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 Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]   Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:34 am

Megami had come to the firm realization that she must become stronger. Nay, it was not that she simply wished to become stronger. Such a whimsical thing as becoming stronger simply to become stronger was beneath her. Far too indulgent in sin for a person such as herself to engage in. She was coerced to become strong for the sake of the sacred land that she lived in and for the glory of God himself. Who was she to speak in the name of the one true God if she lacked the basic abilities that drove shinobis' power? If nothing else, she found it necessary to train her speed. After all, a kunai standing still does no damage. A kunai tossed is likely not to connect and, if it does, it will do little to phase its target.

It was the speed of a kunai, the speed and accuracy, that made it so lethal. She already possessed expert precision and accuracy, all she needed was to hone her speed. 'I must become faster... I must become a kunai. A tool of God to be used to not only kill the current world but replace it with one that was superior. To do this, I must be stronger...' she thought deeply, knowing it to be the one absolute truth. Death was a prerequisite of any drastic change, whether she liked it or not. To appease everyone is wistful thinking and improbable. Chances were that there would be just as many who opposed her rule as those who accepted it. To discern between the two required great prayer. To dispose of one side required power; power she presently lacked.

The young kunoichi looked down at her left hand, turning it over with her palm facing the air. "By this hand, I will change the world. I swear it." she murmured, her eyes glazing over as she analyzed the seal that lay on her hand's palm. On the seal were holy names of God as well as the names of Holy angels. She smiled almost happily. Why be deterred? Why back down? She had the power of her God behind her. That was all she needed in order to succeed against all odds. She looked up at the training dummy which stood across from her and quickly performed the necessary handsign, reciting "If God stands behind us, who can stand against us?!" before channeling chakra into the seal which sat upon her palm.

Immediately long tendril-like snakes erupted from the seal, two of them, extending five meters outward and biting the dummy repeatedly, tearing the cotton within it and severing the leather which bound it. She continued with this, combining focus with chakra control to train her chakra, honing her abilities. Bite after bite, Megami tore into the training dumbie, snatching her hand around in an attempt to pull bits and pieces from the dummy, tearing it to shreds with her relentless attacks. Finally she came to a stop, the snakes retracting into her seal and slowly dispersing as she took a step back. "No one will stand in my way. I must fix this world." she muttered before turning to a kunai launcher-like machine that sat before her.

This machine was used for the sole purpose of training ones defensive capabilities. Megami would be using it to practice defending with chakra-based techniques such as the first seal of Saturn, her 'snake charmer' seal. She got into stance and awaited for it to begin firing kunai at her, flinching slightly when it made a slight noise, letting her know it would soon begin. "My father who art in heaven, Hallow be thy name! Grant me strength to slay thine enemies and return them from where they came!" she channeled the necessary chakra into the seal on her hand as snakes once more erupted from the seal, the bright sun above glimmering as it passed through their blue translucent bodies. The first kunai was launched and Megami attempted to catch it in the mouth of her snake but failed, the kunai becoming lodged in the head of her snake, causing it to disperse.

The kunai fell to the ground as another one was immediately launched behind it, Megami using the last snake to repeat her attempt, once more failing and receiving the same result as in her prior attempt. She immediately conjured two new snakes after the last one dispersed, using the same verse as previously recited to give them form. She repeated as before, hoping to obtain the desired result but once more falling into despair as this time the kunai severed the head of her snake and flew over her shoulder, narrowly missing her as the snake itself dispersed. Another kunai was fired and she repeated the exercise with her remaining snake, this time, however, she was not despaired by the result.

Nay, do not believe for an instant that she was any more successful than in her previous attempts. She was not. The last kunai had been fired and it had struck her snake right in the head. Why was she so happy then? Happy that she had failed? Nay once more. She had not failed; she had discovered a method of defending against attacks by repetitiously conjuring snakes and using them as a 'canon fodder' of sorts. By doing this she could not only protect herself but simultaneously practice the technique itself and her chakra control by relentlessly using the technique over and over again.

She grinned happily, excitement overwhelming the young girl as she realized a new usage for technique. 'Even if I can't use it effectively the way I'd like to, this works just as well!' she thought to herself, rubbing the seal on her hand as she began to walk around the area, retrieving the kunai that had been fired at her. She crouched down next to the launcher and slowly began to reload it, setting everything in place before once more taking her stance a few meters in front of the launcher. "Prepare, wretched machine, to be defeated!" she shouted, reciting the prayer and once more undergoing the preparations as snakes sprouted from the seal akin to earlier.

She extended the two snakes from the seal and caught one kunai after another in the mouths of her snakes, surprising even herself as she giggled  joyously. Megami was quite pleased with herself that she was able to finally catch the kunai as previously intended. So much so that she decided she should continue to train and hone this tactic until being able to catch and/or block attacks with her snakes was almost second nature to her. After all, her armor was rather meager, plan, and light when it came to actually defending against attacks. If anything it acted as a more aesthetic garment than 'armor' per say.

In fact, that was actually the entire purpose of the armor when it came down to it. To cover up her body while also conveying her social status... The armor itself was composed of precious metals, though none of which could sustain even a hit from iron. That was part of the reason why she would need to go on a few missions later so that she might be able to purchase more fortuitous armor that would be capable of defending at least against a measly kunai. She sighed as she looked at the kunai launcher, having completely forgotten for a brief moment that training was still going.

