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 Shinobi Training #1 {Solo - Training - WiP}

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PostSubject: Shinobi Training #1 {Solo - Training - WiP}   Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:59 am

Megami strolled through the training grounds casually, her small, slender body moving in unison with her legs to maintain a near perfect walk that actually attracted many stares. She almost wanted to scoff at them but instead simply muttered under her breath. "Men are such pigs..." she whispered before finally coming to a full halt in front of a large wooded area, trees and bushes extending up into the air to form a densely wooded spot with few clearings. She sighed as she began to venture out into the woods, hoping to find the proper clearing for her training. After all, she wanted to be alone and secluded from the rotten filth that had come to plague the village lately.

Megami was a relatively tiny-framed girl though she was slightly more curvy than most of her weight-class. Her hair was a blueish color and cascaded down most of her body while her eyes were a piercing red hue that would, more than likely, strike fear into even the most foreboding person. She sighed as she looked at the muscles on her arms, realizing how small and weak they were. "I have to get this training done if I'm to ever be able to fight someone..." she murmured as she prepared to train.

Megami had come to the firm realization that she must become stronger. Nay, it was not that she simply wished to become stronger. Such a whimsical thing as becoming stronger simply to become stronger was beneath her. Far too indulgent in sin for a person such as herself to engage in. She was coerced to become strong for the sake of the sacred land that she lived in and for the glory of God himself. Who was she to speak in the name of the one true God if she lacked the basic abilities that drove shinobis' power? If nothing else, she found it necessary to train her speed. After all, a kunai standing still does no damage. A kunai tossed is likely not to connect and, if it does, it will do little to phase its target.

It was the speed of a kunai, the speed and accuracy, that made it so lethal. She already possessed expert precision and accuracy, all she needed was to hone her speed. 'I must become faster... I must become a kunai. A tool of God to be used to not only kill the current world but replace it with one that was superior. To do this, I must be stronger...' she thought deeply, knowing it to be the one absolute truth. Death was a prerequisite of any drastic change, whether she liked it or not. To appease everyone is wistful thinking and improbable. Chances were that there would be just as many who opposed her rule as those who accepted it. To discern between the two required great prayer. To dispose of one side required power; power she presently lacked.

She needed to not only be strong but to be fast. Two of such things were necessary for any strong leader. If she wished to one day lead Kumo to victory against the world, the one thing that was most vital was her own personal strength. After all, a king is an important piece but he is weak. He takes his entire army down with him. The queen, however, is powerful. She is able to fight to the death and her army marches on despite that. Not necessarily as important of a piece but her power was admirable. The queen... Why was she thinking of chess at a time like this? Training was far more important than mind games.

Megami sighed as she decided that she would try out her newest summon. A demon that she had subjugated to obey her commands by the name of Asmodeus. Asmodeus was a rather bitter demon whom despised angels in general and especially despised Megami as the so called 'messiah'. His hatred for them, however, was irrelevant as so long as Megami was in possession of the Fourth Seal of Mars, she was able to control and manipulate him to obey her every command. So was the fate of fallen angels. The young kunoichi sighed as she brushed her Summoning Seal of Jupiter before forming a tiger handsign, murmuring an incantation under her breath inaudibly before extending her right hand forward, conjuring the demonic being Asmodeus before her. In a puff of smoke he appeared, his black rubbery demon wings flapping lightly while he sat crouched before her, kneeling.

Asmoday's eyes were closed, with a look of almost humbleness on his face. However, as he opened his eyes his demeanor completely changed as he realized it was Megami who had conjured him. "You bitch! Get the fuck away from me right now!" he shouted with frustration and a hint of deep disdain. That was when Megami showed him the Fourth Seal of Mars which she bore on her right shoulder, commanding him. "Stay, demonic filth. You have no place to go for whereever you may go, I will call upon you once more in the name of the most high God, the name above all names and the king above all kings. Now kneel and listen to your orders, scum." she commanded rather bitterly as Asmoday knelt before her, now completely silent. However, one could tell just by looking at him that he was struggling to get at least one word out; however, he was completely unable to due to the command that Megami had given him.

"You will help me train. You will fight me and I will fight back, got it? However, hold back a little. You are not permitted to do me serious harm nor are you permitted to use the full extent of your abilities. You must lower yourself to my level for now. Got it?" she instructed him with the full extent of the details while he begrudgling nodded and agreed, standing up at the end of her commands. "Now?" Asmoday asked and Megami nodded, allowing him to make the first move.

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Shinobi Training #1 {Solo - Training - WiP}
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