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 V6 Jutsu Rules

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PostSubject: V6 Jutsu Rules   Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:58 am

Jutsu Rules

Jutsu are the special ninja arts preformed by shinobi, should they derive from chakra, or their physical prowess, all techniques fall under jutsu. In this section you will find everything pertaining to jutsu, including elements, specialties, collaborations, and much more.

Obtaining Jutsu

Earning jutsu is easy, for each rank there is a word count you must train to learn the jutsu. When training to learn a jutsu, you must describe your character learning about it, and practicing it. You are free to do this with other people in a group thread so long as you have a good amount of words going towards the jutsu.

E-Rank:500 words to learn.
D-Rank:1,000 words to learn.
C-Rank:2,000 words to learn.
B-Rank:3,000 words to learn.
A-Rank:4,000 words to learn.
S-Rank:5,000 words to learn.

To promote social roleplay, if you are learning a jutsu from a player who already knows it, you will only have to do half the required words due to having a live example to show you how to do it. Note, the wordcount given reflects the base amount, on specific jutsu the words to learn may go up depending upon the power of the jutsu.

• To use a jutsu, you must have the requirements to use it; the Chakra, Elements, and Specialties for example.

• Jutsu can be used to amplify ones stats, you can only use one at a time safely, if you wish to use more than one look towards the stat rules for details.

• You cannot gain elemental manipulation with a jutsu.

Jutsu Caps:
To prevent everyone from having everything, and to also signify the power gap between ranks, there are a few caps put in place to keep everything balanced.  In the event there are a low amount of canon jutsu in a field, the staff can upon request, create jutsu that will be treated as canon to help expand what is available.

Note; Normal jutsu, custom jutsu, and unique bloodline jutsu are all separate, custom bloodlines with their own jutsu will fall under the bloodlines section for their jutsu.

There are two different jutsu caps, one for clan shinobi, and one for clanless, please make sure you follow the correct one.


• Unlimited E-Rank.
• 1 bloodline jutsu.

• Unlimited Canon D-Rank and lower.
• 5 of every rank of jutsu above D, excluding S-Rank.
• No Custom Jutsu.
• 3 bloodline jutsu.

• Unlimited Canon C-Rank and lower.
• 10 of every rank of jutsu above C, excluding S-Rank.
• 3 Custom Jutsu.
• 5 bloodline jutsu.
• 1 S-Rank.

• Unlimited Canon B-Rank and lower.
• 15 of every rank of jutsu above B, excluding S-Rank.
• 5 Custom Jutsu.
• 3 S-Ranks.
• 10 bloodline jutsu.

• Unlimited Canon B-Rank and lower.
• 20 of every rank of jutsu above B, excluding S-Rank.
• 10 Custom Jutsu.
• 5 S-Ranks.
• 15 bloodline jutsu.

• Unlimited Canon A-Rank and lower.
• 20 Custom Jutsu.
• 7 S-Ranks.
• 20 bloodline Jutsu.


• Unlimited E-Rank.

• Unlimited Canon D-Rank and lower.
• 8 of every rank of jutsu above D, excluding S-Rank.
• No Custom Jutsu.

• Unlimited Canon C-Rank and lower.
• 10 of every rank of jutsu above C, excluding S-Rank.
• 8 Custom Jutsu.
• 1 S-Rank.

• Unlimited Canon B-Rank and lower.
• 15 of every rank of jutsu above B, excluding S-Rank.
• 15 Custom Jutsu.
• 6 S-Ranks..

• Unlimited Canon B-Rank and lower.
• 20 of every rank of jutsu above B, excluding S-Rank.
• 25 Custom Jutsu.
• 8 S-Ranks.

• Unlimited Canon A-Rank and lower.
• 40 Custom Jutsu.
• 10 S-Ranks.

Bloodline Jutsu:
Bloodline jutsu are those specific to your bloodline, things such as the Sharingan's Mangekyo Techniques for example.  A bloodline jutsu can be canon, or custom, but you must follow the system provided for your rank, due to some bloodlines being more potent, such as the Mangekyo, you will be allowed 3 extra S-Ranks that are bloodline exclusive that you can unlock once you hit Jounin.  Any other bloodline jutsu you have will take up your custom jutsu slot.  

