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 Missing Ninja Rules

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PostSubject: Missing Ninja Rules   Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:56 am

Missing-Nin Rules

If you haven’t done so already, please read the basic rules here: Basic Rules

Introduction to Missing-Nins

Missing Ninja, or otherwise known as Rogue Ninja are those whom do not hold allegiance to the village system for any number of reasons.  Rouge ninja are most of the time, criminals ranging from common theives, to high ranking rogue ninja.

Becoming a Missing-Nin

To become a missing ninja, you must first turn your back upon your village, or be kicked out in some way, you will not receive missing ninja status until the leader of your village declares you one.  Most commonly, if you spend to much time out of your village that is either beyond your allowance, or if you leave without permission, the Kage or village leader will mark you as a missing ninja, not necessarily a criminal, but someone missing from the village.  Similar to the
aforementioned, if certain crimes are preformed that are not accepted by the Kage, you will be deemed a missing ninja but only if they find out about them.  (You cannot kill a kid and hide his body away, and expect to get a free rank up when no one knows you did it.)  Note, as a village ninja your personal information is kept on file, so should you become a missing ninja that information is free to view to those whom it is shown to, this information is strictly that during your time in the village. (Stats, Spec, Clan, etc. just the basics)

You will be allowed to start as an E, or D-Rank missing ninja, exact details for this are listed upon the character creation template.

Ranking up as a Missing-Nin

Ranking up as a missing ninja is done by committing crimes in the ninja world, these not serving at an actual bingo book rank, but more over notoriety.  If for whatever reason you are allowed back into the village system, your rank will be placed as it was as if you never deserted.  (If you desert at Genin, and get S-Rank, then try to rejoin, your going back to Genin as paperwork wise your still just a Genin who did bad things.  Note; Leaders of the villages can grant ranks should they feel you are suitable of said rank, such case as S-Rank rejoining the system to become Genin.)

Ranks and obtainment

The following options listed under each rank require you to do one of them, not all of them.

How to obtain:
-Start as.
-Defect as an Academy student.

How to Obtain:
-Starting as.
-Defect as a Genin.
-Attack a Genin+.
-Kill a Genin.
-Steal 2,000+ Ryo from players.

How to Obtain:
-Defect as a Chuunin.
-Kill a Chuunin.
-Steal 4,000+ Ryo from players.

Rank up rewards: 3 free canon jutsu that you have unlimited of, or lower.

How to Obtain:
-Defect as a Jounin.
-Kill a Jounin.
-Steal 6,000+ Ryo from players.

Rank up rewards: 6 free canon jutsu that you have unlimited of, or lower.

How to Obtain:
-Defect as an ANBU.
-Kill an ANBU.
-Steal 10,000+ Ryo from players.

Rank up rewards: 1 free canon jutsu that you have unlimited of, or lower.

How to Obtain:
-Defect as a Kage/Master.
- Kill a Kage/Master
-Steal 20,000+ Ryo from players.

Rank up rewards: 9 free canon jutsu that you have unlimited of, or lower.

Ranking up grants the same stat rewards as the village ninja ranks, please see rank obtainment for the system.
All Ryo stolen cannot stack from rank to rank, once you steal a ranks amount, you get that rank and then have to steal the next ranks amount on top of what you already have.

Note:Should criminal activity be done that is not upon the list, a player has the right to request a rank of that can be granted by the staff.  Ex; C-Rank killing multiple Genin (5+ etc.) instead of their Chuunin would be eligible for a rank up.

Wanted Ninja and Bounty

Once one is declared a missing ninja, the leader of said village puts out a warrant for their capture or execution, this depending upon the IC Kage/Village Leader.  Atop the wanted state, the leader may offer up optional rewards for their capture/Death. All rewards given for the capture/kill of the missing ninja comes from the village funds, and or the leader/kage's own pocket.  With the wanted information, crimes and the like can optionally be listed to give reason for the capture.  One is not instantly identified for being a missing ninja, and it is the Kage/Village Leader's responsibility to get the word out, so if there is no sharing of information, missing ninja can freely traverse the lands unknown.  Mettagaming will be monitored, if you do not know someones name, you cannot put it on the wanted document, yet you can detail what you know about them and signs of identification.  (Akatsuki and Red Clouds)

Village Entry and Special Threads

Missing ninja due to always being hunted are not allowed to make private topics, or include thread tags for the most part unless at their base of operations, or unless they are in the social zone of the black market.  Missing ninja are however allowed to make only private training threads due to them always being hunted. Missing ninja before entering a village, must make a topic at the gates, and wait 24-hours or until someone replies before you are allowed entry, should 24-hours pass you can claim entry into the village. Whilst in a village, a missing ninja does reserve the right to enter private threads should it be possible, at their own risk and potentially be caught infiltrating. A base of operations for missing ninja is territory in which they are not hunted, such can include if the Kage of such village has allowed you to stay within the village. (If allowed to stay in the village, you lose the ability to enter private threads) Missing ninja can also make private threads on the hide outs area of the country borders.

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Missing Ninja Rules
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