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 Mission: What happened!? [P, Jin]

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Akira Shinkou

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PostSubject: Mission: What happened!? [P, Jin]   Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:32 pm

Mission details:

Jin had just finished his meeting with Ganki, who recommended that he do more missions so he could get closer to his lifelong dream of becoming an ANBU member, and the mission that Ganki gave him was actually pretty straightforward, just a bandit attack.

The mission said that a group of bandits had broken into the archives and stole a whole bunch of very important documents, just how they did the fucking job nobody knew, in any case, there must have been some really shitty security in the Kage office, a problem which probably needed to be rectified.

Nonetheless, Jin stopped cursing the sub-par security forces in his dear Raikage's office and instead focused on the mission at hand, planning out an attack, how was he going to go forth with this? In any case, he was doing it at night, they'd have already made a camp, and it was getting pretty late. Bandits were always on the move and the only time they stopped was to camp. Plus, these ones would be extra mobile if they stole classified documents straight from the Kage building itself, but thankfully Jin was there to dispose of these wastes of space.

But Jin was thinking more along the lines of how to proceed, does he take them all out silently? Or does he surprise them and start a massive fight while they have their guard down, he first needed to examine how they behaved, if they had any techniques that could compromise Jin, but, the most fun was always killing them in a proper fight, while Jin could just use the hiding like a mole tech and his LRA to char them from the bottom up, that or pop up behind an enemy and with either a quick slash to the Adam's apple or a karate chop to the back of the neck, he could just take them out silently, Jin was going to do some espionage work, maybe he could get something else out of this, or not, they probably had nothing worth robbing, apart from food, maybe they were roasting something, Jin would definately be eating their food once he killed them.

He silently hopped from tree to tree, taking his time, he didn't want to go too fast and risk fucking up and making any noise leading to getting himself detected, plus, he kept his ears open for any sounds, but, the mountains just seemed to harbor nothing but silence as of now, still silence, he didn't quite know which direction to go to, but he figured they'd be camped in the more remote areas of the mountains, so, near the summit probably, where there are a couple of trees to hide between anyway.

He climbed his way up the mountains, he could feel the air get colder and thinner with every meter he ascended, sure, the mountains weren't Yukigakure level, but they were pretty imposing nonetheless, they'd definately be considered an obstacle for the young man attempting to accomplish his mission, but for now, the coast was pretty much clear, the mountains were indeed pretty much devoid of all life, and seeing through the trees and rocks were difficult, his concentration was wavering, which is something that shouldn't happen, especially for a ninja, where concentration was so important.

Meanwhile, near the west of the mountain, something was brewing, a 27 year old man emerged from a cave somewhere in the distance, the campfire was out, this man was Ryu Shisui, famed missing ninja of the Kumogakure village, along with the rest of his band of mercenaries, the White Vipers, and recently they had gotten to stealing a classified document from the Raikage's office, a ballsy moved that they actually managed to succeed, surely, an impressive feat so to speak, and soon after, another man joined him at the cave entrance 20 year old Makoto Shisui, he looked much the same as his older brother, but his brother was about 3 inches taller and had a lot more scars on him, Ryu's face had a couple of scars where stitches were placed, most likely due to combat, while Makoto was much more fresh-faced, looked like any other jounin, but they were both incredibly powerful ninja who worked well in tandem with eachother. "Makoto, is the file secure?" Ryu asked, obviously keeping this info safe, as this shit would be worth a KILLING when they sold it to one of the other nations. "Yep, I've got it locked up in the bag, we should probably set off in an hour or so so we can arrive on time." Makoto suggested, and merely suggested, Ryu had a massive superiority complex and didn't like being regarded as anything other than the leader of this mercenary band, so Makoto learned quickly to not assume that he was the guy calling the shots, because he wasn't.

"Pff, what could possibly happen? We've just stolen documents from one of the most powerful villages in the land right now, who would be stupid enough to try and take us down?" Ryu chuckled, obviously seeing his younger brother as not only paranoid, but also pretty naive. Makoto stood silent, refusing to protest against this, his brother wore the pants here, and he didn't have the courage to protest against him. "You're right, that'd be pretty dumb..." he agreed meekly.

"I can't believe we actually managed to get away with that shit, I thought Kumo would actually defend themselves, it was like taking candy from a baby, easiest shit I've ever done." He snickered to himself, Makoto withdrawing back into the cave.
"I wonder if they'll actually send anybody..." Ryu thought, almost aloud, but he was going to keep his eyes peeled, keeping the advice his brother's advice close to his chest, for once.

