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 Meeting People on the Training Field (P, NK)

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Aya Hiyashi

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PostSubject: Meeting People on the Training Field (P, NK)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:17 am

Aya stared up at her ceiling, wondering why her mother was all but locking her in her own room. Ah, yes. It was because she wasn't being social and making friends. She had friends! Just... no one outside of the family... okay, that was kind of lame.

With a resigned sigh, the redhead rose from the floor -she had gotten bored- and decided to shower. Once that was done, she changed into her usual outfit. Her Kumo headband gleaming proudly on her obi, acting like a belt buckle. The teenager opened her window, and quickly wrote a letter to her mother stating that she was going out, and that yes, she would try and find someone to hang out with. And with that, she zoomed out of her room and into the ever-chilly streets of her beloved village.

Making a beeline for the training grounds, the redhead bypassed the more populated ones and headed to one that was quieter. More secluded. Once there, instead of going through her usual warm-ups she just plopped down onto the ground with her back to a large boulder, and crossed her legs.

Truth be told, she was kind of lying to her mother. Yes, she would try, but she wouldn't be putting extensive effort into it. Aya knew it wasn't good to neglect her social life -or lack thereof- and that she was becoming anti-social and that was potential bad for her health, but was honestly just more interested in becoming a better ninja, and earning the honour of carrying her headband.

So, with that thought, the redhead closed her eyes and meditated. Regularly pulling her chakra into a tight ball, and then slowly releasing it. Stopping it's movement in certain area's, and speeding it up in others. Pouring charka into her arm or leg, to the point where it almost hurt, and then shifting the pressure to a different area. Her chakra exercises always left her unawares of the world outside her body, but hopefully her newly sharpened chakra sensing abilities would aid her in keeping herself out of trouble... or at least keep people from sneaking up on her. Either one.

Maybe I'm crazy, yeah, a little naive, but the light at the end is brighter than it used to be. Got a long way to go but I know, I believe that the light at end is brighter than it used to be.

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Meeting People on the Training Field (P, NK)
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