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 Ambition (P, Solo)

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Jinichi Terumi
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 4
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Earth, Fire
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava/Boil
Bloodline : Dual KKG: Lava/Boil.
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Ambition (P, Solo)   Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:08 am

Jin sat at the edge of one of the cliffaces of Kumogakure, the village hidden in the clouds, and my god this place felt like the village he wanted to be in, having met his teammates and his sensei, he was all very excited to get his new life back on track, he had a lot of things to explore in this village, and still got lost from time to time, but all in all, this place was really beginning to feel like the place he wanted to be, he still had no place to stay, he had slept on a blanket on this very same clifface, he fell asleep looking at the stars above the very clouds that they hid in, this village was truly beautiful, and basically everyone was nice, apart from your sensei, and he hadn't quite met his kage yet, but she must have been a nice person, he couldn't really see her being evil, after all, well after the rumors of your kage eating people, surely, she couldn't be any worse than the almighty and terrifying Osore Kinzoku, who ran and governend the Volcano village with an iron fist, while on the exterior he may seem cheery, he was truly a terrifying person,and a person who should not be fucked with in any way shape, or form, Jin was happy he managed to get away from the Volcano village and all of its' corrupt policies, and here he was, in Kumogakure, the place he would now call home, it all seemed so different, but so much better, everything was different, the horizon had cliffs and oceans, and not just the vibrant orange magma and black ash that covered most of the Volcano village, it was all incredibly different, the way the village was on the top of some tall cliffs, so the village was surrounded by the almost divine nature of clouds, shrouding the village in its gentle embrace, it was a very nice touch.

Nonetheless, he wasn't here to just gaze at the horizon, he was here for something very different,he was here to train, he was going to get stronger so he could represent his village in the next Chuunin Exams, this village, the village he had grown to adore in such a short space of time, he was going to represent Kumogakure, he wanted to show that they did the right thing by letting him live in this village, by showing the entire world just how strong he was, he wasn't looking to just impress, he was looking to shock the world, he wanted the crowd to chant his name, cheer for him, he wanted to walk home with the trophy, that was his true goal, to show the world that he was one of the greatest ninja to ever grace the battlefield that is the Chuunin Exams, and that a whole new era was beginning, his era, and they'd be the first to witness his sheer determination, this was ambition, but ambition was priceless, it's something that's in your veins, and he doubted that'd ever change, he had some dirt on his shoulder, so it was time he brushed it off and showed the world what he was capable of, this was his time.