She quickly activated her seal on her left palm once more, extending the two snakes to snatch two more incoming kunai from mid air, tossing them aside and continuing with practice, doing the same with the next two kunai. She sighed as she completed the exercise, rather pleased with herself. "It's time for the more difficult task at hand!" she shouted, turning to the shuriken launcher which she had also set up. She activated her snake charmer seal, using one of the snakes to activate the launcher as it fired two shuriken in an arc in her general direction.

Megami quickly extended two thin tendrils of snakes through the center of the shuriken, stopping them in their tracks as she dispersed the snakes and allowed them to drop to the ground, no longer a threat. She grinned as she now realized just how powerful she was, how skilled she was. Though compared to some other shinobi she was relatively weak, it wasn't so bad. After all, she was getting stronger at an incredible rate.

Megami was extremely high maintenance and defered from hard labor or stressful duties that would cause her to over-exert herself. She would often complain and throw out off-handed comments that baffle others, speaking many times in parables. Those around her would often ask her why she did this and she would often reply with a variation of 'If God granted thee the insight to understand, thou already would. But God does not believe thee worthy of comprehension.' and walk away. Many believed her to be odd and to a degree such was true. As someone who believes herself to be the shinobi Messiah, she was very odd in many ways.

She was almost ashamed of how odd she was but at the same time, she wasn't. She almost didn't care. After all, they were nothing more than sinners who indulged in their carnal desires. She was a saint who kept her priorities in order and abstained from such sinful behavior. Did this not speak volumes on her character? Though fretting over some vague and petty things in itself might be wrong. She should probably just live her life. But as the 'supposed shinobi messiah' she found this hard to do. She was set to a completely different standard than your typical shinobi and it showed in her dissatisfaction with the world. Part of the reason she longed to get stronger and change the world, though she would never admit this, was so that she would no longer be judged and hated. If only such a thing could come sooner...

She was a clean freak and would clean up any mess to the best of her ability, whether it be an actual mess or a metaphorical mess. Her goal was a world without any shinobi, whom she believed to be false prophets, and dreamed of one day achieving a technique that could 'exorcise' the chakra usage of a being, rendering them powerless. Presently, she resided within the Cloud village and was allowing herself to be trained and made comrade by shinobi for the sake of getting stronger and achieving her goal of world domination. Once she had become strong enough she planned on revealing her true nature and conquering all who opposed her rule.

Such goals paired with her relentless determination still required much training. So much training that it almost didn't seem worth it. Though she stopped herself mid thought, realizing that eternal happiness with her divine father would be more than sufficient to compensate for all of her hard work. This was why she trained so hard. Not just for her own progress and furthering of power but also to add to the glory of God and one day be able to sit at his side as his right hand, exacting judgement on those sinners who judged her so.

Megami despised sin and dismissed all those who engaged in it as 'demons' who were not worthy of her time. Those shinobi that she met whom were virtuous and without sin she often referred to as 'saints' and would extend offers of friendship and camaraderie to them. She rarely engaged in the seven deadly sins and would often act high and mighty when refusing to engage in them to her fellow comrades.

She wondered if she could truly rid the world of sin... Such a thing seemed ever-present and difficult to eradicate. She couldn't help but worry that she might not be strong enough to eradicate it. At least not its entirety. Megami sighed, wondering just how long it would take for her to become a force to be reckoned with. Would it be many days? Weeks? Months? Perhaps years. It was irrelevant. It would all be worth it in the end.

Despite all of this, she DID have a 'cute' side. She would, at times, become shy and flustered at the very idea of something inappropriate or the aspect of someone becoming emotionally attached to her or even the other way around. She would get very serious when others threatened or attacked her friends or fellow villagers. She often referred to the Cloud village as 'sacred' or 'holy' and anyone who would blaspheme it or harm it in any way was laid to waste by her might.

In fact, this led her to ponder why she had yet to find a suitable match for herself. A male with whom she could relate, one she found attractive not only physically but mentally and spiritually. She sighed, realizing very well that the day would come on its own time. She couldn't help but sigh, however, becoming deeply engrossed in thought over one boy in particular deep in her past, riddled with missionaries. One boy who had left a near ever-lasting impression on her.

Her techniques, particularly Fuuinjutsu, were entirely centered around the usage of the many names of God. She believed only in using jutsu to the Glory of God and anyone who did otherwise deserved to be despised in her eyes. She referred to her usage of chakra as "Divine Fuuinjutsu" or "Holy Magick" though it was far from actually being either of these. It was merely an alternative method of using said technique styles that involved more 'religious' prerequisites and requirements that would otherwise be simple handsigns.

She was a very religious person, after all. She couldn't engage in such thoughts just because she longed for someone to call her own. She sighed, realizing how ridiculous the aspect was that someone like that would have found their way to the Hidden Cloud Village. 'Asura... Was it not?' she thought to herself.

She woke up quite early each morning so that she may spend approximately two hours preparing her ceremonies, rituals, and morning prayers for the day. Her God, Jehovah, was the object of her unrestricted affection and was the very centerpiece of her beliefs after all. She worshiped him as the one and only true God and as an all powerful and all merciful entity. Not only that but she believed herself to be the one true daughter of God and that she was the one true messiah who had come to rid the world of shinobi and demons, leaving only saints and angels.

Such beliefs left little room for a little romance on the side. She was gradually becoming more and more reconciled that she couldn't engage in such a social order that called for her full attention and emotional involvement. Emotional involvement was, after all, quite dangerous in this world ran by shinobi.

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PostSubject: Re: Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]   Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:58 pm

{Topic End. TWC=2509. 25 JP, 12 SP. And Snake Charmer Seal Mastery Unlocked?}

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PostSubject: Re: Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]   Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]   

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Vigorous Training [Solo - Training]
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