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 Toru's Strength Training

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Toru Mori
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 105

PostSubject: Toru's Strength Training   Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:28 am

Toru started to walk back home after his fight with Tee. It was starting to become dark out and he started to get cold. Toru felt a bit disappointed with the way his fight with Tee went. His first fight with a ninja and he got his ass handed to him. Toru smirked a bit. At least Tee was nice about it. He could of just as easily made fun of him like all the kids in the academy would of. Toru wondered if Tee was going to be the guy he spent the rest of his life protecting. If he learned the right jutsu, he wouldn't mind protecting him. As long as he could actually protect him and not lose to some weak opponent. Toru promised himself and promised Tee that he would get stronger over the next week. Otherwise, he would have nothing to prove. Toru heard a crack in the woods next to the path he walked. He turned to his left and couldn't see anything. He kept walking when all of a sudden he heard a growl. 

Toru turned back to the woods and pulled out a kunai. He stretched his feet out on the dirt and stood in a ready pose for anything that could come out at him. He heard more rustling in the bushes and trees. "If only I had a Byakugan." He thought to himself. Toru listened closely. Whatever this was, it sounded like it was on four legs. It definitely wasn't a human. Toru could feel the cold air in his lungs as he waited in anticipation. He looked closely into the woods and saw some shining eyes. They were emerald green and they looked dangerous. All at once, it happened. The shining eyes came forward. The beast attached to them was some kind of mountain lion. It was a bit larger than any mountain lion Toru had seen before. It had teeth that would rip trees apart in an instant. The mountain lion lunged toward Toru and landed about 10 meters away from him. Toru gulped and felt as all of his fear rose up to his face. He could feel his body warm up with genuine fear. The mountain lion roared at Toru. It started to run at Toru. 

Instantly, he turned around and ran back up the mountain. He wasn't sure why he did it, but it was his first instinct so he didn't question it. Toru soon realized that he wasn't fast enough to out run this beast so he turned around and sent the kunai flying at the beast. The kunai flew passed the lion and cut it's foot a bit. Toru stood his ground as the animal kept running towards him at full speed. He gulped again and then started charging at the lion as well. This was different for Toru. He never charged forward at anything. Definitely not a fight, and most definitely not a fight with a freaking mountain lion. He wondered if this was what his promise to Tee did to him. When he promised something, he felt way more obligated to get it done. He wasn't going to sit around and let Tee win so easily next time. It didn't matter to Toru if Tee won, it mattered that he put up a fight. 

Toru jumped and punched the lion across the face. The lion looked back at Toru not even scratched and went for his arm where he saw the wound. Toru tried to run back, but instead got bit directly by the lion. The lion clamped down on Toru's arm. He felt an immense amount of pain as the blood started leaking from his arm and into the lion's mouth. He could almost hear the lion's stomach getting hungrier at the taste of blood. The lion didn't want blood. The lion wanted meat. The lion wanted to kill him. Toru screamed out in pain. He had never felt this unbearable type of pain before.  Immediately, his first reaction was he tried to punch the lion. The beast wouldn't let go. It wouldn't give up on it's meal. Toru started to activate chakra scalpel, but he couldn't concentrate. He screamed again. Toru yelled to himself "concentrate Toru, concentrate!" Toru activated chakra scalpel and went straight to the lions neck. Toru wasn't sure what exactly he was aiming for, but a muscle in the lion's neck got injured and it released it's grip on Toru. He kicked the lion and started to run away. Toru sprinted as fast as he could. He started his Mystical Palm Technique as he ran. 

