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 A-Rank: Outpost Take over

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PostSubject: A-Rank: Outpost Take over   Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:13 am


It is within Asgard that Viper resides, sitting back in his throne and relaxing after his long day prior, his breathing soft as he sleeps off his exhaustion.  A few moments pass as the mans eyes open just a bit to catch the dark rays of the Asgardian sun, the man sighing out which turns into a yawn, his arms moving upwards to stretch his muscles.  Looking around he sees the same environment that is always around him, even the sun refuses to set unless he commands it to.  Propping his head up on his right arm, that is resting on the arm of his throne he looks lazily towards the window, Asgard is truly boring when one is left alone in the realm, perhaps he does need to get out in the real world more, that is possibly the reason his powers have gotten sloppy as seen on how he was easily exhausted in the battle with Navi.  Growling slightly as he bites his bottom lip he thinks about how that fight went, his pride is hurt over not outright thrashing his student, instead if things kept going on he would of most likely lost, that thought he despises more than any other, even if it is the student he trained, he is a god, and gods don't lose.  With that thought in his mind his left hand moves to grab his headband off his lap, bringing it up he moves off his right hand and uses it to tie the headband around his head, adjusting the knot to keep it tight, he hasn't been able to wear it this tight in a while due to the implant he used to have and the risk of damaging it, the tightness of the headband feeling much better than having it loose.

The mans mind after a few moments of thinking is made up, his form glows with crimson to have his casual attire form upon his body, his tee shirt, jeans, and jacket. Once his form is ready he vanishes in a crimson flash only to appear on the streets of Konohagakure no Sato, breathing in he takes in the real air, his eyes that are only in their three tomoe state look upwards towards the sky, something Viper always loved to watch even in his youth.  The real world is interesting and entertains him, unlike Asgard he doesn't know what is going to happen from one minute to the next, he can actually have surprises in this world.  The man walks through the streets, looking at the buildings and seeing the people move throughout the village doing regular activities, looks are cast towards him however and mumbled questions about him being the fourth Hokage are notes as he chuckles a bit to himself, has it been that long since he has made a public appearance?  Casually he walks through the village, his thoughts still taking up his main focus, he still wanted to go see Misaki but with his village acting like this maybe it would be best to stay around Konohagakure no Sato for a bit so people can actually remember who he is, and know he is still around.

The mans thoughts however are broken by a member of the ANBU appearing at his side, Viper looking towards his right to view the ANBU kneeling on his right knee with his head lowered as he speaks.  "Fourth Hokage-Sama, the sensor team was right you are here!  We have had an incident, one of the outposts you set up has been taken over by a group of shinobi, we do not have any details as of yet but our intelligence division cannot find any survivors, meaning they are either dead or hidden.  What are your orders?"  Viper's casual demeanor now shifts, no emotion shown upon his face as he looks upon the ANBU and hears what occurred, Viper's eyes give off a soft glow of crimson for but  a moment due to his hidden anger.  "I'll go investigate myself, there is no reason to bother Navi or anyone else with this, if I go I can make sure it it handled properly and there isn't going to be anymore casualties on our end.  Just tell me which out post it is and I'll be on my way."  Viper's words are void of emotion, becoming strictly business as if he was in the seat of Hokage once more.  The ANBU responds, standing up facing his commander.  "Reports show it was the Northern Outpost located deep in the forests bordering Konohagakure no Sato."  Viper offers only a nod before he leans forward showing off his speed with his form vanishing with only dust in his prior location kicked up from his pure speed.  The mans form headed towards the gates and into the forest, he cannot waste any time getting there, he is better doing this on foot as it is not certain if Asgard can send him to the outpost or not.

Although this is an urgent matter Viper cannot help but enjoy this a bit, it has been so long since he has been on the battle field, or done any missions at all, he actually can't wait to get there for his own reasons so he can enjoy instilling the fear of Konohagakure no Sato back into the worms that dare plague his land.  His form weaves between trees, his eyes helping him move at top speed through the forest due to their enhanced tracking letting him know where they are before hand.  After a bit of running Viper jump rebounding off a nearby tree and using it to ascend higher into the air only to kick off a tree branch which works as a spring board to shoot him to the tree tops, Viper's form stopping there to look around.  The outpost should be close by if his memory serves him right, the man looks around, his eyes peering across the tree tops to see if he can spot the outpost, regrettably he cannot find it, if only his wife were here, or if he had her eyes he could find the out post easily.  Grumbling to himself he kicks off the tree top moving through the forest once more kicking off branch after branch to jump through the trees, he has to find this outpost and quick, there is no telling how many casualties have been taken in this time.  The man continues his advance through the forest, his eyes view a clearing up ahead and the outline of a large structure, a smirk forms upon his lips, he found it.  Angling his body he kicks off the next branch only to have his form descend into the brush so his form will be hidden until he can get some more information.