While he did seem pretty dismissive about his brother, Ryu was happy to have someone to teach, and so was Makoto, while it seemed as if the two had a rocky relationship at times, the two loved eachother, and Ryu was someone Makoto really looked up to.

Another figure surfaced from the cave, a girl this time. With long black hair down to her buttocks, a sizable bust, and nice, slender lips which beamed radiantly with bright red lipstick, this girl was Namie Shisui, younger sister of Ryu, aged 23, placing her smack dab in the middle of the Shisui heirarchy. "So, Ryu, when are we leaving?" She asked impatiently, crossing her arms over her large bust and tapping her elbow with her finger.

"We'll leave when I say so." Ryu simply replied, this was why he disliked Namie, she just didn't have that "Just accept it" mentality that Makoto had.
"You know that just sitting here makes us sitting ducks for ANBU strikeforces, right fuckface?" She blatantly insulted her elder brother.

"The hell did you just call me bitch?" He replied angrily, turning around and clenching a fist, showing that he wasn't scared to throw a couple of punches if he had to get his point across and earn himself a forced apology. "You're all talk and no muscle, I bet a kid could beat the shit out you." Namie sneered with a grin at her older brother.

"Fuck you I'll kick your ass if I have to." He growled at Namie.
"Pffff, I remember smacking you so hard you cried when you were 10." Namie, obviously she was far from the seductive temptress she appeared to be when you first looked at her, she actually appeared to be provocative, for all the wrong reasons, she loved to drive people round the bend, a trait which made Ryu incredibly pissed off, but Namie was an incredibly capable fighter, and she could often use her looks to her advantage, as a lot of guys were completely unable to gauge the fact that despite her good looks, she was far from a beauty queen, and she had killed dozens of people, she had actually gotten herself an A-rank bounty for serial killing, so she was definately not one to be fucked with.

Ryu growled angrily and turned around "What would Kumo do to us anyway?" He reasoned, "They have hardly any ANBU members who are they gonna send, Chuunin?" He spoke, oblivious to anything happening at all, unaware that Jin was only a couple of miles away, the smoke of the campfire emitting into the sky.

Meanwhile, as they were all arguing with eachother Jin was still exploring the mountain area, he wasn't in the least cold, his body heat incredibly high and keeping him warm even at the high altitudes, what he could feel however is the air thinning out with the altitude, it made breathing a lot harder, well, not that much, but he definately needed to breathe in and out more often, oh well, there were perks to this at least, training here would boost his physical tolerances.

That was the only perk to this place it seemed, no houses here, completely void of anything, speaking of which he did find Kagu-Tsuchi, his dragon, who currently wasn't on him, he had to rest him, but rest assured he'd be training him later so he could accelerate his growth speed, despite the dragon actually being a dwarf species of the Quetzalcoatl it could grow over 40 foot long with a 10 foot wingspan, so it was indeed something he had to train, because it was a dragon, and if it wasn't tamed it could end up wreaking havoc when it was an adult.

Jin suddenly caught sight of something, what seemed like a slight wisp of smoke in the distance, a campfire, probably. Jin was definately going to give it a proper look though, things like these couldn't be ignored, it could even be them, why would there be people living this far up here?

Jin made his way towards the source of the smoke, he stopped body flickering, and instead decided to make his way silently, he didn't want to alert anybody, if it had come from a camp, which it most likely had, there was hardly anything to burn here it was so cold.

He approached the cave, and sure enough, he heard voices, he wasn't quite sure how he wanted to proceed with this, does he just walk in and try and identify them? Or hear out for any clues? He wasn't sure how to proceed, he creeped towards the entrance, and poked his head through, and sure enough, he could make out a couple of faces, he silently pulled out the photos handed to him and compared them, sure enough, it was them, Jin suddenly felt his heart race, these were proper missing ninja, highly ranked ones, and he was the guy who had to take them down by himself, Jin, for the first time actually began to doubt his abilities, but he had to confront them.

He walked through the cave, time to confront them, Jin wrapped his scarf around his face to conceal his identity. "You're all under arrest for stealing classified information." Jin spoke loudly and clearly, but what Jin didn't notice, were that there were many other ninja there, not just the three Shisui, but about 5 others, and it seemed like the plot thickened.

