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 The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}

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PostSubject: The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}   Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:33 am

Kankris walked threw the streets the many men women and children around his screamed and shouted, Kankri kept his pace up, his brown hair flowed, although it wasn't very long it also wasn't constricted by a hat, his eyes shown with love and compassion, he had never known the feeling "Love" although he heard good things from couples who traveled in and out of Kumo, he knew his parents had love until they departed this world, Kankri had no love, he had compassion towards his friends though, Kankri had compassion for change and witch change comes love, or even rivalries, Kankri wasn't hoping for either of them, his heart wanted to shut itself away leaving behind this cruel cruel world, Kankri held in his hand a letter, as it would turn out he had two of the same letter that day before his movement towards the training grounds which was his second home.

Kankri made it to the training ground avoiding the stone that he remembered the girl had thrown at him, earlier today Kankri had pinned a not to the girls door, the girl in which he wanted to make up with, he had no idea what her name was, he needed to explain why he had done such a thing, Kankri left shell shocker at home for this trip, he felt it wasn't needed for him to bring along his little buddy. Kankri looked at the ground he wanted to sleep but he knew very well if he got dirty the girl would scold him again, earlier before he pinned the note to her door he got his bet set of cloths, and even put on a suit which he took of knowing he wouldn't need to be that formal, Kankri leaned against the same tree they met by and looked out for the girl who was obsessed with her god, Kankri had tarnished his reputation it was her religion he had absolutely no right to judge her by that.Kankri once again kept his eyes out for the girl hoping she would come.
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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}   Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:50 am

Megami was returning home from a mission in which she had had to coax three men off of a twenty story building; exhausted and exasperated she almost opened the door without even examining it first, then she noticed the note that lay pinned to the front, written in relatively poor hand writing. Obviously that of a male, though making such bold assumptions was arguably wrong of her. Not all boys had atrocious hand writing, did they? She almost giggled at herself for losing track of her own thoughts, returning her attention once more to the note that sat cleanly placed on her door. 'How could someone with such hand-writing place a note so neat and symmetrically?' she thought to herself, once more discarding the thought as her short attention spans attempts at trying to convince her to go inside and just go to sleep.

She took the note off of her door and held it gently in her hands, quickly skimming over it with a look of shock and awe plastered across her face. Megami read the note once more, nay twice more, before she became fully aware of what the note red. That boy... Wanted to meet her? The boy whom had attacked her? She sighed and almost bounced with discontent. It wasn't necessarily that she believed the boy to be beneath her, nothing of the sorts. It was just that she had had such a long night and now she had to venture out and meet a person whom had attacked her just a few days prior. She wasn't sure if things would get messy or not but she realized that perhaps it was just a meeting of two people whom wanted to apologize and get to know one another. She sighed and walked inside, deciding that she would leave her weaponry and the likes at home.

She hopped into the bathroom and took a quick shower, placing on somewhat nice clothing before exiting her home and locking the door once more. 'This will be an interesting night, won't it?' she mused to herself. She began to walk towards the place he had asked her to meet him. The place they had initially met. She sighed, walking quite briskly as to avoid any sweat or tiresome activity. She needed to conserve her energy in case he decided to attack her once more. Perhaps he wanted to train? Megami actually hoped that was the case. After all, she needed as much training as she could. She couldn't afford to stay in her present state much longer as she was currently weak and powerless against most other shinobi or kunoichi.

Megami finally came into seeing distance of the boy, looking at him twice to make sure that it was him before she proceeded further. After all, they had only met once and Megami's memory was relatively poor in such matters of remembering faces. She sighed and walked over in his general direction, her long blue hair pulled up in two pony tails on the sides of her head, cascading half-way down her body to her waist. Her eyes were a piercing red hue that reflected light brilliantly in the dark environment, the moonlight and lamp posts being the only noticeable sources of light in the surrounding area. Megami proceeded forward before stopping approximately two meters in front of the boy, tilting her waist ever-so-slightly and placing her right on it, almost expecting something. A greeting? An apology? She honestly wasn't sure. Then again, she owed him an apology as well for being so inconsiderate at the time. She wondered if he would apologize first, however...

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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}   Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:15 am

Kankri waited for about twenty minutes, about the average for a girl to get dressed and get into classy cloths, Kankri now rethinking his dress code, he didn't want to stand out, but also he didn't want to look like a slob, Kankri thought about her words to hi 'filth, pig, sinner' Kankri shook his head at the thoughts and looked at the scenery, the trees where lush blooming into their full and most beautiful forms yet, the blossoms of the trees had began sprouting out on the petal trees, even so fast that pink petals where dropping, the girl came rather quickly for a 'girl' again Kankri found no reason for her to take about twenty minutes to get here.

When the girl appeared it was clear the Kankri that the girl had been 'freshening up' or what girl like to say when they clean them self and make them self more presentable to a person of the oposite gender, the girl came with nothing on her, Kankri saw her blue hair a bit odd but Kankri couldn't judge her about that, Kankri himself had piercing red eyes, and a major problem with his kindness to women she stepped approximately two meters from Kankri shifting her waist slightly to her left hand on her side(Assuming this due to the way you write your post, you said you placed you right ???? on it, i assume you placed your hand therefor you would have shifted to your left as expected in most women, again just assuming) she looked to be waiting for something from Kankri a apology most likely.

Kankri pulled his sword off his back tossing it to the side where he couldn't reach if she had better speed than when they first met, Kankris blade was thrown, 2 meters from him, approximately 4 meters from the girl even had she had enough speed to try and get it, Kankri was close enough to it to block her from drawing it, Kankri let out a sigh and looked at her Happily, he was happy because she came, with blue hair none the less Kankri drew in a large breath he needed to explain something to her.Kankri began with a calm settle voice, "Hey... i'm sorry for what transpired a few days before this meeting, see when I am enraged hard enough i become a basic havoc, as your religion would say I would be a sinner or psycho or something along those lines, but I figured i should tell you first hand, I left because I didn't want to hurt you, I don't want to hurt anyone, we fight for out lives and you weren't out to take mine.I am truly sorry for my rude reaction, I am also going to decline ever being a saint, I don't believe I will be going anywhere but hell for my sins, I can't repent for the my actions..." Kankri said coldly to her looking at the ground his lips shivering as though he was crying, but it was his nerves getting the better of him.This was the first time admitting to the demon that lived inside him or even about his sins.

Kankri looked at her with a cold expression "I killed two people who loved me in cold blood, then I killed a old man who was close to his time to pass, the third time was in self defense but I desecrated his body and c-chopped him into pieces, this is why i was so defensive when we first met i was getting over killing him and calming down my sinners mind but you came and scolded me and tugged on my feelings making me snap.." Kankri admitted slowly, he had not a single emotion in his tone while telling his story, he left out the part the two people who loed him was his parents, but he expected the girl to pick up on that, Kankri didn't know how she would react, he expected that she would hate him, call him a monster and tell everyone in the village what he did, he didn't care he wanted the truth to be known that he was a cold blooded killer how he couldn't love let alone care for anyone, his heart was cold as stone and he wanted her to know that.After this Kankri would turn and grabbing his kings blade then leave.

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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}   

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The Meeting, {Private, Io, Nk}
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