His form stops at the tree line bordering the open area where the outpost is located, his form staying hidden in the trees as he focuses, trying to feel for the chakra presence of those inside the building.  Taking the time to separate them all from one another it is revealed that only five chakra signatures exist within the outpost, Viper grinds his teeth a bit, his anger rising due to the number of casualties that were caused by this attack.  Viper's eyes narrow as he leans forward hopping off the tree branch and onto the ground, his form makes its way to the gates of the compound which are shut tight.  Viper's eyes begin to glow slightly, the tomoe merging into the central pupil only to take on the shape of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.  Black chakra builds up around him, it starts as wisps at first before what looks to be a skeletal arm forms out of the chakra, the arm is formed with its maximum size only for it to thrust forward punching the gates and causing them to bust inwards.  The loud commotion caused by the destruction of the gates gets the attention of the ninja inside, the group held up in the main building with only one innocent left which they are in the middle of interrogating.

The men look towards one another with curious, worried looks, the leader of the group speaks up, telling one of the men to go check out what the noise was, with a nod the man turns and runs out the door of the back room, headed to the front of the building to see what occurred.  Viper takes a moment before bursting in fully, perhaps if he makes a big enough scene he can draw them out, not wanting to fully decimate the compound he wants to draw the battles outside.  Viper's patience pays off, his visage catches the form of the first visible bandit, the man upon seeing the spectral garbed Uchiha back up a bit into the door frame, his eyes widening a bit as he hollers to the others in a panicked tone. "G-Guys, we got trouble!"  The voice of the leader filled with impatience and annoyance responds back, "Well take care of it!"  With a gulp the man leaps down from the upper platform of the main building, landing upon the ground and beginning his advance towards the Uchiha, his right hand shifting backwards to pull a kunai from his pouch only to swing his arm forward aiming it towards the Uchiha's chest.  Viper watches the man, his performance disappointing him, has his nation really gotten this weak that bandits such as these can actually take over a Fire Nation compound?  Perhaps he really does spend to much time in the halls of Asgard, his nation has gotten weak without his constant stimulation.  

Viper's perfected eyes view the approaching kunai, the manifested hand of the Susano'o swings towards it, moving towards Viper's right, the kunai bouncing off the skeletal hand being deflected towards the ground, the hand however does not stop there; upon reaching full extension to Viper's right the hand opens as chakra manifests within it, extending outwards only for the hand to grasp it, the chakra solidifying into that of a sword, the maximum length created for it as the arm swings in a reverse direction, the blade slicing through the man at the center easily dispatching him.  The mans body falling in two different directions due to the severed center of his form, his torso falling back and his  waist and legs falling forward.  Viper begins to walk forward, his eyes narrowed showing clear aggravation and anger with this entire scenario, for all he knows this group killed everyone inside just to make themselves a new base.  The man with a tone filled with rage and power speaks loudly, "Is this really all you have?  You thought you could usurp the Fire Nation's control over this compound with such little power?"  Hearing the Uchiha's words the leader grinds his teeth, growling a bit as he looks towards his remaining men. "Go deal with the problem, no one gets to treat us like this, I want him dead!"  The man orders out, clearly frustrated that his first man obviously failed his mission.  With nods the men dash out of the room, clearing the door way and leaping off the upper floor to land on the ground below, each one looking upon the Uchiha, their eyes narrowed, these two having more experience with combat so no fear is shown; yet.

Viper sees their expressions, a smirk curls upon his lips as his chakra pulsates, "Bring it on~" he taunts, hoping these two will prove more of a challenge than the last, to make sure of that the spectral veil around him begins to fade, the man raising his right hand in a taunting gesture, curling it inwards a few times to provoke the men.  The taunting clearly works as the men rush the Uchiha, the one to Viper's right reaching behind him with his right arm to draw forth a katana from his back, the one on Viper's left reaching back with his left hand to grab a kunai from his pouch which he wields with a firm grip in the retrieving hand, both men dashing towards the Uchiha attempting to combination slash the man with both of their weapons.  Viper sees this, regardless of these two seeming to be more seasoned they are still nothing to him.  Viper's arms lash out, his hands pinching the incoming blades on the flat edges, catching the weapons casually before they impact him, his form smirking towards them.  "Is it my turn?"  Seeing that their weapons are captured both men leap backwards, seals woven by both of them as an eruption of fire comes from their mouth, the generic great fireball technique being used to try and engulf the Uchiha.  The man recognizes the jutsu immediately, angered that they would use his own clans jutsu against him, although his power with katon far surpasses the jutsu they used, his own pride wants him to prove a point that he is much stronger than the men.  Viper begins to weave the same seals, chakra building in his chest and with his right hand raising towards his lips Viper releases his own katon assault of the great fire ball, Viper's proficiency in the art of Katon, and the over all potency of his chakra being displayed fully here as his fireball moves forward being impacted by both of the men's fireballs only to over take them and fly forward between them fizzling out.  Taunting the men more Viper speaks again, "is it my turn now?" he inquires, letting them know that he isn't even trying at this point, or even began to.  

