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 The Leader [Team 4]

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Samaruo Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Leader [Team 4]   Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:32 pm

Mission Name: The Leader

Rank: A

Type: Apprehend

Character Requirements: Genin/Chuunin or higher.

Mission Location: Forest, Konoha

Word Count Requirements: 3600

Repeatable? Yes

Reward: 3000 Ryo

Task: Two of the leaders of one of the biggest non ninja criminal organization are meeting to discuss plans for the future. We have intercepted and decoded a letter that shows where the leaders are meeting and when, and we also know that they have hired two A rank missing ninja to protect them during the meeting. Your job is to take down the ninja and bring the leaders in. These are A rank missing ninja with an arsenal of jutsu in their possession, so use these stats when planning your actions:

The Leader

Dressed in his full Chuunin uniform, Samaruo dashed towards the forest of the leaf village. He was currently on a mission, a capture mission at best. His job was to bring in the leaders of two of the biggest crime organizations in the Leaf village. Luckily, HQ managed to intercept a letter that had detailed information about the meeting place that it was going to be held. Normally, Samaruo would wait for his team, but due to the emergency, he was authorized to carry on without them, only to meet up with them if they too received a letter to meet up with him.

As he leaped from one tree branch on to another, high above the ground, his left hand was placed on top of the hilt of Selene, his new personal sword. The sword was secured to his left side of his waist, with a thick two wide rope. Samaruo brought it just in case he would run into trouble, which he probably would. The mission details explained that the two crime lords were regular individuals, with no special characteristics. But Samaruo didn't believe that they would come out here alone, they would definitely have some back up with them, in case the meeting should go wrong, or be interrupted.

Though, Samaruo knew where he was headed, he slowed his pace slightly, incase his team should arrive to help him on this mission, what as left of his team. The incident was still fresh within his head, playing vividly within his mind. he shook his head many times, trying to regain his focus. Samaruo activated his sharingan, to stay on the alert. His eyes filled with a red tint to them, as three pointed star was form within, only to break up into individual points of their own. Samaruo hoped that his team received the leader to aid him, at least one of them.

After giving time for his other teammates to arrive on the scene, it proved to be useless, for none of them showed up. It was painfully for him, the leader of team four, to see that his teammates chose to pursue other things than to aid their teacher, to allow Samaruo to help them in the shinobi up comings. It seems that Samaruo would have to find himself a new team, or just quit the whole idea of being leader of team four. Many times had the team underwent reconstruction, it was an unstable team at first. But with this group, Irou, Hideyoshi, and Raiku, Samaruo thought that this could be it, this could be the team that he could pass on helpfully knowledge. But no, it proved to be the same. After giving thought about, leaping pass many branches he decided. After this mission, he would give his resignation to team 4. Samaruo was just not qualified for the job, it was like he always said, rank does define a shinobi’s ability. A brief feeling of depression fell upon him, brief; he got over it soon because of the mission. Samaruo would concentrate all effort in completing this mission, for it could be his last one. Suddenly, Samaruo’s eyes would spot four sources of chakra nearby; it was most likely the group he was after. Samaruo was told to eliminate the armed shinobi guards, and bring in the two criminal overlords. Samaruo eyes focused on the two as he stopped on a nearby branch, which happened to tower over the meeting of the two lords.

Now settled, he would look at the two lords, but odd enough he only saw one shinobi guard. Samaruo was sure that eh spotted four chakra signatures. So where was the other one, his sharingan could not lie to him. Suddenly, the branch shook slightly as more weight was added to it, sensing another presence he leaped forward off of the branch, while lowering himself downward towards the ground. While doing so he would avoid the swift blade attack from the Missing shinobi. Upon his descent he would notice the guard that was directly below him getting ready to strike at him as well, at an upward angle. While falling, Samaruo’s sharing would fore see his attack, Samaruo reaching for his Selene with his right hand, quickly pulled out the sword and clashed it with the Missing nin’s sword. At his angle Samaruo used the clash as a way to twist his fall, now he would land on his feet. Before his fall he would take note of the two crime lords, due to his visual prowess of his Sharingan. The two ran away quick, lucky for Samaruo, the two had ran in the same direction. Making it easy for Samaruo to track down once he would deal with the Missing nin. Samaruo would not focus on the two shinobi, the one that he clashed with the sword was standing 10 feet away from him, while the one he first encountered soon joined him on the ground, but not before spewing out words of threat. That did not bother him thought, Samaruo knew how to block out all the unnecessary spews of chat during important situations such as this. For now, the three stood there, eyeing each other down as they beg one another to make the first move.