Jin started out by removing his Chinese shirt, so he was bare chested, he hung off the edge of the clifface, he then proceeded to do pull ups over a few hundred foot drop into the sea, he didn't look down, he gritted his teeth and pulled himself up "One." He strained, he wanted to get this done, he didn't know how many to do, but he knew that the only way to get much stronger was to be broken down and then brought back up, that was really the key to becoming a great ninja, he pulled himself up again, two, he then repeated the process, three, four, five, six, so on and so forth, he gasped a bit a gritted his teeth, his fingers were sore from trying to hang on this rock, but again, no pain, no gain, he could basically feel his fingertips cut, but he was at seventy-five so far, he was really trying to up his strength and health, two things that needed to really be focused on as of now, so hopefully these excruciating pull-ups would help him find the shape he so desperately needed, he needed strength to match his speed and chakra, so he could use his Lava Release Armor with a much more devastating effect if it was paired with his natural strength, Jin was already pretty fast, but he knew he could go faster if he tried his hardest, and while he felt pretty damn strong, he knew that he could still get much, much stronger, this was only the beginning for him, the tip of the iceberg, he new he capable of so much more, and he was going to try and reach out and seize more of his potential devastation in this training session, he knew Yaju's tactics of breaking people so hard and then remoulding them into something indestructible, while this tactic was incredibly ruthless, it was actually a much better way of forming effective ninja, Jin hadn't even gone through his first training session with his sensei yet, these were merely urban legends that he was incredibly ruthless, but he was excited, Jin didn't care much, all he wanted to do was get stronger, no matter the cost, he wanted to be able to protect his village and eventually found out what actually happened to his clan and if there was anything remaining of them at all, Jin knew that there was a lot more to his clan than just that, surely there must have been something left, if there was, Jin was going to find it, his clan had secrets, they had to, and Jin was going to be the one to uncover them, no matter what it took him, he was simply too determined to give up in his clan's quest, even if he had heard that bascally all the members were wiped from existence, but why was he alive? Why just him? Jin knew that there was something fishy about this whole "adoption" malarkey, they must've known something was coming, something must've happened in Kirigakure to cause his parents to actually send Jin away, if something didn't happen to the village, something must've happened to his clan they wouldn't have just disappeared like something out of some cheap magic trick, there had to be something no one knew about, did Jin have any brothers or anything? He didn't know, well, he wouldn't really know anyway, he had no links to his clan apart from his bloodline, which wasn't exactly shocking, he did come from the Terumi clan after all, but all these questions were stirring through his mind while he was working out, and all it did was motivate him, he upped the pace of his workout, sweat dripping fown his forehead and torso as he pulled himself up for the one hundredth time, by now his fingers were basically completely numb from having to lift his own weight over and over again, he could feel hs muscles cramping up, but you had to overexert yourself if you ever planned on getting stronger, that was a rule of working out, you had to overwork your system if you ever planned on getting stronger, and that was what he was doing, he was getting stronger with every crunch he did, he counted 250 crunches before he tries to pull himself up one last time before the rocks he was gripping so tightly came undone, causing Jin to fall down, he didn't mind, it felt refreshing, and as was the splash into the water, Jin let himself sink for a minute, his eyes open, he could see the summit of the cliff he had taken the drop from, it was relieving, the cool, sea water coating his sweaty body, he could see the blood from his fingertips wash away into the water, he smiled and closed his eyes, arching his back making him float back to the surface, Jin knew exactly what to do, he was going to swim to that nearby island to his west, he began to do a freestyle in the general direction of the islant, it seemed a good couple of kilometers away, but he was adamant to make sure his journey was a success, he wasn't going to give up here, he had a whole day of training to finish, it was going to be tough, and he was gong to go home battered and bruised but he'd be so much stonger afterwards, so in the end it'd have a lot moe positives than negatives for him, training is never easy,and this session wasn't gonna be easy by any means whatsoever, Jin swam quickly through the almost turquoise sea, the sea was very flat today, hardly any waves to speak of, so there were no currents to make Jin drift off his course, in reality, he should've done it when there were high waves and strong rips, forcing him to go through the waves and take their violent beatings, and have to power through strong currents attempting to drift him away into the distance.

Jin could basically see the island, it was pretty small and didn't have anything to speak of, it had the casual yellow sand and a couple of coconut trees, nothing too spectacular, but Jin thought it'd be a good place to rest, it was peaceful, and he'd be able to hear the sounds of the waves crashing onto the island.

He dragged himself slowly out of the water, puffing and panting, he walked up to one of the coconut trees, taking in a deep breath and "HI-YAH." He karate chopped the tree with as much force as he could muster, centing a shock up the tree and making a couple of coconuts fall to the sand with a cushioned thud, Jin picked up one of the coconuts, karate chopping the top, the coconut splitting clean in two, the shock breaking it, he drank the nutritious milk that coconuts had stored, the sweet taste was such a delightful thing to savour after an intensive training session, it had to be one of the most revitalizing things imaginable, Jin loved it, they didn't have these things back in the Volcano Village, but boy was he happy to see one here, Jin then scraped the Jelly off using a kunai, eating it straight off the weapon, which was currently being used as a makeshift knife at this point, Jin stabbed the second coconut with enough force to puncture it, holding the coconut up and tipping it towards his face, drinking the sweet coconut nectar, before splitting it and devouring the jelly, Jin wondered what else he could do to exercise, well, he had a tree right there, maybe he could come up with something productive involving that very piece of vegetation, Jin proceeded to punch the tree repeatedly as if it were a bog standard punching bag, except the punching bag had give, it was cushioned, this tree was pretty big and was covered in no-nonsense bark, it was hardly a forgiving thing to punch, but he didanyway, after all, this was indeed a training session where he was going to physically put himself to the test, and this was definately one way to do it, by hitting this fucking tree, a couple of coconuts fell down as he punched, he circled around the tree, punching it a few times, a good couple of right hooks and left hooks, and the occasional kick, Jin then tried to combo the tree, giving a swift karate chop and a powerful kick, the tree shaking with every punch and kick,Jin was also beginning to bloody his hands and feet, he didnt have any protective gloves or anything of the lie, so hitting such a hard object was absolute hell for his skin, but it was something he just had to do.

