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 Jason's forest training part 2

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Jason Fredriksson
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Jason's forest training part 2   Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:44 pm

Jason woke up the next day, and stretched his arms and yawned loudly. Jason got out from the bathroom after his usual morning routine and headed down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. after breakfast, Jason went and did the dishes and then went outside while tying his sword to his waist. Jason walked with brisk pace to the forest again and once again had a small talk with the guards of where he was going. after the small talk, Jason made his way to the forest.

Jason decided to go a bit further in and was lucky to find a large river. Jason started to immediately clapped his hands and focused to make 4 water clones. Jason had the clones attack him and he swiftly dodged and evaded their attacks. one by one, Jason took them out by punches and kicks. Jason created 4 more water clones after the previous 4 were taken care of. and like the previous 4 water clones, he took care of them as well.

when Jason was done with that, Jason jumped in the water and swam around for 5 laps and then dived in and swam underwater for another 5 laps. Jason got up from the water and then took a jogging course around the forest perimeter where he was at for 3 laps to air dry himself from the water dripping from his body. Jason took another set of laps around the forest perimeter and jogged 5 more laps around the forest perimeter.

When Jason was done with that, Jason began to jog sideways for 5 laps and backwards for another 5 laps. Jason then dropped to the ground and did 50 pushups. Jason then did 50 situps and 60 crunches while lying on his back. "got to become stronger. got to prove to everyone that i am not weak!" Jason said between grunts. Jason then went to his belly after he was done with crunches to do push-ups again. after 60 reps of pushups. Jason rested after that tough work out.

After the rest, Jason got up from the ground and did 20 jumping jacks and 30 more when he was done. Jason then did another set of jogging around the entire forest perimeter for 30 laps. Jason then stood on his hands and walked for 4 laps.when he was done, Jason took a jogging course while making hand signs. "earth style, flying rocks!" Jason spat out a few tiny rocks that flew towards a tree and punctured the tree. Jason then dived towards the lake and swam around for 10 laps around the lake and then got up from the water and did another set of jogging around the forest.Jason then sat down to meditate when he was done with 50 laps around the forest. while Jason was meditating, he thought of his family and friends and how much stronger he will have to get to protect them. when Jason was done, Jason got up and focused to form a chakra chain from his right hand that was 20 meters and 2 inches wide and began to trash the trees about. Jason produced another chakra chain at his left hand and began to trash the forest around some more. Jason was then done and calmed down and the chakra chains disappeared from his hands.

Jason then did simple hand signs and dug himself underground and practiced to move underground in a faster pace that he could do. Jason began to move faster and faster. Jason then got up from the ground as fast as he could but had a bit of a struggle. Jason then made the hidden mist jutsu from the cold air and made 4 water clones and had a bit of a struggle when he finally took them all out. Jason sat down at the foot of a tree and waited for the mist to clear out before he continued.

after about 30 minutes, the mist cleared and Jason resumed his training. Jason pushed up his glasses and turned around and began to punch the tree he previously rested at. Jason started the training by punching hard and fast once with his right hand, then he did the same with his left. one punch, two punch, the punches began raining upon the tree until Jason punched so hard and fast that his movements could be seen as a blur. when Jason did the last punch, the right punch punched off a large chunk of tree bark from the tree itself.

Jason then decided to use kicks next. Jason started with his right foot both hard and fast. then his left foot. Jason then spun around and kicked the tree and made 40 spinning roundhouse kicks to the tree and then Jason did 50 roundhouse kicks. Jason then did 50 regular kicks and then headbutted the tree once. Jason then took out his sword and cut into the tree and made the Uzumaki symbol on the tree bark. Jason was finished with that tree and then went to an orchard of tree stumps and cut them in half with his sword. he did the same with an orchard of small pine trees that he had stumbled upon a few yards more in. Jason then walked back with a smile and went to the lake and cleaned the blade of any dirt and rubble that was caught on the blade. Jason then went to another orchard of tree stumps and cut them in half as well. Jason then walked to the forest perimeter he came to when he got to the forest and sat down and rested. 

after a while, Jason got up and did another set of pushups. when Jason was done, he did 100 reps and then Jason lied on his back and made 100 situps and 100 crunches. Jason then got up and did 50 jumping jacks. afterwards Jason went down to the ground again and did 100 pushups with one hand. Jason then did another one handed push ups with his left hand after he was done with his right hand. Jason then got up and jogged from the forest to his home and back. this time, it was longer to his home from the forest than the training grounds.

when Jason was done, Jason went up to a tree log that had multiple tree branches sticking out from it and began punching and kicking all of them until he broke off 4 branches. Jason then took a quick rest and did the same to the rest of the branches. afterwards, Jason sat down and began to meditate. Jason relaxed and muttered some mantra words he has learned himself. afterwards Jason got up from his meditation and took out his sword and cut the entire tree log in half. Jason then went and swam around the lake while he suddenly got an idea. Jason created 4 water clones and had them attack him. Jason then countered their attacks and killed them. Jason then got up from the water and made 10 laps around the forest perimeter to once again, let himself air dry. Jason took out his sword and began to practice swings with the blade. Jason made 50 horizontal swings and then 50 vertical swings.  Jason twirled around and made a circular cut with his sword. Jason then had enough and sheathed his sword and went down to the ground and did another set of one-handed pushups with his right hand. Jason did 40 pushups with his right hand and 40 pushups with his left. Jason then lied down on his back and did another set of 100 situps and 100 crunches. Jason then got up and made another round of jogging to his house and then back to the forest. 

Jason then went up to a tree and focused chakra to his legs and slowly walked up the tree. as he concentrated, he got up faster and faster. Jason picked up the pace and started to run up the tree. suddenly he tripped and quickly took out a kunai and dug the kunai in, skidding against the tree bark as Jason then jumped down at the correct height where he wouldn't injure himself. Jason rolled at the ground and then got up again and tried again.
this time, Jason made it all the way up and then slid down the branch and landed on his feet with a large thud.

Jason did another round of jogging around the forest perimeter for 10 laps, and then did so again for another 10 laps sideways, and 10 more backwards. Jason then sat down and meditated again. this time thinking of all the evil people there were in the world and those people who killed without reason. Jason thought of all the animals in the world and the peaceful grassy valleys with birds chirping. Jason imagined himself that he was in a mountainous area with a waterfall. the sound of the waterfall calmed him down and almost made him fall asleep.after a while, Jason woke up from his trance and packed up his things and went home. Jason has had enough of training for now.

(exit, 1532 WC )




"being prepared to die in battle, is not the same as offering yourself to death willingly." ~ Guy. Super Street figher 4.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason's forest training part 2   Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:00 am

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Jason's forest training part 2
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