He healed up his arm a bit before the lion started coming at him again slowly. He wasn't sure what to do now. He saw a large boulder up ahead. He decided to rest behind it so he could bandage his arm. Toru sat down behind the boulder and pulled out some bandages. He wrapped his arm up and stayed as quiet as possible. As he finished attaching the bandage he listened closely to the sounds around him. From what he could make out, the lion was slowly pacing towards him. He probably had about 20 seconds left before the lion would attack again. Toru waited silently. He sensed his surroundings. He felt the dirt against his hands and feet. He felt the coldness of the rock he rested on. He heard the soft wind whispering. He smelled the nature around him. He waited. Now. Toru jumped up and pulled out a kunai. This was his chance to slay the beast. Toru waited another 5 seconds until the beast charged at him again. This time he didn't charge at the beast. 

The beast jumped in the air and went for the aerial attack. Toru ran towards the beast and slid underneath raising his kunai to the beasts stomach. The lion's skin was sliced right open as Toru finished cutting across. It was done. The lion was done. It was over. Toru cleaned the blood off of his kunai and stuck it back into the his pack. He looked at the just slain animal. It seemed almost anticlimactic. At one point, the animal completely had the advantage. At the next, it was nothing but meat. Toru started to walk back to his house. This time he felt.. safer. He felt like he could actually fight something. He never had this feeling before. This feeling of accomplishment. Maybe he wasn't a hopeless medic ninja. Maybe he had a chance at defending himself. Even better, maybe he had a chance at defending someone else or even the village. Toru laughed at this bit of confidence he had gotten. He wondered if it would stay or if it would diminish. He was sure it would faulted at some point, but at least he could look back and say that he was truly confident at one point in his life. When Toru entered his house he got ready for bed and thought about his day. He might of been easily defeated by Tee, but maybe next time. He had a chance at putting up a fight. Toru gulped. Maybe he shouldn't get too ahead of himself.

WC: 1200

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Ashie Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Toru's Strength Training   Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:48 am


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Toru Mori
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 105

PostSubject: Re: Toru's Strength Training   Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:31 am

Toru woke up extra early today to get a head start on his training. He was still highly motivated to at least fight Tee. After all, he killed a lion! He knew that killing an animal was probably really easy for a lot of ninja, but for Toru that was no walk in the park. He grabbed his bag and left his house for the mountains again. As he walked through the village he passed the hospital. He thought about one of his dreams to run the Cloud Village Hospital. He knew it started with getting stronger. Toru started to make his way up the mountains. As he walked on the trails he heard some other groups of shinobi training in the distance. He wondered if he could end up beating them. They sounded strong. "Well," Toru thought, "let's start with some more animals and see what happens." 

He made it about halfway up one of the mountains when he decided to go off trail and check the area for animals. He looked around anxiously at his surroundings but it seemed that there were no animals around. Toru got the idea to jump up and get higher ground. He walked up one of the trees and stood at the top. While he was up there he looked around very carefully. He saw a few foxes and rabbits, but nothing that would be a challenge. Then he saw it. A couple of large black bears about 50 meters from him. Toru thought this was the perfect opportunity. He lept from tree to tree getting closer to the animals until he was about 13 meters away from one bear and 15 from the second. He had to think this through or else he could really put himself in a bind. Toru looked around and calculated the situation. If he attacked at range, he had a good opportunity to take them down easily, but that wasn't the point of the fight. The point was that he wanted to get physically stronger. He couldn't just depend on his chakra all the time. Eventually he'd be at a point where Taijutsu was necessary and he needed to be ready for it. Toru knew he couldn't take them both on at the same time. He concluded that the only answer was to get the first one really fast, but the second could react. 

Putting this simple plan into action, Toru jumped down and landed right in front of the first bear. He pulled out a kunai and went for the bears stomach. Success! The kunai got lodged in the torso of the bear, but it didn't seem to do much. The bear swiped at Toru. He jumped back a half a meter and planned accordingly. He started his chakra scalpel and went to hit the beast directly on the neck to paralyze it. Before he could land his second attack he got slashed across the back. Toru cringed in pain. He could literally feel the flesh that got ripped off. His back felt cold because this was the first time his insides were exposed to air. The second bear had realized what was going on and attacked Toru from behind. He reacted quickly and jumped to the side and got some distance. About meters away from the bears, to be exact. He didn't have time to bandage his large back wound so he just needed to keep fighting in order to survive. He started his chakra scalpel again in hopes of landing the incomplete attack and jumped towards the second bear. Toru kicked off a tree to get higher air and landed directly on the beasts back. The bear shook around and tried to get him off, but Toru maintained his place. He balanced himself using chakra in his feet and then he went for another attack. He used the chakra scalpel and hit the bear's neck. Before it could do anything, the bear instantly fell over in pain from the neck injury. 

