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 Jason's forest training

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Jason Fredriksson
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : lightning
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PostSubject: Jason's forest training   Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:44 am

Jason woke up one day with the birds chirping as usual. Jason stretched out his arms with popping noises coming from his elbows. as Jason went up from the bed and smacking his lips, Jason got up from the bed in a sitting position and headed to the bathroom for his usual morning routine. as Jason was showering, he wondered if his sensei were gonna return from his vacation. Jason stepped out of the shower and dried himself off of the water and 10 minutes later, he finished his morning routine after brushing his teeth. Jason got down to the kitchen, to once again, find his mother absent. Jason shook his head as he entered and opened the fridge and found his usual breakfast on a tray. Jason took them out and began to eat and drink slowly, savoring the tastes in his mouth. when Jason was done with his breakfast, Jason went out and went outside after fetching his trusty sword.

Jason decided to walk outside the village for a change and head to the forest. after a quick talk about where he was going to the guards, Jason walked towards the forest and headed off a bit deep inside the forest of konoha. as Jason got inside the forest, he could feel it that the forest got more denser and denser, the more he walked in.

Jason got to a nice spot and dropped to the ground and began to do 15 push ups and when he was done he lied down on his back and did 20 sit ups. Jason then went up and did squats. 30 of them, to be exact. after that tiring exercise, Jason sat down and rested. Jason then began to meditate. Jason thought of his beloved mother. he also thought of his teammates and sensei. after Jason was done with the meditation, Jason got up and cracked his knuckles.

Jason began doing 30 squats and 30 jumping jacks. afterwards he began a jogging round around the entire forest perimeter.Jason found a lake after his little jog and began to jump in to it and swam around for about 10 laps. Jason then got up from the lake and created 4 water clones and easily dispatched them. Jason was dissapointed at how easily they were dispatched. Jason created more and had them attack him faster. Jason dodged a few and got hit by the rest and attacked them, causing them to disperse into water. Jason created a mist and created more water clones and had them attack him and Jason managed to dodge the attacks but got hit in the back by one water clone and dispatched them.

after that, Jason walked off the lake and focused a chakra chain at 20 meters and 2 centimeters wide from his right hand and swung the chain hitting the trees with brute force, knocking off a few branches, and tree barks. Jason threw the chain around again and shredded a few more trees, causing the tree barks to crash towards the ground.

after that little mayhem, Jason turned around, with the chakra chain in his hand and found a pine tree that was half his height and swung the chains towards it and as soon as it latched on by twirling itself around the tree, Jason pulled on the chains and the chains tore the tree up. Jason relaxed and the chakra chain went back inside his hand. Jason clenched his right fist and twirled it around.

Jason took out his sword and found an orchard of shrubberies and cut them in half. after the cutting of the bushes, Jason lied down and stared at the sky. Jason almost slept on the ground. "i blame this peaceful forest. i love how tranquil it is here." Jason thought to himself. Jason thought about how strong he could be. Jason thought of the ninjutsu techniques he'd learn after getting the specialty.

Jason made a few simple hand seals and buried himself to the ground and practiced digging through the ground quickly and jumped up and swung his sword several times. Jason practiced several times how to swing his sword in a correct way and the speed of the swing. Jason also thought, speaking of his sword, if he should buy more weapons to add to his weapon collection.

Jason got himself off the ground and sheathed his sword into the scabbard. Jason then went to the lake and created a water clone. "it's time to practice my gogyo fuuin." Jason took out his sword with his right hand and placed his left hand behind his back while focusing the chakra to form the seals above his fingertips. Jason made several swings while the clone dodged just as fast as Jason swung the sword. after a while, Jason found an opening and slammed his left hand into the water clones stomach and it dispersed. Jason collapsed backwards to not drown at the lake. having the most of his chakra depleted, Jason collapsed due to tiredness and rested for a few hours to get his chakra back. after that, Jason got up and made a few rounds of jogging around the forest perimeter for about 5 laps. Jason also made a few laps by jogging sideways, and then jogging backwards. Jason then went up to a tree and began punching it 40 times, and then proceeded to kick it 40 times.  Jason then proceeded to punch and kick the tree so hard that barks flies off until there's a slope of cut wood.

Jason then stood on his hands and walked on his hands around the forest perimeter 4 times. when Jason was done, he fell to the ground forwards, landing on his butt. Jason got up wincing a bit in pain. Jason got up and walked to the lake and jogged around it 10 laps. Jason then dived to the lake and swam around underwater for about 6 laps.

Jason then got off the lake and went home.

(exit, 1001 WC)




"being prepared to die in battle, is not the same as offering yourself to death willingly." ~ Guy. Super Street figher 4.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason's forest training   Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:51 am

Approved for 5 stats and 10 Jp. Spend them wisely.
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Jason's forest training
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