The men reluctantly do not get provoked by the mans taunting, they stand their ground waiting on the man to act, not speaking and simply observing to see how they can act against such an overwhelming force.  Seeing such Viper decides to take his turn, his hands that still hold their blades begin to radiate with chakra, flames begin erupting from his hands obliterating the weapons which he casually flicks forward, only small amounts of ash being left of both blades.  Flickers of flame linger around the Uchiha, his right and left hand curl inwards only to flick outwards towards the men, the flames although small are in great numbers, the barrage of flame flying towards the men are uncomprehending speeds to the men, over taking them and covering them in the Uchiha's katon.  The flames coat the clothes and sin of the men, both of them begin to scream, dropping to the ground and rolling trying to put the flames out, this succeeding after a few moments but alas they took their eyes off the Uchiha whom in the mean time has raised his arms, massive amounts of fire forming above him only to be released downwards and shaped when he lowers his arms as a giant dragon which blasts downwards atop the men completely obliterating them, only leaving outlines of them burned into the earth.  Viper despite exerting himself is disappointed still, they only lasted longer than the first man because he allowed them to, hoping they would prove him wrong about his nation growing weaker, that they actually had some form of strength to get into Fire Nation territory, but alas he was wrong.

With his chakra sensory he detects two men still inside, growing bored of waiting Viper decides to finish this, the flames around him disperse as he leans forward leaping towards the main building, landing on the upper floor and entering the building, the man walking through the halls, feeling out the chakra presences and making his way down the hall, his eyes now take in the form of the men, it seems there was a survivor, Viper able to tell this due to the man being tied up, and gagged with his own Konohagakure no Sato headband, this mans state angers Viper even further as he speaks out.  "You got anymore men or are you going to come after me yourself?"  The man turns hearing his voice, his firm bracing itself getting ready for a fight, wasting no time he dashes forward attempting to upper cut the Uchiha with his right fist, Viper stepping to his right in response, his right hand raising and moving to parry the mans punch by palming the side of his elbow, this causing the mans form to spin one hundred and eighty degrees from the force of impact, his arm broken by the force used to cause such an effect.  Viper raising his right leg and kicking forward hitting the man in the lower back and sending him into the ground, his form paralyzed and unable to move.  Weakly spoken the man inquires Viper's identity, Viper hearing such as he speaks in a tone full of pride, "I am Viper Kamu Uchiha, fourth Hokage of Konogahakure no Sato, Leader of the Uchiha clan, Leader of the Fire Nation, and you really pissed me off."  With this the man stays silent, passing out from the pain.  Viper turns towards the captured man who has eyes filled with hope that he was rescued, Viper reaching towards him with his right hand pulling the headband from his mouth and letting it dangle around his neck, the man immediately thanking him for saving him, and apologizing for losing the compound.  Viper forgives the man as he undoes his bonds, just happy to see that there was a survivor, all that's left to do now is to go back to Konohagakure no Sato and report what happened, Viper reaches towards the bandits leg, grasping it with his right hand, the innocent man however Viper grabs with his left, the man transported with a crimson flash into Asgard, and then out of Asgard to be sent to the hospital, Viper walks now towards the door, dragging the man behind him, he allows the man to be brought in roughly, passing the destroyed remains of the men Viper's eyes look towards the two halves of the first man he cut down, black flames erupt from his eyes over taking the mans body, letting it slowly burn away out of existence as the man leaves, taking the bandit back to Konohagakure no Sato, once there he hands him over to the ANBU so they can handle the interrogation, ryo is found within the bandits pockets which is given to Viper by the ANBU as appreciation for him going through the work to bring the man in, and save the compound.

[Exit/Closed; 3,096 words.

Requesting 2,300 ryo and 10JP from the reward, 350 ryo since I am over my stat cap from the 7 stats I would of earned, and 3,096 words towards the Susano'o advancement into the next stage.]

Now I'm invincible~

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PostSubject: Re: A-Rank: Outpost Take over   Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:46 pm

Approved, Mr. Uchiha.
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A-Rank: Outpost Take over
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