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 A Time to Get Stronger [P/CLOSED]

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Takehaya Yamato
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

Fame : 54
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Pendragon
Clan Element : N/a
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: A Time to Get Stronger [P/CLOSED]   Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:36 am

Deep within the mountains of Kumogakure laid a cave that housed one of the village’s most feral and rather interesting ninja. Through the water’s crashing the ever growing wolf Yaju would be sitting underneath a waterfall in attempt to not only gain a new power but to also get himself under control. Since the Battle Royal he has had some troubles keeping his anger and rage inside of himself so here he was trying to figure out what the problem was. The Seal of heaven and hell sat on his neck appearing to the world as a simply tattoo for some although it appeared a little too similar to the design that encompassed the eyes of the uchiha..  Time had passed since Yaju had been under the waterfall with just a pair of pants on, his shirt floating in the water to the right of him as he sat there with silence. It was at this moment his eyes would open, showing the slitted yellow pupils,” this silence is annoying on its own, yet with those two gone it’s like something is missing in this place. I wonder how Ruriko nee-chan is doing at home lately,” scratching his snow white hair he would sigh and sit back in his meditative stance, although as he sat down he would continue to push chakra out of his entire body.

The whole point of his current training was to learn how to regulate his chakra throughout his entire body, this was in order to control his chakra for future ninjutsu usage or just in case he wanted to show his dominance amongst the ninja of Kumo.  With his right hand he would touch the water’s surface, causing it to freeze slightly,”  So far so good on the control of this Yuki DNA, their kekkai  genkai is actually pretty useful although I cannot use it to its fullest extent, however when I can I will make sure that I have some fun with it,’ smiling to himself he would pull his hand back and allow the small ice chunk to flow around in the water before melting. It had only been a short time since he had put the young Yuki Clan member down, a situation he would have normally avoided but the poor thing wanted to be killed so he did him a personal favor.  Hopefully the boy was in a better place now or wherever people went when they had died, which had made him wonder where his soul would go when he died. Sure he killed somebody…well killed a lot of people; he should have a chance to have a peaceful death. Shaking the thought from his head he would sigh and knock on his own head with his right hand,” Here we go again… maybe I am getting soft here, or maybe I have a conscience after all and I need to find out what having a conscience is truly about,” shrugging he would begin to stand up in the waterfall and stretch.

By now he was used to the waters pressure of the waterfall hence the physique of his body being damn near perfect state. Using the water walking technique he would begin to walk across the water and to the entrance of the waterfall cave. Yaju was now heading towards the next portion of the cave that he trained in, he called it the destruction and relaxing room and where he was going to continue the rest of his training. Walking into the new portion of cave he would stretch a bit before cracking his knuckles,” Alright Hayate here we go it is time to train and finally understand these feelings that are starting to erupt inside of me,” running towards one of the dummies he would throw a swift punch charged with chakra that would turn into lightning due to him adding his basic element affinity into it, now making it a lightning charged punch. As he struck the dummy it would move backwards a bit and become a conduit for his attack, making it light up like a literal Christmas tree. Afterwards he would perform two hand seals and channel chakra into his hands to create a thin film of water across his hands in which he would punch the next dummy near the one that was currently a lightning tree. Although this combination would do no damage it was helping yaju control his elements and chakra at the same time. The last to be channeled was his wind affinity, which would form as a spiral of wind around his hand.  This last attack would be a simple lunge with his hand extended like a blade. The piercing effect of the wind would take his hand clear through the dummy, leaving a huge hole where the large intestine would be in a human. Jumping back he would sigh as he looked at the different damages of the elements before running his left hand through his hair,” So it seems that only wind and lightning can do the most external and internal damage, but as for this water I will have to make some sort of use for it,” chuckling he would rest his hands on his head, feeling like he needed something more to train with.
Smiling he would take this time to finally test out his seal, although the effects of doing such a thing was still unknown to him. Shrugging he would activate the seal by channeling his own chakra into it, the flame like markings appearing over his body except the left side of his face,” this is something I haven’t felt before… this power is amazing,” cracking his knuckles as he walked over to a nearby boulder. This power that was starting to flow through him was pushing everything he knew until he punched the boulder and it shattered under his power. He felt stronger, faster and most of all better overall almost as if the seal itself was a power that he needed and most of all wanted.  He continued to punch the boulder with all of his power until it was nothing but rubble and bits and pieces of rock,” This power is amazing, why I not sought this out sooner.  The power flowing through my body is.. almost enough to obtain my dreams and protect the one dear to me, yes with this power I will protect this place and destroy all who get in my way,” grasping his hands the would feed into the seals influence and begin to punch into the wall with the power that was now given to him.