Note: Bloodline jutsu can be of any rank, but cannot surpass the rank of jutsu you are allotted per rank. IE; Genin may not have S-Rank bloodlines, they must wait till Chuunin.

Custom Jutsu:
Custom Jutsu, or canonly known as "Hidden" jutsu, are those that are player specific, and are not seen in the series, thus making them unique.  Due to the complexity of creating a custom jutsu canonly, one can only make so many, those depended upon rank.

Jutsu Mastery:
Mastering a jutsu is done by preforming the same amount of words you did to learn it, but using this to get more familiar with it. You may pick to either lower the action cost and remove the handsigns, or to increase the stats when you use it.  You can master two jutsu of each rank, you can master a jutsu multiple times to get the second effect, but that takes up your second mastered jutsu. Some jutsu, depending on power, may be denied the possibility for mastery, or be limited, such examples being a limited jutsu which already has high power by default above normal jutsu. You cannot master a stat amplification jutsu.

When making a jutsu stronger, or lowering the actions, the system will be like this based upon rank;


Elements are special nature transformations one can do with their chakra, everyone is born with their first chakra nature with additional ones being earned through training and experience.

• At maximum, you can only have three basic elements, a clan/advanced element, and a bijuu element.

• You start with your first basic element free, for additional basic elements you must train for 2,000 words for your second, then 4,000 words for your third.

• Your rank determines how many elements you can have at one time, Genin can only have one basic, Chuunin can have two basic, and Jounin+ can have three.  If however you do 2x the words required to learn the element, you may gain the next ranks element. Genin may not have more than two basic elements regardless of word count.

• You may be taught an element by another player if they know it themselves, if learning about elements from them, you only need to do 1/2 the words required.

• When training for an advanced element you must have the elements that make it, already learned. To train your advanced element it will cost 1,000 words.

• When training your bijuu, you will gain access to the bijuu's element after you have trained the first tailed cloak.

• Everyone has access to the elements of Yin, and Yang, they are non elemental jutsu such as the Yamanaka Mind Transfer, and the Nara Shadow Control.

• Once you learn an element it is set in stone due to being part of your chakra network, so pick carefully.

Element Cycle:
All elements have a strength, and a weakness, this is known as the element cycle. The Cycle goes Fire, Wind, Lighting, Earth, Water. The prior element being stronger than the following one. When two elements clash, the one that is the dominant element receives +20 to its power to signify its strength.

(Elements go clockwise)

A collaboration is when two elements are used side by side to enhance one another, without having them take on a new form, IE Wind being used to enhance Fire, or Water being used as a conduit for Lightning. Collaboration jutsu can be preformed by yourself should you know the elements, or with others to create unique combinations. All collaborations must be registered however and trained like everything else. Collaboration jutsu you preform with other characters you can have unlimited of, but you can only preform it if both parties know the collaboration, this requires both of you to train together to get in sync.

Powering up Jutsu

As characters grow in stats, their jutsu have the potential to get stronger with them.
Increasing a jutsu's power is calculated as thus;
For every 10 points the main stat is above the set stats of the jutsu, the corresponding stat fields gain a +5.
Ex; Jutsu has 5 power, and 5 speed.  Ninja A has 15 chakra, thus the jutsu now has 10 power, and 10 speed.
Taijutsu and Weaponry are calculated similarly, but each stat amplification field is powered by each stat, opposed to the main stat controlling both.
Ex; Taijutsu has a +5 strength, and +5 speed. Ninja A has 15 strength, yet only 14 speed. Thus the strength is now a +10, whilst speed remains the same.

The aforementioned only occurs with jutsu that have their power set in stone, jutsu that scale according to the users stats remain unaffected.  A jutsu cannot exceed 2x its original stats when altered by an RPC's stats.


Specialties are what your character excels at over others, such cases include someone being more talented in Ninjutsu than their friend who is more talented in Taijutsu. Every character upon getting Genin is given their first specialty, others are obtained throughout the ranks.