Ryu looked at Jin, and laughed. "What's a cloud village shit like you going to do to me?" He mocked, Jin simply replied. "I'll fucking kill you that's what." He grinned underneath his mask, and with that Jin lunged forward to attempt to land an expertly placed punch on Ryu, but Ryu, obviously the leader in this organization, wasn't going to let himself get decked so easily, as he avoided the strike and attempted to follow up with a kick, which Jin sidestepped and then jumped backwards to get some space between the two. 

Ryu looked disgruntled, but he lunged forward nonetheless and attempted a powerful punch on Jinichi's face, who quickly dipped it and launched a kick to his stomach, being careful to push out with his leg so the maximum impact was made on Ryu's stomach, causing him to heave out all the oxygen in his body, before he followed up with a swift uppercut which he body flickered away from, but this at least showed Ryu that Jin was a very capable opponent and was not one to be fucked with in any way, so Ryu figured it was best to retreat, he quickly barked an order to his subordinates to attack Jin en masse.

He was now faced with an onslaught of bandits, the first one rushing towards him with a vertical katana slash, which he sidestepped and used the opportunity to sweep kick him before grabbing his neck in mid air and bringing it down to his shoulder, smashing a vertebrae and paralyzing him instantly, hey, the mission was to kill the bandits so he wasn't going to show any mercy in this kind of situation, it just wasn't worth it really, besides, they were mostly just statistics at this rate, mere pawns to a massive army of criminals, they wouldn't be missed by anybody, they probably didn't even have families.

Next, Jin parried a kick from one of the bandits before uppercutting him and following up with a spinning kick to smash him into the wall, before having to avoid yet another strike as all of the surrounding bandits attempted to ambush him from all angles, it seemed as if this mission was becoming more and more of an annoyance, if he had to deal with all the cannon fodder and not the real deal, it was just like a game at this point, so he had to chase the bandit family and not let himself get distracted by all the cannon fodder, who were literally just used as a method of wasting time so the family could escape the danger that Jin brought, as while he may have been a criminal mastermind, he did still care about his family and obviously protect his family which he cherished from Jin but distracting him, sending mere goons to do a man's job, and this rather angered Jin, if anything, this put him into a zone, he was in the zone right now, ninja jumped from almost all angles to try and land a hit on Jinichi, but he was in that zone, he COULD NOT BE STOPPED, he was a maniac right now, avoiding, parrying and countering pretty much any strike which even attempted to make contact with him, eventually, one of the goons attempted a strike at Jin's torso, which he pretty much limbo'd like something out of the Matrix, snapped back up, grabbed the back of his hand and chin and snapped his neck, a gruesome crunch echoing around the cave walls as the ninja was killed pretty much instantly, obviously due to having his vertebrae snapped.

He continued his path of destruction, onwards towards the ninja fleeing deeper into the cave, there must've been some kind of secret exit someplace, nonetheless he would follow them after he disposed of these ninja, honestly even for a criminal group these bandits were terrible, they were barely even worth a drop of Jin's sweat in terms of effort, which said something as Jinichi was only a mere chuunin, so to destroy a group of such overwhelming numbers so easily was interesting indeed, maybe this criminal group weren't as "intervillage" as the dossier mentioned, that or Jin had gotten a hell of a lot stronger than before, which was interesting enough.

He still had absolutely no idea as to how all this crime had arisen in the village so quickly, it was all rather alien to him, while he hadn't been living in Kumogakure for long, he couldn't say he had seen many bandits before, but that was the way crime was he supposed, it could appear anywhere and at pretty much any time. But today he was sent to put a stop to it, after all these guys stole a pretty important document, it was something that the Raikage wanted back at all costs so, it was definitely not some kind of kid's drawing or something unimportant, but he couldn't quite speculate on what it would be, treasury locations? Village secrets? Likely so, he couldn't pinpoint it at all though, besides they were classified documents so he wasn't going to tinker with them in any way whatsoever when he eventually got his hands on that blasted document.

He avoided a flying kick from one of the ninjas by ducking it and doing a sweep kick to get him into the air before tornado kicking him and sending him into the wall with enough force to break his back, before he continued his advance forwards to track down the bandit leader, after all that was the mission, he could come back and kill the small fry when he had finished the big catch. 

