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 Getting lost [P;Closed;Flashback]

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Otsune Uchiha
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Getting lost [P;Closed;Flashback]   Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:02 am

Otsune would chase after what she believed to be a small orange kitten - forgetting all about her siblings she would charge after it, her long dark pigtails still slightly wet as she ran.

Once she believed she was close enough she would dive into the bush she believed the kitten had escaped into, seeing as it had rustled and the kitten was no longer inside. Her small body made contact with the rough branches and prickly sided leaves as she immersed herself into the bush, wincing slightly.  She knew that she had  the kitten now! She could feel the fuzzy fur in her arms! But as Otsune’s eyes adjusted to the dim light she soon realized that the creature enveloped in her arms was not a kitten – but a small grey fox! The young girl would hurriedly leap out of the bush and run away from it wildly, swatting the low branches of tall trees away from her face as she ran. She now had no idea where she was but she could hear small padded feet chasing at her heels. All she could do was run at this point. She knew that grey foxes were actually quite adept at climbing, and it would definitely have a better chance of getting her if she was in a tree rather than if she was running on the ground, the soft earth littered with tree stumps, leaves, branches, and other such things. A small fox, and maybe even an adult would have trouble chasing after a long-legged human through these things surely. Or at least that was what Otsune liked to think.

She had only leapt away from the furry creature because she feared that it might have rabies, which was a horrible incurable disease that foxes quite commonly contracted. She didn’t fancy getting bitten even if it didn’t have the sickness, scars on her beautiful pale skin? Yeah, as if Otsune would let that happen, the young girl was much too proud for that.

The dark haired child was now feeling extremely foolish for running off without her siblings, it was just… When she saw cats or kittens she couldn’t think straight, they were just so adorable. She would really have to work on that if she didn’t want to bring shame upon her father, clan, and entire village. How embarrassing this whole situation was!

Otsune would begin to pant as she ran, how long had she been running now anyways? She had never been very skilled at running long distances; it seemed that she just didn’t have the stamina for it. As she continued to run, her small leg muscles feeling all too tender, she would realize that if she had used the surface walking technique up a tree and perhaps hopped on to another and another after that she could have avoided this annoyance altogether couldn’t she? She highly doubted such a short-legged fox would be able to jump from tree to tree behind her for as long as it could run after her.

God, she felt so exhausted. It had to have been some time. It was dark outside. The light of evening had left and now she was caught in the inky blackness of the forest. The canopy of leaves above shielding her from even the light of the moon or stars.

But she would continue on, stumbling slightly here and there but it seemed that she had found her way onto a small dirt path so she wouldn’t have to worry but so much about tripping over anything. As she ran across the dirt path, her boots creating a deep thumping noise as she ran she would realize that she could hear the creature behind her panting as well. That was good. It had finally tired itself out as well, it’d be less of a threat even if it did catch up to her. 

Otsune would exhale deeply in frustration, if she were still in Asgard none of this would have happened. None of it. No getting distracted by cats. No foxes. No rabies. No getting lost. She became so frustrated that she almost wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. This was the place her father had worked so hard on, the place her family lived and they loved it here. So she couldn’t cry about such a place – no matter how annoying a place she thought it was.

It was then that she heard the creature behind her stumble and let out a small pained mewl.

She would freeze in place.

A mewl?

Foxes didn’t meow…

She would abruptly turn and crouch, slowly moving towards the pained mewling sound. In a matter of seconds she found it, she would reach both hands towards it. Her ten tiny pale fingertips sensing soft fluffy fur as she reached out to the animal, “Here, come here, kitten. I won’t hurt you, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it was you sooner! Poor baby!”

Yes, as the kitten crawled into her arms mewling softly all the while she knew it was the small orange kitten she’d seen earlier that day. It was just the right size.

Taking the little fuzz ball into her arms she would begin scaling the side of a nearby tree thanks to the handy surface walking technique. Boy, did she feel exhausted, but if she was going to get out of this forest anytime soon she needed to do this.

The trees were quite large here, after about two minutes she pushed the large flat leaves out of her and the kitten’s way. Moonlight trickled down through the clouds, bathing Otsune and the fluffy orange kitten in pale silver light. She would squint for a moment – the sudden burst of moonlight blinding her for a moment. The night sky was dim but compared to the darkness she had previously been trapped in it was just as bright as that annoying sun in this strange green land.

