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 Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]

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PostSubject: Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]   Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:01 pm

Akuma had left earlier in the morning, jogging through the village not acknowledging any of the people or gestures. He was on a mission and that mission was to make himself stronger so he could pass the genin exams. It was about a ten minute job before he finally reached his destination the mountains that protect Kumo. It was a really nice day the sun was shining, animals out roaming around; a perfect training environment. He knew before he even started that he should stretch out, because if he pulled or sprained something he wouldn't be able to train at all.

Akuma pulled one arm across his body using his other to stretch it farther before switching and doing it with the other arm. Next he bent over to touch his toes holding it for about a minute or so stretching out his back hearing a few pops. Akuma doesn't really enjoy stretching, but he knows its an essential part of training. He then lifted his leg up and propped it on top of a rock at around waist level before reaching for his toes again, he held it for a few seconds before dropping it and placing up his other leg to repeat the process. "That should be enough stretching for today." he whispered to himself.

Akuma made his way over to a taller tree that had a large amount of branches and begin to practice his hand to hand combat. Striking the tree not only on its main body, but removing the branches some larger than others but none really as thick as his arm. He threw many combos at the tree ranging from just punches to throwing in a few kicks and even an elbow or two. His fists were beginning to ache and bruises as beads of sweat started to roll down his face, but he continued ignoring the pain beating the branches off of the tree and making a few dents in the trees body.

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PostSubject: Re: Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]   Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:13 am

It was about mid day and Luka had, had nothing to do up until that point, all the other Hanta members were out training with one another. Obviously Luka could have gone with them to train, but it always seemed to be boring and way below Luka's minimum excitement requirement, they never did anything different, they stuck to the same patterns and techniques. Luka on the other hand wanted to go beyond that and spar with people of different strength and speed than him with different technique and such, hopefully a bit interesting. After having sat in the institute all morning he was starting to get bored and he decided he would get a bit of exercise to get rid of all his excess energy. Getting up from the chair he was in he started doing high knees, each of his knees reaching as high as his chest, anything lower would be disgraceful to his clan. He was meant to be one of the finest fighters in the shinobi world, they would never forgive him if he became anything less. After doing many high knees, Luka still had enough energy to climb the highest mountain in Kumogakure, he doubted even that would satisfy his hunger like state. In all seriousness he decided why not climb it, he supposed it would be fun and he might see quite a few, cool looking animals and maybe even other people climbing the mountain. He knew that before a run you have to always stretch as you do not want to pull something, so he took a minute to lean to the right on his right leg, then to the left on his left leg. Finishing up his quick set of stretches, he would reach down and touch his toes holding his position for a moment as it felt good on the arch of his back. The window of the building had been left open which cave Luka the perfect opportunity to ignore the door, he literally sprinted at the window and somersaulted in midair landing on his feet outside, it was the first time he had ever done a flip and he felt good that he had landed it, he could already tell he was getting stronger and faster. He would then continue a heavy jog to the Kumogakure mountains so he could find the tallest mountain and climb it.

Finally arriving at the mountains he would have seen a deer, a male deer to be specific, with antlers standing almost completely still besides the fact that it was still blinking by a large looking oak tree. Luka was very interested in this antler due to the fact that he thought horns, antlers, were pretty damn awesome and he wanted to catch the "beast" to tame it. Not knowing to slowly approach such animals he would rush straight at the deer, but the moment he leaped to grab the deer it simply hopped out of the way to Luka's left causing Luka to smash face first into the tree giving him a slight bump on his forehead. Now sitting in a cross legged position he would rub his head and glare at the deer as if he were plotting ways to take his revenge. Noticing the deer hadn't moved to far Luka decided he would try and talk to it, but not necessarily in the calm fashion he should have, "You stupid deer! When I catch you, I'm gonna skin you alive and put your horns on my head! Then we'll see whose laughing!" With obvious rage in the tone of his voice it would have been a bit loud and the deer would have pranced off in the forest like area. Luka not wanting to lose his cool set of horns, would chase the deer, but in reality it was much faster than him and he ended up getting lost until he heard the breaking of some branches. Curious to know what the noise was coming from Luka went to expect.

