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 Trials Of Fire II.

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PostSubject: Trials Of Fire II.   Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:07 am

[OOC: Using the Same training room described in more detail in the 1st training thread Here ]

A new day was getting underway and Muu was strutting along, climbing the seemingly endless staircase up to his preferred training building. His hands were stuffed into his coat pockets as he made his way up, nearing the top of the stair case. He Cast a look to his side, looking out at the brown and grey mountain tops and the clouds that hung around their middle sections. With their height towering over the clouds themselves, these mountains often made the could appear to be a white sea flowing around them. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

Setting his sights back in front of him, Muu came to the top of the stairs, and saw just the person he'd requested meet him up here. Sitting by the sliding glass doors, back to the wall, was Shino Migashi, and some might call him a friend of Muu's, But Muu wouldn't classify Shino as such. Migashi was just  someone from the Academy whom Muu found interesting enough to talk to on occasion, he was barely adequate at basic shinobi abilities but for what Muu needed that would be enough. Today he really just needed someone that could run and keep their energy up for a good bit, and he suspected if his chosen training partner couldn't even manage that then he shouldn't have been allowed out of the academy. Shino was wearing baggy blue trousers and a sleeveless but loose fitting green shirt with a white cloth belt around his waste, a Kumo headband tied around his forehead. 

Upon seeing Muu he rose to his feet and stretched, "I was wondering when you'd show up Broccoli Head! Honestly i'm surprised you wanted my help training, what are we working on today anyway?" his expression and tone was playful and energetic, while Muu's was just as sleepy and board as ever. He stopped moving, starting at Shino with his lazy gaze, and stayed this way for several moments before sighing audibly. He really didn't want to deal with anyone else. There could, at times, be more then enough commotion in his own head let alone adding one more 'real" voice to the mix. But it couldn't be helped because for what he planned on working on today he needed another help.

Muu walked up to the glass doors, which slid aside for him, and entered the building, a confused Shino following behind him repeating, "Hey Muu! did you here me? What are we working on today?". Muu wasn't neglecting to tell him, but he didn't care enough to speak up yet so it was more just ignoring then anything else. Plus that "broccoli head" comment hadn't made Muu the happiest so he resided to the cold shoulder. It wasn't until Muu had made it to a table in the upper observation / training area that he finally turned to face Shino. As he removed his coat, folding it and setting it on the table he'd tell him, "Today i need to work on honing my sensory abilities. As you probably don't know, medical skills are centered alot around chakra control and its in that control that I can preform better healing techniques. As a sort of perk of my medical training, sensory skills can come more easily to me so i plan to take advantage of that." Muu explained this not only for Shinos sake but also to remind himself why he was here, and why working with Shino was, while incredibly irritating, a necessary evil.

Walking over to the railing that separated the elevated observation area that encircled the massive room, from the lower are which was a literal artificial forest training area, complete with a few built in stream and even a minor lake, Muu sighed again before explaining further. "So today i need you to play a game of tag with me. You get a head start and you can use whatever you want to try to stop me form tagging you. Hide, run doesn't matter. So go ahead and run along please." He didn't have any intention in a warm up exercise, which would mean spending more unwanted time with Shino. He just wanted to get started so he could properly begin the training and focus. Plus he wasn't in the mood for games right now. But Shino was apparently confused.

With a dumbfounded expression on his face and while he itched his shaggy head of hair he asked Muu, "So i walked up all those stairs just to play tag? I thought we were training to be better ninja."  Muu's patience was wearing thin as the questions kept coming, "And what was all that about sensing medical mumbo jumbo? I don't understand little green dude, what..", he was cut shot as Muu spun around, a devilish look upon his normally lazy face, as the short green child lunged at Shino, abnormally pointed nails reaching for him in a monstrous fashion. The taller boy was so surprised it shocked him out of his assault of questions and into a surprised state of panic and fear and he tried to quickly dodge Muu. jumping to the ground and rolling under a table as Muu jumped onto the table, slamming his hands on the surface of it. The frightened Shino dashed from under the table and promptly jumped over the railing and into the forest below!

