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 V6 Bijuu Rules

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PostSubject: V6 Bijuu Rules   Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:15 am

Bijuu Rules

The Bijuu are a set of nine chakra beasts that exist in the shinobi world, each beast is unique with its own powers, and appearance. Each beast has its own number of tails ranging from one to nine, the higher the number, the stronger the beast is.

Obtaining a Bijuu

The bijuu on this forum are not free roaming. When the previous host of a bijuu dies it is released into the host's death thread and if it escapes said thread it goes into the bijuu pool. This bijuu pool is drawn from to create legendary battles in which a character may do combat against these beasts to obtain their power. These events only come around every so often, so keep your eyes peeled. Rules for these legendary battles will be posted separately along with the sign-up thread for them.

Bijuu cloaks and forms

Version One Cloak:
The version one cloak is the first level of manifesting a Bijuu's power, this is done through a crimson veil forming over the users skin, tails forming based upon the users level of control. The cloak acts as an extension of the user, capable of elongating and being manipulated. (Detailed below) The user trains the Bijuu's version one cloak at 2,000 words per tail. Initially activating the Bijuu's version one cloak takes 50 actions, with an additional 10 per tail. Maintaining the cloak costs 5 actions per post, per tail manifested. The stat gains for each tail are listed below.

One-Tailed Ichibi

Health: +10 per tail
Chakra: + 20 per tail
Speed: + 10 per tail
Strength: + 10 per tail

Two-Tailed Nibi

Health: +5 per tail
Chakra: + 5 per tail
Speed: + 10 per tail
Strength: + 10 per tail

Three-Tailed Sanbi

Health: +10 per tail
Chakra: + 7 per tail
Speed: + 3 per tail
Strength: +3 per tail

Four-Tailed Yonbi

Health: +4 per tail
Chakra: + 4 per tail
Speed: + 4 per tail
Strength: + 6 per tail

Five-Tailed Gobi

Health: +2 per tail
Chakra: + 4 per tail
Speed: + 6 per tail
Strength: +6 per tail

Six-Tailed Rokubi

Health: +5 per tail
Chakra: + 8 per tail
Speed: + 2 per tail
Strength: + 2 per tail

Seven-Tailed Nanabi

Health: +3 per tail
Chakra: + 4 per tail
Speed: + 6 per tail
Strength: + 2 per tail

Eight-Tailed Hachibi

Health: + 2 per tail
Chakra: + 2 per tail
Speed: +4 per tail
Strength: +4 per tail

Nine-Tailed Kyuubi

Health: +2 per tail
Chakra: + 3 per tail
Speed: + 4 per tail
Strength: +4 per tail

Version Two Cloak:
The version two cloak is a more condensed version of the Bijuu's chakra, this veil due to bringing out more of the beasts chakra is black with a red outline, the host not visible past the cloak being influenced much more than the version one cloak. While in the version two cloak they will have the bijuu in majority control, the user in a berserk like state, the user reduced to all fours looking like a miniature version of the beast. The user trains the Bijuu's version two cloak at 4,000 words per tail, the cloak only being trainable once the version one is mastered. Initially activating the Bijuu's version two cloak takes 100 actions, with an additional 20 per tail. Maintaining the cloak costs 10 actions per post, per tail manifested. The stat gains for each tail are listed below.  Once you fully master your Bijuu, you can use V2 without having the beasts influence.

One-Tailed Ichibi

Health: +15 per tail
Chakra: + 35 per tail
Speed: + 15 per tail
Strength: + 15 per tail

Two-Tailed Nibi

Health: +8 per tail
Chakra: + 8 per tail
Speed: + 18 per tail
Strength: + 18 per tail

Three-Tailed Sanbi

Health: +18 per tail
Chakra: + 12 per tail
Speed: + 5 per tail
Strength: +5 per tail

Four-Tailed Yonbi

Health: +6 per tail
Chakra: + 6 per tail
Speed: + 6 per tail
Strength: + 11 per tail

Five-Tailed Gobi

Health: +3 per tail
Chakra: + 7 per tail
Speed: + 11 per tail
Strength: +11 per tail

Six-Tailed Rokubi

Health: +9 per tail
Chakra: + 13 per tail
Speed: + 4 per tail
Strength: + 4 per tail

Seven-Tailed Nanabi

Health: +5 per tail
Chakra: + 8 per tail
Speed: + 6 per tail
Strength: + 3 per tail