Arriving at a fair clearing he would notice a boy, probably not too much older than him beating away at an unlucky oak tree who would probably have a sad face if he knew what was happening to him. This boy's skill didn't look that much different from Luka's, it was lucky that he had found such a boy in such a random place at such a random time. Having wanted to train from the start Luka was ecstatic to find someone else who shared the thought, unless this boy was just mad and whacking away at a tree to calm himself down. Luka himself, would have never done such a thing unless he was stronger, he wouldn't want to get splinters all over his knuckles and legs. Coming out from behind the tree he was standing by he was now standing about ten meters away from the other boy in a fairly flat area, besides a few boulders that were scattered around along with trees in the surrounding such as the one the boy was beating on. Calling out to the boy Luka would yell, "Hey! What are you doing over there? Looks like you're training! Want to spar with something that actual moves?" obviously he had been referring to himself, "My name's Luka, what's your's?" At that point Luka would have been standing straight up with his hands behind his head and a grin reaching from ear to ear, he had said his name with pride and he had intended to look as cool as possible. It wasn't every day you met a random person to train with hiding in the mountains, the only other place Luka had trained with other people was the Kumogakure training grounds, besides his father's facility of course. Luka was really intent on testing out his new abilities if this boy were to accept his fight which made it extra interesting for Luka, since this would be the first time ever he was using his abilities outside of the facility.
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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:59 pm

[It's been over 48 hours.]

As Luka would have been trying to communicate with the other boy it seemed as if he had his own ideas, the boy was possibly in his own mind and couldn't think outside of it. It could have been that he was so angry that his senses were nullified and all his focus was on damaging such wildlife which must have been hurting at this point, Luka couldn't see for sure, but he supposed the boy's fists and legs would have been bloody. What Luka could see is that the tree was almost erased from it's living existence, most of the branches were gone, a lot of bark was shaved off of the sides with only little blotches left near the bottom half of the trunk, this boy meant business. Luka then thought to himself again and he thought about the situation and contemplated about the possibility that the boy wasn't made about someone, but rather at something and that something could have been the tree. Could it have been possible that the very existence of the tree had made the boy made or could it have been that the tree had done something to the boy to anger him, either way Luka had no idea, but he was always willing to thing of different scenarios to give himself a better picture of what was going on. It could have been as simple as the boy having run into the tree and he was so dumb as to think that the tree had simply grown there just to have him run into it at this very moment or as complicated as having had the tree come to life and attacked him and it had recently gone back to normal so that Luka would not be able to find out, things like this happened in everyday life according to Luka.

Luka a bit afraid of the crazy maniac boy decided it would be best if he just left him to his tree fighting business and got out of there as quickly as he could. As soon as the boy went for another tree branch Luka would take the moment of attack to make his exit, but he needed an excuse which he though of off the top of his head, "Um... Actually, I need to go, there was this deer, you know with antlers? Yeah, it kind of ran away from me and I promised I would go skin it alive and takes it's horns so I could wear them as a hat." Having completed the perfect excuse Luka would exit the way he had come which was the opposite direction of where the boy had been standing. On Luka's way home would have seen some low branches and tried chopping them off with his bare hands, the first time he tried he had hit a branch that was a little too thick and instead of breaking it had been pushed forward and it sprung back and smacked Luka right in the face knocking him to the ground. Now that he thought about it that could have been another possibility in the boy's situation, but Luka didn't get mad very easily unless a friend was being hurt and sometimes not even in a situation like that. As he brushed the dirt off of himself he would want to exercise a bit before he left. He was now probably a mile if not further away from where the other boy had been and after he had walked out of viewing distance of the boy he had run at top speed to where he was now.

Wanting to train in every possible way he could he decided that he could use the branch to practice his X-Gene techniques which was incredibly smart of him to think of as he was usually a dumby, he supposed even if the boy hadn't even spoken that he learned a lesson. Luka would pull the large branch back and the moment he released he would bring both his arms in front of the branch blocking the attack and absorbing all of it's momentum stopping the branch in an awkward position as it slowly went back to it's aligned spot. Luka had now absorbed a good enough amount of energy to test his X-Gene techniques at a low level. He decided he would first try his Houmen, the form of energy usage where he could release it through impact on almost any solid matter in existence, although that was pushing it a bit since some solid objects could be very dangerous to come in contact with, even the most random of things like a poisonous moss.