Samaruo wondered how the first shinobi caught on to him; he was yards away from their location at first. But then the mission details did say that he could be going up against two A ranked shinobi guards, powerful ninja at best. This would prompt Samaruo ever more to take down these two, to prevent hassle in the near future. Samaruo would then resort to Genjutsu, his main area of combat. The range that they were in was perfect for him to use his basilisk eye technique, a power Genjutsu that takes hold of the victim, causing paralysis. Samaruo look upon the two, once he would, he would be able to finish the job easily, killing the immobile missing ninja. However, it proved to be useless, the shinobi were to strong to be affected by the genjutsu. This meant that they held a considerable amount of chakra, a troublesome fact indeed. The two shrugged of the effects with ease, as they felt only minor effects for a brief instant. This would be more of a challenge for Samaruo, what would he do now? One of the missing nin decided to use jutus as a means of an attack. He weaved many hand signs instantly, till he fired a large ball of fire at him, in the shape of a dragon. But before the dragon could be launched at Samaruo, his sharingan took note of this, as he too used his sparrow call technique, summoning many crows nearby. As they settled he would use his substitution jutsu in combination with his sparrows. Using them as a medium his true form would be placed elsewhere within the forest, nearby and out of sight. While the Samaruo they saw being burnt was nothing but a fake, which soon reverted back into crows. The two would stutter at first, but the one that first caught Samaruo would point towards Samaruo’s location, instantly finding him yet again. How was this possible he thought, it could have been possible that that shinobi was a sensory type? It would make sense to how he was located so easily from yards away, a useful skill. Once his location was found, the two ran towards his hiding spot, but not before tossing 3 kunai knife towards their path, but they blocked their trajectory paths with their katana. Samaruo leaped out of the bush that he hid, only to form a few quick hand signs while holding his katana, which would summon a ball of water to aid him, it formed next to him on his right side in midair. The ball would then take shape into a life sized version of Samaruo, it held a version of Selene too. The two would land to the ground as they would immediately clash with the other two shinobi, their swords blocking one another from striking them, Samaruo’s clone seemed to hold on quite well as him. It was due to Samaruo’s physical strength, he possessed a great amount of strength for the average human. The four would be placed in a grid lock, planning on what to do next after this clash, the clash of shinobi.

The forest filled with echos, echos of swords clashing with one another, the shinobi were relentless with one another, the intent of killing was fresh. Samaruo was still locked in combat with the two A ranked mission ninja, as the two crime lords continued to gain distance away from him. Samaruo had to end this fight quickly, or the mission would only end in failure. Of course taking down these missing ninja would do great for his village, but that wasn't his mission, only part of it. His real mission was to bring in these two crime lords, to put a stop to their schemes. But what could he do to defeat these two, it was clear that he was at the disadvantage her. His clone would buckle a bit as his adversary would continue to apply pressure downwards, making the clone revert back to its natural water state. Samaruo would then whistle, a slight noise that would barely be noticed if you weren't 5 feet away from him, the missing ninja would hear. The noise would travel throughout the forest, calling the target to Samaruo area. Samaruo had a summoning pact with birds, the crows to be exact. Since he did, he managed to create a jutsu that would call any wild crow to his area, not to control them, but the use them as tools to aid him in this fight.

