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4-Tails: Kyousuke Snow
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 V6 Altar Shinkou Stats

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Altar Shinkou

Fame : 28
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Lightning, Water, Fire
Clan : Shinkou
Clan Element : Yuumei
Bloodline : Meigan, Byakugan
Ryo : 18

PostSubject: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:24 am

~Altar Shinkou~
~ANBU Captain of Kirigakure~
~Jinchuriki of the 7 Tails~

Meigan: Awakening (Inner Flame/Mirage), Byakugan

V1 - N/A
V2 - N/A
Full Beast - N/A

Ninjutsu, Space/Time, Fuinjutsu

Lightning, Water, Fire, Powder, Yuumei

Health: 30
Chakra: 100
Stamina: 65
Speed: 100
Strength: 30

AP: 1,300(+200)











390 AP
Fuinjutsu Chakra Barrier - Power 140/180 AP
Evil Matrix - Power 80
Chakra Inversion Seal - Power 145/190 AP
Force Redistribution Seal - Power 140/300 AP
Sealed Eye of the Kaguya - Power 150/300 AP

Chakra Signatures Memorized

Last edited by Aryll Hyuuga on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:05 pm; edited 64 times in total (Reason for editing : ])
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Fame : 110
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Earth,lightning,water,woo
Bloodline : Earth Grudge Fear, Sharingan EMS, Senju, Byakugan
Ryo : 260237

PostSubject: Re: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:31 am

Approved of stat change

In the end, both sides shall be the same
In death, perhaps you will understand
Are you watching, Lord of Decay?!

Thread stats:

V6 Youka stats
Akuoy's stats
[00:33:46] Arashi Tekiatsu : ... why do I get the feeling that Youka can kill every PC Kumonin and Yaju still wouldn't fight...
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Naoki Gekou
Master (Kiri)
Master (Kiri)

Fame : -189701
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Wood
Bloodline : Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood Release
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:54 am

Allowing free change of specialties for the help provided with staff work.
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Ryu Reinhard

Fame : 31
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Fire, Wind, Scorch
Clan : Goka
Clan Element : Scorch
Bloodline : Scorch Release
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:02 pm

Please provide links to anything you have trained on your stat page.

Come and get it!
Chuunin Status
11/14/2016 1:08:11 PM | Edited 1:08:24 PM Kyousuke: Awesome. So I can do missions with other people that require a chuunin or higher?
11/15/2016 1:58:01 AM YOKOXKURAMA23: Yes because you are that rank, we will just need to make sure that you fit the role of a Suna chunin by the end of this topic
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Aryll Hyuuga
Jounin of Kiri
Jounin of Kiri

Fame : 206
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Suiton
Clan : Hyuuga
Clan Element : Incest and Class Discrimination
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:05 pm

Here's every claim I could find thus far. Altar is IRL unable to get to a computer so I did the best I could.

Removing Altar's V1 and V2 cloak, which were acquired due to a miscommunication.

The Devil's Infantry (Claims have not been made as of yet, topic closed)


+Aryll Hyuuga's Chakra sig memorized

Welcome to Mayhem (No claims yet, topic closed)

Until Dusk (No exit, no claims)

Altar vs the Seven Tails Act 2

+7 tails jin

Chronos' Whim

+2 clones made, now void due to clones being separated from dimension techs

The makins of Harmodius

+Drained some AP from Ren or something, new total 1300
+3,167 words towards creation of a Prism Stone, at 3167/5000

It Started with a Whisper

~TWC: 2017~
~Claiming 4,000 ryo~
~Claiming 20 AP~

The one massive fucking topic where Altar trained everything

~Claiming 5,024 towards Thousand Hands, at 8,000/8,000~

~Claiming 12,500 towards Remembrance Scarf, at 12,500/12,500~

~Claiming 4,500 towards Meiton: Kirai, at 4,500/4,500~

~Claiming 4,000 towards Wave of Inspiration, at 4,000/4,000~

~Claiming 754 towards Meigan: Shikatsu, at 754/4,500~

~Claiming 142 AP iir AP rules correctly~ (AP claims voided by me)

Swing Life Away

~TWC : 3,888~
~Completing Void training with 921 words~
~Putting 2,976 words towards Thousand Hands, at 2,976/8,000~
~Claiming 30 AP~

Heavy is the Head

~Exit, TWC: 1059~
~All words towards Void, at 7079/8000~
~Claiming 10 AP~

The Hard Truth


Let the Games Begin


~Memorizing the chakra signatures of all three people~
~TWC - 1,584~
~All towards mastering Mass Pull~

Solo S-Rank, no jutsu claims
+5000 Ryo

This is my rifle this is my gun

Another solo S-Rank, no jutsu claims
+5000 Ryo

The Mizukage's Legacy


Loser Nears

+Stage 3 Meigan

Loser Seeks

+Also Stage 3 Meigan

Guildencrantz and Rosenstern

~2152/5450 for Chidori Current~

Alas, Dear Brother

Claiming 2609 words towards Final Purification

+5 stats


~+11 stats~
~+2256 words towards Raikiri~

No one Else to Blame

~End of Topic~
~3,000/3,000 words of switching my main spec to medical~ (Staff-Sanctioned spec swap occurred after this topic)
~Claiming 15 Stats~
~TWC: 3038~

A Day in the Streets

~Using free 3,000 from Christmas that I never used +1,250 from topic for Eight Cages of Hell~
~Aaaaand put the rest towards Meigan : Awakening~, approx. 1,801~
~+15 stats~

The Hangover

~+8 Stats~
~+1613 words towards Meigan: Awakening~

Two Steps Behind 
~+11 stats~
~Learned 64 Palms~
~Learned Rotation~

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PostSubject: Re: V6 Altar Shinkou Stats   

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V6 Altar Shinkou Stats
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