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 V6 Stat Rules

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PostSubject: V6 Stat Rules   Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:47 am

Stat Rules

Stats are broken down into five categories, these categories show what your character is capable of.

• Each character can have a maximum of 325 stats. (350 for Clanless, see charactercreation rules)

• Natural stat allocation cannot surpass 100 in a single field, and cannot be lower than one.

• Jutsu, active items, and skills can amplify ones stats, but only one amplification can be in play at a time. Multipliers are not allowed.
Should you wish to use a second amplification you will be allowed to use them at the same time, but at the cost of your life due to your body increasing itself so far past natural limits, once the duration is over you die.  You can be saved with immediate medical jutsu (Must be an S-Rank) but your stats due to the massive damage done to your body, you are reduced to 5 in every field.
The only exception to this is Taijutsu/Weaponry Techniques that amplify the player, they can be used alongside a straight out enhancer, but only have half the potency rounded down to the nearest whole.
You may use the Bijuu cloaks alongside stat amplification jutsu, without the drawback of death.

• Bloodline amplifications have the capability to stack along with other stat boosting jutsu, bloodline amplifications do not stack however, you take the highest amplification for each field and that's what you get, this is capped at 20 total stats. If you have more than 20 available, you may choose which buffs apply, but in no less portions than +10 and once distributed it cannot be done again for 5 posts.

• Should one use a stat boosting item, they have a cap of 25 passive stats, even with multiple they cannot go higher.  Passive stat amplifications can stack with others, but cannot exceed 25 stats as a whole. Substats can be boosted by a total of 50 stats, however a single substat field can only be increased by 25. Should the substat fields have an overlap where both buffs should apply, it will benefit from no larger increase than +25.

• Should stats be boosted, they cannot surpass 300 in a single field, regardless of what the numbers say, 300 is the max.

• Stats cannot be traded, or gifted, once you earn them you have to allocate them.

• Use common sense with your stats, if you have 5 health and punch someone with 100 strength you're gonna hurt yourself.

• Max stat characters gain a -25% Word Count going to training. (Ie; Specs, Elements, jutsu etc.). This (or any) discount does not stack with other discounts. You only get the highest word count reduction available to you.

• Max stat characters can train AP at 2ap for 200 words.
Cannot be double stacked with solo training reduction, the words will go to one or the other.

(Ie; You train fireball w/ word reduction, you cannot use the same words for ap also.   If you have left over words, those can go towards AP however.)

Obtaining Stats

Everyone upon signing up is granted a set amount of stats to allocate, depending upon their rank.

Academy Student: 30
Genin: 60
Chuunin: 100
Jounin: 180
ANBU: 220
Master: 250
Kage: 280

Stats normally are obtained through training, this done at 200 words per stat. Take note that you must have the majority of your post be you training to actually get stats, if you spend 3/4 the topic in your house cleaning then go outside and jump rope, you are not going to be granted stats.

Training discounts for stats are not allowed, in abilities, skills, items, etc. No matter what, you will have to train the stats yourself at the full price of 200 words per stat.

Stats can also be awarded during events, or by doing specific tasks, so keep your eyes out.


Health is one of five base stats, health governs how resilient ones body is to injury in all aspects, this including immune system to counteract poisons. This stat is simple enough to get the hang of, the lower it is the more damage you will take, and the higher it is the more you can withstand.

Please use common sense when calculating damage, if ones health is equal to someones strength it will be enough to still do some damage, but if it is greatly higher you will not feel any pain from it.

Physical Force:
This includes being punched, being hit with blunt weapons or jutsu, etc.  You must have 5 health higher than the attack to be immune to damage.

This includes being cut or stabbed by a kunai, pierced by a jutsu, etc.  You must have 15 health higher than the attack to be immune to damage.

This is all raw chakra damage from jutsu, you must have 20 more health higher than the attack to be immune to damage.
Note, certain jutsu can bypass the health stat, and effect the body differently, just because you have high health does not mean you are immune to everything. IE Medical jutsu designed to effect ones nerves would be able to still cause damage should one have high health, poisons that have extended durations would eat away at your internal defences and weaken the body, etc.

Sub-Health Stat:
Weapon health, due to being more durable than skin, require an attack to be +50 their health to destroy them, any lower will do damage based upon the number.  When it comes to blades clashing, the opposing blades sharpness removes the points in yours, up to the amount of sharpness the opposing blade has, the remaining number goes towards targeting the blades health.

Ie;  Basic Kunai with 50 health and sharpness clash, sharpness will null each other out and have no points go towards actually damaging the kunai.

Although made of different types of material, armor is still more durable than skin, this requiring a +50 the armors health to pierce it completely, with the lower numbers doing damage based upon the difference.  Keep in mind different types of armor are used for certain things, and are weak to certain thing just as the human body is.

IE; Chainmail offers defense from slashing, and stabbing weapons, but fine points will still pierce it, and it offers little to no protection from blunt force.

Jutsu, due to being enhanced with chakra, along with the elements, are far more durable than both armor, and flesh most of the time.  Due to this you must be 60 points higher than the jutsu to break through it, lower numbers will cause damage based upon the number difference.

IE; Earth wall will be able to block a shuriken storm, the shuriken just sticking into it.

