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 What Happened?! [Team 4]

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Samaruo Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: What Happened?! [Team 4]    Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:23 am

Mission Name:What Happened?!
Type: Intel/Assassination.
Character Requirements: Chuunin or higher
Mission Location: Forest
Word Count Requirements: 4000
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 4000
Task: Reports have it that valuable info was stolen from the Kage's office, it is your job to get it back!
The information must be retrieved at all cost, speculation is that this is a group of missing ninja threatening to overthrow the elemental nations, retrieve the information and end this group if possible, show them the true power of your village!
What Happened?!
The Hokage building was in a state of emergency, ninja kept going in an out wondering, how could it have happened? It didn't take long for the villagers to catch on to this state of emergency. As far as they knew, it had something to do with the kage, as far that they knew. The village elders, shinobi superiors, and even the Anbu ops were running a muck, just what happened in there. All that they knew was that something needed to be done, in order to retrieve what had been stolen. This incident was easily made into a job, or a mission so to speak. The scambers made their way to the carriers as they alerted the shinobi that would be charged to take on this mission, and that shinobi would none other than Samaruo.
Samaruo could see it all from where he stood, his post that he was charged to patrol today, not long ago did he enjoy his vacation, but every beginning has an end. He stood at his post looking over to the bulding, the activity had gone up and up, with not sign of every calming down. Samaruo would look over to his right, where his partner would be stationed, 10 feet away from him. Samaruo would ask him if he knew what was going on, surely he would know, he hoped. "Kira, do you know what is going on here, the village is in a complete mess from what I'm seeing." Kira would look towards Samaruo would a some what confused look, but he did have some knowledge to what had been happening around here. "I don't know much, except rumors. However, there is this one rumor that someone stole important documents, right from under the desk of the Hokage. They say these documents contained every bit of detail about our village infrastructure." Saamruo would widen his eyes, it couldn't be true, how would someone get a hold of such sensitive information, its not an easy job to pull off. Samaruo would wonder about this, till a figure would arrive behind him. However, this figure did not get the jump on Samaruo, for he had sensed him coming from many meters away, tracking his presence as he closed in on him. Samaruo would turn around to see who this person was.
Samaruo would turn his head to see none other than an ANBU operative, he was shrouded in his clock of mystery. The animal mask was that of a boar, this is what Samaruo dreamt of becoming, well he used too. When Samaruo was a genin, he wished that he would be chosen to join the ANBU, the ninja that staked their prey in the night, swiftly, and quietly, unseen by all. However, that all changed when Samaruo went to see the Hokage about it, he views changed when Viper told him about he ANBU ops. It was nothing more than a cure, a burned that would rob a person of their soul, forced to carryout missions that would be deemed to horrible to describe. Countless murder missions, political plot missions, the list could go on for ever. To put it short, it was not for Samaruo, for he was not that kind of man. But Irou, Samaruo sighed at the thought of him, he would leave that subject forgotten for now, and focus on why this ANBU operative was here, most likely because of the emergency over at the Hokage building.
The ANBU operative would speak towards Samaruo, and with no surprise, his tone was lifeless, void of any emotion. "Samaruo Uchiha, you are to come with me to the Hokage building, you have been chosen to carryout a mission. Follow me at once." With out fail, the ANBU would leave, barely leaving a trace for Samaruo to follow. Samaruo would turn towards Kira and nod, before he too would vanish from sight. So it was about the mission, he was chosen to handle such a task. Was he up for it, did they really steal document from the Hokage's desk? Well, whatever it was, Samaruo would have to carryout what ever order he would receive. After a few steps and turns, the ANBU would lead Samaruo else where, in fact, they were no where near the Hokage building, where were they he thought? The Anbu would drop down in front of an old log house, Samaruo would do the same. Samaruo would question the ANBU, on exactly what they were doing in front of a log house. "What are we doing here, the Hokage building is clearly the other way" The Boar would answer, but only shortly as he left the scene in a flash. "Go inside", was all he said. Samaruo would do as the ANBU asked, wondering just on earth he was doing, but all would be clear soon enough.