Eight-Tailed Hachibi

Health: + 4 per tail
Chakra: + 4 per tail
Speed: +8 per tail
Strength: +8 per tail

Nine-Tailed Kyuubi

Health: +4 per tail
Chakra: + 6 per tail
Speed: + 7 per tail
Strength: +7 per tail

Full Beast Cloak:
The final cloaked form available to a Jinchuriki, this cloaked state is only available once the Jinchuriki has fully mastered their bijuu, and have full control over its chakra. This state is signified by a dense golden veil around the user. Initially activating the full beast cloak takes 200 actions, maintaining the cloak costs 50 actions per post. The stat gains for each bijuu's full beast mode is listed below, due to this being the final version it has all the tails compressed into one form.

One-Tailed Ichibi

Health: +20
Chakra: + 40
Speed: + 20
Strength: + 20

Two-Tailed Nibi

Health: +20
Chakra: + 20
Speed: + 40
Strength: + 40

Three-Tailed Sanbi

Health: +60
Chakra: + 40
Speed: + 20
Strength: + 20

Four-Tailed Yonbi

Health: +30
Chakra: + 30
Speed: + 30
Strength: + 50

Five-Tailed Gobi

Health: +20
Chakra: + 40
Speed: + 60
Strength: +60

Six-Tailed Rokubi

Health: +60
Chakra: + 80
Speed: + 30
Strength: + 30

Seven-Tailed Nanabi

Health: +40
Chakra: + 60
Speed: + 80
Strength: + 30

Eight-Tailed Hachibi

Health: + 40
Chakra: + 40
Speed: +70
Strength: +70

Nine-Tailed Kyuubi

Health: +40
Chakra: + 60
Speed: + 70
Strength: +70

Full Beast Mode:
An alternative to the full beast cloak, like the cloak the full beast mode is obtained when one fully masters their bijuu, the user capable of becoming their beast to fight for them. Each Jinchuriki when this mode is obtained is required to register their beast a stat page, it is here the user gives their beast stats and jutsu for actual combat. The beast is granted 475 stats, and has the natural stat cap increased to 200 for each field.

All jutsu are obtained free, the beasts however are spec less so they can learn jutsu in all fields so long as it relates to the beast. The beast is granted 10 jutsu that can be any rank, but may only have at max 5 S-Ranks. Most beasts are roughly 100 meters tall, their body being 80 meters long, with their tail being 80 meters long totaling 160 meters in length, all body parts are proportionate to its size. Such exceptions to the size is the Six Tails, Seven Tails, and Three tails, just use common sense on the sizes.

With the Bijuu being in control the bijuu uses its own action counter gained from its own stamina stat, the user left in an idle state with the beast forming around them. Should the beast be struck with a fatal blow, it will break apart into chakra and release the Jinchuriki, the powers of the beast however unable to be used for the remainder of the thread, any and all butchered body parts such as tails disperse after being cut off, reformed after the beast has healed. Bringing out the full beast transformation costs 200 actions from the Jinchuriki. You may do this will less, at the cost of your life, fully releasing your Bijuu.

After the user has obtained this state they are capable of manifesting physical parts of the beast, such parts include the tails, the claws, the fangs, and wings of the beast. The user can only manifest one tail, the tail cannot be longer than five meters in length, and one meter thick. In the case of claws and fangs, they simply enhance what is already there, growing out the users nails and enlarging their canines. As for wings made by the 7-Tails, the user can manifest them to fly at the average of the beasts speed and strength. All stats for the manifestations have the stats of the beast and not the user, the tails for example having the beasts health to be used for defense. The parts of the beast are controlled through chakra thus they do not hinder the users movements, or slow them down. The appendages grow outwards from the user and cost 20 actions for every post they are used.

Note, when in full Bijuu mode you are putting the beast at risk, Fuinjutsu can make it possible to steal the beast from you and seal it within another person, so be careful.

Bijuu Specific Powers

[Jins get access to the skills and elements free, it doesn't go against their cap.]

One Tails: Sand Manipulation - Sand Element

Two Tails: Blue Fire Element

Three Tails: Coral Element

Four Tails: Lava Element

Five Tails: Steam Element

Six Tails: Acid Element

Seven Tails: Powder Element

Eight Tails: Ink Element

Nine Tails: Regeneration, and negative emotion sensing.