• Characters can only have at maximum, three specialties.

• The first specialty is free, the second one costs 2,000 words, and the third 4,000.

• You get your first spec at Genin, your second at Chuunin, and your third at Jounin.

• Specialties due to being knowledge and how good someone is in a specific field can be changed out at any time, it costs 2,000 words to change your specialty into something else with an additional 1,000 words being added for each time to switch in the future.

• Your first and starting spec is known as your main spec, you can have another spec take over as your main by doing 3,000 words of training each time.

• You may learn a spec from a player, if they know it themselves, if learning from a player you only have to do half the words required.

• You cannot use above C-Rank in a field you do not have the spec of.

The following are the specialties currently allowed and special rules for the fields;


Anything crafted from your chakra that uses elements.


Genjutsu is the illusion arts, it works off the users chakra stat like Ninjutsu.
Genjutsu is used to gain control over ones senses, the higher the ranks the more control, and the more effects you can do.  All Genjutsu has a set power, Genjutsu effects everyone, and must be broken through the following methods.
Breaking Genjutsu is fairly simple, it can be done in a few different ways but the two most common is; The Genjutsu Release, more information can be found on the application itself. The second method is team work, by having a third party make physical contact with you, their chakra is "added" to yours in terms of breaking the Genjutsu, if the combined chakra reaches 3/4 or higher the power of the Genjutsu, it is broken.

Other methods of breaking Genjutsu exist, such as the fully mastered Jinchuriki, and Kekkei Genkai such as the Sharingan, the aforementioned is simply the two most common.  Some Genjutsu may have added requirements to break, such as Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu needing normally a Sharingan to resist, thus you may have the regular methods of breaking the Genjutsu but it will not be able to be broken.

All Genjutsu uses in RP are subject to staff review upon request, to make sure they are not abused through such acts of insta-death and other such actions.


Anything that uses the physical body for hand to hand attacks, Taijutsu due to not requiring chakra has the technique ranks be determined by strength and speed instead of the chakra stat. The same numbers apply but the strength stat must hit the marker with the speed stat being no less than 1/2 the amount. Exceptions can be made on an application should a Taijutsu style require more speed over strength, such example being the Hyuuga Gentle fist.


Anything that uses weapons in combat, due to not requiring chakra to swing a sword technique ranks can be determined by ones speed and strength, instead of the chakra stat. The same numbers apply but the speed stat must hit the marker with the strength stat being no less than 1/2 the amount. Exceptions can be made on an application should a Weaponry style require more strength over speed, such example being the use of a war hammer.


Fuinjutsu is the art of sealing, the system for using seals is the same as Ninjutsu, requiring ones chakra to be at the listed rank marker to preform more potent acts of sealing. Juinjutsu, the sub-spec to Fuinjutsu falls under this specialty as well. Any, and all Juinjutsu must be registered as a jutsu, the host jutsu allows one to apply the Juinjutsu seals, if the user sells the host jutsu, then all those with a Juinjutsu seal created through the host jutsu will have it removed. There cannot be more than one Juinjutsu seal on a person at a time, should someone attempt to place another seal, the one with the highest rank will remain dominant, making the other inactive. (Should it be a draw, it goes by the most recently applied)


Anything that pertains to the healing arts, or things that specifically target the body or the user or the opponent.


Anything that pertains to the art of controlling puppets, chakra is required for puppetry in the same way it is for Ninjutsu, the more potent your chakra is the better your control, and the higher rank puppets you can control. All puppets are given a rank upon registry and are trained/built with the same words one would train a jutsu of the same rank. One must use the words to design the puppet, build it, and optionally practice controlling it.

Puppetry users get Chakra Threads free.


Anything that pertains to the manipulation of time and space, teleportation jutsu is listed under space-time.

Sub Specs:
Sub specs are those that fall under multiple other categories, due to this they cannot be bound to just one, or have a spec slot devoted to them due to their nature, thus all spec fields will have access to them.


Banned Specialties:
-Resurrection: Bringing back the dead.

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V6 Jutsu Rules
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