Once the crows settle, his water clone would take no more, for the strain that was put on it was to great. The water clone disbursed, causing it to collapse into a puddle of water, the clone had failed. Then, the missing ninja that defeated the clone, made his way towards Samaruo, at the same time the current missing ninja that the real Samaruo was facing had applied more pressure onto his blade, preventing him from moving at all. The charging nin then made a slash towards Samaruo, but his form would not truly be there. The instant the blade of the missing nin would appear to strike Samaruo, the instant Samaruo's form would change. Yes the gash was made visible on him, but soon after his body would scatter, scatter into many birds, crows. With success, Samaruo substitution jutsu worked, moving his presence 10 feet away from the two. The crows swirled down in unison, crashing down at the designated site, forming Samaruo. As soon as the reformation was complete, Samaruo formed a couple of hand signs, as he took a deep breath, only to exhale fire in shape of a giant sphere. The Sphere of fire would launch towards the two, directly in front of them at an extreme pace. From the current distance that was made, evading the speeding ball of fire would be very difficult, Samaruo would see this to be true. The speed of the fireball was just too great to be simply evaded, Samaruo would wait to see his targets burn. The fireball then crashed upon the site where the two currently stood. The ball exploded with great flare, spreading soot and ash everywhere, even the crows made sounds of frustration, the heat being unbearable.

As the smoked cleared, Samaruo would use his sharingan to view the two bodies, their chakra sources should remain visible even after death, only for a while though. Through scanning he found the two bodies, downed and defeated. Seeing this brought great relief, finally he had defeated the troublesome duo. But the job was not over, it was now time to capture the two crime lords, preventing them from fleeing. Samaruo would then turn behind him, still looking forward towards the direction the two lords had ran, seeing if he could see their chakra signatures, but it would prove to be too far from him. If Samaruo had a byuakugan, then this task would be easy from him to do, but, that was not the case it seemed. It seemed that he would indeed have to chase them down, as so he did, Samaruo would set off after them, in hopes of capturing them and finally bring the mission to a close.

While traveling through the forest, Samaruo had regained some of his chakra from the fight not too long ago. Though Samaruo had a lot of chakra within him, using jutsu back to back did put a little strain on him, but not to the point where it should be of concern. In fact, he wondered why he would think of such a thing right now, perhaps it was because of the long waiting. Samaruo had not only his chakra sense active, but his sharingan too. He would wait to feel the crime lords chakra, for he managed to remember the sense of it before they left the scene. Skipping among the many high branches off the ground, Samaruo would managed to get a bite, so to speak. A familiar sense he felt, it was indeed the crime lord, but a single one, why was this? There was two when he arrived on the scene, what happened to the other one he wondered. It was his mission to bring in the two crime lords together, no mistakes. Samaruo would sigh as he increased his speed, making his way towards the lone crime lord, to question where the other had gone. This mission was indeed far from over.

While continuing on tracking the lone crime lord, he managed to arrive right behind the sprinting foe, managing to take him down to the ground to prevent anymore advancement. His right hand would grasp the hair upon the head of the lord. He added force as well, causing his head to move downwards towards the ground, his left knee would make its way towards the back lower spine of the criminal, adding more force in the take down. As everything went fine, the lord was successfully pinned down to the ground, his face planted fiercely into the dirt ground. Samaruo would then question the criminal as to where the other one left. "Where is the other one, their were two of you when you ran off?" Samaruo's tone was strict, his sharingan still active but the crime lord could see nothing, for his face was still soaking up the cold dirt. The crime lord replied, muffled, so Samaruo raised his head up slightly, a couple inches off the ground so that he could speak. "(cough sounds), Bastard, I'll make you so sorry that you even decided to get out of your own bed today(cough sounds). After the threat was finished, Samaruo plunged the crime lords's head back into the dirt, this time smearing his face deeper and deeper into he dirt. After a few seconds, he raised the foe's head out of it, he chocked some as dirt flew out of his mouth, perhaps he was more inclined to talk, as he was going nowhere it seems. "Alright alight!! Just stop dammit, all I now was that he headed the other way, decided to split up in case we both got caught. All because along the way he started saying that I set him up, stupid prick he was. If we just continued headed the same direction without the useless banter, we would have been gone, even if you beat the hired guards." Samaruo nodded his head, "Which way was it, specifically?" The crime lord took a long pause, but deiced to tell him, what else could he do. He didn't have any jutsu of the sort, or any skills in combat. Perhaps he should have went to the academy first to gain some skills. " He went east of us." Gathering the information, Samaruo flipped the man over, turning his body towards the right. Samaruo's eyes meet with the crime lord's, the three tomoe spun rapidly as he used his genjutsu, placing him in an genjutsu that would render him unconscious for a while. The man's eye lids would get heavier and heavier as they would finally shut, the genjutsu was a success. After that, Samaruo weaved a few hand signs as he made yet another water clone, this clone would handle the laborious task of carrying the body of the crime lord, tailing behind the real Samaruo. The clone picked up the sleeping body of the crime lord, placing the body over his right shoulder, with his right arm wrapping around the back of the body, to secure it. The real Samaruo would then head east, with he water clone trailing behind him. If Samaruo hurried, he could capture the other crime lord in a small amount of time, before the trail would go completely cold.

