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 Chapter 0:Path To Valhalla

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PostSubject: Chapter 0:Path To Valhalla   Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:40 pm

There is many ways to tell a heart to be pure or dark,as there are many ways to solve puzzles on many facts. But the world would keep moving never to keep steady but keep on there way to a new world. Misaki Ametsuchi a talented young girl had recently came into events that made her see the truth on her own. She knew what she wanted to do a path of righteousness,maybe in her own way but it was all the same.Misaki is a well-endowed female with long, flowing, wavy scarlet hair with an elegant, loosely tied knot at the back, Misaki wears a very provocative outfit comprising of a revealing, halter-type armor breastplate top, that leaves much of her cleavage and stomach exposed, with light-armored gauntlets and greaves on her forearms and forelegs, respectively, as well as her thighs. She also wears a dark bikini bottom with a piece of cloth obscuring her hips. She wears a dark scarf around her neck. Misaki had recently departed with a man who made her heart throb within in her ten times faster. Her body jumping from tree to tree. Her foot silently yet quickly jumping from branch to branch making sure to not cause any of the branches to snap.

Her eyes would be focused on her hand as that was where the black mark was she woukd just sigh softly."There's still so much i dont understand,Navi Yamaki...."right when she said that name she would of stopped in one of the trees. Her back against against the trunk of the tree as she sat in the thicker branch then the others. She would begun to breathe heavily as she was in this famous forest of Konoha which made it quite a trip for her. "What's happening to me....i feel.."without finishing her sentence her eyes lost they color as it was as if they lost all life in them. A sudden light would appear she was still in her state of mind as her body will vanish from where it would of been stationed her chakra seeming to leave the face of the earth. It was as her mind had left her as she would of soon been appeared in a different area,there were statues around the area made of stone. Misaki would of begun to slowly come to not understanding what have happened or where she was even,she couldnt even plan to pinpoint her location.

Placing a head on her head infront of her left side of her face,with a soft sigh"Where am i?"she would ask ever softly."Your in the realm of Valhalla"a young girl would speak from behind Misaki who in turn quickly shifted her body to a upright standing position."And who are you? And Valhalla?"Misaki questioned the little girl,this girl didn't have a chakra signature what was she and why the hell was she in this huge place?, The little girl simply walked passed Misaki as she was asked these questions"I am Areeya protector of Valhalla,this is a realm where the great Goddess Etro resides,you are here because your aim as a Takami is needed and you showed your determination in more ways then one so please follow me"Areeya will say to Misaki steadily,Areeya has an oval face with green eyes and long dark blue hair that is sometimes kept up, except for two long strands that frame her face. She has a lean, petite frame and at times wears a unique diadem headdress with a semi-transparent veil that partially hides her face, though she can modify the headdress to remove the veil and let the rest of her hair down. She wears a white halter-top with an opening in the center and a small crystal above her chest. She wears a short wrap-around pleated white and pastel purple skirt with a fur pelt in the back, along with bright yellow boots similar to moccasins. Her wrists are adorned with numerous bracelets, and she wears armbands on her biceps and beaded necklaces.

"But why me of all people and how did i get here at all?"Questioned Misaki as she followed Areeya who was at that moment Humming to herself."We been watching you since you were a little girl,we know about the demon that was pushed inside you,we know every step of your life Misaki Amestuchi,you were been chosen since you bear the Takami tattoo,That tattoo reprensents the honor and vow to Goddess Etro"Areeya explains as she continued to lead the way passing statues of other people who had the tattoo of the Takami.Misaki eyes coukdn't belive what she was seeing on each side of her was statues"Those are past Takami's accepting there duties as Etros's Knights it's time you do the same"Areeys pointed out. Misaki was honestly lost for words at this moment. She would glance towards the east as she would see three suns and on the west side was three moons,What truly was her reason for being here."Etros Kinights?"she asked confused on that statement.

"Yes those who serve as Goddess Etros Messangers to the world,you shall have many struggles ahead and alot of difficult decisions to make,We know about your sister death but we couldn't be in depth like we are with you,she was twisted in many ways her heart engulfed in darkness,she honestly had no savior"Areeya explained. Misaki knew she was right but couldn't accept this her sister was taken from her just like that. It wouldnt take long before they reached the white double doors,Areeya looked towards Misaki stopping in her tracks"Well my job is done here,Goddess Etro awaits,We will meet again Misaki Ametsuchi"with those words from Areeya the double doors opened as she would of disappeared and Misaki would of walked forth being engulfed by the light.

Stepping in the room she woukd be greeted with a descended set of stairs and right infront of her in her frozen state was Goddess Etro. She knew what she had to do,her ambitions her dreams lead her here, She begun to descend down the stairs slowly step by step,her eyes looked forward. It didn't take long for her to reach the ray of light infront of the throne."Hail and adoration unto you, O Great Etro. Hail Goddess of the Moon and of the Sun. You who have been since before the beginning, You who caused all things to appear, Giver and sustainer of life, adoration unto you. Hail and adoration unto you, O source of all enlightenment. I pray you to impart to me your illumination and enlighten my mind that I may perceive more clearly all things in which I endeavor, illuminate my soul, imparting your essence of purity. I reveal my inner self to you and ask that all be cleansed and purified within."Misaki's lips moved as if she knew the vow by heart not knowing of this vow till now. Her clothes will begun to break apart as it will slowly be replaced with a fine armor. Around her neck was the trinket of the Goddess Etro,Misaki wears a silver and gold Valkyrie-like suit of armor,Misaki now as she looked at her body covered with this new set of armor. It would disappear as it appeared,with a sudden gust lf wind she was blown from the throne room. As she opened her eyes she was back into the tree"Valhalla........Etro.......there still so much i dont know"she says standing up and continued her search for Hikarishi.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0:Path To Valhalla   Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:54 pm


Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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Chapter 0:Path To Valhalla
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