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 Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}

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PostSubject: Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}   Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:43 pm

Yume made his way to the training grounds of his home town Kumogakure, he had a deep love for said village although he wouldn't show that to anyone except close friends, Yume's steps where crooked and shattered as though he were following a road slowly falling apart as he took a simple step onto it. Yume's breath sharpened as he grew close to his designated area. Yume finally got to the training grounds as his chakra began acting up, this happened commonly making small cuts in his skin forcing blood to escape the wounds.This time the Chakra made a huge gash down the right side of his face, the gash was deep and went down his face. Yume pushed the bleeding away, he knew it would just get worst if he didn't try and control his chakra. Yume took off his eye patch that covered his right eye revealing his eye that seemed to be filled with hate, Yume grasped his forehead laughing like a psychotic clown laugh, Yume's eye attempted to open into his 1st tomoe but failed miserably and instead reverted back as blood began to tint Yume's eye sight.

Yume grasped his right eye "YOU IDIOT!YOU KNOW WE CAN'T DO THAT YET!" Yume yelled knowing the voice would hear him, Yume's balance faltered as he was pushed back a tiny bit. Yume was wierded out by the sudden falter in his body his eyes where opened wide now as he looked around. Yume saw nobody, or someone was just fast as all hell, 'Did you see anyone?' Yume questioned himself, 'Yeah... but he is a fast fucker' a voice called back to him. Yume threw his hands behind his head "If you're out there show yourself!" Yume called to nothing within seconds Yume grew to inpatient, he threw his hands in the air in defeat. Yume saw a shadow as a man came out, he was weird and looked like a fucking priest as the man grew closer his smile turned more and more like a sinner, the man brought his hand up like a knife, the man plunged his hand into Yume's body although he must have been using Medical Ninjutsu due to the fact he didn't draw blood his body simply allowed the hand to go into him.

Yume's eyes grew wider than ever as he felt the man go threw his body Yume gave a pitiful groan as the man muttered something just load enough for Yume to hear 'The song... where is the song of hearts' the man muttered Yume had no idea what he was talking about but the voice in his head began to speak 'MOVE NOW!' the voice said, Yume obeyed with a irritated tone Yume looked at the man "You filthy old geezer what did you to to me!" Yume said to the old man, within a flash the man was up to Yume raising his hand within seconds Yume felt a backhand slap against his cheek although he couldn't respond as the hit sent him flying into the treeline smashing threw Oaks Yume was forced to upchuck some blood leaving a bit of a blood stream from his mouth although he wiped it the moment hurt. Yume's whole body felt like it was hit with a pin cushion, his body wouldn't respond to him, Yume began to lose consciousness.

Inside Yume's Dream/Mind

Yume looked up to a man who looked like him, hiss skin was a weird ash gray color and his eyes looked as though they could pierce threw his body looking into his soul.The man laughed as Yume looked at his eyes, upon closer inspection he saw the man had 3 tomoes on his eyes, Yume knew instantly what this meant "Y-You have a sharingan..." Yume said to the man, his smile widened "Can't talk i have to force you into a state of deep depression have fun*heart*" the man said as he disappeared and Yume was released and the room changed to a video. Yume looked all the characters where holograms, Yume watched a door as him as a child came threw it. Yume cocked his head in a confused manner as Yume didn't remember this day. Yume watched as his mother patted his little-self on the head and sent him off to play. YUme followed the body as he witness three kids kicking a dog, Yume didn't pay attention although he wanted to beat them he knew he couldn't because he wasn't a hologram, his younger-self was now on a trip to his aunts house. Yume followed himself into the house to show a happy women giving Yume a cookie when she accidentally knocked Yume's eye-patch to the side a bit revealing his right eye, Yume thought nothing of this as his aunt went back to backing happily. Yume watched his aunt happily until he saw his younger-self grabbing a knife, in seconds the younger version of himself had implanted a knife into his aunts back pushing up hard, the knife dislocated the spine although Yume's eyes began to water "I...I...I killed my family member!" Yume cried out in tears as he heard another sound, one of his brothers had came over younger Yume wasted no time stabbing his brother in the throat with the knife with a sadistic look in his eyes, Yume was at a state of pure terror and sorrow followed by hopelessness as his younger-self began to lick the blade, Yumes eyes widened at the sight and he began to puke on the floor, his younger-self began to stab his younger brothers body multiple times.