Samaruo reached for the door, grabbing the door knob that was unlocked. Once Samaruo would open the door, stepping into the house he would see a familiar face. It was one of the village elders, the same man that granted Samaruo's request on be placed on the mission activity list, it was an honor. Samaruo bowed his head in respect, something he learned from Viper Uchiha. The village elder would wave his hand, asking him to sit down. Samaruo would sit across from the elder, waiting on him to speak. "Samaruo, I take it you remember me, as it was I that granted you permission to be placed on the affirmative mission action parole list, a privilege only allowed to those of jounin rank. However, due to your records I say you would do well, compared to what I see today." Samaruo would look the elder directly into his eyes, "Yes, I am very thankful that you allowed to be placed on the list. Not only did I want to be placed because of the experience I would gain, but because, I needed the money." The elder scoffed a bit at Samaruo's reasoning, experience, he knew that everyone did it for the money, to do what ever they pleased. The elder however was short on time, so he had to brief Samaruo on what he had to do. "Well if it is money that you want well look no further, if you manage to complete this S rank mission, then the ryo payout will cover you for quite some time, 4000 ryo." Samaruo paused, a she heard the elder say that it was a S rank mission. An S rank mission, this would be a first fro Samaruo. Never had Samaruo been selected to take on an S rank mission. But to top it off, a 4000 ryo pay out, this was exactly what Samaruo needed, to buy what he needed for Nightshade. All that money, he could finally get it, though this Mission was potentially going to be a dangerous one, Samaruo would have to take it, regardless of the cost. Samaruo would listen to what the elder had to say.
The elder spoke without a waste of breath, Samaruo would be all ears. "Samaruo, I take it you have heard about the recent event, that documents from the Hokage building have been stolen. These documents are indeed very classified that in the wrong hands, they could spell the end for the leaf village. Your task is the find these thieves, and eliminate them on the spot, and retrieve those documents, do this, and the 4000 ryo is yours to do whatever you wish. You can not let them escape, whoever they are, do you understand?" Samaruo would nod his head, listening to every detail he hear, he had to find the thieves, kill them, and bring the documents back to the elder. This task would be indeed tedious, he did not know where to start, or how the thieves even look like. Samaruo  got up from his chair, and made his way towards the door, for the 4000 ryo, he had to do it. "Roger." Samaruo would head out in search of the crooks, he had to bring those documents back, where would he search, the elder's guess was as good as his.
Samaruo, now leaping in a rush would figure out where to start, the main, gate, the forest, or even the borders, everything was just so lost. Normally when he would take a mission, he was briefed on the key details, which allowed Samaruo to carryout the mission flawlessly, but today that doesn't seem to be the case. Samaruo guess that he had been spoon fed some many times that he didn't really know how easy he had it. Samaruo would decide to head over to the Hokage building, it was worth a shot. Maybe their he could pick up some important clues to this S ranked mission, Samaruo still couldn't get over the fact that he was chosen to do this mission. Samaruo would head off towards the Hokage building, to begin his investigation on the missing documents.
After a quick boost here and there, he would arrive at the Hokage building, it was lined and surrounded with red tape, preventing anyone from simply wondering in. Samaruo would just do that, he walked into the building, strangely enough, no one tried to stop him, the guards simply let him through. Perhaps the elder granted Samaruo temporary access due tot he mission he was assigned too, a well need perk. as he walked the halls of the busy Hoakge office, he would observe the huge hole in the wall, with one important detail that he caught. The hole in the wall was a perfect rectangle, 6x4 feet in height, with no signs of cutting. Which meant only one thing, this was the work of earth style shinobi. Samaruo would walk towards the wall, looking at the marks and shapes, yep, this was it he thought. So how would earth style users make this hole in the all, and walk into the hokage's office undetected, that was the real question.
Then, Samaruo would be approached by Kira, yet again. Kira would ask Samaruo where he had been and what the ANBU wanted. Samaruo would have told Kira, but something felt off, if this was a regular mission, then he would have been brought here first, not some back of the woods log cabin. Was that how S ranks worked, he wondered? Samaruo decided that it was for the best that he did not tell him about the mission, this S ranked mission was very classified. Samaruo would make up the excuse of being told to clean up the scene, "Nothing, I was just to come here and help clear the area, and maybe help with guard duty shifts if I wanted." Kira would then nodded slightly as he would inform Saamruo of the rumors that eh heard, "Remember what I said about it being stolen documents, well check this, they say it was the Hokage's keys to the village vault, they are going to rob us blind." Samaruo smiled a bit as he decided to go else where, you could always depend on KIra for a laugh he thought. What if Samaruo would check out the village gates, that would leave him some clues as to how the thieves got out. Samaruo would bolt right through the hole of the wall, making his way towards the main gates. With only one clue in mind, whoever the thieves were, they were earth style shinobi.
