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 E-Rank: Lumber

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Fame : 204
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Water, Earth, Wood,
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan - EMS State/Rinnegan.
Ryo : 33200

PostSubject: E-Rank: Lumber   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:21 am

Mission specs:

A little bit of time has passed since the event at the village gates, Viper cannot help but wonder what will become of those Navi let inside.  Regardless, Navi is more than capable of handling it should everything go south, he needs to get back to his own business.  After hearing back from the fire nation scientists the man arrives in crimson to the hidden area under the Hokage Building, seeking out the head scientist Viper is given a small box, opening it up he views the contacts inside.  "You sure these are gonna work?  Viper inquires, the scientist smirking, confident in his work before speaking.  "Have I ever let you down before boss?"  Viper smiles lightly at this, chuckling a bit.  his scientists were the best of the best, if he had an idea he could trust them to bring it to life, and most of all keep how to make it away from public eyes, making it so he most of the time had the original copy unless he gave one to someone else.  The man sits the box on one of the metal tables, taking his right index finger he places it on the exterior of the contact, his left hand moving to his right eye to grasp around his eye lids, pulling it open and holding it so viper can place the contacts upon his eye, the man doing the same action for the other.  Shutting the box and giving it back to the head scientist Viper blinks, his eyes tingling and feelings weird as they try to adjust to it.  The man closes his eyes for a few moments, "I'm gonna go ahead and try them out to see how they work, thanks for your help again." The man says, his eyes opening to reveal his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, his form vanishing in a crimson flash as he appears inside the Hokage Building but on the lower floors, not wishing to let anyone outside know how to enter his secret lab.  Knowing that he is going to give his eyes some time to adjust he looks upon the mission board, looking for something easy and simple he can use to distract himself whilst the contacts take effect.

Looking through the board the man finds a simple request, one for lumber to help rebuild some of the older buildings, easy enough.  His right hand grasps the paper, pulling it off the board to let others know it is being taken of, and to have the specifics of the mission him at all time.  Taking his leave from the building the man decides to walk to the forests, he does not wish to rush this, otherwise the entire point of even doing this would be gone.  It takes him a few minutes but the man reaches the gates of Konohagakure no Sato, looking around at the bordering trees he plans out what he is going to do, he has to be careful not to mess up their natural protection.  The man counts the trees under his breath, planning out what to take he decides to simply take one layer of trees, only partially expanding the villages open area, but not by a truly noticeable amount.  The man walks forward, debating on how best to cut the trees he decides on using his eyes, the major factor in this decision being the fact he wants to push them to get the chakra flowing and the contacts to adapt.  Black chakra begins to form around him as he reaches the treeline, from the chakra forms the right skeletal arm of the Susano'o, the open hand clenches into a fist only for chakra to expand outwards to form a chakra sword.  Casually the man turns to his left and begins walking a circle around the forest line, the bladed arm cutting through the trees as he walks, two more arms forming on the right side and one on the left, two go behind Viper's form with the extra one on his right side being used to pick up the fallen trees only to place them into the skeletal arms like a wagon behind him.  Doing this for a few minutes Viper has a rather impressive stack of trees being towed behind him, remembering the drop off point the man makes his way there, seeing the other piles of lumber Viper places his down beside the pile, but decides to do one better, the extra arms fading as the bladed arm raises, cutting the tops of the trees off and separating them before the blade vanishes, this making it so a large stack of logs are made, and a large stack of foliage is beside it.  The man seeing that the Fourth Hokage is the one that answered his request is very appreciative, handing over the promised ryo.  Viper making his way back to the village as the skeletal arm vanishes, going to the kage chambers Viper leaves the mission specs with one of the ninja at the desk to be filed as completed.

[843/500 words

Requesting 250 Ryo, 1jp, the chakra contacts to be merged to Viper's eyes and 843 words to be put towards Viper's Susano'o putting it at 3,939/5,000.


Now I'm invincible~

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Master (Konoha)

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Element(s) : Wind, Fire.
Clan : Uchiha
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PostSubject: Re: E-Rank: Lumber   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:24 am

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E-Rank: Lumber
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