Yume begged as his sorrow grew his eyes began to distort from their original color into a crimson red color with one tomoe, Yume began to cry out blood, his body was still adapting forcing more blood flow than normal, Yume smiled a bit sanity almost all gone, while the voice, himself watched with a sadistic grin, Yume thought 'I've given everything for my education, my chakra wont listen to me, i killed my own kin, I've forced myself into a cold existence with no chance of getting out...I-I'm so useless....There is no way to repent for my sins...' Yume thought to himself as his tears distorted back to their normal watery liquids, Yume's sharingan split into two as he watched he saw himself kill his mother, father, all his kin that where close, all he could think about was how much he needed power killing his family didn't matter all that mattered was getting more powerful at that moment all Yume cared about was power "power...power...Power...POwer...POWer...POWEr...POWER, SHARINGAN I NEED MORE FUCKING POWER I WANT TO KILL AL THOSE WHO BETRAY ME!" Yume said starting as a soft talking voice and turned into a scream his sharingan accepted his plea giving Yume his third tomoe, Yume walked away from the dream state and was brought back to the man about to stick his hand in Yume.

[Dream ends]

Yume kicked the man back attempting to activate although he found he couldn't so the man came back but Yume simply said fuck it dived his hands deep into the geezers eye sockets he made a sickening pop as the man fell dying from a simple trick. Yume let out a laugh of victory before coming to his less violent self. Yume looked at himself he was covered in blood the mans body had splattered all over him, Yume's eyes widened in shock "I...I...I am-" Yume began to say before a voice butted in 'Perfect... a perfect suit for me to take over and force to do my bidding' the voice called to Yume in a rather sadistic tone, Yume held his head in shock and pain as the voice was trying to take back control "N-NO! I WONT LET YOU! Yume screamed as a song began to play in his head soothing the voice and himself, Yume slowly began to hum that soon turned into a full slow soft singing voice coming from Yume, he didn't know why it was inside him but he kept singing,

"Soshite bouyaha nemurini tsuite 
Ikizuku haino nakano hono o hitotsu, futatsuto 
Ukabu fukurami itoshi yokogao 
Daichini taruru ikusenno yume, yume 

Ginno hitomini yuragu yoruni umareochita kagayaku omae 
Ikui kuno tositsukia 
Ikutu inoriwo tsuchihe kaeshitemo 

Watashiha inorituzukeru 
Mou kakonnokotoni ai 

Soshite bouyaha nemurini tsuite 
Ikizuku haino nakano hono o hitotsu, futatsuto 
Ukabu fukurami itoshi yakogao 
Daichini taruru ilusenno yume, yume 

Ginno hitomini yuragu yoruni 
Umareochita kagayaku omae ikuo kuno tositsukiga 
Ikutu inoriwo tsuchihe kaeshitemo 

Watashiha inorituzukeru mou kakonnokotoni aiwo 
Tsunaidateni kisuwo"

After the song the voice was surprisingly quiet until he began to scream 'y-YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU SING THAT SONG! YOU'RE A FUCKING MONSTER, YOU HEAR ME YOU'RE A MONSTER!' the voice said as it disappeared leaving Yume to look at the sky tears began to make their way down his face slowly, the glistening tears splashed onto the solid ground Yume didn't know what to do as he heard words come from the man, "T...The song... p...please... d...don't run... from... yourself..." the man said choking on blood afterwards, Yume was so sick of people dying around him, he felt depressed enough about all the shit that had gone on, three children came and surrounded Yume, they began to call him a monster, Yume listened for a few minutes, he couldn't move, the man's words pierced into his soul, finally Yume snapped back to reality the children got a bit more violent chucking rocks at Yume, upon waking Yume was hit in the face with a rock, the top of his eye was cut and now bleeding.Yume stood up and picked up the rock, chucking it at the child hitting him in the head making the children run off in terror, Yume grasped his head the voice wasn't speaking but his head hurt, he could barely contain what the words where saying, "You... must..." that was all Yume could hear before they cut out, Yume didn't know what to do for five minutes his head was filled with pain until the voices died down, leaving Yume there staring at a puddle of his own blood the face looking back at him was his own with a sharingan activated looking him dead in the eye with a smirk that showed he was cocky as all hell.