He continued his violent assault upon this helpless tree, after all, he had to get stronger, and this was definately the way to do it, Jin could feel the pain, and soon he just had to stop, Jin had to get off this island though, he figured he should head back to the village to try and find ways to train, after all, it was important to not stray too far away from home.

He bodyflickered away back to the place here he had left his shirt and stuff, he picked all of it up, putting his shirt on and heading in the general direction of the village, maybe he could practice his ninja skills, like throwing and stuff like that, that would be an almost ideal thing to learn if he was planning on becoming one of Kumogakure's top ninjas, he had to be able to use ninja technology as he saw fit, and this was the way he was going to do it, by relentlessly training his Kunai throwing and dexterity.

He went over to the local training ground, hiring a box of kunais, he went over to one of the targets in the area, picking up one kunai and throwing it straight towards the target, he didn't get the bullseye, he didn't even get close actually, this somewhat annoyed him, he was supposed to be good at these kind of things, he took the second kunai and threw it towards the target nice and urgently, as if it were a surprise attack, a lot better, just outside the bullseye, but it'd still be enough to actually hit someone, which was probably the most important part of a kunai, to, you know, actually be able to hit something with it if you threw it.

Jin threw the rest of the box, getting a good score in total, but he had to try something different.
He walked over to the targets, pulling out all the kunais, he placed one in the ground, stabbing it in, before Jin looked at his boots and then the kunai, and then the target, he ran towards the kunai and kicked it, unearthing it and sending it hurtling through the air and into the bullseye of the target, not bad, that wouldn't be bad at all for a surprise action, to catch somebody off guard, which was a ninja's surprise tactic, which was, uh, surprise.

Jin tried something else to improve his footwork, he gave the box of kunais back to the reception, and instead hiring a medicine ball, it was about 15 kilos, which was pretty heavy for something that was intended to be thrown around as a method of exercise, but nonetheless, Jin had a plan with this thing, he was going to play some good ol' keep-up with it, the jist of it being that you're supposed to keep the soccer ball in the air by bounding it on your foot, knees, chest and head, but Jin was going to do it with a 15 kilo medicine ball, that should be a good way to boost his body strength, and also his pain threshold because it was gonna hurt like a motherfucker.

He started by rolling the ball back onto his feet and flicking it up, it took quite a lot of strength to pull off, but he managed in the end, he tapped the ball into the air using his foot, giving it a set of gentle kicks to keep the thing in the air, he kicked it a bit higher, bouncing it off his chest before kicking it over his head and bouncing it back over using the back of his foot, then starting to juggle the ball on his knees, this wasn't easy, but it was eventually going to pay off, Jin knew it.

Jin kicked the ball high into the air, before jumping up and overhead kicking it into the tree, the ball thudded as it hit it, shaking the tree up pretty violently, Jin picked the ball up yet again and restarted, rolling the ball back, little flick of the foot, bounce on foot, bounce on knees, bounce on head, bounce on foot, rince and repeat.

Although having a 15 kilo medicine ball bouncing on your head was hardly the most pleasurable of sensations, it definately helped to augment his pain threshold, and it was definately a beneficial exercise for him, as he felt the bruises of doing this over and over again, but he knew that working out like this would do a lot of good things for him, especially if this was training for the next Chuunin Exams, he'd have to be able to take a beating, so this training was basically mandatory for him if he planned on getting even close to being stronger, at the end of the day, he was going to feel tired, but feel a lot better once he finally got to relax, he didn't know where he was gonna sleep though, he didn't even have a house, as far as he was concerned, he just kind of slept on the cliffaces, granted, there were less comfortable places to sleep, but having a proper bed and a roof on his head wouldn't hurt him that much, would it? He kind of felt a bit unfortunate at times, maybe he could go and live with someone temporarily until he had enough ryo to actually buy his own place and move in there, Jin was excited about the prospect of living with someone though, especially if it was a friend or a significant other, it'd make him feel as if his adopted family wasn't too far away, and that he'd be in another family, that as the sensation he expected, and he was looking forward to it, granted, he was probably dreaming in a manner which was far too lucid at the moment.

[TWC: 3017, requesting 15 stats and 30JP.]

Health: 20
Chakra: 51
Stamina: 10
Speed: 49 [+ 20]
Strength: 15 

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Rakka Yuki <3
Jounin of Kiri
Jounin of Kiri

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Clan Element : Hyoton
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PostSubject: Re: Ambition (P, Solo)   Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:12 am

Approved for 15 stats and 30 JP.
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Ambition (P, Solo)
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