While searching, he could feel his limit reach him, the weakness that Samaruo was born with. Samaruo was born with below average stamina, a weakness that always managed to show up at the wrong times, he could only prolong it for so long. The previous fight drained a lot out of him, it had been a long time since Samaruo had been in a fight like that. He really needed to spar more often so that he could help fix his problem. However, since his team was a bit disbanded at the moment, it was hard to find a partner that could teach Samaruo, for he surely missed it. While thinking about it he could catch on to another chakra signature, perhaps it was the other crime lord. His Sharingan would scan his surroundings once more, looking for a tiny chakra source, anything that would lead him towards him. As usual, he found the moving chakra source, it was him at last. Samaruo, along with the water clone, would make their way towards the spot, this mission was coming to a close.

The running crime lord would trip over the many roots that sprouted out of the hard ground floor, he attempts to make it out alive made him more clumsy then usual. Shouts of cursing and panting was all that could be heard from him, why today, why he asked? It was simple, meet up with Salvatore, make a truce, continue on with business as normal. But no, a stupid leaf shinobi had to much everything up to high hell. He swore that as soon as he made it back, a hit on Samaruo would be made, his life would be his. As he got back up from the ground, a light sound would be made, he turned around to see if anyone was behind him, but no one was their, that was until he would turn back to his original direction. As he did, Samaruo would wait for him, his eyes directed right upon the missing crime lord. The lord froze a he looked at him, only to question his reason on being here. "So your with Salvatore huh, well you wont take me down without a fight. And you can tell him he can die 1000 deaths before he get me", his voice was weighted down with worry and fright, was this the end. Samaruo answered back, "He didn't betray you, in fact, he is right behind you." The water clone would make its way on to the scene, with the other crime lord upon its shoulders, its eyes directed on the crime lord as well. The crime lord shuffled back and forth, looking at the clone, then shifting back at the real Samaruo, and continued this chain, till the sky became black. ?"What!!", The crime lord was speechless, what was going on he thought. The sky became black, the sun swallowed by it, the lord was fixing to have a heart attack at any moment, he just wanted it to end. Samaruo would indeed end it, his eyes would glow a dark red, which was the only thing the crime lord could see now. When Samaruo had arrived on to the scene, he managed to instill upon the crime lord a genjutsu, activated by his eyes only. All it took was one look into his eyes, and the genjutsu would activate. The crime lord fell, falling lifelessly onto the ground, his worries would be over, until he would wake up in a holding area for further investigation. With a single nod, the water clone would walk towards the real Samaruo, a the real Samaruo would pick up the sleeping body of the second crime lord, only to place him on the left shoulder of the water clone. The water clone would secure the body on his left shoulder by wrapping his left arm over it. The two would then proceed back to the village, to drop off the two crime lords.

At last, it was finally over, the tedious mission was a success. Samaruo's only problem was that he wished his teammates could have joined him, gain this experience to use it to help further their advancement in their shinobi career. Raiku, Hideyoshi...,if only they could come. Sometimes Samaruo wondered if they were avoiding him because of the incident, why did it have to happen? After arriving at the mission drop off, Samaruo would hand the two bodies to the shinobi authorities, his water clone that was. After which it simply vanished, only to leave a puddle of water behind. Samaruo then collected his pay and went home, maybe Nightshade could help cheer him up.

[My word count is 3626, 10 jp, 9 Stats.]
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PostSubject: Re: The Leader [Team 4]   Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:41 pm

@pproved Dude! Very Happy

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The Leader [Team 4]
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