Yume made his way to a tree he held up his hand to seem his skin, it wasn't blood red anymore he smiled happily as he began to recite a child's words to himself,


You're all bad luck...

If we let you live, we will all be fucked...

So we cast you off now...

Into the shadows of depth...

Where all the people see is nothing but red...

Once you have return, surely death will come a'knockin'...

As it will be written... on your coffin..."

Upon finishing the song he once heard he finally realized... 'They knew... They knew i killed my family and they didn't tell me... THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS NOBODY IS LIKE ME HOW WILL I EVER TRUST ANOTHER FUCKING SOUL!' Yume thought to himself, he thought long and hard until a memory popped into his head he was at a dinner table, everyone there called him red... then it went black and opened a light to his last remaining family, they where chatting about him finally they decided to rename Red... into Yume to see if the towns people would forget the deaths. it didn't work. Yume got up only god could tell what Yume was feeling, he felt betrayed, unloved, hated hopeless, saddened, sorrowed, and finally angry, Yume's eyes lit up in fury as his first tomoe began to grow and his eye color distorted to red, Yume quickly turned it back into his normal color and began to walk away from the training field.

Requesting first tomoe, 
and please note when he achieved his third tomoe in a dream, it doesn't connect with the real world}
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:00 pm

Approved for being a psycho-killer like most of the site. Oh, and for one tome & +20 JP. Have a nice day.

"Battle not with Monsters lest ye Become a Monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you"
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}   Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:57 pm

Yume awoke in a cod sweat he looked around rather quickly as he whipped the cold sweat from his forehead, his eyes winced he grabbed his hair in a act of trying to understand something "W-What was I dreaming about?"  Yume said with a slight low pitched yawn, he moved his leg off his bed and began to get up, his days had changed when he got his first tomoe, things around him looked different almost fake, he got use to this quickly, Yumes did his normal one hundred push ups working his whole body and attempting to strengthen even his bones. Yume got off the floor, he began to strip his bed throwing it into a pile next to his closet, Yume walked over to his closet opening it pushing the pile over a bit, Yume pulled out a pair of black jeans, and a white tee with black stripes going horizontal down his body, the black stripes got lighter and lighter until the final stripe was a simple gray color.

Yume got on his shoes, and activated his sharingan with a psychotic smile plastered on his face, with him he brought a butter knife due to his low funds he was unable to buy a good kunai, Yume walked out of his house making it down the stair before getting pushed by some rude guy, the man pushed Yume back against the wall, Yume knew now this was a mugging, the man had no weapons so Yume figured he would make this ass whooping as simple as possible, Yume gave the man a smile right to his face, the man didn't respond kindly punching Yume in the face, Yume moved his face back to the man with the same face on it, by now Yumes eyes where slanted and his voice was chilled with anger, he didn't show any signs of stutter when he began to speak, Yume's eyes opened wide showing his old sharingan staring into his eyes, unable to throw him in a genjutsu Yume simply pulled his butter knife which the man simply laughed at.Yume laughed with the man as he stabbed the man through the throat the blood slowly dripped off the handle of the butter knife as Yume simply twisted and pulled out of the mans throat leaving a round hole about two by three inches.

Yume pulled the butter knife through the now half dead mans shirt, the clean part was now bloody crimson. Yume looked at the man he was bleeding out Yume didn't understand, ninja had the power to become gods if only they had a bit more strength in them, Yume put the butter knife in his now empty kunai pocket and walked out into the crowd of people heading to the training grounds, he hated walking with these people they always had to push people whom where right next to them oh so rudely, he couldn't understand what consumed their humanity to the point all they felt was the fat they where hopeless he proceeded to the training ground.
{500/2000 for second tomoe}
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}   

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Training with the eyes of a god! {Training Io Nk}
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