Shared Beast Powers:

• Whilst in a cloaked state the user can merge some of the Bijuu's chakra into their jutsu to make new versions of it. (Must be registered)

• All Bijuu have the ability to use the Tailed beast bomb in Version Two Cloak and higher, details can be found on the application itself found here.

• All Bijuu, when full mastered, can break the user out of any Genjutsu should their chakra be capable in accordance to the Genjutsu rules by adding it to the users chakra.

• The Jinchuriki of the Bijuu is able to learn 10 jutsu that derive from the beasts abilities, this can be both canon, or custom, and be of any rank with a maximum of two S-Ranks.  These can be learned at any rank.

• Cloak Manipulation:
The cloak of the beast can only form into a shape the beast can have, meaning claws, tails, arms, legs, etc.  It cannot be a shapeless blow with spikes.  Cloak manipulation is increased based upon the version you are in. Cloaks have the users stats for both extension, and abilities.

- V1 Cloaks remain as a veil around you, being restricted to a set shape, but can vary in size.  This meaning you're restricted to two arms, two legs, a head, and your amount of tails.  Said chakra can be extended off ones person upto 10 meters, growing upto 5 meters in size.

- V2 Cloaks are the same as V1, expect they can form multiple appendages, you can have upto 50 meters worth of cloak extension, with said extensions being restricted to 6in at the smallest size, and 15 meters at the largest.
Cloak extension system is as followed: If you want to have another arm, you detail it's size, and length. Base arm is 6in, 6in is removed from your 50 meter cap, if you want it to be 1 meter in length, the extra arm will cost you 1 meter, 6 inches.  If you wish, you may extend an existing appendage up to 50 meters, meaning an arm, tail, etc.

- Full Beast Cloaks follow the same guidelines as before but you have 75 meters worth of cloak manipulation.

• Stamina Gifting:
With the beast inside you, you may pull from its ap to use jutsu without expending your own. The amount that can be recieved changes based upon your level of mastery.

-V1: Can only borrow ap whilst in a tailed state, can only borrow upto half their stamina pool.  All jutsu cost 2X the amount due to having to use foreign chakra.

-V2: Can only borrow ap whilst in a tailed state, can borrow upto your fully stamina pool from the beast.  Jutsu have normal cost. More can be pulled at the risk of a sanity roll, it will be a coin flip, heads you pass tails you fail, if you fail the beasts influence will be too strong and you'll rampage until stopped through either Fuinjutsu, or being knocked out.  Otherwise the beast will take control of you and be released.

-Full Mastery:At full mastery you can pull all the beasts ap to use aside from 10%, and can do so whilst in base form.  Jutsu have normal cost.

When pulling ap, to know how much you can pull, refer to the beasts stat page to know its ap amount through its own stamina.  Should the beast be reduced to 10%, its cloak vanishes, or is unable to be manifested, the beast being unable to be reduced past 10% of its ap.

Training and Mastering the Bijuu

Training the Tails:

When training to control you Bijuu, you must train it in certain stages. Starting with the Version 1 cloaks, it requires 2,000 words of training per tail to master each tail of the bijuu only in the Version 1 cloak. In order to add some realism, if you are fighting and nearly defeated or killed, your bijuu will grant you one tail higher than you have mastered for That Topic Only, after which you would still have to train for the tail. It is important to note though that if your bijuu grants you the tail, it is in control and you will attack anything nearby.

After you have mastered all the tails in the version one cloak, you will need to master all the tails again but this time in the Version 2 form. It takes 4,000 words of training per tail in order to master all the tails of the Version 2 cloak. As with the version 1 cloak, if you are nearly defeated or nearly killed, your bijuu will allow you use a tail that you have not yet mastered, for That Topic Only. Again it is important to remember that you will not be in full control of that tail and will be prone to attack anything nearby. Should you have all the tails mastered the full beast cloak can be activated but at the cost of 400 actions with the cloak costing 50 actions per post to maintain, although you are in the full beast cloak the beast will still have full control and thus you will be prone to attack anything nearby.

If the tails are trained with a Jin who already has them mastered, the 50% training reduction applies. The discount applies only to what can be taught so if a Jin does not have say V2 cloak mastered, they can not teach its mastery - they will only be able to teach up to V1 Cloak mastery.