Luke could feel the energy running through him, it was all waiting to be used, it was as if he was more energetic than usual, but it was a lot harder to contain as this was his first time attempting to use his abilities. He would then walk up to a thinner looking tree, it was only about eight inches in width, so it would be considered fairly young. Stretching his arm back with his right foot also back he would take a full swing with all his might and upon impact with the tree he would use his Houmen ability releasing a third of the energy stored within him causing the tree to snap back and Luka to fall forward with it. Tumbling into a somersault on the left of the the fallen tree with dust rising everywhere. Kneeling Luka would cough a couple times to get the shit out of his lungs. After the dust cleared he would notice that he had not used a third of his ability like he had planned, but rather all the energy he had, this would take a lot more control than he had expected. Noticing this he went back to the branch he was at and once again pulled it back so he could absorb the energy from it, but instead of using his arms to absorb the energy Luka decided to use his legs, his right leg to be specific. As the branch came back Luka brought he kicked his leg up and caught the branch with his heel absorbing impact and causing it to once again go motionless.

He had now decided it was time to try the next of his abilities with energy once again flowing through him allowing him to be in his ultimate energetic state once again. This ability was supposed to be completely different from the first, the professor had told him that instead of releasing the energy, he was to allow it to flow throughout his body and doing so was supposed to dramatically increase his speed just long enough to complete a single action such as going in for an attack or even to dodge and attack, and even travel if he wanted to do so. Luka deciding how he was to test his ability looked around and noticed two boulders, both about a meter tall and fairly flat on the top and they were about 10 meters apart from each other, Luka had decided he would time his run from one boulder to the other and then use his ability and compare the two. He would then start and sprint from one to the other as fast as his legs would take him. It was apparently the fastest he had ever run in his life, he then sat down to take a moment of breath so he could run at his full potential again when he used the ability. After sitting with his back against the boulder for about five minutes he got back up and got ready to run again, the second he took his first step, he allowed the energy to flow throughout his body and his body sped up to a point where he had to go much further than the rock to slow down because of his momentum. Luka was surprised, his speed seemed to have doubled if not more when he used Nagare. This ability would come in handy later on, but again Luka needed to harness his control of energy due to the fact that he had used all the energy instead of just a simple portion.

After completing the task of gaining energy through the large tree branch's momentum Luka decided it was time to try the final and third ability the professor had spoke to him about, but he was quite nervous about how he was to test this ability because if anything went wrong he would definitely get hurt, even his father had told him to be careful when using such a technique and his father rarely ever spoke to him, yet alone warn him about things. Luka always supposed he was a simple nobody in his father's eyes, nothing more than a test subject. In a way it was depressing, but that wasn't the kind of guy Luka was, he believed that his father would always be his father and he couldn't do anything about it, everyone had their way in life and that was his. Luke didn't like people who force others to change, in a sense he decided no one should change unless they wanted to change, but of course influence was fine as long as it didn't go too far. As he was worrying a thought came to mind, he had found a way to practice his ability without getting severely injured by mistake. He could simply drop from a low height and if he didn't get bruised he could go a bit higher and higher and once he got bruised he would stop. Deciding he would start with the big branch tree he climbed up to the second branch which was two meters above the ground and he leaned forward standing straight up on it and in mid air as he was falling forward he would use his energy to strengthen his skin and he would then land on the ground with no damage taken although he noticed that since his skin was being hardened he couldn't move his body as freely slowing him down to almost a freezing point, but something was different this time. After patting dirt off his body he would notice he still had energy left in him, he had finally figured out how to control portions of the energy it was in fact a magnificent feeling for him.

He had now tested out all three of the basic abilities the professor had spoke about and he had no other reason for testing out the abilities by himself, as he would get nowhere in practicing with them in actual combat like this. It was an extraordinary feat that he had just completed, but as always it was the minimum expected of him, any, and all of the Hanta children. The others had also most likely figured out these abilities and were practicing with them back at the facility. Luka was happy in his decision not to train with them, he was better off learning things on his own, a random stranger had once told him figuring things out on your own is a sign of high intelligence. Supposing he wasn't as jokingly full of himself as always, he agreed with the man from the bottom of his heart, relating in every way to the statement or quote, whatever it was to be called. Sadly, he had no recognition of the man's appearance or whereabouts so there was no way to track him down and thank him for the wise words. Since he couldn't remember anything about the man, for a moment Luka considered the possibility this man was from his dream and the quote had come from himself or it was simply his imagination and again, had simply come from himself because if he was such a genius such things could happen. Now, tired from all the exercise and training he decided it would be best to go home and rest so he could wake up to train another day.

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PostSubject: Re: Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]   

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Training w/Luka[P,Nk,]
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