It would be at this time that he body was getting tired like the seal was draining the energy from his body. Dropping to one knee he would begin to pant and grasp his right arm while chuckling,” I guess with great power comes a terrible recoil, but I am not scared of such a miniscule drawback… no I want more now, the pain will turn into power and the power into fuel. I am after all the wolf that resides in the mountains, the ninja whose name will be known throughout this village and soon this world. With the power I have and the power I will gain I will make sure that my name is carved into the slabs of history as the one who overcame the powers of a human and became something more, the mantle of god isn’t something for me, yet the king of beasts is something I would more than love to take on for myself,” laughing to himself the seal would slowly retreat from his body, his byakugan was, activated as the seal was active although he had not noticed it in the slightest. For now he would grab the jacket he always left in the room and throwing it on. Now he would begin on his secondary mission, which was to the library. Even animals need more knowledge to become stronger and Yaju was no exception to this rule.

Leaving his home which was the cave, he would walk into the village and headed to the largest library in Kumo. His destination was simple- the very back of the library in which was only accessible to the higher ups like jounin and ANBU. He needed more information on not only the history of ninjutsu, but also the aspects and meaning of what it meant to use ninjutsu. He began to look around the many shelves that contained the information he was looking for and even more so about the KKG that he had housed for the moment. Grabbing five books and a large tome he would sit at an empty table and begin to read each book with extreme intrigue although one part caught his attention  an ice user of the past who showed an extreme adaptation for the element and a couple of their jutsu, which interested Yaju greatly. As he continued to read about this person he would chuckle and close the book, grabbing another on the basics of ninjutsu and how to use it in m any applications. Due to being a hyuuga by birth he already had the necessary chakra control and even understood how the chakra system worked, which worked in his favor because he could shut it down if need be.  Yaju spent the next three hours in this isolated room until he felt he had everything he needed and stood up, putting each book into its proper place before walking out of the room and heading into the outside world of the village.
Yawning he would wonder what he should do now, although he was pretty tired from not only the training but also the reading. Someone needs to get out and enjoy the fresh air outside but since he had so much on his plate that he couldn’t help but stay in his own little world. A soft rumble could be heard inside of his head, no doubt his inner wolf was stirring inside of the small reality that was his mind. That reminded him to actually delve into his mind and figure out what the hell the wolf was howling about. Fast forwarding back to the cave he would be sitting in the very spot in which he was at in the first place, his chakra radiating from his body as he sighed only once before being shoved into his inner mind. Looking into the eyes of the wolf he would smile and sit in front of the embodiment of his feral side,” So Alras, what has made you so irritated that you found a need to finally stir and make yourself known after so long,” raising a brow to the white wolf with a single scar across his right eye. The wolf would simply chuckle and rest its head on its paws,” That stunt you pulled there with that seal of yours woke me up and now I am a bit pissed…if you are going to do that then do it when I am not around, also you’re doing something with yourself that is changing a lot of things in here, stop that also,” having a talk with your inner self was weird but when you pissed your own self off that was another thing.
After a while of talking he would shrug and lay back,” Fine as long as we are in agreeance that this power is to benefit us both then I care not if I need to use it sparingly but we are getting stronger and soon our own plans will come into fruition… we just need a little help with pushing it forward. Now that I have gotten to know my inner self it should be no problem, right me,” smiling to the large wolf which had laughed somewhat maniacally. The wolf would stand up and walk away into a mist,” Well Yaju seems like you were actually able to figure out who and what I was although I figured you were smart enough to figure this out then you will get pretty far,” soon he would open his eyes and look at the water with a content smile,” looks like there is more to come, but what will this storm bring to me and my loved ones,” the only question  that remained on his mind as he closed his eyes and remained in meditation.

WC. 2071
+10 Stats +20 JP
Ice Element Learned (800 of WC going to this)
Speciality Switch from Taijutsu to Ninjutsu (1200 of WC going towards this)

Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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Samuru Uchiha
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 58
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Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uchiha Branch
Bloodline : Masutaai
Ryo : 17188

PostSubject: Re: A Time to Get Stronger [P/CLOSED]   Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:15 pm


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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A Time to Get Stronger [P/CLOSED]
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