Muu's monstrous expression turned into a gleeful smile and then back to his typical bored look. He watched as his training partner escaped over the railing, which was his hope from the beginning. The game was finally on. Muu plopped down into a crossed legged sit, closing his eyes and focusing. The room as a whole was about 100 meters all around, a very large area indeed and exactly what he needed to work on his chakra sensing. As he sat there he pushed out his senses, tying to increase his awareness as much as he could. It almost felt like he was in a pool of water when he focused on his sensing abilities, feeling a heaviness around him, then a sort of warm feeling coming from in front of him, it seemed to be getting further away, it grew light and faint. This was the chakra Signature of Shino. Muu chose this place not only cause it was his favortie plsace to train uninturrupted, but also cause it was secluded and large, so he'd have plenty of space to move about and no one else chakra signature muddling with Shinos. Muu wasn't quite skilled enough or familiar enough with his partners unique signature yet to track him with a group of people around.

But the signature was getting weaker and the chance of losing the signature altogether was growing so it was time to get moving. So without further waiting, he opened his lazy eyes, and bounded off the table and was over the railing in an instant. He was racing through the tree tops and following the signature of his old class mate, keep careful concentration on the chakra to make sure he didn't lose it.
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PostSubject: Re: Trials Of Fire II.   Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:53 am

       As he moved through the trees at a quick pace, his mind never wavered form the task of keeping the chakra signature at the fore front of his mind. He dashed to and fro, leaping between branches as he tried to catch up to the source of the chakra he followed. He moved on a sort of auto pilot, while moving quickly, it was by no means a pace that would wear him down but at the same time it would become difficult to maintain over a long time or distance. But never mind that, that was why he was here, to work hard. Most of his attention was dedicated to keeping a firm grasp on the light chakra source of Shino Migashi as they moved deeper into the man made forest. Then all of a sudden, the signature was gone, vanished without a trace. 

A frown crossed his lazy expression, and he raced faster tot eh spot he had last sensed the chakra.  Within moments he landed on a low hanging branch over a small clearing and a slow moving creek, but there was no sign of Shino and no trace of his chakra he could feel. Still Muu remained motionless, hoping that Shino might make a mistake and reappear or maybe it was Muu himself who had made the mistake. Maybe he'd just lost the chakra on his own and Shino was still racing off ahead. That would be terrible. Still, Muu had to find out for sure, so he let out a small breath, taking a knee on the branch and using his left hand to steady himself, he stared blankly at the waters surface, and focused his mind. 

The feeling of being under water surrounded him, as if the air had become heavy and cooler by a few degrees. He could feel the water moving near by more then see or hear it, the current, although slow moving, seemed to cloud any feeling past it. Figuring this was a downside to not being a skilled sensor, natural things have a tendency to muddle chakra up when its out of the user. A faint feeling of chakra stirred him, and he concentrated on it with all his sensing ability. It was so faint it was as if it wasn't even there, but he was positive it was, barely but definitely there. The feeling was coming from under him, more specifically the water. Muu looked at it confusion scrunching his face a little as he tilted his head to the side. The surprise and realization flooded his face as his eyes grew wide then back into their normal half closed position but a smirk still sat upon his lips.

Eying the waters edge he noticed some reeds poking up, and among those reads was one shooting out at a strange angle, and not swaying with the current. Muu promptly gathered himself and jumped off the branch, coming down on the waters edge and plunged his arm into the cool water, grasping his old class mate Shino by the scruff of his collar and pulled him out of the water, tossing him on the ground. "Looks Like you still aren't the best at hide and seek either Shino... You lose." Shino, soaking wet, crossed his arms and legs and huffed. "Well I thought it was a good hiding spot ya little jerk. Best two out of three?" Shino shot back his retort and question with fire. He wasn't ready to accept defeat, which Muu found himself admiring for a moment, then it wore off, and his usual lazy expression found its rightful place on his face. "Maybe later. I'll let you know when i need help again, maybe you can actually make me break a sweat next time instead of playing n the creek. " Muu said calmly as he put his pockets and began walking back to his coat. He was tired and mentally drained after concentrating on the chakra senses for so long. It was time for a much needed and deserved break, until next time.

~Exit Thread~

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PostSubject: Re: Trials Of Fire II.   Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:02 am

  • 1,861 Word Count
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  • Jutsu Points ~ 18
  • Trained 2nd level of Chakra Senses

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PostSubject: Re: Trials Of Fire II.   Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:26 am

Approved for chakra senses only, cant do the stats and Jp until an Exit is made

Base Stats:

My stat page

[3:26:23 PM] Zee: Out trolling the guy who was once named troll. nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Trials Of Fire II.   

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Trials Of Fire II.
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