Damage reduction:
Should damage of an attack by reduced by an effect, it can only be reduced no more than twice and the second reduction being only half as effective as it normally would. Further attempts to reduce damage would simply not count.


Chakra is one of the five base stats, chakra governs how powerful ones chakra is, thus allowing them to preform higher ranking jutsu, with higher chakra levels. Note, this is not ones chakra reserves, only ones potency behind their chakra.

1-9 = E-Rank only
10-19 = E-D-Rank
20-29 = E-C-Rank
30-49 = E-B-Rank
50-69 = E-A-Rank
70+ = E-S-Rank


Stamina is one of the five base stats, stamina is more or less your energy bar.  You gain 10 actions for every one point in stamina, action points are expended by preforming jutsu.

The following is the basic chart for chakra expenditure through the action counter. Note, some jutsu may be allowed to have a different number than what is listed below depending upon the jutsu, example being flying thunder god that is made to be used in rapid succession, thus one use would not be equivalent to a full jutsu of the same rank.

E-Rank:5 actions
D-Rank:10 actions
C-Rank:20 actions
B-Rank:30 actions
A-Rank:40 actions
S-Rank:50 actions

Should one hit 0 actions, they will pass out for the remainder of the thread. Should this occur they will need to make another thread of waking up after a good amount of time has passed, please however if you are in a thread with others, wait for it to conclude before you time skip to wake up, anything could happen in a thread including you being taken to a hospital, so jumping ahead is not allowed. It is possible to recover ones stamina, should they not to any actions in a post they can recover 10 actions per post, meaning you cannot punch or kick, but you can move around and evade so long as its not your max speed.

Along with the action points gained through stamina, a separate amount is gained as one ranks up to symbolize ones growth.

Chuunin-100 actions
Jounin-200 actions
Master/Kage-400 actions

The numbers are replaced as you rank up, they do not stack.

Bonus AP:
Through missions, or being a max character you may gain aditional AP.  This AP cannot exceed 2x your base AP cap. IE; 20 stamins = 200 AP, you may not have more than 200 bonus ap, making 400 total.  This is combined with mission AP, and trained AP.  The only exception to this is rank AP which is given for being an experenced shinobi.  If your stats are changed from their normal amount, the cap can go up or down, if it goes down, it erases what AP you had trained, if it increases you have to train that extra amount.

For ANBU rankings if you are promoted you simply get the Jounin actions since it is more over a title than a rank.  Missing ninja use the same system, just use the letter counterpart of the rank.


Speed is one of the five base stats, speed governs how fast ones body moves, and how fast your brain can perceive and react to events. Ones maximum speed is their top running speed, it is not their casual walking speed, a character is free to move at any speed between one and their marker. Keep in mind however, to reach your top speed running wise you will need at least some momentum build up to reach it, you cannot go from 0-100 instantly. One can only start off sprinting at 1/2 their speed rounded up to the nearest whole, their maximum running speed can then be reached the following post if they continue their momentum. One however can still use their maximum speed to punch and kick.

Along with natural movement, the higher ones speed is, the more of the world they can perceive with their senses. Each character received +60 above their speed in reaction time, this allowing them to see, and hear things that are going on and have a chance to react to them. However, just because it falls under your reaction time does not mean you can instantly dodge it, common sense will apply with the character only allowed a small window to act before the attack takes place. IE: If you have 20 speed and someone is trying to punch you with 50 speed, you would be able to act just quick enough to put your arms over your face to block the damage, but not anything fancy.

Certain jutsu and or skills that can generate momentum such as Body Flicker can allow one to travel at their maximum speed without build up.


Strength is one of the five base stats, strength governs how strong ones body is when doing physical acts. Strength is very simple, the higher the number, the more damage your punches can cause, and the more you can lift. Strength is mostly looked at with common sense, if you have low strength you cannot pick someone up, but if you have high strength you could pull a tree out of the ground.

Strength examples for lifting:

Side Stats

Characters can jump at a speed equal to half the average of their speed and strength stat. If they are running and have built up enough momentum to go full speed they jump at a speed equal to their average. Jumping distance/height is a fourth of the users average.

-Throwing Speed and Distance:
Throwing speed is the average of ones speed and strength +40, travel distance being 1/2 the speed. Throwing speed carries momentum as well as speed, allowing it to do damage strength wise the same as its speed.

-Weapon sharpness when in use:
Weapons when in use can be made stronger with ones one physical capabilities, the more strength and or speed put into something, the more effective it will become. This has two categories, wielding a weapon, and throwing a weapon.

Wielding: When wielding a weapon such as a sword, the sharpness of the weapon is increased by the system below. Should the object be blunt such as a pole, the sharpness boost will be factored as impact force.

Throwing:Should a projectile such as a Shuriken be thrown, its sharpness will be increased the sharpness system. Should the object be blunt such as a rock, it will have the impact force of half the average. In the case of ranged weapon clashes, if neither weapon cuts through the other, the one with the highest  impact force (strength+speed/4) continues on while the other weapon is knocked off course

-Action Counters: Free action counters that are gained by progressing your character are permanent, they are added on top of what you already have from your stamina stat.

Sharpness Booster;
Speed+Strength=X /4 = Your buff


(Basically the sharpness buff is half the average)

Now I'm invincible~

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V6 Stat Rules
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