. 
Now, how to go about doing this? Hanten had never felt hopeless before, but he had sure had his fair share of the feeling of stupidity. He knew that the answer was probably right in front of his nose, but he just couldn't get to it. Why was this a problem? It really shouldn't have been from the start, since he had chakra and a weapon. It just looked like the answer to his question was much more complex than he could have possibly imagined. What method should he try next? He had to get this done, or there was no point in walking this short way to this dumpy training ground. Well, he had thought about it, and he believed that he had the solution (for what must have been the fourth time that day). Perhaps, if he shocked his chakra throughout the very metal of the blade, through the molecules and their bonds. That might be an effective way of reinforcing the blade. It might even affect the integrity of the bonds, which would actually make sense in a scientifical way (was that even a word? Probably not, Hanten thought, it was just a neologism).
The sun was getting higher in the sky, and the air around Hanten was beginning to get a little warmer. Ech, at this point, he would have to be taking more and more breaks, something he did NOT want at all. He would like to at least make efficient use of his time (even though in reality, he actually had all day to practice). He had other things to do with his life than sit around in a filthy training ground trying to channel chakra into a not-so-great blade that he had created himself (without a single mind as to how he would use it). Perhaps he had been thinking about trolling other people by slicing up their kunai. If so, then why was he training up the durability of the sword? Perhaps his subconcious was directing him to prepare for something (like that asshat who had broken his back, or the weird guy with the reptilian partner). 
Yes, that must be it. This was preparation, as defense was the best offense (and sometimes the reverse was true as well). As some great man had once said (Hanten couldn't remember who, so don't ask), "I could not defend, so I attacked". That seemed like Hanten's approach to things. Always barreling onward so that he himself would not be harmed. Perhaps it was time to change that for good. He should, in truth, have started out with simple defense and offense, then evolved into more complex strategy.
However, it was now time to concentrate on the task at hand. He had to focus his chakra first, but in a less crude way than he had the first time. Then... to slowly push the chakra into the blade. He felt his chakra filling Bakuzan, tightening it and making it solid. Success!
Now, to see if it affected the sharpness of the blade at all. He swung it at a nearby training dummy, and sliced it up as usual. But it didn't appear that the chakra infusion really affected the sharpness much. Still, now that he could actually put that chakra into his sword, it made it so much easier for him to develop techniques based off of that. The huge potential that lay ahead of him was almost endless. All he had to do now was take advantage of it, and strike while the iron was hot (was that really a blacksmithing analogy? How odd).
Hanten decided to head home. He sheathed Bakuzan, the bolts snapping back into place. Oh, that was where he had seen that before! Of course! He had been infusing chakra into those bolts the entire time, and hadn't even realized it. How stupid of him (once more proof of his inattention and idiocy). Well, that was that. It was the middle of the day, but Hanten decided to take a nap anyway. He was not too exhausted, but felt that he at least deserved the rest for what effort he had done today.

[WC 2000, requesting
- 10 stats
- learning of chakra infusion]

[02:19:39] Megami Kuoga : #kozaiiseverygirlsdreamman
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Arthur Pendragon
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Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with my Sword [solo, nk]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:06 am

Approved Squire.

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Playing with my Sword [solo, nk]
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