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 Lumber Jason

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Jason Fredriksson
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : lightning
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Ryo : 8700

PostSubject: Lumber Jason   Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:22 pm

Mission Name: Lumber
Rank: E-mission
Type: Labor
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location: Konoha,Forest
Word Count Requirements: 500
Reward:250 yen

Task:The village needs you to go out into the forest and collect some lumber for the village, get a decent amount but do not destroy the villages surroundings!


Jason woke up one day and found an assignment under his door that stated he needs to go to the forest and chop some wood for some lumberjacks. Jason packed his stuff and headed out to the forest. Jason thought of how many trees he had to cut down and how dangerous this would be. Jason got to the forest after explaining to the guards for a few minutes why he was leaving konoha. Jason went up to an axe that had 70 in sharpness that was stuck on a tree stump that used to be a pine tree. after a few muscle working, Jason took out the axe from the tree stump and began cutting down a pine tree. while Jason was cutting, he was thinking that doing missions like this would be relaxing in a way. as long as it didn't involve killing someone without a reason.

Jason cut down the pine tree that he was working on after a few minutes of cutting. Jason yelled out "timber!" in case anybody was walking by. the tree was falling down away from him, so there was no danger of the tree squashing him into a pancake. Jason went to another pine tree that was closer to him. Jason started to cut it down and swinging the axe with all his might

"i wonder who requested this mission." Jason asked himself while cutting it down. "and why so many trees? oh well, better not question my authorities and just do as i'm told." Jason continued cutting the axe after his inner monologue.

Jason cut down the tree and went on to cut down a few more trees. Jason lied down and rested after all that hard work and breathed out.

"phew. finally done. now i believe that i should just go back to the village and collect the money."

Jason got up and saw that there still was some work. Jason groaned in protest and picked up the axe and began to cut down another tree. "this sucks. let's just hope i don't stumble across the knights who say ni." Jason thought to himself. Jason wiped off a few sweat beads that trickled down his forehead and did one last swing before the tree came down in one feel swoop. after that, Jason took a seat at a nearby rock made from granite and took a look at his surroundings: cut down trees, wherever he looked. a bunny hopping across the field, butterflies flying, the sound of the birds chirping. beautiful. Jason got up and stretched for a bit while thinking on how to carry all those trees to konoha. Jason smiled as he got an idea and went off and searched for help. after searching for a while, Jason didn't find any help and went back and cut all the trees into smaller pieces with the axe and went back and forth from konoha to the forest.

after that was done, Jason wiped the beads of sweat trickling down from his forehead. "phew, glad that is over and done with." Jason went home for a much needed rest after that.

(exit, 521 words. counted.)




"being prepared to die in battle, is not the same as offering yourself to death willingly." ~ Guy. Super Street figher 4.
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Clan Element : None
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PostSubject: Re: Lumber Jason   Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:26 pm

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Lumber Jason
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