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 V6 Summon Rules and Template

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PostSubject: V6 Summon Rules and Template   Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:55 am

Summoning Rules

Summons are unique creatures that live within the ninja world, each summon has its own special place hidden away from civilization that the races summoned animals live and train.

Obtaining Summons

In order to summon, you must first make a pact with the summoned race.  In order to do so, you must spend 2,000 words of trying to find the summons territory, and getting them to allow you to summon them in battle.  Doing such has you sign a scroll with your own blood that links you to that race.  Should you already sign the scroll, you may summon the scroll guardian so others may sign it, thus bypassing the 2,000 word journey, this done to promote social play.

Summons are similar to jutsu in the sense you must train each one, but instead of physically training the jutsu, you are training with the summon and earning its respect, the higher level summons being the hardest to gain the respect of.

Summons are called forth in accordance to how strong the summoner is, the more chakra a player has, the higher rank summon they can call forth.  Summoning is similar to jutsu, and uses the same system;

Chakra Requirement Chart:

1-9 = E-Rank only
10-19 = E-D-Rank
20-29 = E-C-Rank
30-49 = E-B-Rank
50-69 = E-A-Rank
70+ = E-S-Rank

Summon Training Chart:

E-Rank:500 words to train.
D-Rank:1,000 words to train.
C-Rank:2,000 words to train.
B-Rank:3,000 words to train.
A-Rank:4,000 words to train.
S-Rank:5,000 words to train.

Summoning rules

Summoning for the most part is pretty basic, each time you summon it takes so many action counters to bring forth the summon to your location, if you do not have the action counters to bring one forth then the summon fails. The summoning technique uses a blood tribute and the handseals, Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram followed by placing your palm upon the ground or similar surface. Blood can be tributed by biting on your finger or anything you've bled from damage or similar. Handseals required are reduced by 1 for each 10 points in chakra above the number required for the summon you're attempting, down to just seal of confrontation if all five handseals are bypassed. Furthermore, summons cannot be summoned within one meter of another character (ie no summoning a snake or something on someone.)

The user may, only if they get to just the seal of confrontation, cause the summon to appear within 10 meters of them.  Otherise the summon forms out of the Fuinjutsu seal placed whilst summoning them generated from the hand.

E-Rank Summons:5 actions
D-Rank Summons:10 actions
C-Rank Summons:20 actions
B-Rank Summons:30 actions
A-Rank Summons:40 actions
S-Rank Summons:50 actions

• If two people have the same race contract, they cannot summon an active summon of the other player.

• You may only have one contract signed at a time, to change contracts you have to remove your signature from the summons scroll; Doing so is a major form of disrespect and you will never be able to sign with them again.

• Summons can be killed in battle, but if they are dealt heavy damage they automatically desummon themselves as a protection.

• Summons can freely be de-summoned, but you must spend additional actions to bring them back.

• The duration a summon can be in play is dependent upon its own action counter, when it runs out of actions it de-summons due to exhaustion.

• Summons have free will, due to this even if the summoner is knocked out the summon can remain on the field and option to protect them.

• Summons can be player specific, but will be heavily monitored.

• Each player, upon being able to summon, can summon the contract keeper without training.  It cannot be used in combat, and the scroll is indestructible.

• A summoner cannot remain within the summon world, or use it for fast travel, they will not harbor wanted shinobi due to risking war with a major villages, all summon races are considered neutral.

All races must be registered initially with the following template.  This sets which races exist to be summoned.

• Summons are not allowed to have weapons or armor.

• There is not a cap for summons that can be learned, but due to this being a community with summons being warrors of the summon race, you are only allowed to have so many out at a time.

Summons have a point system that must be followed, each of them worth a total number of points, you may have upto 10 points worth of active summons during a single thread;

E-Rank: 1
D-Rank: 2
C-Rank: 3
B-Rank: 4
A-Rank: 5
S-Rank: 6

You may not summon, then desummon to refund the points, this is what the race is granting you for that battle.

You must however be at the shinobi rank that allows such rank in jutsu to be used.  IE: Genin cannot summon S-Rank summons.  Summons do not take up jutsu slots.

• On the summons stats, all parts of its body are as durable as the health stat unless stated otherwise; Claws and fangs are as sharp as the strength stat; Flight speed is the average of speed and strength; Swimming speed is the average of speed and strength.

Registering a Summon

Summon Ranks and Stats:
E-Rank summons are allotted 100 stats

D-Rank summons are allotted 150 stats

C-Rank summons are allotted 200 stats

B-Rank summons are allotted 250 stats

A-Rank summons are allotted 300 stats

S-Rank summons are allotted 350 stats


Summons are granted access to special summon exclusive jutsu, similar to Bijuu, they are considered spec-less and can learn different varieties based upon what the summon is.  Summons obtain this jutsu free on registration, and just need the slots filled on stat pages.  All jutsu must be registered, regardless of like jutsu already existing.  This is due to size differences between summon animals and shinobi as a one meter fireball to Gamabunta traveling only 20 meters is barely going to go half the distance of his body and be incredibly ineffective.  The only exception to this is surface walking, and other academy based jutsu that would not need to be converted for the aforementioned reasons.

• Gets 1 E-Rank.

• Gets 3 D-Rank and lower

• Gets 5 C-Rank and lower

• Gets 7 B-Rank and lower

• Gets 9 A-Rank and lower
• Gets access to 1 S-Rank

• Gets 11 A-Rank and lower
• Gets access to 3 S-Ranks.

Jutsu amounts listed are total jutsu, not per rank.


Contract Race:  The race of the summon
Appearance: What the summons look like on average, including their size.

Average abilities: What abilities and jutsu you can expect for them to register.
Passive Abilities: What abilities they have passively such as flight, etc. that can be expected of the summons.

[color=green][b]Contract Race:[/b][/color]  The race of the summon
[color=green][b]Appearance:[/b][/color] What the summons look like on average, including their size.

[color=red][b]Average abilities:[/b][/color] What abilities and jutsu you can expect for them to register.
[color=red][b]Passive Abilities:[/b][/color] What abilities they have passively such as flight, etc. that can be expected of the summons.


Name:Name of the summon.
Contract Race:What race the summon belongs to.
Rank:What rank the summon is.
Appearance:What the summon looks like, how tall it is, all of it.
Personality:What the summons personality is, will it get along with the summoner, or will it hate the summoner and refuse to be summoned?

Health:The summons health stat.
Chakra:The summons chakra stat.
Stamina:The summons stamina stat.
Speed:The summons speed stat.
Strength:The summons strength stat.

Elements:Any elements this particular summon has if any
Passive Abilities:Passive abilities the summons has, birds getting flight, fish swimming, etc.

Character Specific: Is this summon specific to a character? On average these summons are very picky with their personality and only allow certain individuals to summon them, so you will need the summoners permission to summon them yourselves and build a bond with them.
Bonus Requirements: Bonus requirements to bring forth the summon, such as rank or bloodline.


[b][color=red]Contract Race:[/color][/b]



[b][color=green]Passive Abilities:[/color][/b]

[b][color=green]Character Specific:[/b][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][color=green][/color]
[b][color=green]Bonus Requirements: [/color][/b]

Now I'm invincible~

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V6 Summon Rules and Template
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