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 V6 Global Mission Rules

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PostSubject: V6 Global Mission Rules   Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:35 am


Missions are part of every Shinobi and Kunoichi's life, they are the main source of income for the village, and provide a good chunk of cash for those that complete them.


• Only staff, and Kage/Leaders of the corresponding village can put up missions to be done, Kage do not have to pay the mission out of their pocket instead it is fronted by the countries Daimyo. (Kage missions can be anything that want, they will be monitored however on rewards to prevent abuse, and tasks that are out of character to give.)  Mission Requests are the only exception to this, as it is members making missions for the board that would of existed.

• Must be Genin before you can preform missions, Students are not official ninja yet so they cannot do missions.

• Active Kage and Village Leaders cannot preform missions.

• E and D-rank missions may be done alone, any higher requires a full Genin squad (3 Genin minimum), to be partnered with a Chuunin+,  or for you to be Chuunin or higher.

• All participants on a mission are required to do their share of the total word count divided by how many people are doing the mission, any higher and their words will not count towards the ending total, but help to further the mission. (1,000 total words with a 4 man cell makes each member only able to contribute 250 words.)

• When doing missions you will be rewarded with the corresponding rewards listed, with B-Rank and higher missions you will also be awarded stats. The stat conversion for missions is 400 words per stat, and no more than 10 stats can be gained per mission. Jutsu and other such things can be trained on missions with their same wordcount however on any rank. Doing training for equipment would make you lose stat gain. If you already have max stats, you do not get bonus AP or training discount from stats.

• The location specified on the mission is where the thread must be made, higher ranked missions could potentially be made on the country borders which missing ninja can jump into and attempt to disrupt the mission.

• Regardless if you obtain the word count, the mission will be reviewed upon its quality as well. If you spend the entire wordcount conversing within the village, then complete the objective in ten words then it will be denied.  You can go over the wordcount required to do character development, just make sure the mission makes up at least a good chunk of the required wordcount.

• All members of the mission receive the same full ryo reward, any item rewards must be split amongst the party.

• WC requirement of a NPC mission can be ignored at the judgement of the attending mod. Should it be found lacking, the participants may be requested to expand.

• Chuunin+ can group up with other ninja(Genin+) to form an unofficial squad, they must however have at least five threads with their partner beforehand, and there cannot be more than four people on a squad.  Use common sense on this, you need to have a reason to group up and it will be reviewed along with the mission.

• All missions being done must have the mission specs in a spoiler on the first post, and a link to the host thread.

• Missions do not need to be claimed, they can be performed freely.

• Chuunin and higher may repeat the same mission only when preforming it with a new squad they are leading.

• Repeatable missions are only those that can be done by other people, and are not taken off the board upon completion.  You may not do them over and over again,

• When completing any mission you receive the following free action counters to symbolize the body growing in power as they progress through their life;

S: 15
A: 10
B: 7
C: 5
D: 3
E: 1

• Once a mission is complete, it needs to be linked in the corresponding village's funds topic so a small amount of Ryo can be calculated towards village funds. For more information on this, please click here.

Base Mission WC and Reward

E-Rank: 1,000 words/500 ryo
D-Rank:2,000 words/1,000 ryo
C-Rank:4,000 words/ 2,000 ryo
B-Rank:6,000 words/3,000 ryo
A-Rank:8,000 words/4,000 ryo
S-Rank:10,000 words/5,000 ryo

Mission Form


[b][color=yellow]Mission Name:[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]Character Requirements:[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]Mission Location:[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]Word Count Requirements:[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]NPC?[/color][/b]If an NPC will be present in the mission, and what their purpose will be.

If pasted correctly, the form should look like this:

Mission Name:What the name of the mission is.
Rank:What the rank of the mission is.
Type:What type of mission it is.
Character Requirements:Any unique requirements you need to preform said mission.
Mission Location:Where the mission is located, state a real area on the forum.
Word Count Requirements:The total words required to complete the mission.
Repeatable?If the mission is repeatable or not. (Repeatable in the sense other squads can do the mission, not that the same person can do it over and over
NPC?If an NPC will be present in the mission, and what their purpose will be.
Reward:Any and all rewards obtained by the mission.

Task:All details about the mission in question, what they have to do, stats of any NPC characters, etc.

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V6 Global Mission Rules
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