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 TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}

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PostSubject: TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}   Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:49 pm

Kankri walked away from Sora who was tailing him for quiet a while, Kankris speed may not have been higher than his but Kankri managed to outsmart the child, obviously not very hard due to the short stature of the child who Kankri expected to be a awful lot younger than him, yet he thought of himself as a scorn to his families name he was still a genin at this damn age he knew the chuunin exams where approaching rather fast and the people there would be at least 20 times stronger than him at this moment, Kankri let his own mind go dark as he began to climb a tree for a bit of work to his legs trying desperately to make it to the top, when he finally did he was happy as could be.Kankri stood at the top of the tree it's amazing view made Kankri gasp happily, before looking down, the tree must have been a damn sky scrapper he had to climb, the thing literately was at least 20X bigger than his house Kankri frowned without jumping facing death he would never be able to fact the possibility that he might die in the exam, Kankri squinted his eyes a voiced called from inside his head You wont make it, face it your weak the voice said, although Kankri knew the voice had no power over his damn actions.He opened his eyes and smiled "Im going to win whether you like it or not" he whispered to his inner voice then he drew in a breath "I WILL WIN! Kankri screamed before hopping off the tree free falling he was about 50 feet from the ground at break neck speed, Kankri got serious the ground was approaching fast, he did a back flip in the air sending his body to the tree he pressed his feet against the tree before turning facing the tree, he pulled his kunais from his pocket stabbing them into the bark, it wasn't enough as he kept slipping just slowed a bit.

Kankri knew he was in damn trouble so quickly he pulled his sword from it's sheathe then stabbing it deep into the tree his body stopped playing to gravitates rules he pulled himself up to the sword and sat, he was 20 feet from the ground his speed must have increased because if he where to do this before hand he would have died rather quickly to that damn fall, he sat on the sword, the hilt between his legs he was rubbing his kunai, he enjoyed doing it time and time again, Kankri had just recently gotten the word therefor he hadn't gotten a chance and it no being lodged into the tree Kankri didn't expect to be able to pull it out anytime soon, Kankri wait then griping the hilt with his right hand he fell, holding to the sword he knew he was ok, he got footing on the tree pushing it out of the tree with a large push speed was the only thing playing in a part at the point, he pulled the sword then back flipped threw the air landing on solid ground with a thud skidding back quiet a ways the skid marks show clear, his shoes now stabbed with gravel and other crappy stab happy things.

Kankri snapped his head back to the rock that had mildly ruined his hands knuckles it was rather annoying as well the blood wouldn't stop coming and that was the most bull shit thing about it, Kankri hated the rock for that simple reason lifting the sword Kankris grin showed clearly the rock was about 5 feet wide, and 6 feet tall, Kankris sword swing made a huge gash in the stony surface with a happily grin Kankri let out a scream of joy "I DID IT!" Kankri screamed looking at the sword rubbing it a bit, he didn't want this thing snapping before the exams, that would make him more pissed than he had ever been before in his own life. Kankri let a drip of sweat drip off his face he began to run he wanted to be more fit than ever, he ran across the running field, at some points he had rigged the course to send wooden kunais, and shurikens at the runner, it was up to them to dodge it, the wooden things had a simple 5 sharpness making them blunt as hell, so nobody would be hurt and if they where it was simply because they where hit in the eyes, Kankri hopped over the first kunai, there where set levels the highest level was level ten when you got there you had to dodge over twenty kunais, then twenty shurikens which at the point he was at the only thing it would do is harden his skin a bit, Kankri made it to level 2 the kunais and shurikens came at more amounts up to three kunais at once and two shurikens, Kankri eventually got hit by a few of them the shuriken his Kankris right leg with it's blunt force it made him wobble it was the shuriken that got him, it hit his right arm knocking him off balance forcing him to the ground, Kankri sighed getting up getting off the track for a drink, then he remembered he hadn't brought anything to drink, he simply sat under a tree and breathed in the air it had to give him.Kankri waited for some anyone to come along, he wanted to spar anything at this point would be fun, he need to train with someone, if he didn't he wouldn't get better and if that happened he knew he would never get any better than he is now.Kankri expected the tree he climbed, he noticed it was 100 feet tall he remembered he free fell off that damn thing not knowing how tall it was, then he remembered his comment "MY house isn't 5 feet tall..." he said with a sigh sitting under the tree looking at the gash in the rock.
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PostSubject: Re: TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}   Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:03 pm

Kankri sighed he was now getting quiet tired or wherry of his new found sword he could almost smash anything into nothing with it, yet his speed was what he needed to fix, Kankri shrugged this feeling off and began examining the field he didn't do much aside from put a rather large hole in the tree and a huge gash on a rock that originally pissed him off a bit earlier this pretty day, he didn't much care to look at the rock long, he began to run back to his house trying to raise his speed higher than before this.

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PostSubject: Re: TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}   Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:12 pm


In the end, both sides shall be the same
In death, perhaps you will understand
Are you watching, Lord of Decay?!

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[00:33:46] Arashi Tekiatsu : ... why do I get the feeling that Youka can kill every PC Kumonin and Yaju still wouldn't fight...
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PostSubject: Re: TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}   

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TRAINING TO THE TOP! {Nk Kumo and invited only!}
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