As soon as her dark burgundy eyes adjusted to the light she would scan the area for any noticeable landmarks. Nothing. Nothing but leafy green canopy. She would bite her lip and turn around hurriedly – there had to be something to help her find her way back somewhere! As soon as she turned her eyes locked onto the moonlit landmark. It was perfect. Hokage rock. She would sigh in relief - that was the perfect thing to get her home.

She would snuggle the kitten to her chest tightly and leap from tree to tree – heading towards her target as fast as possible. The kitten clawed at her collarbone, Otsune would wince, if that left a mark she’d never forgive herself for being distracted by a cat ever again. Her perfect skin would have scratches! What if she scarred!? She picked up the speed – really pushing herself as the kitten mewled in protest. The cat could only scratch her but so much before she reached their destination – and the sooner she got there the better.

She could now see the roofs of houses and shops in the village. As soon as she got close enough to one she would make sure to carefully jump down to it – her small feet making a faint thud as she connected. Otsune would then crouch down and pant. Her legs felt as though they were on fire. She needed to get home. It was dark and she was alone. She was sure the village her father worked so hard for was devoid of crime, but she wasn’t sure if being out this late would break a rule or make her family worry. That’d be bad. Really bad. As she crouched she would lower the kitten – the mewling creature still flailing in her arms. It must’ve really hated being jostled like that as she made her way here. She couldn’t blame the little guy, she was pretty sure she’d hate that sort of thing too. She’s sigh as the kitten continued to fight against her but she wouldn’t let it go. A little guy this cute had to belong to someone. She had to get home though.. But maybe… Shouldn’t she try to find the owner? It was late but, surely they’d be so concerned for their kitten that they couldn’t sleep.

She would crouch lower as she rested her strained legs and place the kitten on to the roof, still holding onto the little guy – but now that his paws were no longer in the air he calmed down considerably.

Otsune placed her left hand onto the kitten’s back to keep him in place as her right hand fished through the fluffy scruff of his neck – searching for a collar.

She started to think the kitten didn’t have a collar and her eyes widened in disbelief. No. There had to be a collar! This fur was so silky and soft, and the kitten was obviously well fed, he wasn’t scrawny at all. And a kitten this small would never be able to hunt so well to stay such a nice combination of plump and muscular like this. She puffed her cheeks out, what would she do? Take him home and go house to house in the morning? There was no way anyone would like having a strange animal in their house – even if it was just a night. What if someone else found him while she was asleep and thought she stole him! That’d be horrible! And then there was Samuru… What would he do to such a small fluffy animal anyways.. Play baseball with it? The kitten is the ball? How gruesome.. Surely he wouldn’t! The kitten was just so cute! She was sure Ashie would like him, but then if they got to attached giving him back to his rightful owner would be really hard.

She’d sigh, this was going to be difficult. She guessed she would take the kitten home with her after all and she’d make sure to clean up whatever mess it was sure to make – that way no one could complain too much since it’d only be for a night.

The whole time she’d been thinking she’d continued to search the kitten’s scruff for a collar. And just as soon as she was about to retract her hand she found it.

The collar.

It had a satiny feel to it, and the sides felt much like polished leather. She would slip two fingers under the collar and circle around the kitten’s neck – searching for a tag. There didn’t seem to be one, which probably meant the address and the kitten’s name were engraved into the collar. She’d lift the kitten to her face – the small fluff ball giving a surprised mewl as she did so. She pushed the kitten’s hair out of her way as best she could and searched the collar for any information. Thankfully, there it was. The address and the kitten’s name. Maru. That was a pretty cute name.

She’d smile and exhale deeply. She’d seen this address on her way to the ice cream place with her siblings. She knew exactly where it was located.

She would cradle the kitten in her arms once more and head towards the address – ringing the doorbell as soon as she got there. She knew she looked rough, there were leaves in her clothes and hair and dirt on her face. When the lady came to the door she looked shocked and almost slammed the door in Otsune’s face. But then she saw the kitten and opened the door a little wider, “Oh! You found Maru!” She smiled, “Thank you, you look like you’ve had a rough time! Um… I would invite you in but it’s a little late.” The woman bit her lip and then seemed to get an idea as she took Maru from Otsune’s arms, “How about you come by tomorrow and I’ll give you a reward! OK?”

The lady seemed kind. Otsune would smile, feeling relieved that the kitten had been returned safely and nod in response to the woman before turning on her heel and  running towards home.

TWC: 2,020

Requesting 10 stat points and 20 jutsu points.
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Ashie Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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Bloodline : Masutaai
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PostSubject: Re: Getting lost [P;Closed;Flashback]   Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:12 am


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Getting lost [P;Closed;Flashback]
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