As Samaruo reached the gates, he noticed that something was very different today. The walls were filled with shinobi, covering the tops of the walls like birds. Security was at a all time high now, which caused Samaruo to remember something. During the night shift, the security on the main wall is in fact more secured then the time of day, but not this secure now. If those crooks got away clean, then there was no way they could get out of the village through this end, they would have been caught on the spot. This thinking only left Samaruo with on option, the forest. The forest would be the perfect escape route, not that much patrol men there, nope, simply, three or four, tops. That was it. With this Samaruo would make a stop home first, to gather his tools and belongs that eh needed to go out on this mission. This destination would most likely take him to the thieves.
On his way home, which he finally reached, he would quickly make his way into the house. It was his cousins house, there, he would go in to his room, where he would find the black silly cat, rolling in his bed. He didn't pay much mind to him as he was busy with many things to do, many thieves that he much kill, to retrieve the documents. While wearing his chuunin attire, Samaruo would reach for his two sheathed weapons that were located on top of the shelves. It was that time where Saamruo would carry two weapons, as he would need it for the fight to come. The first weapon he had was his favored Selene, with was incased in its black ivory sheath. The sword was strapped to the back of Samaruo's waist, the hilt end pointing to the right of Samaruo. The second weapon that he had, his heaven's tanto, was also sheathed, and placed on the back of Samaruo's waist. The hilt end was pointing towards the left side of him, making both weapons easy to access. Samaruo seemed to have everything he needed, for he was ready top take on the villainous thieves that would do harm to the village with those documents. Samaruo would not set off, dashing out of the house to make his way towards the forest.
At a moments notice, Samaruo arrived at the entrance to the forest, odd that no one was guarding it to day, well now o all times. Samaruo would cautiously walk into he forest, his chakra senses were on the alert this whole time, meaning to alert him so he should pick up on someone. his head band was fastened tight around his forehead, the ends short. His long jet black hair was in a pony tail, with his two side bangs hanging free which passed shoulder length, the pony tail reaching his mid back section. The hair floated carelessly as the winds began to pick up. The winds came right out of the forest, strange activity was beginning to brew, Samaruo endured all of it.
Samaruo would continue to walk inside the forest, till he would spot a chakra source a couple meters east of his location, but only one, this was his only chance. In fact, by the looks of no guards at the entrance of the forest, it would see to be that no one was suppose to be here at all, strange he thought. Samaruo would charge towards the chakra source with his right hand placed firmly on the hilt, ready to strike If need be. Upon reaching the chakra source, he would see a mna, causal clothes and nothing more. Why was he out here? "Why are you out here, what's your purpose?" The man would try to loosen Samaruo's grip, but it would prove useless. Finally, the man would reveal his true intentions, finally Samaruo was getting somewhere. "Im out here probably for the same reason your out here, to find out what happened to those documents. I tried tracking down that group of three shinobi, but every time I seem to get a hold on one, they vanished." Samaruo would listen to his words, he was on the same mission as him, why was this. This was a secret S rank mission, Samaruo's mission. Samaruo would let go of the man, nodding his head towards him. Well, if they were on the same mission, it would be best if they worked together to capture the thieves. " I was placed on this mission as well, I need to get those documents back soon, or else the village would be in danger. The old man would nod back, as the two would make there way deeper and deeper into the forest, Samaruo always seemed to find himself in forest. Then, Samaruo sensed another chakra source, coming from behind him, it moved a great speed, he would unsheathed Selene, pointing it at the direction the source was coming from. The old man would pull two kunai out from his pouch with both hands, now holding on in each. The two were ready fro combat, how they would face off against this for, they did not know.
The chakra source revealed itself, well, the man did. The man was dressed in a strange armor, a brownish texture to be sure of it, he was the earth user. Samaruo would activate his sharingan as he would strike towards the shinobi. he leaped forwards at great speed, his sword would impale the shinobi if he was not quick enough, the old man stood to the side, readying to counter any attack the earth user would use. The figure known as the thieve would disappear into a pile of rock, a earth style clone, this was something even Samaruo's sharingan could not see. Samaruo would drop down to the ground, his attack was successful, but it was not the real thieve, so the mission was far from over. The old man made his way over to Samaruo. "So this is how he gets around, he uses these clones to monitor the forest, in fact, I don't think we have much to worry about, in the essence of time. Look around, this is the leaf village forest, back that direction is the leaf village, and towards that direction, is the country borders, that is guarded by leaf shinobi now around the clock. Our assailant is going no where, we need to plan our strategy if we want to beat him. Samaruo nodded his head in the words of wisdom, the old man was right. The thieve was basically trapped, he was going no where.  