Obtaining Full Beast:

This is the hardest thing that a Jinchuriki can do and the most challenging task they will face. Controlling the Bijuu’s chakra and building a friendly relationship with the Bijuu. All Bijuu will start off hostile and even hateful towards their Jinchuuriki, after all who wants to be sealed inside of someone. They will be resistant to freely giving up their chakra and therefore you must tame the beast’s chakra and then tame the beast itself through a battle within your mind.

• Bijuu Mastery Battle:

When battling a tailed beast, you are in a chakra based form in your psyche, fighting for control.  Through meditation, you'll gain a stronger mental chakra to fight the beast.  This meditation can be done anywhere, but may grant bonus' if done in prepared locations.

Basic Meditation:
You gain 100 spiritual chakra, for 100 words.

Waterfall of Truth:
You gain 100 spiritual chakra for 50 words.

All beasts have their number of tails, x1,000 for their spirit chakra amount. Ie; (9-Tails has 9,000 Spirit chakra)

When claiming Spiritual chakra is can only be done at the next marker, you may not do 150 words, to get 150 spiritual chakra, it is in 100 increments.  The meditation also does not count towards any form of stat training, as it is simple meditation and reflecting on your yin and yang.

Defeating the Beast:
The name of the game is to drop your opponent to 0 spirit chakra, the winner dominates the other.  During any point in the battle you may try and connect your chakra to that of the beast, at that point a coin flip will occur, heads for success, tails for failure.  If you succeed you may pull up to your chakra value from the beast, and add it to your own.  If you fail, the beast has a chance to take your chakra, upto it's maximum.  Heads success, tails failure.  On failure the connection is broken, on pass the beast pulls the chakra at upto its full chakra.  Should you fail both coin flips, you may type up a post of clarity, at a minimum of 1,000 words, this post of clarity needs to reflect the evil of the beast going inside you, and you overcoming its malice.  Story will be graded to see if you are able to break free of its control.  This final chance is upto staff approval.  Please put IC thought into this battle.

Doing damage to the beast can also lower it's chakra, and vice versa.  Total power of the attack -Targets health = points taken away from their chakra power.  
[Beast has 100 health and is hit with a 200 power attack, beast loses 100 spirit chakra.]

Outside help:
Should a mastered Jinchuriki assist one in battling the beast, they will have the same spirit chakra stats as their bijuu.  They follow the same rules, but can only pull chakra when the challenger is to help them hold on.  This makes it so the chakra pulled it higher, and you get another coin flip as a cushion meaning two fails before the beast starts pulling from both, and needing only one success to pull from the beast. This risks the life of only the original jinchuriki, if the opposing beast wins the chakra pull the assisting jinchuriki just can't hold on, the aiding jinchuriki kicked out of the mental realm on a complete loss.

Restricted to only one person helping due to risk of mental instability.

The battle with the beast is NPCed by the staff, the beast will have a full 475 stats similar to the full beast mode mentioned above, and any jutsu the staff chooses for it to have.

Once you claim the beasts chakra, you are now ready for the final step, completing the final step will allow you full control over the beast. You need to do 5000 words of interaction over time (It does not have to be in one topic, you can spread it out) with your bijuu (Conversing with it) and gain not only its respect, but its friendship. Once you have done that, you can free the Bijuu from the cage within your mind and be allowed access to the Full Tailed Beast Mode and the Full Beast Cloak, also you gain the benefit having the Bijuu be able to release you from Genjutsu, along with being able to freely discuss fighting strategies with the bijuu. There is nothing else to do, at this point you are one with the Bijuu and have mastered everything a Jinchuriki can master.

Clone Bijuu

1 Tails: Mitako Raicho
2 Tails: RIP
3 Tails: Youka Tau
4 Tails: RIP
5 Tails: Akihana Akari
6 Tails: Kaya Ametsuchi
7 Tails: RIP
8 Tails: Arashi Tekiatsu
9 Tails: RIP

Original Bijuu Jinjuriki

1 Tails: Takeo Tadashi
2 Tails: Reizo Shoyu
3 Tails: Sakana Meijin
4 Tails: Released into ZA WARUDO
5 Tails: Denkiteki Hayato
6 Tails: Viper Uchiha
7 Tails: Altar Shinkou
8 Tails: Xyxer Gyojin
9 Tails: Maku Jemuzu

Although some names may be listed, it can also mean they possess ownership through summoning or other means, not that they are the Jinchuriki.

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V6 Bijuu Rules
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