Before he could celebrate the first bear slashed directly at his right leg. Toru screamed out and his chakra scalpel powered down. Toru jumped up to a tree to try and distance himself. He rested for a second, but then he heard something. He gulped and looked down. The bear started climbing up the tree. Toru sighed "why do I do this kind of thing to myself?" The bear climbed higher and higher as Toru tried to figure out what to do. He jumped to another tree to buy more time. He soon realized that his leg was too badly injured and he wouldn't have time to heal it. It was time to try something that he had never tried before. Toru waited until the bear started to climb the tree he was currently on and then he would strike. This was a risky move and something he had only read about in books. 

When the bear started climbing up the tree, Toru prepared himself. As soon as the bear got high enough, He reserved chakra in his feet and began to walk down carefully. It was only a matter of seconds before the the pain in his leg made him lose balance and made him fall about 10 feet to the ground. The already furious bear immediately saw and jumped back down. Toru messed up. He tasted blood in his mouth. He must of made something worse when he fell. All that Toru knew was that he did not have time worry about his current condition, because it was going to get worse unless he did something to the animal. He needed to get distance from the bear. He started limping away to try and distance himself. 

The bear simply started coming towards him slowly. The bear seemed almost curious of Toru. It couldn't understand what Toru was trying to do. That made sense, because Toru didn't even know what he was trying to do. He stopped moving and turned around. This was it. Toru pulled out a couple of shurikens and tossed them in the air right in front of him. Not throwing them at the beast, but simply tossing them in the air. Immediately after he used his gale palm jutsu to push the shurikens extremely fast towards the incoming animal. The shurikens hit the bear on both it's shoulders, but it did nothing besides make it angrier. He was shocked. He put so much into that last attack. Toru wasn't sure what to do at this point. He had no jutsu or weapons that could help in this situation. He couldn't possibly do anything more.

Toru start to limp again, not knowing what to do. That was his last hope. He fell back as the bear started coming towards him. As the bear got on two legs and walked closer he noticed something. That kunai he stabbed it with before. It clearly wasn't stabbed far enough in. He gulped and got prepared. This was the riskiest thing he could do, but he was going to die either way. Toru waited until the bear was directly over his body. The animal sniffed him up and down and right then Toru went for it. He lifted up his left, uninjured leg and kicked the bear right in the stomach. The kunai went deeper in the beast and it fell over in pain. Before it could do anything else, Toru charged up his chakra scalpel and hit the beast's neck to screw up it's nervous system just like he did to the other one.

Toru sat down for a second to rest before seeing that his back and his leg were still bleeding immensely. He bandaged himself up before he passed out from blood loss. He smirked a bit and laid against a nearby tree. He thought about how he's become quite the daredevil. Senselessly dropping himself in front of two wild animals. That wasn't like him. He wondered what has been inspiring this streak. Maybe it's because he felt like this was the way to get stronger the fastest. Toru got up and started walking back home. This time he was going to take some longer rest. He suffered some major injuries today. That definitely wasn't something he should be doing everyday. After all, he needed to be alive to fight Tee. He eventually passed by the hospital again. Maybe it wasn't that hard to believe that one day he could run it. 

(WC: 1412)
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Clan Element : None
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PostSubject: Re: Toru's Strength Training   Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:02 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Toru's Strength Training   

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Toru's Strength Training
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