After hearing the words of hope, Samaruo would make his way deeper in the forest, along with his ally, whose name he still did not know. Samaruo would add focus to his chakra senses, his range was 100 meters now, a very wide range indeed, finding all his clones at once would be easy. Sadly, that was not the case, "I cant find him, no matter how hard I focus in" Samaruo's chakra senses weren't picking up a trace. The old man spoke, it is probably because the shinobi has some sort of chakra suppression technique, I've seen ninja like him before. The technique wipes out the user's chakra signature, making the user undetectable by chakra sense, finding him like that would be next to impossible." The old man was full of wisdom.
Samarup would then look around, his sharingan was still active, with a couple weaved hand signs, two watery orbs appeared rom the ground. The watery orbs would form into two water clones on Samaruo. The clones would be sent off with a wave of the hand, by the real Samaruo. They would serve as scouts, incase on should find the real thief. "For now we will wait, but will will continue to walk incase we find him ourselves." Samaruo was set on finding these documents. The old man would oblige to Samaruo's request, "Let us see then."
After a few hours, the clones would be near Samaruo clser than he could realize, the two managed to find the thief, the real one. Saamruo would reach for his tanto that was strapped to the left side of is wait. He unsheathed it with his left hand, now holding both Selene and the heaven;s tanto. He would dash for with all his speed, and so did the armed old man. While passing through the bushes, there he was, engaged in combat with the two water clones. The water clones were weaker than Samaruo, which probably explained why the man wasn't dead yet. The clashing of their swords could  be heard throughout the forest.  When the clones would be destroyed, Samaruo would jump in, along with the old man. They would together attack with a combination attack, it would be the man's end. The two clones a foretold collapsed back into their watery state. The earth user paused as his real form was revealed to the enemy. So close was he, from retrieving the the documents that his village wanted, but was never going to make it out alive with them. Samaruo and the old man set up for a attack.
To start, Samaruo would throw his tanto, while dashing back a few feet, letting the old man take point. While the old man at the same type tossed his two kunai at him, while weaving a couple of hand signs. His had would thrust towards the enemy as a wave of water would proceed towards him. The earth user would leap into the air as he would attempt to form hand signs of his own, but that would be his down fall. Samaruo would weave a couple of hand signs, so that he would be able to breath a ball of fire from his mouth, this ball of fire sent quickly into the air towards the man. The ball did in fact engulfed the man's form, causing serious burns as he fell down top the ground. The burns were so sever that the man's heart would fail, causing him to die. at last the thief was stopped.
Samaruo would casual walk over to the dead body, turning it lifeless body over on its back. he then bent down to look for the documents, hopefully it did not get burned along with the attack. The documents were then found, wrapped together in a scroll like pattern, hidden within his leg, his pants leggings. Samaruo would sigh, the threat was over, all he needed to do was to return these slips to the village elder. As he held the documents he would look towards the old man, who in turn nodded towards Samaruo as well. He was proud of the Uchiha, a splendid job he did in taking down the ninja, if only he was a couple years younger. The old man would then disappear from sight, leaving the Uchiha to return the documents on his own. Be fore he could turn around, he would sense another figure making its way towards Samaruo, but this figure was familiar, it was the ANBU.

The ANBU's shadowy figure would arrive, along with two other as they saw the documents that they were told to retrieve. They knew that Samaruo was sent on the mission ,and offered to escort him and the documents to the village elder, the same one that gave Samaruo the mission. Samaruo would nod as he would the be encircled by the ANBU, only to move when Samaruo moved. Samaruo would then make his way over to the same log cabin, to give the elder the documents and the report of the mission. Finally, he would be able to buy Nightshade the present that he had wanted to give her for a long time, and with he 4000 ryo, he could do just that. His hair would move as he bolted towards the village center, along with the three ANBU, he felt like a VIP.

As he arrived on the scene, he would walk into the same log cabin, the ANBU this time stood out side as they monitored the area. The elder was still inside, sipping on the tea that he had with hi this time. It was almost as if he never left. Nevertheless, Samaruo gave him the document and wen this way, with his pay, the mission was done. All that was left to do was to find the store that had Nightshades gift, he could wait to surprise her.
[My word count is 4010, 4000 ryo, 12jp.]
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What Happened?! [Team 4]
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