He pursued the family as they made their way deeper into the cave, the army of bandits in Jin's pursuit, this mission was really beginning to be a pain in the ass, but it was a dirty job yet someone had to do it, it wasn't by standing around doing absolutely nothing that he was going to get by in this world, so here he was on the hunt for the Shisui family, Ryu, Makoto and Namie. The chase was on, and there would be no holds barred in this, it was now kill or be killed and the battle was on, it was now time to face the big guns, and who did he see in the distance? Makoto. One of the Shisui family, he had to intercept this guy so he body flickered a good distance ahead before flying kicking him in the back of the head, sending him rolling forwards frantically, and with that they arrived in a much wider circular part of the cave with some kind of ladder which headed up into a small cliff, and there were the other two Shisui family members, with this Jin used his Lava Release: Fissure vent eruption to make the cave crumble above them, blocking the emergency exit with falling rubble, this also caused a small split in the ground which allowed bright orange, bubbling Lava to bubble through the cracks, and with that Ryu grinned.

"So you escaped the ambush huh? You ain't that stupid for a kid." He snickered as he and Namie jumped off of the balcony and landed a good 10 feet away from Jin. "But you really think you can beat all 3 members of the Shisui family at once? Shrimp?" and with that a determined grin came up upon his face, certain that he'd kill the orange haired kid in front of him.

Jin merely grinned, "I hope you're not as weak as your subordinates." And with that he threw his hood and cape combo to the side, revealing his chinese garb before he clenched his fist, channeling his Lava Release chakra all throughout his body, activating the famed Lava Release Armor which he had known throughout most of his Genin life and was actually the first jutsu he had learned. Strange that a kid learned one of the more powerful Lava Release jutsu on tap, but he did, and that would give him a certain advantage in this battle, because now Jin was experienced with its use.

His skin began to turn a dark shade of orange, almost black as a coat of burning lava enveloped his body, and with that, Jin looked at the three ninja who would be taking him on. "Let's go then you bastards!!" He grinned as he charged forwards, only to find himself ensnared by what looked like wire, Namie grinned, clutching a wad of steel wires in her hands, curse it! She had already made a trap, Jin didn't fret though, these wires were steel so they obviously melted as the temperature of Lava far exceeded its melting point, so the strings melted pretty much isntantly, allowing Jinichi to escape.

He surged forwards, attempting a punch at Ryu because he obviously wanted to take out the leader first so he could end the operation as quickly as possible, but Ryu had just enough time to body flicker away from Jinichi's punch, and Namie attempted to use the time used when dodging to launch a surprise attack, by using her wires to alledgedly cut up Jin, but the armor melted the steel the moment it made contact with the fiery aura of his Lava Release Armor, Jin followed up by attempting a punch on the very person who attempted the counterattack, which was Namie, she luckily avoided though, As Makoto used this opportunity to try and slash Jin while his guard was down, but he simply dodged and punched him, the heat melting him and pretty much killing him incredibly painfully as he screamed, Makoto was now the first to die, which Ryu was shocked. "Makoto!!" but Makoto was no more, his skin charred, his body lifeless, his soul escaped.

Ryu clenched his teeth and attempted a Wind Cutter on him, Jin body flickered it and behind Ryu, attempting a flying kick on his neck, but he too avoided the attack, Namie came up behind him and followed up with a Spiralling Wind ball, avoided yet again by Jin's superior agility, body flickering again behind her and punching her, sending her straight into the ground with enough force to break her neck, killing her in one last spasm.

Ryu was now left without a family, he knew he couldnt escape, the glory of his family was gone, it was time for him to accept his fate, but it appeared as if he wasn't done there, he wanted to continue fighting, so he attempted to charge Jin, but he punched him broke his ribs, following up with a neck snap, Ryu Shisui was no more, as Jin fumbled his top to find the documents, time to deliver these back to the office, Hopefully Ganki was still there eh didn't want to run around with stolen documents any longer than he had to.

He made his way out of the cave, still not quite remembering the way out, and also that he had to deal with the bandits, they were back again, and they wanted that document, but it'd be worthless for them to even attempt to take it away from Jin now that he had gotten his hands on it, especially when he now had his Lava Release Armor active. They eventually all got smashed by his armor, half of them carbonized by the sheer force of the heat, melting off their skin and charring their bones, and soon the horde of low ranked criminals found themselves exterminated, and with that done, it was time for him to head out and head home, his work here was done.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission: What happened!? [P, Jin]   Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:39 pm

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Mission: What happened!? [P, Jin]
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