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 Grave Robbers [Team 4]

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Samaruo Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 13
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 13060

PostSubject: Grave Robbers [Team 4]   Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:35 pm

Mission Name: Grave Robbers

Rank: C

Type: Apprehension

Character Requirements: Genin Squad/Chuunin or higher.

Mission Location: Forest, Konoha

Word Count Requirements: 1200

Repeatable? Yes

Reward: 1200 Ryo

Task: A nearby burial grounds of the hidden leaf village has been seeing some unwanted activity over the past few weeks. Reports of groundskeepers finding tombs and crypts raided for loot and what not have been found, disgracing the bodies of the ones whom once laid there. Your job is to go out there at night, find the robbers, and bring them in for questioning so that those belongings can be returned to their rightful place, this cannot continue.

Grave Robbers

It was then Again that Samaruo was placed on another mission, as prior his request. This time he would be asked to investigate a burial ground deep within the forest of the leaf village, due to unwanted activity. This was all to familiar to Samaruo, not too long ago, in fact last week, Samaruo was charged with investigating a abandoned sector. The villagers were saying that ghost were behind the strange activity, when in fact it was true, the ghost did cause all the noise. He wondered if he would meet any ghost today, he hoped not. What made it worse was that Samaruo had to go out at night, because the reports stated that it was most likely grave robbers. Grave robbers, at least they were better than ghost. The robbers most likely came out around dark anyway, to avoid getting caught.

The Uchiha sat on his bed, in his cousin's house all alone. Everyone was out, except for the black cat that seemed to love Samaruo's company. He didn't mind, the only thing that Samaruo mind was the long waiting, he could have been training, but he had to wait it out. For now, he stroked the back of the cat with the top of his hand, the purring it made was soothing for the time being.

At last it was dark, the full moon was high above the village, along with the starry sky. Samaruo would now prepare himself for the mission. he reached into his drawers for his chuunin gear and weapons. Their was a high possibility that he would come into contact with the bandits, so it was pretty imperative that he brought along some arms, just in case. Samaruo would strap on his chuunin gear, along with his head hand, the leaf village symbol was gleaming when the lunar light hit it. He also brought along a sack of kunai, which he placed on his hip, the left side. Finally, he would reach for his custom moon sword, Selene. He strapped the sheathed katana to his back waist, the hilt facing upwards towards the right. He was ready to handle this mission with complete focus. he then headed out of the room and made his way towards the door, but no before getting his warrant to allow him to leave the village temporally, as all need such documents in order to leave the village.

As he arrived at the exit gate of the village, shortly after he left, he would be greeted by the patrolmen that roamed the area. Samaruo was not at the main gates of the village, no, these gates lead into the deeper parts of the forest, not all of konoha is sealed off by wall. Samaruo would reach into this pocket with his right hand, pulling out a scroll that contained all the necessary prints, stamps, and signatures needed to all him to pass without say. The guard would reach for the scroll opening it as he read through it, with a nod of his head, he allowed Samaruo passage into the forest, so that he could complete his mission. Samaruo gave a slight nod back in return, he would bolt towards the forest, his figure disappearing into the night, leaving the guards to do what they do best, patrol. The mission had truly begun.

Moments later, Samaruo had continued to run through the forest, but with no worry if he should find them or not. Due to this chakra senses, he could be bale to find them without much effort at all. Samaruo was basically a sensory shinobi, due to his highly developed senses, his fruit from hard labor and training. His range was a roughly one hundred meters, meaning he wouldn't miss a thing. Once Samaruo would sense a group of people, he would know that the bandits were there. Now of course he could have just went to the graveyard and waited there, but he much preferred that he would get the jump on them, instead of himself, it would be much easier to detain them. Suddenly, a surge of energy flowed through Samaruo, alerting him that a group of 4 people were headed his way, right on schedule he thought. Samaruo would reach for the hilt of Selene, grasping it as he quickly removed it from its sheath, battle was near. Then, the foot steps and chatter from the group could be heard, samaruo would halt from anymore movement, readying himself for battle.

Out from the darkness came the four roaming bandits, that also halted in front of Samaruo, 25 feet from him. They all stared at him, wonder just what on earth is he doing here? Samaruo would stare the in the face, till he would speak. "Reports spoke of activity that seemed to be on the rise here, mostly because of the disturbed tombs. You people wouldn't have anything to do with that would you?" One of the bandits would speak to Samaruo, taking a single step forward, his tone would be carefree. "Well, it seems like you already know the answer to that already, right?" Samaruo would tighten his grip even further, his eyes would transform, turning into the three tomoe sharingan. All of the bandits then proceed to jump Samaruo all at once, they figured that with a combined effort, they would be able to take him down. But in Samaruo's eyes, they appeared as slow as ever, his eyes tracking every single detail, judging there every movement to see what would be the appropriate attack.

To start, Samaruo focused on the one who opened his move first, for he was also the one who took the first step, therefore being the lead in the attack. Samaruo would switch Selene from his right and to left hand, hold the blade in reverse, the hilt was now pointing towards the bandit. The hilt would then be brought closer to the on coming bandit, knocking him out with not only the hilt, but with Samaruo's strength. Samaruo would then focus on the next bandit, as he watch the first fall to the ground. The second bandit would try to punch Samaruo on his jaw, but Samaruo would evade by angling his body so that he punch would hit nothing but air. wit the miss, Samaruo would return his blade to the right hand, knocking yet another bandit out of play. The last two would then halt, staring at what had just happened. Samaruo would raise his blade towards them, asking them to surrender, he was only 5 feet away from them, including the blade. The two would then hesitant at first, but would give in to his demand, they were clearly out matched. The two would slowly follow Samaruo, with Samaruo's clone that he made shortly after. The clone would be use to carry the two knocked out bandits. The loot that they carried was also on them as well, it was a good thing as well, since he would need it for the superiors to look at.

As the group made their way back tot he village, the guards would see him and the gang, he and the patrol men would assist Samaruo with the prisoners. Samaruo had finally completed the mission, all that was left was for him to go home, but not before collecting his pay, he was almost there.

[My word count is 1221, 1200 ryo, 5jp.]
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Xuro Bakuton
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 38
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Earth,Lightning,Wind,Acid
Clan : Bakuton
Clan Element : Bakuton (Explosion Release)
Bloodline : Iwagakure Kinjutsu, Mangekyou Sharingan (Implant/DNA)
Ryo : 1447

PostSubject: Re: Grave Robbers [Team 4]   Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:59 pm


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Grave Robbers [Team 4]
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